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Arkansas Cherokee Research Database
         "Over a period of many years our Arkansas Cherokee Ancestors remained living in the Ozarks prior to, and after the 1828 treaty that required many Cherokee sometimes known as "Newcomers" to remove to Oklahoma. Many of the more established Cherokee families had been living in the Arkansas Territory even before the 1817 treaty and some had been there since the 1700's." - quoted from the Website

Cherokee Indian Reservation in Arkansas
         Information about things to do (Powwows, rodeos, celebrations, festivals, and concerts. Places to visit and Tribes also represented.

Indian Lands, 1860 Census Data
         The areas included in this transcription are:  Creek Nation, Cherokee Nation, Delaware District, Saline District, KooWeeSkooWee District, Flint District, Going Snake, Tahlequah District, Illinois District, Canadian District, Sequaha District

Native Americans, History and Heritage
         "Arkansas's Native American population was peaking when the Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto reached the state in 1541. There were tens of thousands of people in villages near the Mississippi River and other groups located across the state." - Quote from the Web Site.

Quapaw Native American Website
         "The name "Quapaw" is a derivative of the tribal term Ugakhpa, meaning "down stream people." These people belong to the Dhegiha subdivision of the Sioux. It is believed that this group originally resided in the Ohio Valley. The tribe left this region following the Ohio River downstream to the Mississippi River and eventually to the land which is now Arkansas." - The Official Quapaw Website

Tsalagi (Cherokee) Literature
         "We are now about to take our leave and kind farewell to our native land, the country that the Great Spirit gave our Fathers, we are on the eve of leaving that country that gave us is with sorrow we are forced by the white man to quit the scenes of our childhood... we bid farewell to it and all we hold dear." - quoted from the Website

Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas (and Missouri)
         "We have existed here since John Smith arrived with a large group in 1721 during the French and Spanish occupation. We have lived on and near the St. Francis River area and are now spread out over a large area of the states. Twenty years before the Trail of Tears, on November 2, 1819, John Ross wrote of our nation in a letter to James Monroe, the President of the United States. In the letter, Ross referred to our people, west of the Mississippi, as the Cherokee on the St. Francis River, located in southeast Missouri and northeast Arkansas, who had moved here many years ago. John Ross later became chief of the Old Cherokee Nation in the southeast. It should be mentioned that the government recognized our nation until 1840." - quoted from the Website

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