William Remy Ramey Jr


      1...William Remy Was Born In 1696 In Westmoreland Co., Va., He  Lived In Stafford County Va and Prince George Co., Stafford County in 1751, Fairfax in 1746, . And  Died In  1758 Frederick County (Now) Hampshire County Virginia

      William Married On The  2 Sept 1737, Barbara Byram Born 1720

      King George Co., Va., Court Records, Deed Book 1, P. 599; “Deed Between William Remey Of The Parish Of Sittenbourne And County Of King George, And Thomas Davis Of The Same Parish And County On July 1, 1730 For 125 Acres Lying In County And Parish As Above; Bounded By The Lands Of William Carter, John Quisenberry (Formerly Belonging To John Spicer) And The Land Of Joseph Carpenter. Witnesses - Byles Carter And William Clater.”

      King George Co., Va., Deed Book 2, P. 140; “William Remy Of The County Of King George And Parish Of Hanover, A Carpenter, And Barbara His Wife Of Sep. 2, 1737, Deed To John Dodd Of County And Parish Aforesaid, 50 Acres Called Wolvepitt Neck, Situated In Count And Parish Aforesaid, On A Line With The Land Of John Quisenberry, Line Of Edmund Barker, Said Land Having Been Sold To William Remy By Thomas Davis. Witnesses - John Drake, Edmund Barker, And John Quisenberry.”

      King George Co., Va., Deed Book 2, P. 234; “William Remey, A Planter Of The Parish Of Hanover And County Of King George, On Jan. 25, 1738, Deed To Henry Drake Of The Same County And Parish, Two Parcels Of Land; One Containing 50 Acres, The Other 100 Acres, Lying In The Parish Of Hanover And County Of King George, Bounded By William Carters Orchard, To John Dodds Line, In Line With Joseph Carpenters, Thence Along The Line Of The Said Carpenter; 100 Acres Being Land Bought Of Thomas Davis, Bounded In Line Of William Carter Near Mattox Path, To Line Of Brown And Conner, Line Of Original Wroe, Line Of John Chins To Line Of Thomas Randolph; All Of Said Parcel Excepting One School House Built By The Neighbors On The 50 Acres. Barbary The Wife Of Said William Remey Relinquishes Her Right Of Dower. Witnesses: John Beddo, William Clater And Clapham Drake.”

      Westmoreland Co., Va., Fid. Book 1, P. 259; “William Remey Is Paid A Small Sum Of Money In The Estate Account Of John Remy, Son Of His Cousin Jacob Remy Jr., As Returned By John’s Wife Mary On Feb. 23, 1741.”

      Fairfax Co., Va., Court Records, Book B, P. 18; “William Remy Was Appointed Constable In The Room Of John Asbury Dec. 3, 1745, And Being Called, Appeared The Oath Of Allegience And Supremecy, And The Abjurement Oath; And Having Subscribed To The Test, Was Sworn Into Office As Constable.”

      Fairfax Co., Va., Book B., P. 73; “William Remey In Open Court On April 2, 1746, Acknowledged Himself Indebted To Our Sovereign Lord And King, His Heirs And Successors, In The Sum Of 40 Lbs., To Be Levied On His Goods And Chattels, Lands And Tenements, In Case He Does Not Keep His Majesty’s Peace Toward All His Majesty’s Liege People, But More Especially Toward Zereriah Borden, For The Term Of 12 Months.”

      Fairfax Co., Va., Book B, P. 132; “Marquis Calmea Gent., Is Ordered On Aug. 7, 1746, To Pay To William Remy 75 Lbs. Of Tobacco, For Attending Court 3 Days As An Evidence For Him Against James Burns.”

      Fairfax Co., Va., Book B, P. 40; “Deborah Borden And Massie Fernley Are Ordered On Aug. 7, 1746 To Pay William Remy 75 Lbs. Of Tobacco For Attenting Court 3 Days As An Evidence For Them.”

      Frederick Co., Va., Date From Frank Crawford Of Winchester, Va., “William Remy Had His House And Home At Greenway Court In Frederick Co., Va.,; When Lord Fairfax Established His Home At Greenway Court, In 1749. William Remy Is Said To Be The Ancestor Of Most Of The Ramey’s Hereabouts.”

