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      Stephen Henry Senter
      born 1814/15 Virginia
      Married:#1 Sarah Drucilla Dixon
      Married:#2 Huldorah ?? born 1848

      1850 Census Grayson County Va.
      Wise County Va was made from Grayson County
      Henry Senter age 37
      Sally Senter (Sally was nickname for Sarah)
      Felix Senter age 12
      Andrew age 11
      Enoch age 9
      Mary age 4
      Eveline age 3
      Infant age 3 months

      1860 Census Wise County Virginia
      Stephen H. Senter age 46 Baptist Minister
      Sarah age 44
      Felix age 21
      Andrew F. age 20
      Enoch D age 19
      Maggy age 13
      Emaline age 5
      Elivsa age 2

      1870 Census Wise County Virginia
      Stephen H. Senter age 56 Minister of the Gospel
      Son Andrew Living next door
      Wife Huldy age 22
      Emaline age 15
      Drucy A age 8
      Isam age 4

      1880 Census Wise County va
      Stephen H Senter age 65
      Living next door to Andrew
      Wife Huldorah age 32
      Drucy Ann age 18
      Isam age 10
      Amanda age 8
      Mary age 6
      Elizabeth age 5
      William Age 3
      Henry age 1

        1…Felix Osborne Senter

        born 1839
        born in 1839, North Carolina
        Married: #1 Elizabeth McFall born 1835

        Married: #2 Ellen??
        Elizabeth was living with son Patrick in 1910 Dickenson County Va.
        Age 70 listed as Bettie (mother) born in North Carolina and parents
        born in North Carolina

        Alvin born 1865, Madison born 1856,
        Patrick born 1868,
        Enoch F born 1869,
        Doug born 1871.

        Felix Senter’s Civil War Service Record:
        Felix Senter, Wise County Virginia, Farm Hand,
        Enlisted 3 June 1861 Wise county Va. Confederacy
        Service Record: Enlisted as a private 3 June 1861 at age of 21,
        Enlisted Company H, 50th Infantry Regiment Virginia.
        Received a disability Charge from Company H 50th Regiment Virginia May 14 1862.
        Description: Height 5’11’’ Blue Eyes, Black hair, Fair complexion Rank Out
        Expanded Sergeant
        Film Number:
        M382 roll 49

        Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA

        Felix is the father of Enoch Fulton Senter
        that married Sara Frances Ramey.
        1870 Census Wise County Virginia
        Felix Senter age 31
        Elizabeth age 34
        Alvin C age 5
        Madison L age 4
        Patrick E age 2
        Enoch F age 1

        1880 Census Wise County Va. Census
        Felix Senter age 41 born in North Carolina Father in Virginia and
        mother in North Carolina
        Elizabeth age 45 born in North Carolina,
        both parents born in North Carolina
        Children all born in Virginia.
        Alvin C age 15
        Madison L age 14
        Patrick E age 12
        Enoch F age 11
        Drury L age 9

        Children of Felix and Elizabeth:
          1…Alvin Senter born 1864
          2…Madison L Senter born 1866
          3…Patrick E. born 1867
          4...Enoch F. born 1869 married: Sara Frances Ramey
          5...Drury L born 1871
          #2 Ellen?
          6…Drucilla born 1882
          7…IE. Born 1888
          8…Russell M born 1900
          9…Lovis son born 1904
          10…Carter born 1909

        2…Andrew Fulton Senter born 1840 North Carolina
        Married: Frances born 1943
          1…Florida born 1862
          2…Nathaniel M. born 1865
          3…Mitchell F. born 1868
          4…Sarah A born 1870
          5…Stephen born 1872
          6…Lucy born 1876
          7…Julie Ann born 1878

        3…Enoch D. Senter born 1841 Virginia
        There were three Senter brothers in the  civil war.
        They were Andrew , Felix, and Enoch D.
        Enoch D. was killed at last battle before Appomattox ( sp)  surrender.
        He was only 24 at the time of his death. Andrew brought his body
        home in a wagon and they buried him at night by lantern in the
        family graveyard to prevent body desecration by the Yankees.
        Felix was wounded in the hand and left the  war earlier.

        Enoch Senter Sr. D. H 50 Virginia Infantry. Private Confederate
        Enlisted As A Private On 25 July 1861 At The Age Of 20
        Enlisted In Company H, 50th Infantry Regiment Virginia On 25 July 1861.
        Hospitalized On 01 October 1861 At White Sulphur Springs, Wv (Sick)
        Returned On 01 November 1861 (Estimated Day) Missing On 05 May 1864 At
        Wilderness, Va (No Further Record) Enoch Senter Wife Unknown:
        Birth: 22 May 1841-- Crumpler, Ashe, Nc.

        4…Mary Magdaline born 1847

        5…Emaline born 1855 some census has Eveline

        6…Elvisa born 1858

        7…Drucy Ann born 1862

        Children of Huldy

        8…Isam born 1870

        9…Amanda born 1872

        10..Mary born 1874

        11..Elizabeth born 1875
        12..William born 1877

        13..Henry born 1879

        Enoch Fulton Senter

        Enoch Fulton and Sarah Frances Ramey

        Born- March 20, 1869 Clintwood Virginia listed 1870 Census age 1
        Died- April 2, 1928 son of Felix and Elizabeth ( McFall) Senter
        & Sarah Frances ( Ramey) Senter-
        Born-August 1872 Died- July 18, 1915
        Daughter of George Washington Ramey and Elizabeth Looney.
        They were married on- August 8, 1889

        Enoch Was A Farmer In Dickenson County, Virginia,
        And Near His Father's Farm At Blowing Rock Gap.
        Frances Died In 1913/15.
        Enoch Died Of Pneumonia And Is Buried Below Blowing Rock Gap.

