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State of Nebraska
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Iron Roads -
Making Tracks Across Nebraska. An extensive list of Nebraska railroading and the men who made it possible. From the conception and first survey to how "History was Made".

Railroads -
"On the 4th of July, 1828, the corner-stone of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad was laid with grand ceremony. Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, the last surviving signer of the Declaration, then nearly fourscore years and ten, was the central figure of this occasion, and struck the gavel and applied the square to the stone. The first locomotive built in the United States was invented by the venerable Peter Cooper, of New York." - Quoted from the Web Site. Railroads included:   Untion Pacific, Burlington & Missouri River Railroad, Sioux City & Pacific Railroad, Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway, The Express Company.


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State of Nevada
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Nevada Northern Railway -
Historical Operating Railroad Museum.

Nevada Railroad Pictures -
Photographs of various Nevada railroad scenes.

Nevada Railroads Records -
Among the great names produced by Nevada's Comstock Lode are Adolph Sutro, Virginia & Truckee and the ring (William C. Ralston, Darius O. Mills and William Sharon) who owned the Bank of California. Sharon was the bank's representative in the Comstock. Ralston was the power behind the bank although he assumed only the modest title of cashier. Website is a part of the The Huntington Library of San Marino, California, Manuscripts Department


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State of New Hampshire
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Abandoned Railroads of New Hampshire -
Unfortunately old railroad right of ways, abutments, stations, freight houses, and other remains of railroads of the past, have been disappearing. This web site hopes to document as much of what is left, as is possible.

Railroad Stations in New Hampshire -
Stations still standing in New Hampshire, and vintage post card representations of historical stations (some still in operation).


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State of New Jersey
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Gerald's Railroads of New Jersey -
News, Rosters, Schedules, Gallaries, Guides, History, Maps and Timelines.

Railroads of New Jersey -
The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey, Inc. (URHS) is a non-profit educational organization directed at supporting the preservation of historical railroad equipment and artifacts for the proposed New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center or in its absence, another railroad museum in New Jersey. The organization maintains no library or archival facility whereby information can be provided as answers to inquiries directed to this site.

United States Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey, Inc. -
Links and data pertaining to - What's News, Equipment Rosters, Freight Schedules, Photo Galleries, Railroad Guides, Railroad Histories, Railroad Maps and Railroad Timelines


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State of New Mexico
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Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, Inc. -
The Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, or "The Friends," is a non-profit organization which shares with the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Commission the stewardship of a unique railroad property of important historic significance and remarkablescenic beauty.

Hachita, Grant County -
On June 25th, 1901, Phelps Dodge Corporation formed the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad Company. The property of the Arizona and Southeastern Railroad, also owned by Phelps Dodge Corp. which ran from Benson Arizona to Douglas Arizona was transferred into the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad.

Historic Jails, Mines & Railroads -
With a promise for riches and a new future, they came by rail and other means and worked the mines for the riches they were promised. Many did well and others ended up in jail! O well. The west was wild and adventurous. See where it all began!!

New Mexico Railroad History -
Railroads continued and expanded what the Camino Real, the Santa Fe Trail, & other great transportation systems did in what is now called New Mexico, fifth largest state in the country. Rather than "opening up" the territory, as historians like to say, the railroads essentially did what they are still doing today. They hauled natural resources, people and products to areas of the country that required them. In doing so, they changed the area forever.

New Mexico Railway map -
A map of 1890 New Mexico Railroads. Once at the site, click on the map for an excerpt from From the October, 1890, issue of the "Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine".

New Mexico Settlements and the Railroads -
"The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad began construction of their railroad line to California during 1880. The route followed the 35th parallel beginning at Isleta. Albuquerque and Bernalillo County leaders were very interested in railroad construction by either the Atlantic and Pacific or the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe." - Quote from the Web Site

Railroads in New Mexico -
Multiple listings of Railroads, maps, depots, and of course, railway lines.


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State of New York
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Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway -
The Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway was primarily a coal hauling railroad which ran from the coal fields of central Pennsylvania to the ports of Rochester & Buffalo. In Western New York, the lines formed a "Y" shape connecting Buffalo, Rochester, and Salamanca. The line ran north from Salamanca to Ashford Junction where it split and continued to Rochester and Buffalo.