      Frederick Co., Va., County Seat Winchester, Will Book 2, P. 343; “Will Of William Remy, Dated Dec. 1, 1758, Proved At Winchester May 1, 1759;

      To My Dear Wife Barbara, For Life Or Until She Marries Again, My Whole Plantation. Sons William And His Heirs Jacob And His Heirs (Thaddeus) Matthew And His Heirs
      James, Any Of Above, If There Are No Heirs At The Death Of Either Brother Without Heirs.
      Jacob And William, My Plantation After The Death Of My Wife Barbara, Or Is She Marries Again.
      James, Remainder Of My Estate.
      Executors; Wife Barbara And Thomas Sharp, Jr. Witnesses; Wm. Hawkins, John Hawkins, Richard Hawkins And Andrew A. Thorp.”

      1...John  Remy/ Ramey Born: 1735 King George County Died 1805 Bourbon County Kentucky
      Married: Joanna Page Lived Near Berryville, Clark Co., Va. He Moved With His Family In 1783 First To Mason Co., Ky. (Then Including Floyd Co.) And D. In Bourbon Co., Ky. In 1805-6. 

      “There Were 4 Brothers In Stafford Co., Va., And Their Names Were Jerry, Page Archibald And Lewis: William Page Lived In Clark Co., Va. One (Archibald) Located Near Maysville, Mason Co., Ky. One Located Near Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky., (Jacob Remey, Brother Of John’s Father William Had A Land Grant Of 666 2/3 Acres In Jefferson Co., Ky., Dated Sep. 21, 1780, While William Had One In Jefferson Co., Ky. Dated Aug. 26, 1783, For 1500 Acres.) One Located Near Indianapolis, Ind. (Lewis, Jr., Son Of Lewis Sr., Located In Marrow Co., Ohio.)

      In Studying Genealogy, We Have To Remember Kentucky Was Not Made A State Until 1792 So When Records Sow Kentucky Before That It Was Actually Virginia,

      1…Jerry Remy

      2…Archibald Remy born March 17 1759 Stafford County Kentucky: Married Martha Cassidy and died in Fleming Co. Ky in 1859

      Martha was the sister of Peter Cassidy and was born on Lick Fork Branch Morgan County KY now Rowan ?County. lived on a farm in Bourbon County ky for 40 years part of which is now fliming and Morgan County. He applied for a pension from Fleming County Ky in 1837 his claim was rejected on the ground that his service was civil and not military. He stated in his pension claim that he was born in march 1759 as was recorded in his fathers bible in Stafford County Va. In this pension claim alone his last name is spelled three different ways, Ramy, Remy, and Ramey.

       His land was known as Warricks Run, Fleming Land Grant in Rowan Co. Ky 100 acres, Open Fork, Triplett Creek 1856.He stated


      1…Able Ramey born 1780 and Married Ecaline ?? lived on the border of Morgan and Rowan Counties in Ky. Morgan County Land grant book Q2 page 117 Abel Ramey, land grant for 100 acres on Lick Branch, Licking Grant for 67 acres, Open Fork, Triplett Creek, Rowan Co Nov 19 1856.

      Book 2 page 68-72 Ecaline and Able Ramey to Lockwood Oil Co, a lease July 6 1887.

      2…Abiram probably Byram born 1785 named aver his uncle W. byram. Lived in Morgan County land grant for 100 acres given to Byram Ramey 1835.

      One child known Robert born 1815 Married Evelyn Hisle

      1…Robert Ramey born 1815 Married Evelyn Hisle in Clarke County Ky and lived in Kiddville, Madison Co Ky, she died Oct 12 1864 Clarke County Kentucky marriages page 155 Robert Ramey m. Evely Hisle Sept 15 1847.

      Family bible of Martin H. and E. A. hisle  lists Evaline R. Ramey wife of Robert Ramey daughter of Martin Hisle died Oct 12 1864.

      1…Taylor Ramey

      2…Mollie Ramey

      3…Emma Ramey married ??Noland

      4…Morton Ramey

      5…Alexander Hamilton Ramey born July 1853 in Kiddville Ky and died in 1908 Belton Missouri. He married May 5 1880 Ada McPherson in Martin City Missouri.


      1…Claude born 1881

      2…Kelly T born 1885

      3…Robert Lee born 1890 Married Nancy Reed

      4…Mary Ethel born 1893 Married Alonza Ferguson

      5…Lelie E born 1895 Married Earl A. Albertson in 1917

      6…Allene A. born 1895 married William Penny in 1926

      7…Leorin Harrison Ramey born November 14 1902 Belton Missouri Married Evelyn Snyder in Kansas City Missour.

