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    General Interest Railroad Information

    History of Railroads in the United States — In 1826, the first railway in the United States of America began
        operation. It ran from Milton to Quincy Massachusetts and the cars were drawn by horses.

    Northern Pacific Railroad and Genealogy — "These pages offer links to more than one hundred pages of
        information about the Northern Pacific Railway. It also includes links to the railroad-related pages of agencies
        associations, corporations and individuals covering the Northwest, British Columbia, and Alaska.
    " - web site quote.

    Railroad Genealogical Society — "Railroads played a huge role in American history. This was especially true in the
        settlement of the west, where entire communities were established as "railroad towns". In some of these, nearly
        every family was engaged in some aspect of railroading, or in supplying the families who were.
    " - web site quote.

    Railroad Retirement Board — "The Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) is an independent agency in the executive
        branch of the Federal Government. The RRB's primary function is to administer comprehensive retirement -
        survivor and unemployment-sickness benefit programs for the nation's railroad workers and their families, under
        the Railroad Retirement and Railroad Unemployment Insurance Acts. In connection with the retirement program,
        the RRB has administrative responsibilities under the Social Security Act for certain benefit payments and railroad
        workers' Medicare coverage.
    " — web site quote.

    Researching Old Railroads — "The westward growth in the United States was accelerated by the introduction and
        expansion of railroads. People no longer had to depend on moving exclusively by horse or wagon; they could travel
        more quickly by rail. Coincident with the westward population expansion was the growth in business of all types.
        Population growth demanded increases in products and services, and the increase in farming, mining, business,
        and other financial opportunities helped fuel the movement of people westward to seek a better life.

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