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Battle of San Jacinto, Texas
Informaton and Roster

At the Battle of San Jacinto, the Texas army under General Sam Houstan defeated the Mexican army under Santa Anna. This battle ended the war, and Texas earned its independence from Mexico.

source"Carruth, Gorton. "The Encyclopedia of American Facts and Dates". 10th Ed. New York: Harper Collins Publishers. ©1997.

.....After the fall of the Alamo, the small army of Texas retreated eastward in the spring of 1836. The troops were becoming increasingly impatient, however, by the time they reached Buffalo Bayou, a few miles southeast of present day Houston. On the morning of the April 19, the Texans crossed over and marched down the right bank of Buffalo Bayou to within half a mile of its confluence with the San Jacinto River.
Here, the army prepared their defenses on the edge of a grove of trees. Their rear was protected by timber and the bayou, while before them was an open prairie. On the following morning, Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna brought his Mexican army towards the Texans. The Texan's artillery brought him to a sudden halt. Falling back to a clump of trees a quarter of a mile distant, Santa Anna formed in line of battle. The main forces of the Texas army were there, totaling about 750 men. They faced over 1500 of the enemy, secure and flushed with pride at the offense they had enjoyed for the previous few weeks against the Texans. Outside of a cavalry charge by Colonel Sydney Sherman on the Mexican army, little fighting took place for the rest of April 20.

Early in the morning, Houston sent Deaf Smith, the celebrated Texas spy, with two or three men, to destroy Vince's bridge over which the Mexican army had passed, thus cutting off their only available escape. When Houston's long awaited order to advance was given, the Texans did not hesitate. General Houston ordered his troops to advance toward the Mexican camp at about 4 p.m. They were hidden by the crest of a hill between the two camps. It took the Texians about thirty minutes to cover the distance to within 100 yards of the Mexican breastworks when the shooting began. When the word "fire" was given, the Texan shouts of "Remember the Alamo" and "Remember Goliad" rang along the entire line.The actual battle at San Jacinto lasted less than 18 minutes although the slaughter continued until dark. General Houston and his officers tried to stop the continued killing but the enraged soldiers sought revenge for the slaughter at the Alamo and at Goliad. Within a short time, 700 Mexicans were slain, with another 730 taken as prisoners. The battle for Texas was won. Texas declared its independence on March 2, 1836 and less than two months later, on April 21, won that independence from Mexico by defeating the Mexican dictator Santa Anna at the Battle at San Jacinto. Only 9 Texans were killed and 30 wounded.
List of Wounded

At the Battle at San Jacinto eight men had served at the Alamo and left before it fell to Santa Anna. There were at least nine men that had participated in the Goliad battles, four of which who had escaped the massacre itself.

The Republic of Texas contained 384,958 square miles and the newly created United States in 1790 contained 891,364 square miles. However, because of the annexation of Texas, the Mexican War was fought and the United States received an additional 530,706 square miles. Thus Texas contributed 915,764 square miles to the nation, more land than the original 13 colonies.

As in all other battles of the war, the Texas force was composed of men from various sections of the United States as well as Texas. They were volunteers--average civilians in ordinary life but men willing to don the uniform and shoulder arms when their homes and their independence were threatened.
These men, coming from all parts of the country, were united under one flag--the Lone Star.
Isham and John Belcher are listed in the rosters of this battle in Texas.

A monument to this battle is located at:
San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Park
3523 Highway 134
LaPorte TX

Battle of Bexar
Another little known important battle in Texas was the Battle of Bexar.
These rosters are often good genealogy research tools.

Below is the roster of the battle of San Jacinto

Lists are composites from Baker's Texas Scrapbook, Kemp and Kilman's The Battle of San Jacinto, Dixon and Kemp's The Heroes of San Jacinto, John Henry Brown's History of Texas and additions from various sources including family histories. Spellings are corrected where information is available, but otherwise spellings are from the source. Some individuals may be duplicated due to spelling and given name variation.
The list is by no means complete since each source has omissions and new data continuously has come to light over the years.
Individuals of similar name who were listed as deserters, discharged or still on active duty from rosters of the 3rd, 4th or 6th US Infantry prior to or during the battle and are also on archival land bounty lists and/or later verified to have served in Republic of Texas units are noted in red below the name (SourceWalraven's The Magnificent Barbarians)

For more biographical information:
See The San Jacinto Museum: Veterans
Search Handbook of Texas Online

Officers and Men of the Texas Republican Army
The Battle of San Jacinto
April 20, 21 1836
At the Battle of San Jacinto, the Texas army under General Sam Houstan defeated the Mexican army under Santa Anna. This battle ended the war, and Texas earned its independence from Mexico.
Inscribed on the exterior base of the San Jacinto Monument is: Measured by its results, San Jacinto was one of the decisive battles of the world. The freedom of Texas from Mexico won here led to annexation and to the Mexican War, resulting in the acquisition by the United States of the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Almost one-third of the present area of the American nation, nearly a million square miles of territory, changed sovereignty.”
Participants on the Field of San Jacinto
Adams, Thomas Jefferson

Aldrich, Collin

Alexander, Jerome B.

