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State of Tennessee
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Tennessee Railroads After the Civil War -
"With the end of the war in 1865, the USMRR returned the state's railroads back to the original owners. Although some were in good condition, others were badly damaged and in financial straits. Fortunately for Tennessee's railroad companies, the USMRR locomotives and rolling stock used in Tennessee had been specifically designed to run on broad gauge southern track and were useless if returned to the North, therefore the Federal government auctioned a large amount of surplus equipment off to the Tennessee companies. Some of these recycled locomotives continued to operate well into the 20th century." - quote from the web site.

Tennessee Valley Railroad - Chattanooga -
Historic Chattanooga Railroad line... Historic photos, locations, etc..


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State of Texas
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Texas Railroading -
Excursion Railroads, Railroad Museums, Texas Railroading Links, General links of interest and Historic Texas Depots.

Texas Railroad Maps -
A statewide map of current railroads. Prepared by the Railroad Commission of Texas.


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State of Utah
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Utah Railroad Maps -
A statewide map of current railroads. Prepared by "Maps of the World".

Heber Valley Railroad -
The Heber Valley Railroad is Utah's magnificent steam passenger railroad. It's an historic tourist attraction based in Heber City, Utah. Trains cross the farmlands of the Heber Valley, follow the shore of Deer Creek Lake and descends into a majestic and breathtaking canyon. The track follows the Provo River to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. The railroad dates back to 1899 when trains served the pionéers who first settled the valley.

Utah Railroads -
Those that have run, and that are running. 229 companies, some not incorporated in Utah. 116 companies that actually built, owned, operated or leased railroad trackage and/or railroad equipment. 76 actual railroad routes built on.


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State of Vermont
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Dayton, Springfield, and Urbana Electric Railway Marker -
At one time most of the larger cities in Vermont had electric railroads. They were often set up to transport people. Some, like Springfield Electric, hauled freight as their major source of revenue. Others, like Burlington Traction Company, hauled passengers mostly. The Rutland Street Railway Company had the most track of any electric railroad entirely within the state of Vermont, with about 35 miles. The Berkshire Street Railway, a combination of several electric Railway Companies had tracks from North Bennington into New York State, Massachusetts and Connecticut. This was the only trolley line to have rails in four states in the U.S.A..

Vermont Rail System -
Although the Vermont legislature granted some railroad charters in the 1830s, none of the railroads were built at that time. When the Vermont General Assembly chartered several lines in 1840s, the investors and organizers were ready to actually build railroads. The 1840s saw several railroad projects underway throughout the state.


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State of Washington
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Northwest Railway Museum -
Located at Snoqualmie-North Bend, Washington. "The Northwest Railway Museum Collection includes published and unpublished material about railroad history and technology. Its primary function is to support Museum research for exhibits and restoration but it is available by appointment to serious researchers. It is a non-lending and closed stack library - people interested in using the library will have to fill out a form describing the type of information they are looking for so the library staff can pull appropriate material. Researchers will have to examine the material at the Museum and copying, if necessary will have to be arranged with Museum Staff." - Quote from the website

Depot Square was built as a combined effort by the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Duluth Children's Museum, and St. Louis County Historical Society." - from the Website.

Washington State Steam Railroads and Locomotives -
Featuring Steam Locomotives and Railroads in Washington State.


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State of West Virginia
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Cass Scenic Railroad State Park -
"Nestled in the mountains of West Virginia, Cass Scenic Railroad State Park offers an excursion that will transport you back in time...and let you relive an era when steam-driven locomotives were an essential part of everyday life. Your trip to Cass will be filled with a rich history of the past, unparalleled views of a vast wilderness area, and a close-up encounter with the sights and sounds of original steam-driven locomotives. " - Quote from the website

Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society -
The Society was incorporated in West Virginia in 1975, and the reason it is placed under the State of West Virginia Railroad listings...   "Primary Goal and Vision of the COHS:   Collect, conserve, restore, index, archive, and make available materials on the history of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway to as wide an audience as possible. To interpret the American railway experience through the Chesapeake & Ohio's historical experience, using data, photographs, drawings, publications, small artifacts, and full-size railroad rolling stock." - Quote from the website

Northern West Virginia's Railroads -
"Hello and welcome to Northern West Virginia's Railroads. This website focuses on the railroads which transverse northern West Virginia and the Allegheny region, including parts of southwestern Pennsylvania and western Maryland. A variety of railroads and their predecessor companies are covered due to this, ranging from Norfolk Southern's former Monongahela Railway in the north to CSXT's former B&O Railroad and Western Maryland Railway lines in the south. We hope you enjoy our look at the railroads of this scenic and historic region, where mountain railroading is not just an exception. " - Quote from the website

Railroad Station Historical Society, Inc. -
"Extant West Virginia Railroad/Railway Structures"


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State of Wisconsin
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Wisconsin Logging Railroads -
"The purpose of this page is to provide information on an often overlooked aspect of railroading. While not as thrilling as their western counterparts, logging railroads in the State of Wisconsin still hold much interest. After all, it is the state where both Frederick Weyerhauser and Edward Hines got their start. What I will attempt to do is to provide a master list of all Wisconsin logging railroads including basic information such as dates of operation, (when known) location, and guage." - Quote from the website

Wisconsin Railroads -
"Welcome to Railroads of Wisconsin. Here you will find pictures of the railroads that travel, or have traveled through the state of Wisconsin. This site will continually be updated as I get more prints made from my slide collection. Also, if anyone has a link to any railroad site they would like to share, please e-mail me, I'll be glad to include a link to them. New pages have been added, Cabooses, Depots and Great Lakes Carferries. Thanks for visiting." - Quote from the website


Links updated for:  Jan 6, 2014

State of Wyoming
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Wyoming Railroad History -
"The construction of the Union Pacific Railroad across Wyoming from 1867 to 1868 opened the state to permanent settlement. Cheyenne rose from the barren plains in the fall of 1867 and to become a hub for shipping and railroad maintenance. Elsewhere Laramie, Rawlins, Rock Springs, and Evanston emerged from 30 day town railroad camps to centers of commerce. This urban pattern was duplicated as other railroads, like the Burlington Northern and the Chicago North Western railroads also laid track and feeder lines across northern and eastern Wyoming. Here, too, railroad towns became destination points for eastern emigrants and shipping terminals for agricultural and raw materials to eastern and western markets. The rapidly growing railroad network provided a relatively safer and much quicker form of two way traffic for both freight and people. In comparison, wagon roads and trails were slower and sometimes dangerous." - Quote from the website

Wyoming Rails -
"History of trains traveling within and through the State." - Quote from the website


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