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     The following letters were written to and from Tuscaloosa and Fayette Counties, Alabama and Hill and Johnston Counties, Texas by members of the Stanley, Chappell, and allied families.  These letters were saved by Eliza Hester Johns Stanley and her daughters, Missouri McKinney "Sis" Stanley Chappell and Cornelia Josephine "Puss" Stanley Chappell, who passed them on to her daughter, Sarah Missouri "Sally" Chappell Blanks, and are currently in the possession of her daughter, Willie Mae "Bill" Blanks Leggitt.  In transcribing them, the original spelling and capitalization or lack of it has been maintained to retain their original character.   Some punctuation has been added in the interest of readability.   At the beginning of each letter or group of letters, is stated to whom and from whom and where the letters were written.  If known or supposed, names are in brackets at the first reference to persons.
to Christopher Colbert and Cornelia Josephine Stanley Chappell [Tuscaloosa Co., AL]
from Benjamin Edward Stanley [Hill Co., TX]
                                                                                                   July the 21st / 1881
Mr. C. C. Chappell and C. J.   Dear Brother and sister
I will try to write you a fiew Lines which will inform you that I hav not for got you yet thoe I believe I hav wrote mother and Jess all of the News of any importance. Col if you ame to moove to Tex Let me no in time and I will Rent you a prety good Place.  if a fellow don't Rent Early in the fall he don't get a good Place Ever time, and ther will be a heap of Emigration this fall that is up and down and a Long the RR.  But now don't you think that I am Persuading you to moove at all, but I had a heap Rather Live in this country than back thare for I can take my children and tend 50 acres of Land as Easy as I could 25 thare and it will mak more to the acre Each year and Some years three times as much corn and oats.  Col I have ben dun work 3 weeks, but I hav got 4 days Plowing to do yet if it Raines Soon.  Jess Chappell has gone out west and will be gone 2 or 3 weeks.  Jess is well and harty and says he never can go back thare to Plow and Hoe in them Rocks and Stumps.  Col, I want you to Split me out Splits a nuff to make me a bow basket and send by the first Passing.  I can get the Ribs heare out of Post Oak.  till Tom  [Thomas Jefferson Stanley] if he cumes back to sell old long Sally if he wants to, and if he don't cum back to Keep her, for I Expect it will be a heap of trouble to bring her back on the train.  Col, me and Rufe [Rufus Daniel Stanley] went Waxahachie this week to get Lumber to cover his corn.  he has got 500 Bu of old corn yet.  I hav not got much.   I sold mine and Bought Lizzie [his wife, Elizabeth Appling Stanley]  a sewing machine.  So a nuff of that.  write soon as you get this and let me no what you ame to do in Regard to mooveing.  I got a Letter from Uncle Lewis [Lewis T. Stanley] stating that he ames to cum out to Live.
                                                                Yours as Ever
                                                                                  B. E. Stanley
[two letters in one envelope]
first to Eliza Hester Johns Stanley [AL]
second to Jesse Mercer Stanley [AL]
from Fatima Jane Stanley Richards [TX]
                   this November 17the 1881
    Mrs E H stanly my very Dear sister,  I will try this monda evning.  I will try to write you a fu lines in anser to your leter of the 12 Oc. I was glad to her from you & to her that aunt betsa [may be Elizabeth Stanley Hooper] was yet alive.   I must tel you that uncle dave [may be Joshua David Stanley] is ded.  He died the last of september.  they never let me no enna thing about it.  I herd of it in a week or too.  aunt Fatima [may be Fatima Thomas, wife of Joshua David Stanley]  is very low now.  I herd yersterda.  I recon when I her agane she will be ded & berier.  you no I cant go when I want to.  elizer, zeak told mee to tel you he wanted to no if his pa was married.  he has herd that severel times that he maried sonda  put her to grubing monda morning.  I recon bill and Fatima has landed at tuscaloos.  they tuck the car last frida.  I recon I need not look for none of you this winter but tom and jesse so I did look for poos [Cornelia Josephine Stanley Chappell]  and family but you did not say enna thing about ther coming.  I don' think enna of you kneed to fer starving.  I think people has plenta of corn.  I don't her of enna corn biers.  tel the boys that Babe has mooved to granvieu suply of family goosberys [?] & wold like the best in the world to have help.  he is seling write a lon this thursda morning.  I am at home this morning & I wil try to finish.  I have nothing very interest.  Ben & rufes first baught land together & ruf give Ben 200$ for his bargeon & Ben baut will hameltons land & I don't know how they traded.  rufus was her sonda.  they was all well.  they air a frad to go enna whar on acount of hooping calf.  every child on this side of the leeg has the calf.  they was afraid the mesels all the spring.  I haven't saw them in a long time.  eler has been going to a riting & drawing scool 10 days.  she can draw & paint very nice.  the scool will comence monda next.  leler is coming to go with eler the next 10 days.  I have bin staying with mary all this fall.  She has got the most of her crop getherd, all the coten that is open.  if the fall crop opens she will have on or too bales to pick yet & I recon she has her corn puled donn.  rufus promest to come yersterda, hall for her at on l dolar per day & she has nine bales of coten pict.  she has the finest soing masheen of all the rest.  it is the eldredg masheen.  she give 40$ for it.  now come over & bring your soing.  everyone of the conexion has a masheen & I don't see no use for you all to stay whar you can't have nothing but fruit and vegetables.  I tel you jain [probably daughter of James T. and Fatima Jane Stanley Richards, married Columbus C. McDuff, 4 Mar., 1866 in Tuscaloosa] has the finest fall garden I ever saw.  she is beeting up a dishful of turnips now for dinner & pork with them.  I wold lik the best in the world to have you her for dinner.  I no I will eat to much.  a hint to the wise is a nuf.  I have just got thrue with dinner.  you can now that I have eat a bat of turnips & pork if you see the greec on my paper.   so I will git my foolishness & bring this scatering leter to a close by asking you to write to mee & tel mee all the nuse of that setlment & all others that wold interrest mee. so no more but remain your sister untel deth reed & rectifi all mistaks.                                          F j Richards

Mr J M stanly   Dear Brother      I will write you a fu lines to let you no that I am yet on the land among the livin.   I have no nus to write only the helth of this cuntry is good so far as I now.  I recon you will reed this leter & that will tel you about all I know.   Ben and famaly was well when I herd from them.  I have not saw them since mrs davis left her.   miles & maryland [Miles and Trilla Maryland Davis Stanley]  is as well as comen.  miles hasent bin stout this year.   jesse I wold lik to her whether I will get enna mona from their this winter or not.  you ma think I have wasted moneythis year, but when I devide $50 in 4 parts that left a small part for mee, so write tel mee what I have to depend on.  I will say nothing about rich baker [banker?] & may bee you will answer this.  I have not herd a word from none of you since I writen to lular.  I know that was none of my bisnes, but I think lular can doo beter than that, so write son to mee                          F j Richards
elizer send this to jesse as son as it comes to hand.  far well for this time   all write son to mee

[three letters in one envelope]
to Eliza Hester Johns Stanley [AL]
first from Christopher Colbert Chappell [TX]
second from Cornelia Josephine Stanley Chappell [TX]
third from Lutitia Elizabeth Chappell Stanley [TX]
                                                                    Dec the 27th   - - - - - - - -1881
Mrs. E. H. Stanley
                                                    Dear Mother        I will try to write you a few lines to Day to let you no whear we ar and how we come through.   we ar at C C McDuffs.  we ar all well, but Puss and the Baby [Cornelia Josephine and Eliza Hester Chappell]  they are not verry well.           C. McDuffs family is all well.  gus Emmons is on the mend.  R. D. & B. E. Standley and folks is all well.   uncle jess Ben [Jesse Mercer Stanley I's son, Benjamin Franklin Stanley II]  is complaining Some.   well, Something about our trip.  We got through all right.  my tickets cost me $75.15 from tuskaloosa to grandview.  our Bagage has not come yet and I don't no when it will.   it may come to day and may not come in three weeks.  this is a good looking cuntry.  it has ben warm and dry ever since we got her.  We got her last fridy night.  the Boys met us at the Depo.
     Ben had me Some land rented on Mr. Walkers farm.  I will move as son as I get my trunks.  I can get corn at 75cts pr Bu and meet and 7cts per lb on tim.  Horses is selling high.
                                                                 Dec the 28 - - - -1881
Well I will finish my letter this morning.  we all up this morning and tolerble well.  our bags is at the Depo.  I will go after it to day.  I hav baught me a pony from RDS for $4.500 [?] on time.  I  can get my corn from him.  I get meet from Mr. Walker at 7cts.  I will close for this time.
I remain yours until Death.  write Soon to                                                          C.  C.  Chappell
                                                                  dec the 28th 1881
Mrs E H Stanley   Dear Mother I will try to write you a few lines to let you know that we all got through a live though I was Sick all the way.   the children don fine.  I never had to strap non of them from the morning I left home tell last Sunday not even to the baby.   we got to granview last friday knight.  Rufe and Columb and miles and larkin and uncle Jesses ben met us at the depa.  I never was so supprised.  I knew ben and Colum, but that was all.  I was Sick yesterday and knight before last, and I feel giddy headed yet, but am a heap better today.  The baby never was sick any more on the way, but she has got a bowel complaint.  the rest is all well.  we got your letter yesterday.  I was glad to hear that you got back to northport all wright, and I was more than glad to hear what kept Jessee.    I was uneasy.  well mother col has bargained for me a stove from zeek for five dollars.  I shal go home as soon as I can get thare and then I will write lots.  luticia wants to write a little.  tell granma and aunt nacy that I think I will be very well pleased in texas.  liza will have a granma.  She calls aunt tima [may be Fatima Thomas Stanley] granma and She is gon, and She calls Jane granma.  So I will close. write soon to
                                                                                            C. J. Chappell.
                                                   Mrs. Stanley   as Col and Puss has left space I will say a few words.  I feel very well this morning.  I had a spell of sick headache yesterday.  well Thomas hasent got any place to go to yet.  he has gone to hunt a place today.   I will tell you in my next whether we have got us a coop to go in or not.    you said Jessee would bring my shoes.  Tom Says he would like to have his saddle.  well I can't write But a little as they are in a hury to start after our trunk.  tell mother to send me some white peas if She possibley can by Jessee and some of them tomato seed.  so I will quit and write more next time, so Good By   write to us every
chance                                                                       L. E. Stanley