      3…Jeremiah born about 1788.

      4…Thomas Born 1812 in Warrick Run, Rowan Cunty Ky, He was a basket maker, Married first Mry Jones, sister of the wife of his Uncle Hrrison Ramey of Scotch-Irish descent. He married second November 24 1837 Malinda Murphy

      Thomas died in 1887 at age of 92. Thomas Ramey land Grant for 50 acres, lower Fork, Licking River, Morgan County Ky, Sept 28 1837.


      1…John C went to Ohio was a stone cutter in Scioto County Ohio and married Sarah keath, children known: John, Henry, Thomas, Newton, Joel, and Tabitha.

      2…William born 1830 married Mary Elizabeth Mckenzie in 1857 lived near Morehead Ky. Was a soldier in the Civil war. His wife died in 1915. Served as sheriff of Rowan County from 187601880. Afterwards he worked as a stone mason at Bluestone Kentucky. Rowan co Ky deed book C page 139, William Ramey, Sheriff to A. T. Young, 400 acres Aug 11 1886.

      Book c page 162, William Ramey, Sheriff to Main Hogge, 18 acres Dec 1885.

      1…Henry Ramey born 1858 Married Lizzie Purvis Rowan county. Served as Deputy sheriff under his father.

      2…U.S. Grant Ramey born April 8 1868 Rowan County Ky

      died in 1924 Married: Mary Jane Purvis in 1886. operated a sawmill. Was elected sheriff in 1918.

      Children Known: Opal, Nola, Custer, Wanda, Hiram Lee,

      William, and Jolly.

      3…Wilson Ramey, married Maggie Wescott and lived Bluestone Ky. In his early years worked at Akron Ohio.

      4…John Ramey Married Cynthis Alderson Rowan Co Ky and also worked at the Goodyear Rubber Co Akron Ohio in his early years.

      5…Cynthia Married Mart Warren Bluestone Ky,

      6…Elizabeth Ramey Mrried Isaac Ward, lived in Bluestone Ky, Children known: John Henry, Joe, Bennie, Cora, and Flora.

      7…Andrew Ramey married Nettie McClurg about 1900

      Children Known: Lulu, Julia, Celia, Journey, William, Grant,

      And John.


      3…Thomas born 1835 was raised by Archie Ramey, he married Rebecca??

      He was a bit slow in mentality and wandered away one day and was never heard from again.

      4…Rev. Harrison Jones Ramey born April 3, 1837. near Morehead Ky, raised as a foster son of an old Dutchman Henry and Polly Price, Bath County Ky, now Menefee. He attended school and was the heir of the price couple. was a Methodist preacher   and also school teacher, and physican and died at Salt Lick Ky. He Married Margaret Ann Bristow.

      Children Known: Mary Ann born 1860 she Married Henry Bratton and William Mearns. Emma Bellville Ramey born 1865 she married John Parker of Pendleton Ky. Third Joseph Thomas Ramey born 1868 He married Addie Long. , was a music teacher and carpenter. 5th, Martha, 6th, Viola, and 7th child Sarah Ann.

      In an autobiography Harrison Ramey wrote, “the Ramey’s were somewhat sarcastic, quick tempered, antagonistic and ever ready to resent an insult. Religiously they stood by their convictions of duty until convinced of their mistakes when they would not hesitate to make a change. And as ancient family chronology, the leading members of the Remy family were at one time roman catholic and one of the remy men at an early date had been canonized by that church as a saint but after the great reformation the leading members of the family changed their faith and became intensely protestant”( He of course was talking of the early French Remy’s and the Huguenots.) He goes on to say that both his father’s and mother’s people were among the first settlers in Licking Valley after Ky became a state.


      5…S. Milton born 1838 farmer and a learned man.

      6…Julia Ann

      7…Gillian Ramey married Lafe Stamper

      8…Martha Ellen married Ambrose Graiger.

      9…Jasper Newton Ramey born Oct 21 1849 Married Millie Frances Fenwick and he died at Portsmouth O. Aug 25 1928.

      Lived with his half brother William and he Married in Bath Ky May 1 1853. He was a stone cutter and also taught school and was superintendent of schools in Carter Co Ky from 1890-95.

      Known Children: Ida Irene born 1872 married James Duncan.

