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Belcher Ferry's

An early view of the Hudson River from Garrison's Landing

A Information on early Ferry's that were owned by Belcher's that are known:

New York: Garrison's Landing was an important ferry landing before the building of the Bear Mountain Bridge. Today, it is best known for its art center, community theater, and the outstanding views. The original train depot was a location shot for the film, "Hello Dolly". Garrison's Landing is still a scheduled stop on the Metro North line.

The boat house marks the place where Harry Garrison established his chartered ferry service between Garrison and West Point in 1821. In the book Garrison's Landing by Jean Saunders, she says that one ferryman had told her there had been a ferry between West Point and Garrison fifty years before the Revolution. Those visiting West Point would often cross the river because the accommodations were better on the east side. Jacob Mandeville's house about a mile from the ferry was used to billet officers during the Revolution. That house still stands and is maintained as an historical site. Jean Saunders wrote that Joseph Mead who married Garrison's daughter Phebe built a dock, residence and store at that site in 1825.

Henry (Harry)White Belcher, ancestor to the late Taylor Belcher of Garrison, was a retired wholesale grocer who built seven buildings at the landing between 1849 and 1859. Taylor Belcher's father Colonel Belcher ran the Garrison and West Point Ferry Company and the Garrison Coal Company located at the landing and lived in the "ferry house" which may have dated from 1787. The "ferry house" was owned by the Belcher family until 1997.

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A Ferry in Rusk County Texas was owned by a Belcher:

JOHN BELCHER, with J. N. BROWN, operated a ferry in n. Rusk Co Texas on the Sabine River around 1845

Page 100 JOHN BELCHER’S FERRY BOND The Republic of Texas ) County of Rusk ) "
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: named after John and Alexander Belcher near Montague Texas, was a small community before 1887. the two Belcher's purchased over 27000 acres of land and drew up a town. It was incorporated in 1893.

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