Allen, John Melville (Capt.)

Allison, John C. (1st Sargent)

Allison, Moses

Alsbury, Horace Arlington

Alsbury, Young Perry

Anderson, C. D. (W)

Anderson, Washington (W)

Andrews, Micah (1st Lt.)

Angel, John

Anson, Orin D.

Armot, W. S.

Armstrong, Irwin

Arnold, Hayden (Capt.)

Arocha, Jose Maria

Arocha, Manuel

Arreola, Simon

Atkinson, Milton B.

Avery, Willis

Belden, John

Bailey, Alexander

Bailey, Howard W.

Bain, Noel M.

Baker, Daniel Davis D.

Baker, Joseph (1st Sargent)

Baker, Moseley (Captain) (W)

Balch, Hezekiah

Balch, John

Bancroft, Jethro Russell

Banks, Reason

Barcinas, Andres

Bardwell, Soloman B.

Barker, George Frederick

Barkley, John A.

Barr, Robert

Barstow, Joshua

Bateman, William

Barton, Jefferson A.

Barton, Wayne

Barton, Elder B.

Baxter, Montgomery

Baylor, Dr. John Walker

Bear, Isaac H.
Deserter 3rd US Army Co F
17 Jun 1834

Beard, Andrew Jackson

Beason, Leander

Beauchamp, John

Beebe, John N.

Begley, John

Belcher, John

Belknap, Thomas

Bell, James Madison

Bell, Peter Hansbrough

Bell, Thomas Henry

Bennett, Joseph L. (Lt. Col.)

Bennett, W. B.

Bennett, William

Benson, Ellis
Discharged 3rd US Army Co G
28 Feb 1834

Benton, Alfred

Benton, Daniel

Bernardi, Prospero

Bernbeck, Wilhelm Christoph

Berry, Andrew Jackson

Berryhill, William M.

Billingsley, Jesse (Captain) (W)

Bingham, Benjamin Rice (K)

Bingham, Mathias A. (1st Sarg.)

Birt, Samuel Pearce

Bissett, Robert B.

Blackwell, Thomas

Blakey, Lemuel Stockton (K)

Bledsoe, George L.

Blue, Uriah

Bollinger, Ephriam

Bollinger, Peter

Bond, Henry

Booker, Shields (Surgeon)

Boom, Garret E.

Borden, John Pettit (1st Lt.)

Borden, Paschal Pavolo

Bottsford, Seymour

Bowen, William Robert

Box, James Edward

Box, John Andrew

Box, Nelson

Box, Thomas Griffin

Boyd, James C.

Boyle, William

Bradley, Isaac B.

Bradley, James

Brake, Michael J.

Branch, Edward Thomas (1st Sarg.)

Breeding, Fidelie S.

Breedlove, A. W. (3rd Sargent)

Brenan, William

Brewer, Henry Mitchell

Brewster, Henry Percy

Brigham, Benjamin Rice (K)

Brigham, Moses W.

Briscoe, Andrew (Capt.)

Brookfield, Francis E.

Brooks, Thomas D.

Brown, David
Discharged 3rd US Army Co E
6 Nov 1833

Brown, George J.
Active 3rd US Army Co G

Brown, Oliver T. (3rd Sargent)

Brown, Wilson C.

Browning, George Washington

Bruff, Christopher Columbus

Bryan, Luke O.

Bryan, Moses Austin (3rd Sarg.)

Bryant, Benjamin Franklin (Capt.)

Buffington, Anderson

Buford, Thomas Young

Bullock, David M.

Bunton, John Wheeler

Burleson, Aaron

Burleson, Edward (Col.)

Burnam, John Hickerson

Burton, Isaac Watts

Bust, Luke W.

Butts, Augustus J.

Caddell, Andrew

Cage, Benjamin Franklin

Calder, Robert James (Capt.)

Caldwell, Pinckney (Quartermaster)

Callicoatte, John B.

Callihan, Thomas Jefferson

Campbell, Joseph (3rd Sargent)

Campbell, Michael
Deserter 3rd US Army Co B
4 Jan 1836

Cannan, William Jarvis

Carmona, Ceasario

Carnal, Patrick

Carpenter, John W.

Carper, William M. (Surgeon)

Carr, John
Deserter 3rd US Army Co F
17 Jun 1834

Carter, Robert W. P. (2nd Lt.)

Cartwright, Matthew Winston

Cartwright, William P.

Caruthers, Allen

Casillas, Gabriel

Cassidy, John W.

Chadduck, Richard H.

Chaffin, James A.

Chapman, Henry S.

Chavenoe, Michael

Cheairs, John F.

Cheevers, John

Chenoweth, John

Chiles, Lewis L.

Choate, David, Jr.

Christie, John

Clapp, Elisha P.