      Clarence Clay born 1878, Elmer Fenwyck Ramey born May 16 1884 Married Gypsie Howes, managed the Western Union Telegraph office at Portsmounth Ohio,  Harrison Herbert Ramey born July 14 At Carter Co Ky and Mrried Oct 10 1910 Iris Arnett. Was an attorney and lived At Salyersville.


      3…Lewis Remy born in 1760 Married A. Valentine and lived in PageVa. A blacksmith, nickname was Lu Ramey then Lu Ray. The town of Luray grew up around his corner shop and the Luray Caverns near there are also named after him.

      He married  2nd. Hannah Botman in Shenandoah County Va,  April 18 1807 according to Shenandoah County Marriages

      Deed book shows on Sept 4 1812 Lewis bought lot no 14 in Luray from Peter Street,

      2 children are know by his first wife but wifes name is not listed.

      Lewis Jr  who married Margaret and Valentine who married Elizabeth Hancock.


      4…Hannah Remy born 1762 Married first a harriso and then John harper. Listed in the will of John Harper dated April 18 1798 land he bought of Robert Harrison, son William Ramey Harper. Children, William Ramey Harper and John H. Harper.
      5…William  Page Remy born about 1765 Married Eliza and lived near Berryville Clark Co Virginia and moved to Rappohannock Co and died in 1820.

      Children known: Eliza, William Page Jr. who married Emily Cougill , John, Thomas Alfred who married Helen Cougill, Thomas Alfred died April 7 1850.

      6…Jeremiah born 1767 moved to Bourbon County Ky.

      7…Mary Polly born 1770 Married Thomas Puckett in Floyd County Ky June 29 1818.

      8…Henry C Remy/Ramey born 1775  in Va. Lived in Floyd County Ky history of Johnson county Ky.

      2...William Byram Remy/Ramey Born 1740 Died 1830

      Lived In Stafford Co., Va. He Went With His Nephew Archibald Ramey To See Col. Bailey Washington About Enlisting In The Army. Morgan Co., Ky., Circuit Court Records, May 19, 1835; “Application And Affidavit For Pension Of Archibald Ramey - I And My Uncle William Byram Called On Col. Bailey Washington In Stafford Co., Va., About Enlisting.”

      Is listed in a Court Record of 1769 , a poll taken at the election of Burgesses  17 April 1769. Essex County. Sherrif was William Montague, and signed and recorded by Meriweather Smith.

      An Ezekiel and John Byrum  we also on this list.

      3...Jacob Remy
      Born: Aug. 27, 1741 In Stafford Co., Va., Died: Loudon County Va 1799
      Married: Susannah Grigsby 1759  in Loudon Co Va in 1799 She was born in 1734 and died in 1828 Nelson Ky at age 94. He was a revolutionary War Soldier and for his military service was granted land in ky, 6000 acres in Jefferson county and , 29000 in Lincoln. Which later became Lincoln Co. Ky.  A document signed by gov of Va. Beverly Randolph states that the ladn of 29000 acres 29th of October 1783 Lincoln County Va. Rock Castle and Mouth of Racone Creek.

      His wife had two brothers who also fought in the Rev. War. Captain Butler Grigsby and Joh Grigsby. Mentioned In Brother Sanfords Will 16 April 1825. Jacob Is Said As Deceased



      1...Sanford  Ramey Born 1-2-1760/61 Loudon County Va

      Married Lydia Lee daughter of Stephen Lee and sister of Deborah Lee who married Sanfords brother Jacob Remy jr.

      He lived for a while in Culpepper County,and is in the history of Shenandoah Valley Minute Books; Sanford Ramey, Minute man recorded 1798.

      Will Of Sanford Ramey Loudon County April 16 1825 Probated 1-12-1829
      Loudon County Will Book R Pages 290-291

