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Accohannoch Indian Tribe
         Living Village: The first watermen of the Chesapeake lived in villages along the rivers and bays. They fished from dugout canoes and trapped fish in weirs. The tribes feasted from abundant waters and forests. Oysters, crabs, mussles, clams, shad, perch, trout, bass, flounder, deer, partridge, turkey and rabbit were just some of the bounty they enjoyed.

American Indian Center (Baltimore)
         The Baltimore American Indian Center (BAIC) is an Urban American Indian Center established to assist and support American Indian and Alaskan Native families with moving into an urban environment and adjusting to the culture change they will experience. The BAIC also serves as a focal point for the Indian community for social and cultural activities and to educate non-native people about the cultures of the North American Indian and Alaskan Native communities.

Choptank Indians
         1726-1727 "Census" of Choptank Indians. Many of the Choptank Indians were named in the deeds by which they sold their land in Dorchester County, Maryland between 1726 and 1727. They were...

Maryland Indians
         A Day In the Life of... Did you ever wonder what was happening long ago in Maryland before the Europeans arrived? Most of the land around Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams were covered with woodlands like these. Did you wonder who was here and how they lived?

The Piscataway Nation & Tayac Territory
         Indian artifacts date as far back in St Mary's County to 9,000 BC. There was an Indian village at the town's site according to Captain John Smith's 1607 map--drawn long before colonists actually settled there. When Englishmen began to arrive, they met what were called the Chapticoes--part of an 11-tribe confederation of the Piscataway Indian nation.

Nanticoke Indian History
         The Nanticoke Indians once roamed the area of what is now Maryland and Delaware. The Last villages and Reservations On Delmarva were dissolved during the decade preceding 1750. The people from Delmarva were relocating to the North and West. But some indian families stayed behind,merging invisibly into the white society. Now their customs and their language is lost. The last speaker of Nanticoke language,Mrs. Lydia Clark, Died between 1840 and 1850. History and Maps as well.

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