to Eliza Hester Johns Stanley [AL]
from Lutitia Chappell Stanley [TX]
[This letter bears no date, but the contents suggest early in 1882.]
     Mrs Stanley   I will write you a few lines this monday morning.  Col stayed with us last night.  his folks is all well.  he says liza is fater than he ever saw her.  I never have Been to Cols But one time.  that was when we went to Cleburn after our goods.  I have got the nicest little stove I ever saw.  it don't take no wood hardly  to heat it.  I got a tin Boiler large enough to Boil my bed clothes in.  I can wash while I get dinner, our little washing.  my stove cost 16 dollars.  I must soon quit.  Col will want to start.  I must say a word to Granma.    I have so many to write to that I don't no how to commence.  I want you and pa and mother to come out next summer on a visit.  Thomas [Jefferson Stanley]  said he intended to of wrote to you in this letter, But he  can't this morning.  he had to go over to Mr. Conner's to Grind his ax.  he talkes a heap a Bout lighting your pipe for you.  he says he wishes he could take care of you the Balance of your life.   rufe says he aims to go to see you if he lives.  But I Believe Ben wants to see you worse than any of the rest does.  well when you all write tell me how Granpa and ma is [must be Miles and Priscilla Parker Chappell]  tell Aunt Narce [Narcissa Johns Appling] I would love to hee her in this mud.  tell her I will write to he when I can.  Col  is in a hury now.  pusses Liza called Bet Edmonds Narce all the time.   so Good By to all off you.  write soon.
                                                                                  Luticia E. Stanley

[two letters in one envelope]
first to Eliza Hester Johns Stanley [AL]
second to Joseph A. and Narcissa E. Johns Stewart [AL]
from Cornelia Josephine Stanley Chappell [TX]
                                                            May 6th 1882
Mrs E. H. Stanley    Dear mother   I will try to write you a few lines this eavning in to yours of Apr the    which came to hand last saturday a week ago today.  I Started to answer them all  last monday.  I thought Col was going to granview, but he has not went.  he is going to this eavning and I will send this by him.   well this leaves us all well and I hope when you receive them they will find you in joying the best of health.  well mother, we are getting on very well.  Col has a bout 6 acres of as prety corn as I ever Saw.  it is as level as a floor and a bout knee hye and a growing as fast as it can.  he has 7 or 8 acres that is not so fine.  it did not come up good.  it was so dry, but that rain last week brought it.   me and the children replanted it this week, but I think thare would of ben a stand with out it.  He likes a bout 2 acres a being done planting cotton, and I have a very nice garden.  I never Saw nothing grow like it has in a week in my life.  I have beans a nough all ready up and growing to do 2 or 3 families if nothing hapens to them, and I planted a hole parsel more this week and a pea patch to.  I have no chickens hardly.  I have 2 hens a hatchen.  if they do any good, Mrs Elles Said She was a going to Set me a hen.  She has had the best luck I nearly ever Saw.  I think a heap of her.  She is all the woman that I know any thing a bout in this Settlement.  well mother I just got done washing to day by dinner.  I comenst yesterday eavning, but it comenst to rain and I had to quit and it did not rain much neither.  my clothes is clean and look very nice.  I amed to scour today but it looks to much like rain.  mother Jess made arangements  will got Smith [?] and got 2 cows for us to milk one has a calf 3 weeks old.  I save her milk for the children, and the other one gives a plenty for me and Col and Jess.  by doing that we get plenty of milk.  Jess has gone to Cleburn today to cary a load of corn for Sid hamel.  he is to give him 2 dollars.  he would go in the fire to make a dollar and then go as far to keep it, but thare is nothing rong in that.  he is powerfuly changed.  he has not baught nor drank a drop of whiskey since he left you last, I don't recon and he has quit chewing tobaco.  well mother you said you did not get no letters.  I have wrote to you 3 times, but I never no whear to direct you letters to. Sis [Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell] wrote that John [Collier Chappell] was going after you and ma when you come from town.  I directed the last one to northport.  lida [Eliza Hester Chappell] has come in and says ma thare is chigers on me; grease them.  mother tell ma and aunt nancy that i recon they have forgot me.  I never have herd a word that nary on of them says about me So i m...
mother you wrote a bout lidas cat.  She has cats in no end here.  She only has 7 cittens.  the prettiest I ever saw and 2 old cats.  the children is as fat as hogs.  Liza is as fat as she can be and as read as a rose, and She Says She is granmas baby..  She tuck a notion the other day to go to granmas.   Johney [John Harvey Chappell] is gone to milk now.  So write to C. J C.
corrected to here
Mr and Mrs Stewart  Dear Uncle and aunt.  I will try to write you a few lines this morning in answer to yours of Apr the 6 which I received Saturday knight.  I was glad to get a letter from you all for I was begining to think that you did not ame to write to me at all.  these lines leaves us all well and harty.  we can eat the hind wheels of a jackNasse.  I was glad to hear that you taken a drink at the old Spring for me in passing for I often think of it my self for I hardly ever passed it without takeing a drink.  it did look so nice and good.  we have to hall every bit of water.  we use fer as from your house to berts [may be Squire Albert Johns]  we have a well in the yard and it has got plenty of water in it, but it has got to  Stinking.  we thaught that thare was something in it but I don's no.  some people Says it is So Strong that it will smell that way.  I think it is partly filth and nasness for rats just dens in it.  I tell the boys that I don't care if it never gets no better for it is so bad and when we hall we get very good water.  we hall from Mr Eleses.  well Narse I have had no greans this Spring worth nothing hardly.  the bugs ate up my Spring greens.  I have a rite nice Square of colards and cabage and very nice beans.  I Set out 4 rows of potatoes Saturday and would have Set out our hole patch if we had of had the Slips, but we did not have no more.  I have bare [?] 9 little chickens.  I can't  get them to do nothing hatching.  they fite and scratch and brake hole settings of eggs and never hatch a chicken.  Well Nars I hope you and uncle joe will do well on the old place, but it looks a heap more like makeing something hear than it does thare.  people has So many advantages and can tend so much more land, and then it is all good.  thare is not 1/4 of it that won't make Shucks for if it gets rain and a little work, it will make corn and cotton, but as for gardens and such as that it is not near as good as that country, but I think if I had the work to do I would always take this land.  So tell ma that I am brudeing [?] on fine.  nothing much to do but my cooking and washing and patching and nothing to cook, but bread and meat and that don't take long you no.  tell her I Said I was afraid I would get So lazy I could not do that.   tell here that I am a bout the cullar of lucy boon.  well Mrs. Elles has just left.  She brought me a bucket of milk.  I get Some milk, but not a nuff for it would take 3 galons a day.  So write Soon as you get this to    C. J. Chappell  I was in a hury to get mothers letters wrote.  I thought Col was going to granview, but he is not going this eavning.  So no more at present.
[to Eliza Hester Johns Stanley [AL]
[The following  is only a fragment.  It is the top half of one page written on both sides.  The
penmanship and content suggest that it was written by Christopher Colbert Chappell.]
                                                                           August the 15th /82
Mrs E H Stanley   Dear mother   I  Will try to Write you a fiew lines to let you no how We are al getting a long.  We are al Well except puss has the tooth ache and marsh [Thomas Marshall Chappell] and roof [Rufus Benjamin Chappell]  has the fevor.  We got your letter the 14...
...of that I hav ben going to the big meetings.  I Saw roof [Rufus Daniel Stanley] a Sunday.  me & Marry Jane Went down on island creek to the old camp ground that We al Went two When E A Hamner Was goint to See Miss Betus.  it made me think of old times to be with Mary ...

[two letters in one envelope]
first to John Collier Chappell [TX]
second to Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell [TX]
from Mary Temperance Chappell [AL]
                                                                Oct the 9 1882
  Mr John C. Chappell   Dear Brother  as it have Been Some Time Since I have wrote to you I will Try to adress you a few lines this Beautiful Sabath Morning.  This leaves us all well.  Pallies [may be Lucy Palatine Chappell Yerby]  Babe have Been right Sick [unreadable line]  ..Better this morning morning.  Teethin is what ailes him.  I am here alone this morn.  Pa & Mother have gone to See a little dead Babe.  Lizzie Cole little Babe died this morning at 7 oclock.  I recon it is about 2 months old.  I do knot know what was the matter with it.  there have Been a great deel of Sickness in our community this year and a great many deaths.  tho the health of the people is Better as far as I know.  well Brother, I wish you could of Been with us at Some of the good Meetings this fall.  old Shady grove church was revived up to some extent.  cousin fed Johnson [grandson of Miles Chappell, his son George was 6 and daughter Lucy was 9 on 1880 Tuscaloosa census] joined the church at campground, and his Son gorge joined at the Same Time.  Lucy Johnson Professed at The Lexington.  They Said They never saw a man Shout like cousin fed did when Lucy Professed.  I do hope that he may hold out faithful and knot do like Some does.  we have a Protracted meeting to commence next Sunday at Berry Methodist Meeting.  They have a new church.  I hope we will have a good meeting.  I wish you & Sis could Bee with us.  well John I commenced this letter last Sunday and now I will try to finish it.  this is friday.  Pa and Mother have gone to the creek to dress a pig.  So you may know they want Some freash meat.  we are all able to Be up.  I was very Sick for awhile last night with a pain in my eyes, tho I feel a great deel Better today. Tolbert [Yerby] have been chilling Some this week, tho he are up now.  Says he feels very well.  you aught to See the Big cribs of corn they have made.  Pa have got his Big crib full and filling up the Saddle house.  the cotton is only Tolerble.  it was cut off with drouth.  John are you coming out this winter.   we would all Bee So glad to See you  So Please write in answer
                                                                                  Oct 14 1882
              Mrs M. M. Chappell          Dear Sister    I will try for the first time in a good while to write you a few lines.  Sis I wish you had of Been here today to of helped Mother & me gether ground peas.  we raised a nice chance in the garden.  we had a fine garden this year, tho our colards are needing rain.  we are haveing Beautiful weather for gethering.  I Supose Billie Hamner [William Rueben Hamner] talks comeing Back to your home you left.  he wrote to Calaway to rent the plase for him.  I know Sallie [Sara Catherine Stanley Hamner] will hate to come Back & leave you all.
       So I will close By asking you to answer By return Mail   Temperance
to Eliza Hester Johns Stanley [AL]
from Jesse Mercer Stanley II [TX]
                                                                           Feb the 25th 1883
     Mrs E. H. Stanley          Dear Mother     I Will Write you a fiew lines as I have hurd from Miss M T C [Mary Temperance Chappell] & J M C [Jesse M. Chappell] and tha Sed that --Temperance Sed that She hurd that you and Sis [Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell] Was Mad and She did not no and card less.  I think from the Way She Wrote you and Sis Was mad because Jess & Lela Hamner married.  Seamed to think you and sis had rather it had of ben me, but Just So Mr Chappell Did not use my name.  that is al that I ask of him.   temp Sed that I thout that Jess Was makeing a yarse [?] me.  you may think that he has not made anything againste me.  it is best for a man to hav his lafe first than no a taule.  I think Jesse C has got lafe first, but I am to hav mine from this time on.   Well mother I Wood be glad if you Would Write to me Soon.  State the facts about the matter and Whether Mr Jess M Chappell did Sa anything about me or not and What it Was.  I Supose he give me up hill al threw and I got it from good athorota, and as temp has Went as fur as She has, I Want you to tell me all about it.  I am not Broke yet; you bet I am not.  I think that I have got about as much money as Mr Jess C.  So anuf of that.  Well I am going to cleborn tomorrow to tend coart.  I hav got trial to come off this Week and I Will Send my Picture in this letter, and I Want you to Send me yours Soon.  I ware my Duchen and buy yearlens for a living.  I am living With tom now and Will for a While.  So you can Direct your letters Itasca, Hill co, Texas. hoping to hear from you Soon yours truly By By mother                                                                                 J M Stanley

