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California Visit the:  Native American Nations

California Native American Heritage Commission
"For the preservation and protection of Native American Human Remains, associated grave goods and cultural resources." - quoted from the Web Site.

California Native American Page
"This page gives a picture of the way Native Americans lived in California in the past. There is also some information about where the groups live today, and some information about festivals and places where artifacts are exhibited, as well as mention of contemporary artists. The map above shows language groups." - quoted from the Web Site.

Handbook of Indians of California
"This history begins with an account of the Yurok, a nation resident on the lower Klamath River, near and along the Pacific Ocean, in extreme northern California, surrounded by peoples speaking diverse languages but following the same remarkable civilization." - Handbook of the Indians of California

Native American, Eskimo and Alute Population
Native American populations, cultural resources, strategic plans regarding preservation of cultural lands and life.

San Fernando Valley Early Native American Settlers
"The first inhabitants of Chatsworth were Native Americans. Many different Indian tribes lived in California, however, Chatsworth and the San Fernando Valley was inhabited by the Fernandeño and Chumash." - Chatsworth Historical Society

The American Indians of Yolo County
The Hill Patwin and the River Patwin:  "The American Indians in the Yolo Area are known as the Hill Patwin or "Win" and the River Patwin. The group of American Indians living in the Capay Valley today refer to themselves as the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians. The history of the local California Indians has been one of suffering and struggle. They are well known for their Cache Creek Casino, which has enabled them to become self-sufficient and to have a degree of autonomy today." - quoted from the Web Site.

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