Clark, James

Clark, John
Deserter 3rd US Army Co C
24 Feb 1835

Clark, William

Clarke, Charles A.

Clarkson, Charles

Clayton, Joseph Alvey

Cleleng, Josh

Clemmons, Lewis

Clemmons, William H.

Cleveland, Horatio N. (Sarg. Major)

Clopper, -

Coble, Adam

Cochran, Jeremiah D.

Coffman, Elkin G

Coker, John

Cole, Benjamin L.

Cole, David

Coleman, Robert M.

Collard, Job Starks (1st Lt.)

Collins, Willis

Collinsworth, James (Aide-de-camp)

Colton, William

Conlee, Preston

Conn, James

Connell, Sampson

Connor, James

Cook, James R. (1st Lt. Cav.)

Cooke, Francis Jarvis

Cooke, Thomas

Cooke, William G. (Asst. Insp. Gen.)

Cooper, Mathias (K)

Corry, Thomas F.

Corzine, Hershel

Cox, Lewis

Cox, Thomas

Craddock, John Robert

Craft, James A. (2nd Lt.)

Craft, Russell B. (1st Sargent)

Craig, Henry R.
Discharged 3rd US Army
1 Aug 1835

Crain, Joel Burditt

Crain, Roden Taylor

Cravens, Robert M.

Crawford, Robert

Criswell, William Vanoy

Crinttenden, Robert

Crittenden, William

Crosby, Ganey

Crunk, Nicholas S.

Cruz, Antonio

Cumba, James (W)

Cumberland, George
Deserter 3rd US Army Co E
25 Dec 1835

Cunningham, Leander Calvin

Curbiere, Antonio

Curbiere, Matins

Curtis, Hinton

Dallas, Walter Riddle

Dalrymple, John

Darling, Socrates

Darr, George

Darst, Edmund Calloway

Davey, Thomas P.

Davidson, John F. (Surgeon)

Davis, Abner C.

Davis, Moses H.

Davis, Samuel

Davis, Travis

Davis, Washington H.

Dawson, Nicholas M. (2nd Lt.)

Day, William
Discharged 3rd US Army Co B
4 Jan 1833

Deadrick, David

Deadrick, Fielding

Deadrick, George M.

Denham, M. H.

Denman, Colden

De Vore, Cornelius

Dibble, Henry

Dillard, Abraham

Dixon, James W.

Doan, Joseph

Doolittle, Berry

Doubt, Daniel L.

Douthet, James

Dubromer, Dr. Tobias

Duffee, William

Dunbar, William

Duncan, John

Dunham, Daniel T.

Dunn, Matthew

Durham, William Daniel

Dutcher, Alfred
Deserter 3rd US Army Co H
5 Jan 1836

Earl, William

Eastland, William Mosby (1st Lt.)

Edingburg, Christopher Columbus

Edgar, Joseph S. (W)

Edson, Amos B.

Edwards, Isaac/Isaiah (2nd Lt.)

Edwards, Tilford C.

Egbert, James D.

Ehlinger, Joseph

Eldridge, James J.

Ellinger, Joseph

Elliot, James D.

Elliot, Peter S.

Ellis, Willis L.

Enriquez, Lucia

Erath, George Bernhard

Evetts, James H.

Ewing, Alexander W. (Surg. Gen.)

Eyler, Jacob

Faris, Hezekiah

Farley, Thomas M.

Farmer, James

Farrish, Oscar

Farwell, Joseph

Fennell, George

Ferrill, William L.

Fields, Henry

Finch, Matthew William (1st Lt.)

Fisher, William (2nd Sargent)

Fitch, Benjamin Franklin

Fitch, J.
Fitch, Jabez
Discharged 3rd US Army Co I
17 Feb 1836

Fitzhugh, John P. T. (Surgeon)

Flick, John

Flores, Manuel (1st Sargent)

Flores, Martin

Flores, Nepomuceno

Floyd, Joseph

Flynn, Thomas
Deserter 3rd US Army Co H
15 Feb 1836

Foard, Charles A. (4th Sargent)

Fogle, Andrew

Forbes, George Washington

Forbes, John (Commissary Gen.)

Ford, Simon Peter

Forrester, Charles

Foster, Anthony

Foster, John Ray

Fowle, Thomas P. (1st Sargent) (K)

Fowler, Styles J.

Fowler, Thomas M.

Franklin, Benjamin Cromwell

Frazer, Hugh

Freele, James

Fry, Benjamin Franklin

Fullerton, William

Gafford, John

Gage, Calvin (W)

Gainer, John N.
Deserter 3rd US Army Co F
7 Jan 1836

Gallaher, Edward

Gallatin, Albert (1st Sargent) (W)

Gammell, William

Gant, William W.

Gardner, George Washington

Garner, John

Garwood, S. Joseph


Gedry, Lefroy

Gentry, Frederic Browder

Giddings, Giles Albert (W)

Gilbert, John Floyd

Gill, John Porter (1st. Lt.)
Deserter 3rd US Army Co B
7 Feb 1836

Gill, William

Gillaspie, James (Capt.)

