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Amelia Frost and the Presbyterian Mission
         "Amelia Frost (b. 1850) arrived at the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in July, 1887, from Albion, New York, where she had attended the Phipps Union seminary. She was sent by the Connecticut Indian Association. In 1892, Agent Fisher reported that Miss Frost was: universally liked and respected by both Indians and the whites. She has worked faithfully in the discharge of her duties, not only to Christianize the Indian, but to assist and comfort the sick and needy, besides giving a home, including clothing and education to several little Indian girls.
          In 1901 Amelia Frost built a new church and mission quarters on 160 acres of land granted 8 miles north of the agency. She left the mission in 1906 to return east, and died in 1926. Amelia Frost was instrumental in bringing families from Fort Hall and Pocatello closer together. She corresponded with and knew the Cook/Leonard family from at least the early 1890s. She probably knew Mrs. Leonard Derr through her sister Mrs. A. L. Cook.
          A letter from Mrs. Derr to E. O. Leonard, November 5, 1899, said:  "Miss Frost was down Friday. She brought for you the enclosed Indian pictures. I sent one of yours to them. She said they would be so pleased." Exchange of photos between individuals and families from both communities underscores the warm ties that existed, but are now too often forgotten." - quoted from the web site.

Idaho Indian Reservations Genealogy Site
         Welcome to the Idaho Indian Reservations web site. The purpose of this site is to help individuals in their search for information on their Native American ancestors (specifically the tribes living in Idaho) or ancestors who lived on one of the reservations. We hope the information contained therein can be of assistance to you. (Coeur d'Alene Reservation * Duck Valley Reservation * Fort Hall Reservation * Nez Perce Reservation).

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