Anna Ramey Bentley

Benjamin Bentley

        11th child of William Ramey and Anna Samlin
        Anna Ramey
        Born: 1827
        Married: Benjamin Bentley
        5-8-1845 PIKE.

        1850 Pike County Census;
        household #218 next door to Daniel and Lucinda
        Bentley Benj 27 M Farmer KY 27
        Bentley Anna 21 F KY X 28
        Bentley Jenny 4 F KY 29
        Bentley Elizabeth 2 F KY 30
        Bentley Mary 2/12 F

        1. 1..VIRGINIA BENTLEY B 1846
          2..ELIZABETH BENTLEY B 1848
          3..MARY BENTLEY B 1850
          4..POLLY ANN BENTLEY B 1851
          5..SOLOMON BENTLEY B 1851
          6..WILLIAM R.BENTLEY B 1855
          7..AVELINE BENTLEY B 1856
          8..REBECCA BENTLEY B 1858
          9..JOSEPHINE BENTLEY B 1859

    Marriage Warrant
    State of Kentucky Pike County. May 3, 1845

    Benjamin Bentley and Anna Ramey Marriage Document
    I do hereby certify to the gospel did join
    together the within named Benjamin Bentley and Anne Ramey
    on the 8th of May 1845 given under my hand.
    Now seal this 8th of May 1845.
    Abram Cantrell.

    Tombstone of Anna

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