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    World War 1 and 2 Draft Records
      World War I:

      World War I Draft card images are available, if you wish to have someone's name checked, send us the information and we can search and see if the card is available to be copied. There are too many to post on our website.

      World War II:

      World War II Enlistment Records:

      These is just a list of the World War II Enlistments records posted.
      Some information is listed with the World War II Enlistment records.
      If you want someone searched on that database, let us know although sometimes its just a name and birthdates.
      No images are available for them at present, since many are still living.

      World War II draft cards:

      World War II draft #4:

      The Fourth Registration, often referred to as the "old man's registration", was conducted on 27 April 1942 and registered men who born on or between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897 - men who were between 45 and 64 years old - and who were not already in the military.
      Belcher Surname

      Ramey Surname

      A copy of the draft card is available for Draft #4 Older men:
      Other Surnames will be posted in other newsletters

      Send name of person and information listed to either one of us if you wish a copy of the draft card:
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