Gillespie, Luke John

Glidwell, Abner

Goheen, Michael R.

Goodloe, Robert Kemp

Goodwin, Lewis

Graham, John

Graves, Alexander S.

Graves, Thomas A.

Gray, James

Gray, Mayberry B.

Green, B.

Green, George

Green, James

Green, Thomas

Greenlaw, Angus

Greenwood, James

Greer, Thomas N. B.

Grice, James B.

Grieves, David
Greaves, David
Deserter 3rd US Army Co F
7 Jan 1836

Griffin, William
Discharged 3rd US Army Co I
12 Dec 1834

Griffith, John
Active 3rd US Army Co E

Grigsby, Crawford

Gross, Jacob

Gustine, Dr. Lemuel

Halderman, Jesse

Hale, John C. (1st Lt.) (K)

Hale, William

Hall, James S.

Hall, John

Hallmark, William Calvert

Halstead, E. B.

Hamilton, Elias E.

Hancock, George Duncan

Handy, Robert Eden

Hanson, Thomas

Hardaway, Samuel G.

Hardin, Benjamin Franklin (1st Lt.)

Harmon, Clark M.

Harmon, John A. (1st Sargent)

Harness, William (2nd Lt. Cav.)

Harper, Benjamin J. (2nd Lt.)

Harper, John

Harper, Peter (2nd Lt.)

Harris, Andrew Jackson

Harris, James

Harris, Temple Overton

Harrison, A. L. (2nd Lt.)

Harrison, Elzy

Harvey, David

Harvey, John

Haskins, Thomas A.

Hassell, John W.

Hawkins, William J.

Hawkins, William Washington

Hays, James

Hays, William C.

Hazen, Nathaniel C.

Heard, William Jones Elliot (Capt.)

Heck, Charles F.

Henderson, Francis K.

Henderson, Hugh

Henderson, Robert

Henderstrom, Augustus

Henry, Charles M.

Henry, Robert

Herrera, Pedro

Herron, John Harvey

Hickox, Franklin B.

Hill, Abraham Webb

Hill, H.

Hill, Isaac Lafayette

Hill, James Monroe

Hobson, John

Hockley, George W. (Insp. Gen.)

Hogan, Josiah

Hogan, Thomas

Holder, Prior A.

Holman, Sanford

Holmes, Peter W.

Homan, Harvey

Hood, Robert

Hope, Prosper

Hopson, Lucien

Horton, Alexander (Aide-de-camp)

Hotchkiss, Rinaldo

Houston, Samuel (Maj. General) (W)

Sam Houstons account of this Battle

Howard, William C.

Howell, Robert F.

Hueser, John A.

Hughes, Thomas M.

Hunt, John Campbell

Hyland, Joseph

Ijams, Basil G. (2nd Lt.)

Ingram, Allen (W)

Ingram, John

Irvine, James Thomas Patton

Irvine, Josephus Somerville

Isbell, James H.

Isbell, William

Jack, William Houston

Jackson, W. R.

James, Denward

James, W. F. (W)

Jaques, Isaac L.

Jennings, James D.

Jett, James Matthew

Jett, Stephen

Johnson, Benjamin

Johnson, George

Johnson, George J.

Johnson, James

Johnson, John R.

Johnson, John R.

Johnston, Thomas F.

Jones, Allen B.

Jones, Anson (Surgeon)

Jones, David J.

Jones, Edward S.

Jones, George Washington

Jordan, Alfred S.

Joslin, James

Karner, John

Karnes, Henry W. (Capt. Cav.)

Kelly, Connell O'Donnell

Kenkennon, William P.

Kennard, William Stephens

Kenyon, Amos D.

Kibbe, William

Kimbro, William (Capt.)

Kincholoe, Daniel R.

King, William
Detached Duty 3rd US Army Co A

Kornegay, David Smith

Kraatz, Lewis

Kuykendall, Matthew

Labadie, Nicholas D. (Surgeon)

Lamar, Mirabeau B. (Com. Cavalry)

Lamar, Shelly W.

Lamb, George A. (2nd Lt.) (K)

Lambert, Walter

Lane, Walter Paye

Lang, George Washington

Lapham, Moses

Larbarthrier, Charles

Larrison, Allen

Lasater, Francis B.

Lawrence, George Washington

Lawrence, Joseph

Lealand, James

Leek, George W.

Leeper, Samuel

Legg, Seneca

Legrand, Edward Oswald

Lemsky, Frederick

Lessassier, Alexander

Lester, James Seaton

Leuden, Ferdinand

Lewellyn, John

Lewis, Abraham
Lewis, Abel
Detached Duty 3rd US Army Co H

Lewis, Archibald S. (2nd Lt.)

Lewis, Edward

Lewis, John Edward

Lightfoot, William W.

Lightfoot, Wilson T. (2nd Sargent)

Lind, John F.

Lindsay, Benjamin Franklin Jr.

