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(1926 - 1983)

Claude Douglas Belcher
was born 07 April 1926, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

He entered the service late after he graduated from Baylor.
He was only 17 and his father, Claude Sr., signed
the papers for him. Although he was in communications
and was regular Navy, Claude was assigned to
the Merchant Marines. He was a communication
specialist (regular Navy handled convoy
communications) and was able to use radio, Morse
code,flags, etc. His family still possess the
flags he used. The MerchantMarines ran
supplies to England until after the German
surrender. They also they ran supplies to Japan
after Japan surrendered. Claude survived a
typhoon (hurricane) in the Sea of Japan in
which the ship he was on lost one
of its big sea anchors.

After the war, He was reassigned to
Shore Patrol duty (police work) in San Francisco
Bay area. He told some great stories about
San Francisco (both partying and on Patrol).
He told about being on duty in a tower at night when the
police boats attacked Alcatraz Island to take
it back after a prison uprising.He
married Margaret Elizabeth Roane of Chattanooga in
September 1949. Claude died 17 September
1983, Chattanooga TN.

The Following information was written on inside
cover of Claude Belcher's "The Bluejackets Manual":

May 28, 1944
Claude Belcher, Jr a/s
Area A-2 Co. 766 Brks.
107 Camp Peavy, Virginia

August 31, 1944
Claude Belcher, Jr S 2/C
Service School Command
Sampson, N.Y.

January 4, 1945
Claude Belcher, Jr S 1/C
Service Schools P1-1 Brks.
411 L.P. U.S.N.2.C.
Great Lakes, Illinois

February 14, 1945
Claude Belcher, Jr S 1/C 7842529
Armed Guard Center
New Orleans 14, LA

March 6, 1945
Claude Belcher, Jr S 1/C 7842529
Armed Guard Center (Pacific)
Treasure Island
San Francisco, CA

(Information was submitted by Cathy belcher
Brown, daughter of Claude Belcher, Jr.)
and edited by Greg Belcher