        Enoch Senter age 31 born march 1869 Virginia parents North Carolina
        Sarah Frances age 27 born Aug 1872 Kentucky, parents Ky.
        1…James Madison born Aug 1890 Kentucky
        Married: Bertha J.P. Rowe

        James Madison and Bertha Rowe

        Listed 1910 census Clintwood Va.

        J.M. Senter age 19 born in Virginia
        Wife Bertha R. age 18
        Goldy dau age 1 born in Va.

        1920 Clintwood, Dickenson County Virginia

        James M. Senter age 29
        Bertha age 27
        Goldie age 9
        Astes age 7
        Chalmer age 5
        Alma age 3
        Bonner son age 1

          1…Goldie born 1911
          2…Astes son born 1913
          3…Chalmer born 1915
          4…Alma born 1916
          5…Bonner born 1919
          6…Jahena (Senter) & George Forster Hopson
          Elizabeth Jane (Hopson) & Robert Lee Stanley

        George Hopson and Jahena

        2…Louemma Florence Senter
        born Oct. 1892 Virginia died: 1036
        Married: John Sluss
        1920 Census Dickenson County Virginia
        John Sluss age 30
        Lou Emma age 27
        Enoch F. Senter age 50 widow

        1930 Census Clintwood, Dickenson County Va.
        Johnny Sluss age 40
        Emma age 37
        Carl age 17
        Hursle age 14
        Charley age 12
        Oma age 11
        Vernin age 8
          1...Carl born 1913
          2...Walter Hursle. born 1915
          3...Charlie G. born 1917
          4...Anna (Oma) born 1920
          5…Vernin born 1922 (V E R N I N)

        3…John Weldon Senter
        born January 1895 Kentucky died 1952
        Married: Dolly Mullins

        4…Landon Lawson Senter
        born Oct 1896 Virginia
        Married: #1 Dixie Childers
        #2 Hulda Sanders.

        5…Joseph Wheeler Senter
        born Sept 1898 Virginia
        Married: Italy Powers

        1920 Census of Clintwood Virginia has them living with her parents.
        Edward Powers age 45
        Hulda Powers age 43
        Gilhurst Powers son age 19
        Stella Powers age 15
        Italy Senter dau. age 18
        Wheeler Senter age 20 son in law.

        1920 Dickenson County Va.
        Wheeler J Senter age 29
        Italy age 28
        Irene age 9
        Stella F age 5
        Haul B age 3
        Harry F age 1 or Henry
          1...Irene born 1921
          2...Stella F born 1925
          3...Haul born 1927
          4...Henry F. born 1929 or Harry F.

        6…Elizabeth born 1902

        Married: William (Bill) Reese

        7…Aldo or Alto born 1903
        G. Aguin Aldo Senter
        Married: Omega Branham
        1930 Dickenson County Virginia Census
        Alto Senter age 26 married at age 23
        Omega age 20 married at age 16
        Lomarie age 2 and 11 months
        Enoch E age 2 months

        8…Maggie born 1904 Mary Magdaline Senter
        Married Keno Sluss son of Rosetta Sluss

        9…Monroe Hearst Senter
        born 1908 Died: 1926
        Married: Cossie McFall listed as adopted by Rosetta Sluss 1920 Dickenson County Va.
        Rosetta Sluss age 60, son Kenos age 20 and adopted Hearst Senter age 12

        10..Roland Elsworth Senter born 1910 died 1955
        Married: Ruby Robinson

        11..Enoch Senter Jr born Stillborn 1913 died 1913

        1900 Clintwood Dickenson Co.Virginia Census
        Enoch Senter age 31 born march 1869 Virginia parents North Carolina
        Sarah Frances age 27 born Aug 1872 Kentucky, parents Ky.
        James M born Aug 1890 age 9 born in Ky
        Louemma age 7 born Oct. 1892 virginia
        John W age 5 born January 1895 Kentucky
        Landon age 3 born Oct 1896 Virginia
        Joseph W age 1 born Sept 1898 Virginia.

        1910 Clintwood Dickenson County Va Census
        E.F. Senter age 41 born in Virginia married 21 years
        Frances wife age 38 married 21 years 9 chlidren, 9 living born in Kentucky
        Emma age 18
        John W age 15
        Landon age 14
        Wheeler age 11
        Elizabeth age 8
        Aldo age 7
        Maggie age 4
        Hearst age 2

        1920 Census of Dickenson Co. Va.
        Enoch age 50 is in home of his daughter Lou Emma and John Sluss.
        Where The Younger Children are in 1920 Of Enoch And Sarah's is not known but
        Listed In 1920 Census Hearst Living In Home Of Rosetta Sluss As Adopted.
        Next door to John Sluss and Lou Emma.

        Updates 2009 by: Gaylynne Ramey Wells
        Elizabeth J. Hopson Stanley