      " I Sanford Ramey Of The County Of Loudon In The State Of Va, Do Make
      And Declare This To Be My Last Will And Testament In The Manner And
      Form Following, Hereby Revoking All Other, And Former Wills By Me
      Heretofore Made
      1st, After My Funeral Expenses(Sic) And All My Just Debts Are Paid,
      I Leave All My Estate Both Real And Personal Unto My Beloved Wife,
      Lydia. During Her Widowhood, And If She Remains Unmarried Until Her
      Decease My Desire Is That She May Dispose Of The Whole Of My Estate
      Both Real And Personal By Her Last Will And Testament, Subject To The
      Following Legacies And Reservations.
      2nd It Is My Desire That All My Slaves Be Emancipated, At Such Time As
      My Beloved Wife May Appoint.
      3rd It Is My Desire That My Mulloato Man Dick When He Is Emancipated
      Shall Be Given A Lot Of 15 Acres Of Land With The House Built Thereon
      Now Occupied By--------Palmer, Being Part Of The Lot Purchased
      By Me Of Mrs Elizabeth Harding: And Also Such A Wagon As My Wife Shall Direct
      And Four Horses Valued At $15 Each. With Suitable Wagon Gear..
      For Said Horses Compleat.
      4th I Give To My Niece Diana Cordell The Wife Of Alexander Cordell The Farm
      They Now Occupy Being The Same As I Purchased Of The Heirs Of Thomas-----?
      Deceased Inlcuding A Lot I Purchased Of John Janney(Jayne) And Attached
      To The Farm Together With Its Appurtenances.
      5th .I Give The Farm I Now Occupy To My Nephew Sanford I Ramey
      Son Of My Brother Jacob. Deceased. With Its Appurtenances And
      After The Death Of My Wife Lydia.
      6th It Is My Desire That If My Wife Should After My Decease
      Intermarry With Any Person She Shall Have No Part Of My Estate.
      Aforesaid, And If This Event Should Happen, I Then Devise All The Balance
      Of My Estate, Both Real And personal Not Heretofore Devised?
      To Be Equally Divided Among My Legal Representatives.
      Lastly, I Do Hereby Appoint Presley Cordell Wilson, Enoch Mason,
      Sanford I. Ramey, Alexander Cordell And My Beloved Wife Lydia Ramey
      Executors Of This My Last (Sic) And Testament.
      In Testamony Whereof I Have Herunto Set My Mind And My Seal This 16th
      Day Of April In The Year Of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred
      And Twenty Five.
      Sanford Ramey Seal
      Signed, Sealed, Published And Declared By Said: Sanford Ramey As And For His Last Will And Testament
      In The Presence Of Us Charles G. Edwards And Prestley Coardell

      At A Court Held For Loudon County 12 Jan'y 1829, The Last Will And Testament Of Sanford Ramey Decd, Was Presented To The Court Proved By The Paths Of Prestley Cordell, One Of The Subscribing Thereto Who Proved That He And Charles G. Edwards The other Witness Thereto Said Will. Subscribed The Said Will As In The Presence And At The Request Of Sanford Ramey The Testator Also Acknowledged The Same To Be His Last Will And Testmaent Was At The Time Of Such Acknowledgement Of Sound Mind And Memory And Ordered To Be Recorded And On The Oath Of Lydia Ramey The Later, Named In Said Will, Also Made Assurances And Together With John Thomas And Sanford I Ramey, Her Security Into An Acknowledged A Bond In The Penalty Of $15000 Conditioned According To Law Certificate Is Granted Her For A Probate Thereof In Due Form
      Teste: C. Binns



      1…Jacob Ramey born in 1782 married Mary Latham in 1803

      2…Caty Ramey (Catherine) born 1785 m John Brown in 1804

      3…Fannie Ramey born in 1790 married Enoch Mason in 1806

                                                 4…Daughter who Married Presley Cordell Wilson,  some say Lydia.

       2...John Ramey
      Born 1762 Overwharton Parish Va

      children listed: Frances who married Samuel Murrow of Mason County Ky. 1808

      Margaret who Married Joseph Murrow of Mason County.

                                   3..Jacob Ramey Jr Born 1765 Loudon County Va

                  Married: Deborah Lee


      1…Sanford I. Ramey born 1783 Loudon Co. Va.

      1...Jane Ramey born 1802 Loudon County Va
      2...Rachel Ramey born 1803 Loudon County Virgina
      Married: Bartlett Belcher son of George Belcher and Mary Fugate
      James Belcher is Bartletts brother and his descendants are also in Pike County Kentucky. They founded Belcher Ky.
      3…Moses Ramey born 1805 Loudon Co. Va. Lived in Ky.
      4…John Jacob Ramey born 1808 Loudon Co. Va.

      2…Diana born 1784 Married Alexander Cordell in Louden Co.Va.

      3…Elizabeth Married James Dimmet

      4…Jane born 1789 Married John  Preston Dec 16 1809

      5…Catherine born 1785 Married Robert Kennedy Nov 20 1815. Mason Co Ky.

