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Illinois Indians -
"An important confederacy of Algonquian tribes formerly occupying the greater part of the present state of Illinois, together with the adjacent portions of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri, Their language, which was perhaps the softest of all Algonquian tongues, differed only dialectically from that of the Miami, their eastern neighbours and usual allies. They probably numbered originally from 8000 to 10,000 souls, in five principal sub-tribes, the Cahokia, Kaskaskia, Michigamea, Peoria, and Tamarosa. Physically the early Illinois are described as tall, robust and well-featured, but lacking in courage and steadiness of purpose, and greatly given to licentiousness." - quote from the website

Illinois or Illiniwek Indians -
"At the dawn of the historic era, when European explorers first entered the land we now call the State of Illinois, they encountered a people who became known to the world as the Illinois or Illiniwek Indians. The Illinois were a populous and powerful nation that occupied a large section of the Mississippi River valley. They became important allies of French fur traders and colonists who came to live among them, and they played a key role in the early history of what would later become the midwestern United States. " - quote from the website

Kaskaskia Indians -
"Formerly chief tribe of the confederacy of Illinois Indians (q. v.). The name is of uncertain etymology, but may possible have reference to a "hide scraper." With the other Illinois they probably made their first acquaintance with the French at the Jesuit mission station of Chegoimegon (Lapointe near Bayfield, Wisconsin), established by the noted Father Claude Allouez in 1667. In 1673, " - quote from the website

Nabive American Life in Illinois -
"In this MuseumLink module, you can explore Native American life in Illinois. To the best of our knowledge, Native Americans first arrived in Illinois more than 12,000 years ago. They were the only people in Illinois until French explorers arrived in the late 1700s. What was Native American life like 12,000 years ago? How has it changed? Answers to these questions, and many others, may be found by navigating back in time. All you néed for this trip is curiosity" - by MuseumLink

Tamaroa -
"The Tamaroa were one of six tribes that made up the The Illiniwek Confederation that also included The Kaskaskia, The Peoria, The Cahokia, The Michigamea and The Moingwena. The tribe could be found on both sides of the Mississippi River near the mouths of the Illinois River and the Missouri River. A large contingent lived near the "city" of Cahokia (founded in 1699) southeast of St Louis." - quote from the Web Site.

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