Loderback, John D.

Logan, William M. (Capt.)

Lolison, Abiah

Lonis, George Washington (W)

Loughridge, William Wallace

Love, David Hall

Love, Robert S.

Lowary, John L.

Lupton, Cyrus W.

Lyford, John

Lynch, Nicholas (Adjutant)

Magill, William Harrison (2nd Sarg.)

Maiden, Isaac

Maldonado, Juan

Malone, Charles

Mancha, Jose Maria

Manning, James M.

Manuel, Albert C.

Marner, John

Marre, Achelle

Marsh, Alonzo

Marshall, John Ligett

Martin, Joseph

Martin, Philip

Mason, George W.

Massey, William

Maxwell, Pierre Menard

Maxwell, Thomas

Maybee, Jacob

Mays, Ambrose

Mays, Thomas H. (W)

McAllister, Joseph

McClelland, Samuel

McCloskey, Robert D. (2nd Lt.)

McCorlay, Placide B.

McCormick, Joseph Manton

McCoy, William

McCrabb, Joseph

McFadin, David Hutcheson

McFarlane, John W. B.

McGary, Daniel H.

McGary, Isaac

McGay, Thomas

McGown, Andrew Jackson

McHorse, John W.

McIntire, Thomas H. (Capt.)

McIntire, William

McKay, Daniel

McKenzie, Hugh

McKinza, Alexander

McKneely, Samuel M.

McLaughlin, Robert

McLaughlin, Stephen

McLean, McDougald

McMillan, Edward

McNeel, Pleasant D.

McNelly, Bennett (Sarg. Major)

McStea, Andrew M.

Menchaca, Jose Antonio (2nd Sarg.)

Menefee, John Sutherland

Mercer, Eli (1st Sargent)

Mercer, Elijah G.

Mercer, George Richie

Merritt, Robert

Merwin, Joseph W.

Miles, Alfred H.

Miles, Edward

Millard, Henry (Lt. Col.)

Millen, William A. (1st. Lt.)

Miller, Daniel

Miller, Hugh

Miller, Joseph

Miller, William H. (4th Sargent)
Deserter 6th US Army Co K

Millerman, Ira
Milliman, Ira
Deserter 3rd US Army Co H
18 Dec 1835

Millett, Samuel

Mills, Andrew Granville

Mims, Benjamin Franklin

Minnitt, Joshua

Mitchell , Alexander S. (Sargent)

Mitchell, James

Mitchell, S. B.

Mixon, Noel

Mock, William N.

Molino, Jose

Money, John Hamilton

Montgomery, Andrew M.

Montgomery, John

Montgomery, Robert W.

Moore, Robert

Moore Robert D.

Moore, Samuel
Deserted 4th US Army Co A
3 Dec 1835

Moore, William P.

Mordorff, Henry

Moreland, Isaac N.

Morgan, Hugh

Morris, Jonathan D.

Morton, John

Moss, John
Discharged 4th US Army Co F
3 Dec 1835

Moss, Matthew Mark

William J. Mottley (Surgeon) (K)

Murphree, David (1st Lt.)

Murphy, Daniel

Murray, William

Myrick, Eliakin P.

Nabers, Robert

Nabers, William

Nash, James H.

Navarro, Juan Nepomuceno

Neal, John C.

Nealis, Francis

Neill, James C. (Lt. Col. Art.) (W)

Nelson, David S. (2nd Sargent)

Nelson, James (W)

Newman, William P.

Noland, Eli

O'Banion, Jennings

O'Connor, Patrick B.

O'Connor, Thomas

Odem, David

O'Driscoll, Daniel (3rd Sargent)
Driskill, Daniel O.
Deserter 3rd US Army Co E
25 Dec 1835

O'Neil, John
Deserted 4th US Army Co G
30 Nov 1835

Orr, Thomas

Osborne, Benjamin S.

Ownsby, James P. (W)

Pace, Dempsey Council

Pace, James Robert

Pace, Wesley Walker

Pace, William Carroll

Park, Joseph Belton

Park, William A. (W)

Parker, Dickerson

Parrott, C. W.

Paschall, Samuel

Pate, William H.

Patterson, James S.

Patton, St. Clair

Patton, William

Patton, William H. (Aide-de-camp)

Pearce, Edward

Pearce, William J. C.

Peck, Nathaniel (4th Sargent)

Peebles, Samuel W.

Peña, Jacinto

Penticost, George Washington

Perry, Daniel

Perry, James Hazard

Peterson, John

Peterson, William

Petty, George Washington

Peveto, Michael, Jr.

Phelps, James A. E.

Phillips, Elijah
Discharged 3rd US Army Co I
19 Jul 1835

Phillips, Samuel
Deserter 3rd US Army Co D
20 Jun 1835

Phillips, Sydney

Pickering, John

Pierce, Edward
Parce, Edward
Deserter 3rd US Army Co F
3 Jan 1836

Plaster, Thomas Pliney

Pleasants, John

Plunkett, John

Poe, George Washington

Powell, James

Pratt, Thomas A. S.