to Eliza Hester Johns Stanley, Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell, Sara Catherine Stanley Hamner [AL]
from Cornelia Josephine Stanley Chappell [TX]
                                                     August the 1st 1883
Mother  Sis   and Sally
   Dear Mother and sisters    I will try if I can to ans you kind leters though it is with the heaviest hart that I ever posessed.  I have no good nuse, but all bad to write to you all.   Dear mother I feel the pain that these lines will inflict upon you all.  Our Dear Jessee is dead and gone.  he Died monday eavning a bout 5 oclock.   he was ded when tom got back from Itasca when he wrote to you.  he has ben goin down hil a good while.  he was Sick a bout 15 days, confined to his hed 12.   the Doctor Said it was slow fevor, but I don's believe it was.  he was taken with an awful miser in his bowels, and he had fevor all the time, but I believe it come from his liver.  he never complained of nothing but his bowels.  I axidently herd he was Sick.  Col and Johney [John Harvey Chappell] had just got up out of the fevor and chills.  We went to see him, did not expect to find him bad or they would of let us known it, but I called him bad.   we got thare tuesday.  he died the next monday.  I wanted tom to telagraphe for you that day, but Jessee opposed it.  he Said you could not do him no good and you might take Sick your Self, but I wanted it done any how.  I told them it was your request, but the Doctor came every day and twist a day and Said he was doing well if we would take cared of him and not allow him to have nothing but chicken Soop and buttermilk and not a bit of bread, but he had no taste for nothing.    the Doctor told him that as long as he wanted buttermilk, he was all write.  I thaught all the time that it was because he was burning up in Side, and we kept his milk cold.  I thaught though that he was doing tolerable tel last Saturday.  I Saw a chang for the worse.  We had the Doctor twist a day from that time.  he Still Said he was doing well.  I told him about the change I Saw in Jessee.  he Said it was as comon as the diseas, that chang was.   he got to talking out of his head.  I could not dispute thats being comon, but it was plain to me that he was agetting worse in Stead of better.  I wanted a nother Doctor, but that was toms favorite, and he just thaught he knew it all.  I don't believe he's ever done him any good.  we Stade with him tell the last and done all we could for him.  I Sat by him and Stood a round him all the time I could.  I had 3 bad chills and could not Set up a part of the time myself.  Mother I believe his is gone to rest, for he praid the Sweetes prayer I ever herd, though I could not hear it all for death was on him, and I was batheing his poor death cold feet and hands.  I knew he was gone, but I culd not give him up.  I thought I could warm them.  he Said for us all to get write down in the dirt, that was the place.  then he prade;  when he finished he had the sweetest smile on his face, and nearly every time he Spoke after he Smiled and talked about that beautiful Sitty.  he Said it was just write up yonder on that hill.  less all go he Said.  he wanted to push tom up, then tish, me, Col, harve [?].  then he would come.  he Said thare was nothing to himder us all from reaching that happy Shore if we would Stier our boats rite.   O Mother I can't write it all for my hart will brake.  we thaught he was out of his head , but I don't believe he was.  he would smile like he was pleased all over.  it don't seem like I can bare it.  he was buried yesterday eavning.  I did not get to go to See him buried.  I had a scorching fevor, and Marsh [Thomas Marshall Chappell]  had one to.  we Set for the doctor fur him while they was gone.  he complaned just like jessee, and it Scared us.  I thought it would kill me to Stay, but I don't believe I could of Stood the trip rite in the heat of the day.  it was 12 mile to granview.  that is whare he was buried.  he was dressed as nice as he could be.  nice fine shoes and all and the finest coffin I ever Saw.  I told them that was all we could do for him.  none of them could not do nothein with him when he was out of his head but me.  he would do anything I would tell him.  I gave him cool water with a spoon and tody [?] and soop when he could not be raised up.  Dear Mother bare it the best you can.  I can't write more.  I am so week I can hardly Set up.  I expect I will have a worse chill tomorow than I had yesterday.  let this letter ans all and all so you write.   Jessee died the easiest they Said of any body they ever Saw.   he had a smile on his face                                                  C. J. C.

to Eliza Hester Johns Stanley [on envelope, "Itasca, Hill Co., Texas     in haste if you pleas]
from Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell [AL]
                                                                         Dec the 19 1883
       Mrs  E. H. Stanley    Dear Mother    I will write you a few lines this  morning to inform you that granma [Elizabeth McKinney Boone Johns] is very Sick.  She was taken last Saturday night with a very Sick Stomach.  Sunday She seemed to be better all day, but he was taken wors that night, and was very bad off; did not have any mind and was perfectly helpless.  She is Some better this  and has her rite mind.  She never Said anything about Sending for anybody only when we ast her untel this morning.  She wanted us to Send for all.  She Said She would Send for uncle Bert [Squire Albert Johns]  for it would be the last time.  She Said She could Send for all but you, and we told her would write to you.   ma don't think She can live many day.  I thaught She could not live night before last, but now She is So much better, I have Some hopes of her.   her bowels has quit running off So bad, and She not Sick at her Stomach.   Billie and Sally [William Reuben and Sara Catherine Stanley Hamner] aunt Nars and uncle Jo [Narcissa E Johns and Joseph Stewart]  Aunt Marth and Mary is here.   Aunt Marth has ben here all the time.  the rest of us are well as comon.  I hope to her from you Soon.  I keep hering that Aunt Fatima is very Sick, but can't here the Strate of it.   we will take good care of ma and do all we can for her.  we had Doctor Miller with her.  he Said it was exitation [?] of the Stomach and bowels.  So I will close to meet the male   good by                                     M M Chappell

to Eliza Hester Johns Stanley [on post cart addressed to Itasca, TX]
from Joseph F. Appling [AL]
       North Port   Jan 7 1884     Dear Sister   I have the Sad news to communicate to you the deth of your Mother.  She died the first day of January in the eavning, was buried Thursday.  I went up & staid with her sveral day.    Matilda [Johns Appling] has just got home.  your Mother sufferd a grait deal at times; at other times she seamed to be at ease.  When she died she seamed to go to sleep in the arms of Jesus.  Will try to write more soon.  All of the connection is well as far as I know.
                     Yours   J. F. Appling
to Etta Stanley, daughter of Benjamin Edward Stanley, later married John  McElroy [TX]
from Sara Catherine Stanley Hamner [AL]
      Miss Etta Stanley                                                                     May the 11 1884
My Dear Niece  it is with pleasure that I will write you a few lines in answer to your kind letter which I received and read with pleasure.  I was glad to get a letter from you.  I hope you will write to me often.    Etta I live rite close to your aunt sis.   we have our garden together this year.  I think wee have a nice garden and have set out all of the garden and have plants a nuf left to set out as much mor.   Etta you mus go to see mother as often as you and tell her to writ to me.  I have wrot twice and never received a line from her.   it is Sunday morning and I expect sis and John go to church at shady grove.  I wish you was her to stay with me and children.  Etta you must tell your papa and mama and Lela [another daughter of Benjamin Edward Stanley who later married Will Satterfield] to write to me.  We wrote to yore pa but never got a word from him since.  Etta, Koger and John  are great big boys and Ninnah a sweet little trick.  She has black hair and its a wa down on her solders.  I did want to have heir pictures taken and send them to mother, but I didn't get them.   you and lela must have your taken to so I can see how much you hav grown.  so I will close by asking you to write soon and often to your aunt.
                                                                                so by by from S C Hamner to Etta Stanley

to Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell and Sara Catherine Stanley Hamner [AL]
from Eliza Hester Johns Stanley [TX]
                                                                August the 8/84
                 Dear children  I will try to write you a few lines this evening in answer to yours of July the 28 and the 31 which I received day before yesterday.   I was so glad to hear from you one more time.  its been a many of a day Since I got a letter from any of you.  I have nothing of interest to write more that all is well So far as I know accept Bens Willie.  he had a light chill day before yesterday.  haven't heard from him today.  I was there yesterday.  you said you was having a heap of rain.  I would be glad we could have a good rain.   every think is drying up.  haven't had no rain Since Sometime in June;  crops Sorry; water for Stock getting Scarce;  all diging wells.   Rufe dug one.  I think it will afford plenty of using water but not stock water and the branch is nearly dry.  he talks of diging one at his lot.  Tom and Rufe helped Ben wall his well yesterday.  he had one that was runing over the top, but its not close to the house and wont wash.  he dug one in the yard; got plenty of water and Bettie [Elizabeth Appling Stanly] Sais it washes verry well.  I haven't tried this only rence in it.  Rufe and Ben is gone to the timber today hauling up thier winters wood.  Rufes colts would not follow this morning.  they have been taking on rite Smart.  its the first time they have been left all day.  tell Koger and Johnie if they could see them they would Say they was pretty.  they are So much alike, I can't hardly tell them apart.  they are dark brown.  thier name is Vister and Davy.  here they come now hunting thier mamas.     they are perfect pets.       Sis you and Sallie wrote about that man falling dead at Berry
Station.  its distressing.  there was one died at Itasca the Same way this year only he lay down on the platform.  he told them if they did not give him whiskey, he would die, and they would not.  he lay down, and when they noticed him, he was dead.  It will by four weeks tomorrow Since we all went to grandview to put up poor dear jesses monument, all of Ben's family all of Colbert's me and Rufe, Mr Willis Davis [a grandson of Miles Chappell] and his wife, and Mr Elis.   we taken our dinner and Stayed most all day.  oh how Sad to think that my once lively and active boy lay confined to the narrow limits of the grave while we only could do Something in Rememberance of him.  we could not fix it up right.  they have to get rock for the foundation.  Then I want it plastered over.  thats what I wanted with the pebles [?].  if they was put in the plaster, they would Stay there.  then I want casting around it.  that's all that we can do for him.
[The letter just ends here at the bottom of the page with no signature.  Perhaps a final page was lost.] [Koger, Johnnie, and Ninnah are children of Sara  Stanley and William Hamner]

to Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell and Sara Catherine Stanley Hamner [AL]
from Eliza Hester Johns Stanley [TX]
                                                                     Sept the 6th 84
      Dear children  I will write you a few lines this evening not in answer to a letter for I have written since I have got a letter, but I will write again.  you don't write much I have nothing of interest more than alls well So far as I know.  Hope you are all enjoying the Same blessing.  crops is sorry; hasen't rained Since Some time in June.  people will Soon be done geathering their crops.  Ben finished gathering corn yesterday.  Rufe is not done.  he has been picking cotton this week for Berry Stricklin and Larkin.  he Said his was not worth picking.  Ben has made tolerable good corn.  Rufe has made enough to do him with his old corn.  Tom hasent made anything hardly.  Col made two hundred bushels of corn to his part and thinks he will get Six bales of cotton.  tell your Aunt Martha [maybe Martha E. Stanley Appling] that your Aunt Tima [Fatima Jane Stanley Richards]  Stayed all last week with me, the first time She had been here.  we went to gus Edmonds [Augustus Edmonds, son  of William Edmonds, age fourteen on the 1860 census of Fayette Co., AL, neighbors to Chappells and Stanleys and allied families] tuesday, to Tom's tuesday night, friday went to Ben's and Saturday we taken Rufe's wagon and mares and colts and Ben's Willie and went to Col's by ourselves.  I told them we was getting brave.  tell her She ought to been with us.  I have not Seen Billie in Some time, but they are well; I haven't heard anything to the contrary.  Sis you wrote in your last letter that we could sell the minerel interest in the old place for one dollar and a half per acre.  John I want you and Billie to see about it, and if you can get a dollar and a half, Sell it.  times is hard and money So Scarce.  it would do you all a little good.   Billie if you can Send what you owe Jesse it will oblige us as Ben has give his note for the monument, and it has been due a month, and it is impossible for Tom to pay anything this fall as he has lost a crop almost.  there is Some oweing to Jesse besides what Tom owes, but not enough to pay for the Tomb.   Sunday.  Ben and Bettie Stayed here last night.  Lela and Etter went to Tom's they come back this morning; said Toms fine cow got her leg broke yesterday, more bad luck for  Tish and Tom.  Sis you wrote to Ben and Rufe that you would Send that handkerchief to them they sent to Mother.   they want Aunt Sallie [may be Sarah Boon, born 1817] to have it and the balance of the Suit if it was not used.  you never Said whether it was or not.  I think Aunt Say [?] ought to have it.   She is next oldest.  write in your next letter.   Rufe Sends you all a card.  Ben put your names on them.  write Soon                             Yours as ever                                E. H. Stanley
Ben will come by going to Itasca to carry Thane [?] Johnson.  he Says he is going to arkansas, but I think he will come out there before he comes back here anymore.  I will go to Tom's with Ben this evening.  Rufe is gone to Col's; him and Col will go to Cleburn tomorrow.  Said he would have two bales of cotton ready to carry.  Sallie kiss all the children for me.

to and from the same as the two preceeding
                                                           March the 8/ 85
John and Sis Billie and Sallie,
                       Dear children  I will write a few lines this Sabbath evening in answer to your very kind and highly appreciated letters which I received last night.  glad to hear from you all once more and oh how proud I am of the childrens pictures.  Koger's is just like him, John's favors him Some, but Ninnah's don't look like She did when I left there.  they are all pretty and Sweet, but tell Koger and John if they don't watch Ninnah will get a head of any of them.  I don't know who She favors but She is pretty.  I can See her pretty hair.  Puss and col come down the first day of february, today was five weeks ago.  I have not seen none of them Since, but Johnnie.  he come the next Sunday to bring Jeff Some clothes.  Puss let him Stay and he has not went home yet.  his uncle Rufe went to Itasca yesterday and bought him a knife and clothe to make him Some pants.  he Sais he dont want to go home.  I looked for Puss yesterday, but she did not come.  I am afraid there is some thing the matter.  She told Mr. Landers, the man that feeds beef cattle, here to tell me She would come down in a few days.  Rufe talked of going up there yesterday, but we thought Puss would come.  Tom and Ticia is coming this evening.  Tom is going to help Rufe plant corn tomorrow.  they Swap work.  Tom lacks one day of being done planting.  Rufe has planted five acres.  they will finish this week if nothing happens.  I expect Ben is done planting.  you said that it had been a hard winter there.  we have had a heap of bitter cold weather, but not a great deal of rain, Several Snows, but we are having verry nice weather for Severel days now.  though the wind is in the north today and it's rite cool, but the larks is singing marry like Spring.
    friday night after Supper  March 13th   I have had no chance to Send my letter to the ofice.  all So busy as I am here by myself.  I will write a few words.  Rufe raked up Some Stalks this evening and him and Jeff is burning them.   I can See lights in every direction, people burning Stalks.  it's a warm Still night.  we have had a nice week.  every thing is growing.  oats is looking fine.  the pasture is getting green.  the boys is all done planting corn and will Soon he done breaking cotton land if it Stays fair.  I have got forty three little chickens.    tell  Koger and John fan[?] has got a pretty little colt two weeks old.  his name is grover Cleveland.  Jeff has a timetending to the colt and hogs.  all the little pigs died but one, and I think it will.   Rufe and Mr. Landers has put rings in their hogs noses and turned them out in the pasture where the beef cattle feed.  they can't root none, but they can bother round everything.  it keeps Jeff busy busy to run after them.  they go to the oat Stack and pull out the oats.  I expect they will have to put them up when the corn comes up.  they are growing fast.  Rufe has got Seven.  he let Tom have two the other day.  I will quit for to night as its half past nine oclock, and Rufe and Jeff has not come to the house.       Sunday evening again, march the 15.    Puss and Johnnie [John Harvey Chappell], Lida [Eliza Hester Chappell] and Luda [Lucy Belle Chappell] come yesterday by their Selves.  left Colbert and Marsh [Thomas Marshall Chappell] and Rufe [Rufus Benjamin Chappell] to keep house.  they worked their new horse and wagon.  Puss and Johnny [tear in paper]... She was to go back this evening, but it rained a big rain last night, and it was muddy today.  I expect me and her will go to Itasca tomorow.  She wants to get the children Some things.  Rufe Said he thought She could do better at Itasca than grandview.  Puss and the children looks well.  Luda is nearly as large as Lida.  She will take Jeff home I expect.  I know I will miss him.  you Said Something about my coming back.  I don't know that I will ever come back.  the rent of the old place can't pay what I owe and I will have no money to...   [remainder missing]

to Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell and Sara Catherine Stanley Hamner [AL]
from  Cornelia Josephine Stanley Chappell [TX]
                                                                  July the 11th 1885
Sis and Sally   Dear sisters and families    I will write you a few lines this eavning in ans to the kind letter which I received from Sis some time ago.  I have no nuse to write more than more than we are all well and the rest of our folks was well the last time I herd from them.  I looked for mother this morning, but She has not come yet.  it is now eavning.  I hope she will come toknight I have got 2 cakes baked and iced and out drying.  you no I want her to come.  she has not ben here sence April.  I went down thare, me and Col and the children, 2 weeks last tuesday and we all went to Itasca to a picnic.  we had plenty to eat.  lots of barbacued meat, beef and pork, plenty of ice lemonade to drink.  we had a very nice time.  So a nough of that.  girls we have a nice prospect for a crop So far.  I am afraid something will hapen to the cotton.  the carless worms has broke out again, but I don't much think they will hurt cotton unless it is young cotton.  I fear the bole worm most now.  we have the finest corn you ever saw.  it is so regular and it is almost made.  I got my first mess of rosten ears the 1st of this month, have ben eating them 2 and 3 times a day ever since the 1st.  we are not a fraid to eat green corn.  I have a nice bean and pea patch, but I am a fraid the worms will eat them up.  they are eating my colards and cabage and the sweet potatoe vines, but I don't think they will hurt them, also a nice watermelon patch.  Sis you wrote Something a bout Saly and bily comeing out now.  if they come I want you                                                                           and John to come to.  John promised me to come to see us, and then will be his [?] time.  people don't think corn will be worth over 25 or 30 cts, so that will be the time if it is so for all to come.  I wish you all could be out here to spend the sumer with us.  Well Col and the children is not done work.  It keeps raining a long so they can't get to work.  Col and the 3 least is at work this eavning.  john is gon to grandview to mil.  if I had known it in time I would have sent this letter to the office, so I will close by asking you to write to me, both.  tell aunt Martha and Liza [may be Martha Jane Chappell Stanley and Elizabeth Chappell Winn] and Mary Jane I would be glad to be thare to help them eat fruit  a while.  so by by one & all write soon to
                                                                C. J. Chappell
    tuesday  July 14 nothing new, all well.  mother did not come.  Col intended to write to John and bill but a chance to send this to the office  by by

