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Accohannock Indian Tribe
         "The Accohannock Indian Tribe shall preserve and promote its history, language, traditions, and culture; foster sound education, health, social, and economic well-being of individuals and the tribal community, and with trust and integrity, aspire to achieve self-sufficiency and self-determination." - quoted from the web site.

Alabama-Coushatta Indians
         "These are two tribes that combined to live together, the Alabama tribe and the Coushatta tribe. Neither tribe is originally from Texas. Both are from the Southeast -- Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. The Alabama are one tribe from Alabama and the Coushatta are another." - quoted from the web site.

Indian Tribes of Alabama
         "DeSoto found at least three of the four great Indian tribes of Alabama occupying identically the territory held by them nearly three centuries later. Three of these, the Muscogees, Choctaws, and Chickasaws, known to writers on the subject of the aboriginal inhabitants of the Americas as Mobilians, are supposed by Col. Pickett to have migrated from northern Mexico when Cortez was assailing the heart of that empire." - quoted from the web site.

The Poarch Band of the Creek Indians
         "The Poarch Creek Indians is a segment of the original Creek Nation, which avoided removal and has lived together for nearly 150 years. Despite the policy of removal of Southeastern Indians to Oklahoma, an indeterminate number of Creeks remained in Alabama. The Creek Nation originally occupied a territory covering nearly all of Georgia and Alabama. The War of 1812 divided the Creek Nation between an Upper party hostile to the United States and a group of Upper and Lower Creeks friendly to the Government. The United States provided military assistance when hostilities erupted from 1813 to 1814. Upon victory of the friendly Creek party and their Federal allies, the Creek Nation reluctantly agreed to an enormous cession of land to the United States." - quoted from the web site.

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