Erie Railroad -
"The Erie Railroad was chartered in April 1832 from the banks of the Hudson River to the shores of Lake Erie as the New York and Erie Railroad, with the restriction that it could not enter any other state or connect with railroads from other states. This line was completed in 1851 between Piermont and Dunkirk via Little Valley, Cattaraugus and Dayton. The route of the line through Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties was subject to much debate and lobbying and is an interesting story in its own right." - quoted from the web site.

Upper Hudson River Railroad -
Tracks Through Time - "The Adirondack Railroad was an important part of the social and industrial history of the Adirondacks. The line was built from Saratoga Springs to North Creek just after the Civil War. They started building out of Saratoga in 1865 and reached North Creek in 1871. The tracks were built by Dr. Thomas Durant, who was the General Manager of the Union Pacific Railroad, the eastern branch of the Transcontinental Railroad. After this railroad was built, Dr. Durant made North Creek his home and he later died there. Dr. Durant and Leland Stanford, who later became Governor of California and for whom Stanford University is named, drove the golden spike at Promintory Point, Utah that linked the Nations railroads together." - quote from the website.

Depot Square was built as a combined effort by the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Duluth Children's Museum, and St. Louis County Historical Society." - from the Website.


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State of North Carolina
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Abandoned Railroads of North Carolina -
Rural Hall to northern Greensboro - Southern Railway, Sanford to northern Wilmington - Seaboard Coast Line, Whiteville to Wilmington - Seaboard Coast Line, Warsaw to Kenansville - Atlantic & Carolina, Fort Bragg to Skibo - Cape Fear RR, Wallace to northern Wilmington/Castle Hayne - CSX, Apex to Erwin Junction - Seaboard Coast Line, Durham to Duncan - Norfolk Southern, Wilmington to New Bern - Seaboard Coast Line, Jonesboro to Lillington - Atlantic & Western, Franklin to Cornelia, GA - Tallulah Falls RR, Elkin to Venéer - Elkin & Alleghany.

Archives of Appalachia, Railroads -
Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio Railway; East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad; Railroads; Railroads-Tennessee, East; Railroads-Stations.

History of Western North Carolina Railroads -
"When, about the year 1836, a railroad from Cincinnati to Charleston, which should pass through Asheville, was projected, Robert Y. Hayne, the great South Carolinian who had vanquished Daniel Webster in debate, was made its president. "

North Carolina, A Railroad Passion -
The history of what originated as the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad in 1834 is explored in Glenn Hoffman's Building a Great Railroad: A History of the Atlantic Coastline Railroad Company (1998).

North Carolina Railroad Operations -
A personal collection of photos, history, etc, of North Carolina Railroad Operations (NCRO).

Wilmington Railroad Museum -
For more than a century, railroading was Wilmington's chief industry. In 1840, the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad was completed and was the longest continuous rail line in the world at 161 miles long.

Near the turn of the century, several railroads up and down the eastern seaboard, including the Wilmington & Weldon, merged to become the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and the company headquarters were here in Wilmington. During its heyday, the railroad was referred to as the "Aorta" of Wilmington. It attributed to the area's commercial and industrial growth and provided jobs and revenue for the local economy.


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State of North Dakota
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Fargo Railroad History -
"The history of Fargo begins with the railroad. Details of this early history and the Northern Pacific Railroad can be find on the page about Fargo's beginnings. The Northern Pacific railroad reached Fargo in June of 1872. In February of 1872, the Northern Pacific Railroad filed a railroad plat of its road through Dakota Territory. The original townsite of Fargo was platted out of Section Seven and file for record in the Cass County Deeds Office in January 1874." - quoted from the web site.

North Dakota Railroads -
A list of addresses. A PDF file (you'll néed a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader for this one to "work").

Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri: Railroad Articles -
The Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri was edited by Howard L. Conrad and published by the Southern History Company, of New York, Louisville, and St. Louis, in 1901.


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