Proctor, Joseph W.

Pruitt, Levi

Pruitt, Martin

Putman, Mitchell (W)

Rainey, Clement (1st Sargent)

Rainwater, Edwin R.

Ramey, Lawrence

Ramirez, Eduardo

Reaves, Dimer W.

Rector, Claiborne

Rector, Elbridge Gerry (W)

Rector, Pendleton (2nd Sarg.)

Redd, William Davis

Reed, Henry (3rd Sargent)

Reed, Nathaniel

Reel, Robert J. W.

Reese, Charles Keller

Reese, Washington Perry

Rheinhart, Asa
Deserter 3rd US Army Co D
12 Dec 1835

Rhodes, Joseph

Rial, John W.

Richardson, Daniel

Richardson, John
Discharged 4th US Army Co D
28 Nov 1835

Richardson, Lewis

Richardson, William

Ripley, Phineas

Robbins. John

Robbins, Thomas

Roberts, David

Roberts, Zion

Robinson, George Washington (W)

Robinson, Thomas Jefferson

Robinson, William

Rockwell, Chester B.
Deserter 3rd US Army Co H
8 Dec 1833

Rodriquez, Ambrosio

Roeder, Louis Von

Roman, A. Richard (Capt.)

Rounds, Lyman Frank (1st Sargent)
Discharged 3rd US Army Co A
1 Jun 1834

Rowe, James (1st Lt.)

Ruddell, John

Rudder, Nathaniel

Rusk, David

Rusk, Thomas J. (Sec. of War)

Russell, Robert Benedict

Ryans, Thomas

Sadler, John

Sadler, William Turner

Sanders, John

Sanders, Uriah

Sanett, D. Andrew

Sayers, John

Scallorn, John Wesley

Scarborough, Paul

Scates, William Bennett

Scott, David

Scott, William P.
Discharged 4th US Army Co G
2 Aug 1835

Scurry, Richardson A.

Seaton, George Washington

Secrest, Fielding Grundy (Spy)

Secrest, Washington Hampton (Spy)

Seguin, Juan Nepomuceno (Capt.)

Self, George

Sergent, W.

Sevey, Manasseh

Sevey, Ralph E.

Shain, Charles B.

Sharp, John (1st Lt.)

Shaw, James

Sherman, Sidney (Col.)

Shesten, Henry

Shreve, John Milton

Sigmon, Abel

Simmons, William

Simpson, J
Simpson, John
Discharged 3rd US Army Co J
11 Oct 1835

Slack, Joseph H.

Slayton, John

Smith, Benjamin Fort

Smith, George

Smith, James Monroe

Smith, John (Sarg. Major)

Smith, John (1st Sargent)

Smith, John

Smith, John

Smith, John N. O.

Smith, Leander

Smith, Maxlin

Smith, Robert W. (1st Lt.)

Smith, William

Smith, William H. (Cav. Capt.) (W)

Smith, William M.

Snell, Martin Kingsley (1st Lt.)

Snyder, Asberry McKendree

Somervell, Alexander (Lt. Col.)

Sovereign, Joseph

Sparks, Stephen Franklin

Spicer, Joseph A.

Spillman, James H.
Spilman, James
Deserter 6th US Army Co A
US court-martial May 1836

Stancell, John F.

Standifer, Jacob Littleton

Standifer, William Bailey

Stibbins, Charles C.

Steel, Maxwell

Steele, Alfonso (W)

Stephens, Ashley R. (2nd Sarg.) (K)

Stephenson, John Allen

Stevenson, R. (Acting Capt.)

Stevenson, Robert
Deserter 3rd US Army Co B
28 Nov 1835

Stewart, Charles (1st Sargent)

Stilwell, William S. (1st Lt.)

Stouffer, Henry S.

Stout, William B.

Stroh, Phillip

Stroud, John W.

Sullivan, Dennis
Deserter 3rd US Army Co E
25 Dec 1835

Summers, William W. (2nd Lt.)

Swain, William L.

Swearingen, Valentine W.

Swearingen, William C.

Sweeny, Thomas Jefferson

Sweeny, William Burrell

Swift, Hugh Montgomery

Swisher, Henry H. (1st Lt.)

Swisher, John Milton

Sylvester, James Austin (2nd Sargent)

Tanner, Edward M.

Tarin, Manuel

Tarlton, James

Taylor, Abraham R.

Taylor, Campbell

Taylor, Edward W.

Taylor, John B.

Taylor, John N.

Taylor, Thomas

Thomas, Benjamin, Jr.

Thomas, Algernon P.

Thompson, Charles P.

Thompson, Cyrus W.

Thompson, Jesse G.

Tierwester, Henry H.

Tindale, Daniel

Tindall  (Tyndale), William M.
Deserter 3rd US Army Co K
14 Jan 1836

Tinsley, James W. (Adjutant)

Tom, John Files (W)

Townsend, Spencer Burton

Townsend, Stephen

Trask, Olwyn J. (K)

Trenary, John B.

