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The story of White Buffalo Calf Woman
--- as told by Arvol Looking Horse


White Buffalo Calf Woman

Hua Kola, my name is Arvol Looking Horse, my Lakota name is Horse Man. I humbly stand before you as Keeper of the Sacred Pipe, which White Buffalo Calf Woman brought 19 generations ago. Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit, created everything upon mother earth. Paha Sapa, the Sacred Black Hills in South Dakota, is where our spiritual power and identity flows, the heart of everything that is. Our stories tell us that our ancestors emerged from the place we now know as Wind Cave. Many of our stories and Star Knowledge inform our way of life.

A prophecy which has great significance for us is the story of the Great Flood which came to this sacred island [North America] long before the contact with the Europeans. A flood was sent to purify mother Earth and our people were residing in an area we now call Pipestone, Minnesota. This sacred stone [pipestone] represents the blood of our ancestors.

It was some time after the flood that the Sacred Pipe was brought to our people by a spirit woman who we now refer to as the White Buffalo Calf Woman. She instructed our people in sacred ceremonies and how to live in balance with all life.

"The bowl of the pipe is made of the Inyansa (red stone of our mother) and it also represents the female. The stem of the pipe is made of wood and represents the tree of life and the male. The tree of life represents the root of our ancestors, as this tree grows so does the spirit of ancestors people. The only time the pipe is put together is when you are in prayer."

After she had given these instructions to our ancestors, she said she would return as a White Buffalo Calf.

Our prophet Black Elk said the Nation's Sacred Hoop was broken at the Massacre of Wounded Knée in 1890. To begin mending the hoop we have led a spiritual ride to wipe the Tears of the Seventh Generation from 1986 to 1990. The Nation's Hoop has begun to heal and mend. The prophecy tells us the White Buffalo Calf will return.

In August of 1994, a White Buffalo Female Calf was born [in Wisconsin]. This tells us it is time to take our rightful place in leading the people towards Peace and Balance once again. We will be strong and the people will heal. Our healing is global.

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