William Remy Sr. / Ramey

      Sixth Generation:

      William Remy Sr
      born: 1672 Westmoreland County Virginia died about 1738
      Married: Catherine Asbury abt. 1693 Catherine, dau. of Henry and Mary Asbury, receiving his inheritance when he married.

      Document from a page in the Virginia Genealogy Society on the Asbury's

      Westmoreland Co., Va., Deed Book 81, p. 448; “William Remy is deeded 100 acres of land from the heirs of Peter Duncan, and enters into possession of same in 1693.”

      Westmoreland Co., Va., Order Book 1698-1705, p. 9; “May 25, 1698, Benjamin George is bound as apprentice to William Remy.”

      Westmoreland Co., Va, Deed Book 2, p. 186; “May 30, 1699, William Remy witnesses deed from Edward Ransdell to Jacob Remy, Jr., his brother.”

      Va. County Records, by Drozier; Proprietor Deeds of Grants, Book 2, p. 291; “William Reamy, 123 acres of land - 1698.”

      Westmoreland Co., Va,, Order Book 1698-1705, p. 110; “William Remey, appointed Constable April 30, 1701.”

      Va. County Records, by Crozier, Book 3, p. 47; “Henry Asbury received Grant for 80 acres of land in 1704.”

      Westmoreland Co.,, Va., Will Book 4, p. 13; “Will of Henry Asbury, dated Feb. 3, 1706, proved April 1707; to sons Henry 400 acres, Thomas 400 acres, Benjamin 100 acres, daughter Catherine, one cow. Executor: My wife Mary.”

      Westmoreland co., Va., Will Book 4, p. 49; “Mary Asbury, widow, give unto Mary Remy, her granddaughter, daughter of William and Katherine Remy, a yearling heifer marked with a crop on the right ear and cross and nick under the left and branded on the right buttock with the figure 3, which at the said Mary Asbury’s request is entered on the records of W.Co., Va., the 19th day of June 1709. Pr. Ja: Westcomo, Clerk Court.”

      Westmoreland Co., Va., Will Book 82, p. 548: “Will of William Remy, aged 65, dated Nov. 19, 1737, proved May 30, 1738:

      To wife Catherine, use of plantation for life
      son William, one shilling
      To son Jacob Remeys heirs
      son Asbury Remey
      dau. Mary Sanders
      dau. Catherine Wormeth
      son John Remy, unmarried
      son James Remy, unmarried
      son Daniel Remy, under the age of 17 - the plantation when wife Mary dies
      granddau. Elizabeth Sanders, one feather bed when she marries.”

      Children of William Remy Sr and Catherine Asbury
          1...William Remy, b. about 1696
          in Westmoreland Co., Va lived in Stafford County Va. died: 1758 Frederick County/Hampshire County Virginia

          Married: 2 Sept 1727, Barbara Byram born 1720
          William Remy Jr. Genealogy

          2...Jacob Remy
          born: 1698 Westmoreland County Virgina
          Married: Ann Carr

          3...Asbury Remy
          born: 1703 Westmoreland County Va
          died: 1776 Westmoreland County Va
          Married: Elizabeth Hannah Neale born: 1723, daughter of Daniel Neale and Ursula Presley
          Asbury Remy Genealogy

          4...Mary Remy
          born June 19 1709 Westmoreland County Virginia
          Married: William Sanders, June 19, 1709, at which time her grandmother on her mother’s side, Mary Asbury, gave her a yearling heifer. They lived near the Remy farm.
            1... One Child Known: Elizabeth Sanders mentioned in Grandfathers will

          5...Catherine Remy
          Born 1710 Westmoreland County Virgina
          Married: Unknown?? Wormeth

          6...John Remy
          born 1712 Westmoreland County Va.
          died: 1791 Henry County Virginia
          Married: 6 April 1740 Stafford County Va., Mary Linton born 1719 died 1781

              Children of John and Mary Linton Remy
              1...Jeremiah Remy born 11-18-1740 Faquer County Va
              2...Presley Remy born 12-28-1742 Overwharton Parish Stafford County Va
              3...Tabitha Remy born 3-18 1744/45 Overwharton Parish Stafford County Va
              4...Caleb Remy Sr. born 5-20-1747 Overwharton Parish Stafford County Va
              died: 1818 Frederick County Virginia
              Married: Elizabeth Hawkins 1792
                Children Of Caleb and Elizabeth Hawkins Remy
                  1...Mary Ramey born 1795 Frederick Co Va
                  2...Jesse Ramey born 9-30-1793 Frederick Co Va
                  3...Sarah Ramey born 6-26-1801 Frederick Co Va
                  4...John Ramey Sr. born 2-24-1804 Frederick Co Va
                  5...Caleb Ramey Jr. born 3-15-1806 Frederick Co Va
                  died: 6-31-1856 White County Indiana
                  Married: Lucinda Hollis born 6-1801 died 11-23-1880 Indiana
                    1...George Ramey born 3-16-1831 died 1851 Indiana
                    2...William Lewis Ramey born 1-9-1834 died 12-26-1907
                    Married: 4-2-1857 Clarinda Smith born 1828
                      1...James M. Ramey
                      Married: Clara Stryker born 21 April 1875 Indiana:
                      Children Listed: Alta M. Ramey: Pearl Ramey: Lois Mae Ramey: Ester Ramey
              5...Lydia Remy born 7-30-1749 Overwharton Parish Stafford County Va
              6...Butler Remy born 4-28-l749 Overwharton Parish Stafford County Va
              7...John Remy Jr. Born 11-8-1753 Overwharton Parish Stafford County Va
              died: 7-27-1824 Hopewell Twp Muskengum Washington
              Married: 2-17-1778 Faquer County Va Edith Browning
                1...Jacob Asbury Ramey born 1785 Overwharton Parish Stafford Co Va
                died: 6-11-1861 McKean Twp Licking County Ohio
                Married:1-29-1807 Elizabeth Crawford
                one child listed: Sennet Remy born 2-25-1757 Overwharton Parish Stafford Co Va
              8...Sennet Remy born 2-25-1757 Overwharton Parish Stafford County Va

          7...James Remy
          born: 1715 Westmoreland County Virgina
          died: 1760 Frederick County Virginia
          Listed 1754 Frederick County Virginia Land Patent: Indian Branch Card 11302 H0586
          Married: Elizabeth Sanders

          James Remy Genealogy

          8...Daniel Remy
          born: 1720 Westmoreland County Virgina
          died: 1762 Frederick County Virginia
          Married: 1744 Darcas Brickery born 1724
          daughter of John Brickery and Sarah Brickery
          This genealogy line is the start of the separate line of William Remy of Floyd County Kentucky. This line for the most part kept the spelling Remy of the name

          William Remy of Floyd County Ky Genealogy

          9...Elizabeth Remy born 1722 Westmoreland County Virgina

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