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Christopher Colbert "Col" Chappell, 30 July, 1849, Tuscaloosa Co, was the seventh of fourteen children of Lucy Freeman and James Harvey Chappell, son of Miles and Priscilla.  Lucy's parents have not been proven, but evidence supports her being the daughter of Susannah Baker and John Freeman whose son John C. married James Harvey's sister Palatine, all removing to Anderson Co., TX.  Little is known of James and Lucy.  From a few lines written to his son Col in 1887, which are included in the Chappell \ Stanley collection mentioned in the Miles Chappell article, we can see James must have been a patient, trusting man.  He stated, "...wee had a storm that ingird our crop considerable. i think tho wee will git a nough to do us.  i hope so at lest.  wee had a good crop up to the storme.  i feel verry thankful that it was no wors.  if wee git a nough to do us, that is plenty.  wee don't need no more..." Earlier Lucy had written, "...I have been hopping around for two weeks like an old grasshopper with one hind leg pulled off. I broak my old foot some how. it has been verry painful though mendin fast. Col I am failing mity fast. aint half as stout as I was when I bid you farewell. I felt like I was looking at your dear face for the last time till we meet on canaans shore..."  Col and family had moved to TX about six years earlier.

James and Lucy Chappell's other children were (1) Emily Chappell (dsp) 1838, (2) Cornelia Chappell 22 Feb, 1840 - before 1930, married Hiram Hyde; (3) Susanah Frances, 14 May 1842 - 1 Dec 1896, married Lewis T. Stanley;  (4) Miles, (dsp) 1844; (5) John Collier, 8 Oct, 1845 - (dsp) Aug, 1920, married Missouri McKinney Stanley;  (6) William Washington 2 Nov, 1847 - 17 Apr, 1937, married Mary Miller; (7) Col,  (8) James Marshal 10 May, 1851 - ?;  (9) Lucy Palatine, 26 Mar, 1853 - ?, married Tolbert Yerby;  (10) Mary Temperance, 22 Jan, 1855 - (dsp)1940;  (11) Lutitia Elizabeth, 17 Jan, 1857 - 1937, married Thomas Jefferson Stanley;  (12) Alice, (dsp) 1859;  (13) Jesse Mercer 27 Aug, 1860 - 14 Feb, 1938, married H. Leona "Lela" Hamner; (14) Charlie Luther, 27 Jul, 1863 - (dsp) 18 Feb, 1936.

Cornelia Josephine "Puss" Stanley, 13 Jan, 1854, Tuscaloosa Co, was the daughter of John Wheeler and Eliza Hester Johns Stanley.  On the 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses, she is listed as Puss.  When she and "Col" married 12 Apr, 1871 their Tuscaloosa Co. marriage license read "C.C. Chappel and C. J. Stanly."  She signed  her letters Puss or C. J. and was called Puss by family.

On 27 Dec, 1881, Col. wrote mother-in-law Eliza Stanley from Hill Co, TX, "to let you no whear we ar and how we come tickets cost me $75.15 from tuskaloosa to grandview."  That fare was for the couple, their belongings and their five children: (1) John Harvey, 1 Jan, 1872 - 19 May, 1962, married Cornelia Ann Garner, both buried Stockdale, TX, issue: James Jarrell, John Stanley, Vera, Inez, Vories Colbert, Marshal "Bill," and Mittie; (2) Thomas Marshall, 27 May 1874 - 23 Sep, 1919, married first Muggie, issue Clyde Daniel and Colbert S., married second Valora Hamilton, issue: Willie Marsh, he buried Lakeview, Hall Co, TX; (3) Rufus Benjamin, 10 Nov, 1875 - 21 Mar 1952, married Addie Chappell, issue: Rufus Brown, he buried Lakeview; (4) Alfred Jefferson Chappell, 14 May, 1878 - , married Maud Holcomb, issue: Alfred (dsp), Cora Frances, Mary Maud;  (5) Eliza Hester, 5 Apr, 1880 - about 1960, married Edd Holcomb (brother of Maud), issue: Elton, Debs, and Rupert; she buried Portales NM.  The next four children were born in Johnston Co, TX,: (6) Lucy Belle, 16 July, 1882 - 27 Sep, 1908, married Lonnie Braddy, issue: Effie, she buried Grandview, Johnston Co, TX; (7) Jesse M. 12 Oct, 1884 - (dsp) 23 Dec, 1884, buried Grandview; (8) infant daughter, 2 Sep 1885, buried Grandview; (9) James William, 5 Jan, 1887 - 25 Dec, 1946, married Judson Calvinia Taylor, issue: James Edward, Margie May, Cornelia Christine, Colbert Taylor, Hester Hope, Addie Laverne (dsp), Alfred Marshall, Anna Ruth (dsp), and Virginia Ann, he buried Liberty Church cemetery near Lakeview, she Fairview Cemetery, Hall Co., TX (10) Charles Wheeler, 16 Apr, 1889 - 21 Jan, 1940, married Bessie Lee Person, issue: Charles Welton, Melba Lee, and John Franklin, buried McAllen, Hildago Co, TX.   The last three and possibly the preceeding one were born in Floresville, Wilson, Co., TX: (11) Sarah Missouri "Sally," 26 May, 1891 - 24 Sep, 1961, married Johnnie Herschel Blanks, issue: Willie Mae "Bill," Johnnie Elwood (dsp), Cornelia Josephine, Alta Jean, both are buried at Lakeview;  (12) Danny Lutitia, 16 Dec,1893 - about 1970, issue: Laura Frances, Patsy, and Donald, she died near Plano in Collin Co., TX, but her husband was buried in Buffalo Gap, Taylor Co., TX, so she may be also; and  (13) Squire Colbert, 29 Mar 1897 - 14 Apr 1977, married Mina Eltice Walls, issue: Selma Collis, Deola Malloy, Wayland Dare, Norman Ralph, Randall Ray, James Marshall, and Douglas Allen, he buried McAllen, Hildago, TX.  At this writing Dec 1998, his widow Eltice, Aug, 1900, is the last survivor of that generation, sustaining a remarkable memory and delightful demeanor.

No doubt word of better farming country induced Col and Puss to move on to Wilson Co., TX.  It would be just a few short years, however, until by 1908 the urge to go with family to Hall Co., TX would beckon them to their final home.  There they lived out the remainder of their lives on their 120 acre farm a short distance SW of Lakeview.  In 1917, Col, his brother John Collier Chappell and two other deacons acknowledged receipt of a deed for a small parcel of land donated by John Bounds for the site of Liberty Missionary Baptist Church and burial ground.  In less than thirty years, two of his infant grandchildren and his son James William would be among the few ever to be interred in that tiny cemetery.

At home on 7 July, 1934, with family gathered, Puss slipped away, and made her final journey to Lakeview Cemetery.  After her death, Col moved into Memphis to live with his spinster sister "Temp" and bachelor brother "Charlie." On 13 Dec, 1937, while walking home from the town square where he had gone for a haircut, Col's eighty-eight year old heart failed him, and he fell dead.  He was buried beside Puss in the family plot and soon joined by  siblings Temp and Charlie.

Most of Col's and Puss's children took other routes before or soon after their arrival in Hall Co. Only James William and Sally Blanks lived out there lives there.  Today only two of James' sons, James Edward and Colbert Taylor and Sally's daughter, Willie Mae remain.  The other forty-one grandchildren are either scattered across the country or deceased.