The following is a fragment written on both sides with a vertical portion missing so that the left is missing on one side and the right on the other.    Dash lines indicate missing parts.
---hn W. Chapple                                         Julian    AlABam        August the 30 1885
---I will answer your verry kind letter ---in late yesterday eavning.  I was glad to ---from you.  Ma is gon to Church and --- pa and Jef is at home.  you Sed --- write when I was coming.   I gess I will --- winter.  I will be glad when I get thare  ---  know how long I will Stay.  glad --- improve in your writing.  verry [?] --- can write a nice hand.  I wish I  --- as good as you  can.  I am going --- nap [?], but Soon I will haf to go to ---  I dred to go to picking cotton---  that I will have to go at it --- when I get In texas I will not pick --- ll go to School all the time and --- lad of that  you better gess I will --- st quit fore this time fore I have --- and when I was coming.  Write Soon
[The signature is mostly torn away, but with only the top visible, it looks like "Ella" and the penmanship appears the same as the top part of the reverse side which follows.]
Mrs E H Stanley                                                  Julia---
Dere aunt    I set [?] mySelf to ansure ---  kind letter I red with pleasure.  I hav ... interrest to rite except we ar all --- has a bad cole.  I will Soon haft quit to --- you all for I will be well.  I can tell --- I can write aunt lucy rogers --- Well aunt liza I went John --- Siss the other night from Scho --- and ada    I will haft to write Som  ---  write soon and oftan   I will close
Ella Stuart                                                                       Mrs E H Stanley
Dere Sister  I will try to answer --- kind letter that I red with pleasure --- to get a letter from you --- is gone to meting.  She told me to write Son --- I don't know what to write. weeke [?] fe---  we had a Singing on one Side of--- on the other Side of us.  the meeting---eight days I will close fo---

to John Collier Chappel [AL]
from Christopher Colbert Chappell [TX]
                                                                                   Sept the 5th 1885
Mrs. John C. Chappell.    Dear brother,  I will indever to write you a few lines this eavning to let you know how we are getting along.  we ar not all well.  we have had Some bad luck in our famley.  Puss lost her baby and suffered verry bad.  She com verry near fludding to Death be fore the babe was born.  she was only six and one half months gone.    the babe only lived a few minutes.   she got sick tuesday night, and the child was born wednesday at noon.  Puss is getting along verry well now I think.  her ma is her with us, will stay several days.
our connection is all well so far as I no.  me and puss and the children has had the worst colds I ever Saw, and I think that was the cause of pus having such bad luck.   well brother you hav ben talking a bout comeing out to see us.   I hope you will for I would like to See you.   I have come to the conclusion to try to liv write as near as I can, and I think you could help me, so I can not Say I hav got religion but I can Say that I feel some better satisfied than I hav her to for.  John if you do ame to come out her, I would like to no Soon, so I can made arangements for you to liv with me if it suits you to do so.  I can get all the land you want from Mr. Walker, and he says he will put me up another room to my house, and so if he does that, we will hav plenty of rume. you can deside what you will do and let me no, so I will close for this time.  write soon.   yours truly
                                                                                                          C C Chappell

to Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell and Sara Catherine Stanley Hamner [AL]
from Eliza Hester Johns Stanley [TX]
                                                                Nov the 9 / 85
                         Dear children   I will try after Some delay to answer your kind letters which I received Some days ago.  I would of written Sooner, but I had Some notion of coming back before you all Started, but I Shall not come as I don't know whether I could sell the land.   [Cannot read.] and Rufe had two bales of cotton burnt in Ben Stanleys gin.  it will make him Scarce of money.  So I won't try to come.  I thought of Starting the first day of this month and coming back with you all.  I would of had Six weeks if you Start the 15 of dec.  Billie, Rufe has bought one hundred bushels of corn for you at 25 cts a bushel at the field.  he hasent bought no horses yet.  he went to hillsboro last monday to the Stray Sale to See if he could by Some cheap, but they Sold high.  Sis you wanted to know your Pas age and death.  he was borned May 15 1827 died Sept the 26 1862 if I make no mistake, but you can look in Mother's old black trunk and find all of our ages and all the deaths.  I want you to get them and bring them with you.  you Said for me to tell you what to put on your Pas Tomb.  just put what Suits you all, and I will be pleased.  if you can Sell the land, use that money to pay for the Tomb.  if you can't Sell the land use your own money, and they will all do thier part.  that's what Ben and Rufe Sais.  that will Save the trouble of Sending money if you have got it as you are all coming out here.  Sis you Said your uncle Bert [Squire Albert Johns] would give Six hundred dollars for the land.  I am not willing to take that.  tell him I will take Seven hundred and fifty dollars, and three payments, or I will take eight hundred in four payments, two hundred now and two hundred a year for three years.  I think that is cheap enough, but John I want you and Billie to try to Sell and do the best you can, and let me know as I am ancious for the land to Sell.  your uncle Bert has never offered more than Six hundred dollars for the land, and I am not willing to take that. it would not be its worth if every dollar was paid down, let alone in three payments.  Sell to any body that will by if you can get the worth of the land.  a good part in cash would make a heap of difference.  So if you can Sell let me know on what terms as Soon as you can as the time for you all to come will Soon be here.  I want you to write when you are going to Start and which way you are coming whether by Neworleans or Memphis tennessee.  I want you to come to Itasca as you are all going to live in hill county except Sis and John.  we will want to know what day you will get here So the boys can meet you at the depot, and So Puss and Col can come down here.  I told Puss I thought you all would come to Itasca, and her and Col could come down here and we would all be together.  So I want you all come to Itasca and be Shure and let us know when you are coming as it will save you some money.  Billie, Rufe Sais bring your gun with you.  Sis, bring my things with you if you can.  tell Koger and Johnnie that little Jess Stayed all last week with me and Joe a part of the week.  The like to stay with uncle and gran.  that's the way they talkl.  Joe and Etter was here today.  Joe dident want to go home.  Sallie kiss ninnah for me.  I expect Koger and Johnnie getting to large to kiss.  I will close by asking all to write Soon as you get this and let me know what you are doing and what I must do.  this leaves us well.                                  yours as ever                             E. H. Stanley
[Jess, Joe, and "Etter" were children of Benjamin Edward and Elizabeth Appling Stanley]

to John Collier and Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell [TX]
from Mary Temperance Chappell [AL]
                                                                   Apr the 10 / 86
Mr J C & Mrs M M Chappell
  Dear Brother & sister   I will avail myself to write to you.  I will confess that I aught to have wrote Before now tho I have Been wating for a letter from you.  So we received one the other day and was so glad to get it and hear that all was well except Puss.  I hope She is well By this time.  this leaves all well with us But few in number.  the connection is all well as far as I know.  well we had a Big Snow the 6th which was last monday tho it melted as fast as it fell, then turned cold enough to kill the frute.  So you know  that is Bad on us poor sinners, tho I recon it is as good as we deserve.  our little garden plants looks Bad.  the frost nearly killed them.  I have Been gardening some to day.  I planted Some Beans & cucumber seed.  we have a few hills of Beans up, tho they may come down agan.   mother Says She looks for more frost yet.  mother [Lucy Freeman Chappell] Says tell you & sis that she was glad to get your letter and that you was well and well pleased with Texas.  Said tell you that she was as lively as a criket, and that we was as happy as 3 old rats in a hollow log.  She goes fishing ever now and then.   Well, John, pa  [James Harvey Chappell]  haven't planted anything yet.    they are geting their ground all ready.   had a overflow a few days Back.  the water was all over the Bottom.   Pa Said it was a hundred dollars help to his land.  So it never washed any to do much harm.  he rented 15 acrs of his land to duncon cole.  hes got part of it planted.  Pa don't plant anything But corn for his crop.  tom will plant a right smart of cotton there.  a mr. Prince liveing at your house.  I haven't seen the place since you left there.  I think of you all often.  wish it wont so far, so I could step over to See you all.  So I must Say a few more words to Sis.
well Sis you must Pick out Some rich old Bachlor & Send him out to See me.  oh, Sis, I must tell you about the widower that come to see me.  he did try So hard to get me to Say that I would keep house for him.   I could not get my consent to take charge of such a family.  he hasent only 6 children, 5 girls.  now I will tell you his name.  I expect Puss knows him, a Mr. Tierce, Dick Tierce, lives near the campground.  Sis he Stayed all night here the night Before you left Berry Station to Start to texas.   So he is married now to a Miss Olive.  I recon Frank have wrote to you about Pal [Lucy Palatine Yerby].  her little Babe was Borne dead.  mother said it was the prettiest little thing she ever Saw.  So I will close By asking you to answer Soon.   By By
                                                                                                             M T Chappell

to Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell and Cornelia Josephine Stanley Chappell [TX]
from Mary Temperance Chappell [AL]
                                                                                          June the 8  86
Mrs M M & Mrs C J Chappell    Dear Sister  I will avail myself to write you a few lines.  I do feel So Sorry for you all for haveing to give up your dear Mother.  don't grieve.  less try to live to meet her in that Bright happy home where parting is no more.  I don't no how soon I may have to give up my dear old parents, no one with them, but me.  I think of it often, tho they are well & peart now.  Pa was lade up 2 or 3 days last week, had fevers.  he taken medicine [?] and soon got up, tho he not able to work like he does work.    well Sis, you Said your garden was Burnt up.  our garden looks fine.  I wish you & Puss was here to help us eat.  I was at Sister franks yesterday.  frank was not well.  I am afraid that she is takeing the fever from the way She complained tho I hope not.  I will get Pa to go up there tomorrow or go my Self and see how She is.  I want these letters to go right away.  we had a picnic at Berry the 29 of May.  we had a nice dinner.  a good many people were there.  Mr frank Stanley's folks were all there, but him and his ma.  Mary told me that her ma was not well.  I haven't heard from her Since.  Well I will Say a few words to my Buddies.  well John, we all do miss you so much especaly at church.  I feel So lost to go to pleasant hill and knot see none of my folks there now but Jes.  Col I would love the Best in the world to See you Back here & I think you aught to come.  you & Puss & Tish fix up and come.  Tish wants to come if any of you will come with her.  She Says that tom Says he cant come.  So I will have to close for want of paper please answer, all of you.  I will try to do  Better next time.    as ever   your Sister                                      M T Chappell
[The following two letters bear only the month and day and no year, but their content suggests they were written about 1887]
to Missouri McKinney Stanley Chappell   [TX]
from Susannah Frances Chappell Stanley   [AL]
                                     August the 21st                                       Berry Station, Fayette Co.  Ala
       Dear Sis   I will write you a few lines if I can keep my eyes open.  I am so sleepy I can't hardley write.   we are all well enough to Be up.  the connection are all well so far as I know.  Brother Jess [Jesse M Chappell] looks mighty Bad.  he has lost so much sleep with their Baby.   he said he had not slept a good nights sleep in 10 weeks.   Mamey [Mary Etta, daughter of Jess and Lela Hamner Chappell, born 1887]  is getting Better.  Sis you ought to have Been hear Sunday.  I had a right good little crowd.  their was 10 or eleven taken dinner with me Besides my own family, and then they was more than that a Monday.  I tell them all it seamed like it wasn't any trouble for me to fix up a good dinner when I had plenty of milk and Butter.  But now I am done fixing good dinners for a Spell.  the train Smashed poor little luck (?) all to attomns (?).  Sis I can't hardly keep from crying.  She was such a pet.  I could go up to her any whare in the woods and rub her.  She come up every night.  it Seams mighty lonesome without her.  the poor little calf taken on So pittyful.  I recon I thought to mutch of her.  We have got a nice heiffer over at Franks and lucks heiffer is a nice heiffer.  But I am just expecting the olde train to kill her every day.  I tell all of them I wish I lived five mile from the railroad..   I think we would get a long Better.  Sis I had mighty nice cabbage and ar all rotting.  it is so dry my corne field Beans look like they never will Bare any.  So I am fearful we ar going to have hard living.  we have had Bounty all the year.  But it looks dreary at the presant time.  Sis I want you and John to write soon and let us know if you have heard from the Boys since they went off on their trip.  it looks like Charley [Charles Luther Chappell] might of wrote to us Before he left if he would.  when you se tish, tell her I am still wating for her to write and  Col and Puss.  Sis I would heap rather se you all and talk to you.  this is a mighty Sorry way of talking.  well, I recon I had as well quit, think of any thing mutch to write.  I thought we was a going to get a Shower.  But it has gone a round.  I would Be So glad of a nice rain.   Brazzy & Loucy [Brazoria and Lula Stanley, twin daughters of Jesse Mercer and Martha Jane Chappell Stanley I] come up Sunday and Stayed until monday Eavning.  you ought to See what Sweet nice girls they are.  So give my love to all inquiring friends, and receive a Better portion to your Self.                                                                   So good By    Sis
the children ar off at School.  I think they are learning right fast.   Ludie [may be Lucy Stanley, daughter of Susannah Frances and Lewis T. Stanley] is in the Big class, that is the Spelling Class.  you know that makes her think She is grown (?).  [unreadable line] and uncle John so Bad.  I would be glad if you could come with John.
                                                                           your Sister
write write write don't fail to write                                   Frances Stanley
                                                                            Sep 10th
       Dear Sis   I will write you a few lines in a hurry while know Body is in.  I wrote Johns letter a few lines at the time.  I am not feeling very well today.  the res ar well.  we have some Sickness in our country and neighborhood and l right Bad case hear in the Station.  on of Mrs kimps little children ar right Sick.I don't mutch think it will live till morning.   Loverick Julian (?) has been very low for Several days, though he is a little Better.  we ar having awful dry hot weather at the presant.  I expect we will have a great deal of Sickness.  the people ar going to meeting day and night, that is a heap of them are.  the camlits is a going to commence a meeting hear to night.  I tell you I don't feel like doing for a meeting at all.  I hear they have had a powerful good meeting at the camp ground.  they Say cousin Fed got in a Big way down their.  I do hope he will holde out faithful.  Billie Climants & his father-in-law Joined the church and have had a right good meeting at Bare Creek to.   their was several Joined their.  So I do hope their has Been Mutch good done.  I got a letter from Lue the other day.  She wrote like they were going to move near the Indians.  I would never do that.  She Sais She dose not want to go.  I don't Blame her.  Why don't you all Stay wheir you are.  I don't See no use in leaving one good country to hunt for another.   them Indians get the least mad at any of you and they would slip up on you and Burn you up or Steal them Sweet Babys and carry them off.  now you see if I was puss and Lue, I would Buck right their.  I know you and  John could live with Rufe and do well.  I know what I do wish.  I wish every one of you was Back hear.  that is all the harm I wish you.  Sis we have a few new Babes out hear.  Mrs Monroe has a fine Boy 4 weeks olde.  John Bery's [John was a grandson of Miles Chappell] wife has a fine Boy 3 days olde.  Mrs. Lizzie Cole has a little Boy.  Mother Sais it is a powerful little Baby.  Well sis I must quit and go and get one Some potatoes.  I have Baked me Some cakes and pies.  Wish you was hear to eat Some of them.  tell col and puss I am waiting with patience to hear from them.  Ludie says tell you that She wants you and uncle John to come.  She Sas for you to Be Shure and come if uncle John does come.  the children takes on more a Bout you and John than any of them, an charlie.  I would love to see you all MySelf.  So write Soon.  give My love to all inquire friends if their Be any and keep a Better portion for your Self.  tell [unreadable] I have not forgotton her if She has me.
                                                    as ever yur Friend
                                                                                            Frances Stanly
Direct your letters to Bery Station, Fayette co., Ala.     not Jullian
               the 12th                       Well Sis this is monday morning.  I will try and get my letter off to the ofice to day.  hiram and nelia [Cornelia Chappell and Hiram Hyde] met the camalite preacher come Saturday eavning.  I never went to preaching at all.  I did not feel well enugh to go, so I stayed at home and cooked.  they went home yesterday Eavning, was protracted [?].
We are all tolerable well.   it is the best weather we have had this year.  when you write tell me about the weather.

[two letters in one envelope]
first to John Collier Chappell [TX]
first  from James Harvey Chappell [AL]
second to Christopher Colbert Chappell [TX]
second from Lucy Freeman Chappell [AL]
State of Alabama                                                      October the 26, 1886
tuscaloosa County
Dear Son      i will write you a few Lines in ancer to yours wich com to hand in due time.   i was glad to hear from you All and hear no bad nuse.  wee are injoying tolerable good health at presant.  the health of the connection is good so far as i no, tho wee hav had Sum Sicness in this country and Sum deathes.  thomas Jeffers, [Thomas Jeffers was seventeen on the 1860 Fayette Co., AL census.  His father William B. Jeffers was fourtyfour.] and his father dide in a Short time after he dide.  i was at Berry Last Sunday at a meeting.  i heard a presbyterian preach.  he was from mississippi.  his name was givens.  he taken noah and family on the ark for his tes and i liked the way he led out fine.  an evry Body liked him.  it looked to me like I could see religion on his face, and i her today that the meeting was Still going on.  i am going to the office in the morning and i may get to hear him a gain.  i hope i will.   if you could ov bin her Last Sunday an herd him, i think you wood ov felt good.  i did, an i think evry Body that wanst to do right can't help liking him or his preaching.  Well i expect you want to hear how wee are giting a long with our little crops.  wee will soon Be don.   tom has a bout 1 Bale to pick an then all is gathered on my farm.  tom will make Sum over 4 Bales of cotten.  his corn crp was good, Sumthing over 300 Bu of corn.  Dunkin Cole made 17  lods on my land of corn.  i made 15 lods of corn.  56 lods made on the [looks like "place  3__ "] lods come to me, all good corn except a few lods.   wee hav had the finest time to gather crops i ever saw.  no rain this fall till last night.  wee had a fine rain.  all the creeks and a heap of the springs drying up.  my well is holding on yet an mighty good.  i understand John there is a very good crop on your old place.   so i will close By asking you to tell   Colbert an Charley and thomas that i will Drop them a few lines sum time.  i want you all to write often.   i want us all to live right an do wright in evrything an Surve the lord.
                 So good By for this time.                                                                    James Chappell
how are you this evening Collie.   I hope you are all well.  i am only tolerlable well.  I have been hopping around for two weeks like an old grasshopper with one hind leg pulld off.  I broak my old foot some how.  I hardly no how.  it has been verry painful though mendin fast.  Col I am failing mity fast.  aint half as stout as I was when I bid you farewell.  I felt like I was looking at your dear face for the last time till we meet on canaans Shore.  let us so live as to meet where sad parting is no more.  Col my hand trembles so bad I can't write.   I will try to write more when my nerves is more steady.  now if you can read this poor scrible tel me and I will come again .
                                                                                    your old mother               please answer
[two letters in one envelope]
first to Christopher Colbert Chappell [TX]
first from James Harvey Chappell [AL]
second to Christopher Colbert and Cornelia Josephine Stanley Chappell [TX]
secord from Lucy Palatine Yerby [AL]
                                                                                       Sept the 25 1887
        Dear Son   i will write you a few Lines in ancer to yours.   I was glad to hear from you all.  this leves us in tolerble good health and all the Connection so far as i no except your aunt Catherine Whitson.   She is at tuscaloosa under the cer of the doctor.  she has dropsy.  She was tapt, an 6 galions of water takeing from her Boddy.  it wade 60lbs.  i hope She will git well, but the chance looks Bad for her to recover, but one good thing to think A Bout, Sister is prepard to meet death wateing the Lords will be don.  may god help us all to prepare for that our.  wee hav had sum good meetings this fall.  a good meny hav joynd the Church, an Sum hard cases.  Fedrick Johnson, and Henry May, Cooch Boon and wife, Fed's little Gorge an Lucy an Billy gibson joined  at Salom church.  Fed an family an Boon an wife at campground, Henry May an famly at campground.      Shady grove an Bare creek church recieved Sum members to.  i hope an trust they may hold out faithful.
     Well Colbert i expect you wood like to hear sumthing a Bout crops in this country.  Corn crops is tolerble good.  cotten crops short.  yerby [Tolbert Yerby] thinks he will make sumthing over 4 bales.  i will make maby 2.  temperance will lik a little makeing l.  wee had a Storm that ingird our crop considerable.  i think tho wee will git a nough to do us.  i hope So at lest.  wee had a good crop up to the Storme.  i feel verry thankful that it was no wors.  if wee git a nough to do us, that is plenty.  wee don't need no more.  we have out  sum 4 Bales on the plase.  wee expect to house our corn right a way.  tell John and Charls [Charles Luther Chappell] i write to them sum time soon.  John wanted to no what i had don with that fine colt,  tel him i have him yet.  he is a fine Colt, will have fine gats when trained.  i want to sell him this fall if i can git my prise 150 Dollars.  Sum men think if he dos well he will make a horse that will Bring 3 or 4 hundred dollars.  i am looking for John  out this winter to see a bout his land traid.   i hear Sum talking like mack will let the land traid go Back.  i don't no enny thing about that.  i close By giving you the prise of Cotten her 8 and 1/2         good By for this time                 James Chappell