Turnage, Shelby C.

Tyler, Charles C.

Tyler, Robert D. (1st Sargent)

Usher, Patrick

Utley, Thomas C. (W)

Vandeveer, Logan (W)

Van Winkle, John

Vermillion, Joseph D.

Vinator, James

Viven, John

Votaw, Elijah (W)

Wade, John Marshall

Waldron, C. W.

Walker, James

Walker, Martin (W)

Walker, Philip

Walker, William G. (W)

Walling, Jesse

Walmsley, James

Walnut, Francis

Wardziski, Felix

Ware, William (Capt.)

Waters, George (W)

Waters, William
Active Duty 6th US Army Co C

Watkins, James E.

Watson, Dexter

Webb, George

Webb, Thomas H.

Weedon, George

Welch, James

Wells, James A.

Wells, Lysander (Major)

Weppler, Phillip

Wertzner, Christian Gotthelf

Westgate, Ezra C.

Wharton, James (Sargent)

Wharton, John Austin (Adj. Gen)

Wheeler, Samuel L. (Sargent)

Whitaker, Madison G.

White, John Carey

White, Joseph E.

White, Levi W.

Whitesides, Elisha S.

Wilcox, Ozwin

Wilder, Joseph

Wildy, Samuel

Wilkinson, Freeman Leroy (W)

Wilkinson, James

Wilkinson, James G., Jr.

Wilkinson, John (2nd Sargent)

Wilkinson, Leroy (W)

Williams, Charles

Williams, Francis F.

Williams, Hezekiah Reams

Williams, Matthew R.

Williams, William F.

Williamson, John W.

Williamson, Robert McAlpin

Willoughby, Leiper

Wilmouth, Louis

Wilson, James

Wilson, Thomas

Wilson, Walker

Winburn, McHenry

Winn, Walter

Winters, James Washington

Winters, John Frelan

Winters, William C. (W)

Wood, Edward B. ( Adjutant)

Wood, William (Capt.)

Woodlief, Deveraux J. (W)

Woods, Samuel

Woodward, F. Marion

Woolsey, Abner W.

Wright, George Washington
Discharged 3rd US Army Co E

Wright, Rufus

Wyly, Alfred Henderson

Yancy, John

Yarborough, Swanson

Young, William Foster (W)

Zavala, Lorenzo de Jr.

Rear Guard at Harrisburg
Abbott, Calvin P.

Abbott, Launcelot

Allphin, Ransom

Anderson, John D. (W)

Anderson, John W.

Anderson, Thomas

Anderson, Thomas P.

Atkinson, J.

Baker, Walter Elias

Baker, W.W.

Barker, William S.
Active 3rd US Army Co B

Bard, George

Bartlett, Jesse

Beams, Obediah P.

Belcher, Isharry G.(Isham G.)

Bennett, James

Benton, Jesse, Jr.

Berry, John Bate

Black, Albert

Black, D.C.

Blaylock, James B.

Blount, Stephen William

Bomar, Dr. William W.

Bond, George

Bostick, James H.

Bostick, Joseph

Box, Stilwell

Boyce, Jeptha

Bracey, McLin

Bradley, Daniel

Breeding, John

Breeding, Napoleon Bonapart

Brown, Alexander
Active 3rd US Army Co I
Camp Sabine

Brown, Robert

Bryody, Patrick

Burch, James

Burch, Valentine

Burditt, Newell W.

Burditt, William Buck

Burleson, Jonathan

Burtrang, Thomas

Burtrony, T.

Campbell, David Wilson

Campbell, Heil Otem

Campbell, John

Campbell, Rufus Easton

Cannon, Thomas

Caruthers, Young

Casey, George M.

Castleman, Jacob

Chamberlin, Willard

Chace/Chance, Joseph Bell

Chelaup, James K.

Childress, James R.

Cockrell, John R.

Cole, James

Collard, Jaynes Hillness

Collard, Jonathan S.

Common, Thomas

Connell, David C.

Conner, Evan

Cook, A.W.

Cook, Octavious A.

Cottle, Sylvanus

Cox, Phillip

Crawford, John B.
Active 3rd US Army Co I

Crier, Andrew

Crownover, Arter

Darst, Emory Holman

Davidson, William Francis H.

Dickerman, E.

Douglass, Freeman Walker

Douglass, Jonathan

Duff, James Carson

Duff, J.P.

Dunn, Josiah G.

Emmons, Calvin Braller

Emory, Edwin B.

Etheridge, Godfrey

Evans, Moses

Farley, Massillon

Farnsworth, Oliver

Finley, Benjamin C.

Fisk, Greenleaf

Fitzgerald, Longford

Fraley, Morrison

Francis, Miller

Freed, Henry

Freeman, Thomas

Fullerton, Henry

Gillett, Samuel S.

Goolsey, William G.

Gordon, James

Gorham, Isaac

Gorham, William

Granville, Benjamin

Gravis, John A. F.

