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: July 2006 Belcher Blues Newsletter Issue

: Ira Virchow Belcher

: Belcher Ferry's

: Margaret Polly Belcher

: Thomas Ramey Revolutionary War bill

: World War I and II Draft Cards and Information

: Ted Belcher,
VietNam Medal of Honor Recipient
Photo and Genealogy Line

: Revolutionary War Warrant George Belcher

: George Belcher, Valley Forge Document

: Belcher Va Early Land Tax
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: Tombstone Project

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: Appalachian News Express Search

: Find a Grave
Lisa Hudgens has put some of the Elkhorn City Tombstone Photo's on if you are interested just use the search and type in last surname
: Russell Belcher

: Blonger Bros Mob

: A Story of The Gulf War by John Belcher

: Virginia Colonials



Belcher Blues News

August and September Issue 2006

Welcome to the August and September 2006 issue of the Belcher Blues Newsletter

it has been a hot summer in Oklahoma and very dry.
We hope you have had a good summer and kept your cool with the gas prices. We cant complain too much in this great country of ours.

If you have anything to add in the next newsletter please send it along.
A couple of photos were sent this time and we have added the information and made a webpage of the person (see link on left)
If you want a webpage made and added to our website, send information on anyone you want a page made for; to either Greg or me.
We are posting as many of the World War Draft #4 Lists as possible
Belcher list was posted last month: The draft #4 is for older people, born mostly before 1900.
The Ramey surname is posted this month
Copies of these cards are available if you want a copy.

The world war II images for all soldiers are not available since many are still living.
A list of Enlistments is available; and can be searched for the name and birthdate and some information is listed.
Also World War I images of the Draft Card are available but too many names to post on this website, if you want it searched, and a copy of the card, send a name and approximate birthdate or state.
These copies are free:

We will post other surnames in future newsletters

We have genealogy books and some CD's available to buy at a minimum of cost to help with the costs of providing this free genealogy research website to all.
CD's are a great way to add your genealogy to the existing research.
All text can be transferred to your computer from the cd and added to.
For Sale:
Available Now::::

New for This Month is the Ramey Family Genealogy CD
All CD's include both microsoft works and microsoft word formats.
Some computers only have works, others have word.
These Books can be orderd by credit Card, or regular Mail with a Check or Money Order:.
1...Ramey Family Genealogy Book
1A..Ramey Family Genealogy CD
2...Belcher Family Genealogy Book
3...Belcher Genealogy CD
4...Belcher Civil War CD
5...Belcher Civil War and
Belcher Genealogy CD's Combo
6...Belcher Genealogy Book and
Belcher Civil War CD.
7...Ramey Family Genealogy Book and
Belcher Family Genealogy Book Combo
8...Belcher Genealogy Book and Belcher Genealogy CD Combo
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We also have Several Genealogy research Booklets Available That Contain information from our Belcher Blues Newsletters
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