Dear Brother and Sister        I will write a few lines to you this evening in ancer to the leter you wrote to me.  I haven't Bin able to write to you Since I received your letter.  I have got So I can do my cooking again, tho it tires me mighty Bad.  I had a little touch [?] of fever, to or 3 dumb chills.  the rest of the family is well enoug to be up and a picking cotton.  they haven't Sold any yet.  I haven't done any work this year, none worth calling work.   Puss, I would love to see you and Col and the children.  I know you have a fine looking family.  you aught to see my boy.  he will weigh about 20 lbs. now.  I can't carry him across the house hardley.   he is so heavy and fat.
Puss  you must write to me every chance you have.  Colbert I was Proud to hear from you once more.  you must write to me Some time.  I was so glad to hear that you and Puss had embraced religion and joined the church.  you must do all the good you can, and remember me in your prayers, and if wee never meet on this earth any more I hope wee will  meet in a better world.    So good by Brother and sister                 your Sister    Pallatine Yerby

[Following are statements concerning the estate of James Harvey Chappell]
Berry Station, Ala.    Dec. the 19, 1896      Received of C. L. Chappell $22.45, it being my part in full of the Estate of Jas. Chappell of personal. Property.
                                                                          L. P. Yerby
Berry Station, Ala.    Dec. the 19, 1896        Received of C. L. Chappell $22.45, it being my part in full of the personal property of the Estate of James Chappell
                                                                          M. T. Chappell
Dec the 29th  1896   Received from C. L. Chappell Seventy Dollars and ten cents on Payment of Part of James Chappell Estate.                                                   C. C. Chappell

[The following letter is in the possession of Eltice Walls Chappell, widow of Squire Colbert Chappell, youngest son of Christoper Colbert and Cornelia Josephine Chappell.]
to Squire Colbert "Bert" Chappell, Lakeview, TX
from Cornelia Josephine "Puss" Chappell, Stockdale, TX
 Jan the 4th [19]27
Dearest Bert, Eltyce and babies     how are you    all well I hope   we came in from SA [San Antonio] this eve   are here at Johney's [John Harvey Chappell, their oldest son]   he has gone to Stockdale   is trying to get Charles [Wheeler Chappell, another son] on the fone   we are a fraid to go down for fear he starts up here and miss him but if cant hear we will start to see them I recon rite a way       dont no if we will go on the train or John  will cary us in his car but must see them     cant hear from Jeff [Alfred Jefferson Chappell, another son] Mary Maud [Chappell, daughter of Jeff, who lived with her uncle John Harvey Chappell] had a card from him at bomont Xmas so dont no where he is now   dont recon I will ever get to see him any more   we shure have had a nice time   John got him a new ford car    do hope you all had a nice Xmas   had a letter from Lide [Eliza Hester Chappell who had married and divorced Edd Holcombe, brother of Maud Holcombe deceased wife of Alfred Jefferson Chappell] was glad to hear from all         your pa wrote Jim [James William Chappell, another son] from S A or[?]
Inez Chappell, daughter of John Harvey Chappell] did when we first got here but they failed to seal the letter    dont no if he got it   I am getting anxious to get around and begin to make a start towards home   tell sis [Missouri Stanley Chappell] I saw Greta Rithards and Etta Clifton last night   was like all the rest - asking why she did not come too   do hope all of you up thare keep well especially sis and is John [Herschel Blanks] and Sallie [Sarah Missuori Chappell Blanks, another daughter] going to stay a while   Lide said they came down     the folks are all well in this part except bad cold but Cornelia [Garner Chappell, wife of John]  her neck is no better I dont think but think maby her general health is   she is taking xray treatment was why we all went to SA yesterday    do hope it will help her    tell Lide will try to write her sometime   must write Dan [Danny Lutitia Chappell, another daughter, married David Everett McMahan] and Sallie soon   you fone them when you get this   Pa has taken some cold but dont seem to hurt him much   we are both very well but cant write much   has Maloy [Malloy Chappell, Bert's and Eltice's daughter] got so she can walk yet    hope she has   kiss both of them for me    Eltyce the 5 all well   will go to Mission tomorrow       Jim McDuff fell dead some time ago      so by by from your old mother   Puss Chappell

[The following letter fragment is in possession of Bobby E. "Skeet" Boone, Samantha, AL]
to Myrtle Johns Heath [AL]
from Rufus Daniel and Belle Stanley [TX]
                                                                      Dec 10, 1930
Mr. Stanley says he doesent know but very little about the earley famalies, for he hasent any record of them.  he said tell you your GreatGrandfather Edard Johns came from North Caralina to Ala in the earley 18 (eighteens).  Your Great Grandfather had a brother Stephen that came earliyer, was a bachelor and died, left some property, and your Great Grandfather come to see to his business and while there married Bettie Boon your Grandfathers mother.
Mr. Stanley said tell you to see Mary Jane Stanley at Berry Ala.  her Grandmother was Edard Johns mother and she may have kept a record or could tell you some thing.  Write to me some times.  We are glad to hear from you folks.  May you all have a jolley good Xmas.  We still have Cora Frances [Cora Frances Chappell Armistead].  She is doing fine in school; is a junior in Itasca.                                                                                        R. D. and Belle Stanley

[two letters in one envelope]
to Sarah Missouri "Sally" Chappell and John Herschel Blanks  [Hall Co., TX]
first from Cornelia Josephine Stanley Chappell [Wilson Co., TX]
second from Cornelia Garner Chappell
                                                                  April the 2 1931
Mr. and Mrs Blanks and Gene [Alta Jean Blanks McQueen]
Dear Children  just a few lines in ans to yours of the 30.  have no news more than we are all well as comon   have had some real cool weather, but it is warm and clouding up this eve.  it shure was bad on you all to have so much bad weather.     do hope it won't make any of you sick, so be careful, and let us hear at once.  well, they are talking, fishing is about all I hear, but I don't take any part in that.  don't no what they ame to do.  they went to the creek this morn, but did not see a thing they did.  well I hope none of you get sick on a count of the bad weather.  don't think the frost hurt anything much. there.  Well I got my dress.  I do think it is so nice and think it fits nice, am real proud of it and the collar is so nice too, but your Brother Jeff gave me a pretty collar and cuffs too, so you need not to of put them on my dress.  don't no when I will ware it.  it looks like soon if it stays this warm.  nelia [Cornelia Garner Chappell] lost some little chicks in this bad weather and little ducks, too, but has some left, looks real nice.  well as I have no news will close.  I had letter from Brother R. D. [Stanley]  all was well.  am so nervous can write so by by.  Also rec the cards, am so nervous can't write.
                                                                                                     as ever      your old mother
                                                                                                                       Puss C
Johnnie and Sally
I know you will be surprised But thought I would see if I could write a few lines.  If I can get Johnnie [John Harvey Chappell] away from the cows long enough maybe he will write.  His leg is giving him some trouble.  Vera [Vera Chappell Persons] took him to the Dr.  last week and now his back is hurting him.  He is doing too much hard work for his age.  Lide stayed until the next Thursday.  She wanted to go to Mittie's [Mittie Chappell Guynes] but Verase [?] car wouldn't make the trip.  We had a letter from her.  Said Elton [Elton Holcombe, Lide's son] had gone to New Orleans.  We sure are having cold weather.  I heard about the cold up there.  am glad we didn't have cold while you were here.  I don't believe you could have gone home, and that would have been fun.  We could sit by the fire and talk.  Next time you come bring enough clothes, and stay along time.  Guess Cathy never will forget the trip.  She sure is smart and pretty.  Glad you had good trip home.  We killed our hog the next week you left.  Has been cold ever since.  Mittie or Mary Maud [Mary Maud Chappell Bell] hasn't been back home since you left.  The weather has been too cold.  My sleepers you gave me are too small.  I will see if I can change them when I go to town.  Hope I can get the same color.  Think is pretty.  Don't wait for us to write.  We like to get a letter from you.  Love to all,
                                                                                                          Sister Cornelia