Greenleaf, Fisk

Grimes, Frederick Miller

Grimes, George W.

Grover, J.A.F.

Haggard, Henry H.

Hale, Jonas

Hallmark, Alfred M.

Harbour, John Monroe

Harbour, T. J.

Hardin, Ennis

Harris, Isaac

Hatfield, Basil Muse

Head, Wiley M.

Hensley, John M.

Hill, David

Hodge, Archibald

Hodge/s, James
Discharged 3rd US Army Co H
11 Dec 1835

Hodge, Jaynes

Hodge, Robert

Hodge, William

Holcombe, James J.

Hollingsworth, James

Hope, Richard

Howlett, A.D.

Hunget, Meredith

Hunter, Robert Hancock

Jackson, Joseph

Jennings, J.D. Dr.

Johnson, Joseph Ranson

Johnson, M.B.

Johnson, Nathan B.

Jones, D.P.

Jones, Keeton McLemore

Kemp, Thomas

Kennard, William Everett

Kennedy, W.

Kenney, William H.

Kerr, William P.

Kuykendall, Adam

Kuykendall, Brazilla

Kuykendall, Gibson

Kuykendall, H. A.

Kuykendall, James Hampton

Kuykendall, John

Kuykendall, Thornton S.(P.)

Law/Low, Garret

Lee, Henry (Hiram?)
Deserter 3rd US Army Co D
23 Jun 1835

Lightfoot, Henry L.

Litter, John

Litton, Addison

Litton, Jesse

Litton, John

Liverall, A.

Lloyd, Peterson

Lynch, Joseph Penn

Manhue, E.

Manning, James H.

Mantin, L.

Marshall, Elias J.

Marshall, Hugh Lewis

Marshall, John, Jr.

Marshall, Joseph Taylor

Marshall, Samuel B.

Mather, Elisha

Maury, James

McCrocklin, Jesse Lindsey

McFaddin, Nathaniel A.

McFadin, William M.

McFall, Samuel

McGown, Samuel

McIntire William

McLaughlin, James

McLaughlin, William

McMaster, William

McMillan, Andrew

McMillan, James

McNutt, Robert

Means, William

Merritt, Robert

Miller, Francis

Moore, Azariah G.

Moore, John D.

Moore, Lewis

Moore, Morris

Morris, Burrel

Morris, George

Morris, James H.

Newton, John

Norment, Thomas

O'Driscoll, Daniel
(See Driscoll, Daniel O.)

Page, Soloman Calvin (W)

Parker, Wiley

Peebles, Richard Rodgers Dr.

Pennington, J. M.

Perry, Sion W.

Perry, William M.

Pevehouse, Preston

Pier, James B.

Pleasants, George Washington

Polk, William P.

Potts, R.

Prewitt/Pruitt, Elisha

Price, Hardy William Brown

Price, Perry

Price, Robert

Price, William

Rankin, David

Raper, Daniel

Rhodes, John B.

Rhorer, Conrad

Ricks, George Washington

Robbins, Earl

Roberts, Stephen R.

Robertson, Stirling Clack

Robinett, Enoch

Robinett, James M.

Robinson, Benjamin W.

Robinson, James

Rowlett, Alexander W.

Samuel, Gillette S.

Sam, Garrett

Scaggs/Scraggs, John H.

Scott, Robert

Seaton, George Washington

Sharp, John

Simpson, Jeremiah W.

Smith, John G.

Smith, William A.

Smith, William P.

Smith, William W.

Snodgrass, J. G.

Splane, Peyton R.

Splane, Thomas M.

Stephens, John

Stevenson, Thomas B.

Swoap, Benjamin Franklin

Teal, Henry

Thompson, Thomas

Tiprett, Robert

Tollett, Wesley

Tong, John B.

Townsend, Moses

Townsend, P. John

Townsend, Stephen

Townsend, William

Trudd, M.

Vardeman, Henry W.

Varner, Martin

Vaughan, Richard

Walker, John

Walker, Josiah/Joseph

Walling, John C.

Whitehead, Nicholas

Whitlock, Robert

Wilburn, Ransom

Williams, Edward W. (Sgt.)
Active 3rd US Army Co G

Williams, Hezekiah Sr.

Williams, Jesse

Winnett, Robert

Winters, Agabus

Wood, William Riley

Woods, Joseph H.

Word, W.H.

Wright, Gilbert

Yarborough, Joseph Randolph

Zuber, William Physick

Primary sources:
Dixon and Kemp's The Heroes of San Jacinto, John Henry Brown's History of Texas and Miller's Bounty and Land Donation Grants of Texas with additions from diverse other sources
Right:"Battle of San Jacinto" by Harry A. McArdle (1893) hanging in the Texas State Capitol.
Courtesy of the Archives Division, Texas State Library.
Researched by: Gayl Ramey Wells and Gregory Clyde Belcher,
Written by Greg, webpage presented by Gayl: November 2001