[The following two letters are also in the possession of Elice Chappell]
to Squire Colbert "Bert" Chappell, Littlefield, TX
from Cornelia Josephine Chappell, Lakeview, TX
   april the 14  1931
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Chappell    Dear children how are you all   well I hope   this leaves us all well except your pa    he has a very bad cold   do hope he will soon be better   well we are having sorter of a cloud to day   the wind is blowing rite smart   may come a rain   dont no   well we got in off of our trip Sunday eve   shurly did have a nice time   we was well all the time we was gone   lef all well   we ame to go to Turkey soon as pa gets straight if nothing hapens to hinder and think will come on to see you all if we can     of corse thare is not much farming done in this part yet but every thing is ready when they think it is time   well of corse we dont have any garden at all    we saw rite nice gardens on our trip and ate out of them too.  I shure did have a nice time   they all seemed to be doing fine too   well Jim  has moved off and I dont have a boy where I can put my hand on him    do miss them so bad   he was always stoping in and I think lots of times when some one stops in it is Jim but not so     tell Eltyce and the children to remember me as I have no news    am so nervous any way  cant write by by to  you all  your old mother  Puss C

to Squire Colbert and Eltyce Chappell [Pharr, TX]
from Eliza Hester Chappell Holcombe
  Portales N Mex   5-9-[19]42
Dear Bert & Eltyce.     I rec your letter.  you poor dear people.  I am so sorry for you.  I wish I had wings I would fly right straight to you.  You are experienceing some real sorrow now.  I know you have felt you have been having trouble all along, but this is like a high, thick, long, wall, the more you try to get by it the worse it hurts you, but there is nothing to be done but just endure it.  poor little fellow.  I know he must have suffered terribly   why do we all have to be so scattered so.  you way down there alone.  me here alone.  and the rest, here and there, but I guess it could be worse at that.  When we get taken by Germany & Japan.   may God help you bear this and all your sorrows.  Bert you can not bring your boy back, but you can meet him in a better world, and I ask God every day, to bless and save and keep you and yours.  Why don't you ever write me a few lines.  I would love to get a letter from you too.
    I haven't heard from Debs [Holcombe, her son] in a long time.  he is too busy I reckon, but I am so worried about  him have to go into the service.  he was in the last registration you know.  You just did miss it didn't you.  Elton [Holcombe, her other son] was in it too, but he has such a big family mabe they will not take him, but anyway there is nothing I can do about it but worry and that don't help much does it.
     Eltyce, I wish I could be there with you, but I just can't get there.  I am so loaded down with my obligations since I have taken on this house here.  I just have to keep right on the job every minute.
     Things have not turned out as I hoped, but mabe someday I will make the grade.  if only we could get the estate settled it would help a lot.  and I know you all need yours too.  but I see no chance of ever getting it settled.  I had a letter from Judd [Judson "Juddie" Taylor Chappell, wife of James William Chappell]  the other day.  she said Sallie was fixing up the house again, papering and putting on wall board just making a palace out of the place.  she said she was using her money.  I don't know how she gets so much money.  I heard their crop was bery short last year.  guess she got most of it out of Aunt Temp's [Mary Temperance Chappell] estate.  you know she got every thing Auntie had.
     I will send you a picture.  it was made in Albuquerque about 3 years ago.  I wish you would send me some of all of you.
     I will hush now.  May God bless and comfort you all.  I feel like your dear boy has escaped a terrible ordeal.  just think what our boys in the Philipines are suffering right now and I fear it is worse than we can even imagine and Collis [Chappell, son of Bert and Eltyce Chappell] may have to go over I know he is old enough   then you will have living trouble.  I know about that too you know.   bye and love from   Sis E. H.

[The following three letters were given to Anne Lorean Young Chappell and Colbert Taylor Chappell by Mina Eltyce Walls Chappell, widow of Squire Colbert Chappell]
to Eltyce Chappell [San Juan, TX]
from Juddie Chappell [Memphis, TX]
  Wed  22 Dec.  [1976]
Dearest Bert & Eltice & family
I had give up on hear from you again but was so happy to hear you were still able to write    I kept think when I read Mr. Baldwins page in Democrat that I would write you but never did.
    I am so sorry about Bert's poor health   just hope he dont suffer to much     poor little Teen [Cornelia Christine Chappell Galloway, Juddie's daughter] sure suffered and ever thing was done for her that humans hand could do but I don't  [think?] I would ever go to Anderson for help   all that brain scaning and spine tapping I would sure leave off but she last about 12 yrs after they found cancer.  she died the 3 day of June and she would have been 50 yrs old in Nov so she had a fairly good life only it seems so short to me.  she meant so much to me    she live here in town and I called on her for all my little need and I will never quit missing her   she left two boys but the youngest will finish high school this [year]  I am so thankful for that as I think the Dady is thinking of marring again.
     I have two boys living here in town and they are good to me but they cant take Christine place.  Hope [Chappell Galloway] my middle girl is in Carrolton a suburb of Dallas and Margie [Chappell Galloway] still in Houston and Al [Chappell] is in San Angelo and Virginia [Chappell Saban] is in Lubbock   her husband has just finished his law degree Sat and they came down and we had our Christmas tree Sun night   she has two little girl one 5 yr old and the other six mo. old   she is so precious   Course babys all way are the sweetest
    I will alway remember the good time I have enjoyed in your home especialy the time Dannie & Sallie and I went and Jarrell [Chappell, son of John Harvey Chappell]    that will alway be bright spot in my memorys
     Eddie Marie Holcombe come by here one time and spent the night here with me  [She] live over here in Okla some place   said Elton was dead   she said Debs was still living in Okla and had retired from work    said one of his sons lived close and they ran sheep ranch.  I was glad to hear from them.  I think Elton got to be kindly like a lost sheep    he died in Calif
     Sallie family is doing good as far as I know    Willie [Mae "Bill" Blanks Leggitt] is still the same little dryed up  no she is pretty as ever and would pass for a 30 yr old   she has so much pride and dress like a queen and she is still working for Ace Galey  I see her once in a while    Jean [Blanks McQueen] is still in Austin and her daughter is married and lives in Esteline and teaches school  has one little boy    that is Susan [McQueen Davidson]
     I hear from Addie [Chappell, wife of Rufus Benjamin Chappell] pretty often  she is 89 yrs old   isn't that something   I will be 80 in next mo    isnt that something to   well I am so happy I am as well off as I am   I am living better right now than I ever did in my whole life   Virginia built me nice brick home here in Memphis by my old house and this home is central heated and is all modern  something I had never dreamed of having    I have never have to worry with cold feet are cold any way    it is real nice and a big saving for her as she married a military man and they had been all over the world so it will be here when I am gone and it is pleasant for her to visit in    they dont know where in Texas they will move now that he has graduated from Tech    she wants to go some place in East Texas  she dont like sand an wind.
     My children is doing fine in financial way   Jim is manager of F. H. A. office here in town and Taylor [Colbert Taylor Chappell] is electricity worker   make good and both there wives teaches school and their family is most grown   little Eddie James baby is in 2nd grade at school and Taylor has 2 boy grown    one is in college and the other one finished high school last yr and is going to Clarendon to JR College   Hope's two children is grown and one married and has a little boy nine yrs old   she has been [married?] half her life nearly  ha
    and Alfred my youngest boy has four children   a girl and three boys    the girl is married and has a little boy so I've give you a history of my family so that is all I've ever had to be proud of   so had to brag a little    our family mean so much to us when we get old   cant get around much any more.
     I had Christmas card and letter from Millisa [Cole] Stanley, wife of Rufus Colbert Stanley  said she was so bad with arthritus till she could hardly get around   said Viola [Stanley Keenan, daughter of Malissa and Rufus Stanley] lived close and took good care of her.  a girl put her address up on the evelope Julia Stanley and I wonder who that was    she never mentioned Buddy [George Stanley, son of Malissa and Rufus] and his family so I dont know about him
     Now Eltyce you write me again     dont wait till Christmas as I might not be here    I love you and think of you so often

     Mar 27 [19]77
Dearest Eltice and Bert
    Jarrell wrote and told me of Bert bad luck and I wanted to cry  I am so sorry for him   I do hope he is better by now   it is to bad not to have both legs but when one cant be helped with out loosing one we just have to bear it   I will pray for him.
     We are very dry here but last night it rained and today it rain a little   we need a lot but we are mighty happy to have rain at any amount
     I hear from Addie pretty often  the only one of Jim's family to hear from   did you see in Democrat about my birthday party    the first one I ever had    sure took me by supprise   I am enjoying my nice new TV set
     My youngest girl is fixing to move to Tyler   she lived at Lubbock and now her husband has finished Law school and they plan to go to Tyler so I wont have a girl close enough to visit me very often    Hope lives at Dallas and Margie at Houston and now she will be at Tyler and one boy at San Angelo so my family is so scattered.  I lost my girl with cancer in June and she was my right hand      I wouldn't call her back if I could and see her suffer so for so long.
     V. A. [Virginia Chappell Saban] went to Corpus Christi about a mo ago and she had heard of job there that she thought she would like   she works for the well fare department at Lubbock and before they located in Tyler    she went down to look but she didn't get the job but she said I thought of Uncle Bert while down in that part of country but she didn't know where you lived     I told her I thought it ways from Corpus  I didn't know
     Addie is still making it fine   I thought when I went to Dallas I would get Hope to hunt up the home in Garland that Dannie is in and go see her but ever time I have gone I was in big fize to get back home as I went with the kids and they were in hurry  just stay over night and come home but I think when weather get settle to spring are summer one I will go and stay a week are two with Hope  I am not much good anywhere any more   cant hold out to hoe a row of cotton ha
       I love you     Juddie

     May 4, 1977
Dear Eltice & family  I've just heard of Bert death  makes me so sad   I have some real good memorys of him   how we use to go to your home at Hancocks lake and have big fish frys   them was good old days with bad and all since we all got so far apart we hardly knew each other but I all way loved Bert    I will never forget our visit down there Sallie & Dannie and Jarrel  and I   it was great and about the last time I seen Bert when he was well    not to well at that time   when he come to see Sallie when she passed away his ankles was so swollen   one of my neighbor pass and was buried yesterday  he ailing for such a long time      Arn't you glad you have children to help share your burdens and to be with you at a time like this  I didn't know when we were struggling to feed and cloth them but arn"t we glad we have them now    Marie [wife of Clyde Daniel Chappell] wrote Addie and Addie sent letter on to me   I called my boys    I have to here in Memphis, but not girl since I lost Christine
       I love you