      6…Ann  was born Dec 4 1800 Married James B. Duncan and lived in Clark County Ky.

                  4...James T. Ramey Born 1772 Loudon County Va

      5…Nathaniel Born 1774 Loudon County married his cousin Mathilda Grigsby.


      1…Tabitha born 1810 Married A Mr . Crump and moved to Salem Oregon.

      2…Mildred born 1815 Married A Mr. May and lived in Missouri.

      3…William Butler Ramey born 1817 lived in St Charles Missouri then St Louis.

      1…Edward Wallace born 1839 A lieut. In the Navy.

      2…John Terry born 1840 Married Mary L Rohrer. From Iowa/

      3…George Collier born Aug 19 1841 Married Mary Josephine Mason Served in the Civil War as a Naval Rear Admiral died in 1928.

      Listed in Who’s Who in America.

      4…William Butler Jr. Born 1843 was a judge advocate General

      he never married and died in 1895.


      6...Mary Ramey Born 1780 Loudon County Va

      7…Marion born 1782 married William Hillig

      8...Susannah Ramey Born 18 March 1793
      9...Butler Grigsby Ramey Born 8-1-1795 Loudon County Va Died 1799

      4...Sanford Ramey Was Born In  1745 Loudon County Va
      Married: Lydia Wilson

      Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly Volume XIV

      5...Thaddeus Matthew Remy
      Born 1746 Fairfax Virginia Died In Lawrence County Kentucky 1840
      Is Given In His Father’s Will As Matthew.
      Married: 1777 Frederick County Virginia
      Christina Stump He M. About 1777 Christina Stump And Moved To Shenandoah Co., Va.
      Thaddeus Is Listed On The 1783 Shenandoah County Tax List
      "The Revolutionary War Records Of "Brumbaugh" Col 1 P605" Lists: Men Living In The Lower Dist Of Dunmore County Va(Shenandoah) Under Command Of Joseph Bowmen. Both Thaddeus Remy/Ramey And Thomas Ramey Appear On The List
      In The Us Census Of Va 1783-85 Thaddeus Is Listed With Family Of 8=6 Children And 2 Adults At That Time:
      Thaddeus And Christina Moved To Shenandoah County Va About 1779, A Deed Recorded In That County Deed Book #C Dated 6 Sep 1779 Thadeus Ramey And Christine, His Wife, 68 Acres North Branch Of The Shenandoah River Also 117 Acres Along The Foot Of Fort Mountain On 18 Jan 1787 Thaddeus Ramey And Wife Convey To Joseph Stover Their Farm Of 68 Acres Plus 117 Acres. Shenandoah County Deed Book F P 302.
      Sometime Later They Moved To Kentucky, 2 May 1826 Thaddeus Remey Received A Grant For 100 Acres Of Hoods Fork, Lawrence County Kentucky And On 31 Aug 1826 59 Acres.

      Note here: many of Thaddeus son Richard’s descendants ended up with the Rhamey spelling of the name.

      1...Samuel Remy Born 1779 Shennandoah County Va Died 1890
      Married: Hannah Feateringale 1795-1828
      2...Asa Remy Born 1780 Shennandoah County Va Died 1871
      Married: Dorcas Ebrey Sept 19, 1803 Frederick County Va moved to Ross County Ohio.

      1…Caleb born in Ohio married Martha Dixon

      2…a daughter

      3…Asa Charles Jr born 1815 lived in Circleville Co.

      Children listed: Corda May, Benton, Emma Vera, William.

      3...Richard Remy Born 2-1-1781 Died 5-18-1846 Mohicanvcille, Ashlond County Ohio
      Married: #1 ??Ramsey; and #2 Mary Jane Riddle 1805 daughter of George and mary Polly Ayers Riddle. Her father George had come from Ireland to Maryland, his wife Mary was  the daughter of Moses Ayers of Welsh Descent.

      Court Land Records indicate Richard Remy is in beaver county Pa in 1810. Census states Richard Remy with wife and two small sons. Richard was a cooper in trade in Ashland County Ohio in 1813. In 1834 he lived in Cass Township in Handcock County Ohio.

      1…George Washington Remy 1806 Beaver Co. Pa. Lived in Ashland county Ohio. And worked on the construction of the Ohio and Erie Canal .

      Beaver and Butler were part of Alleghany Co Pa in 1796. Married: Barbara?? Born April 26 1817 and died in 1899 at age 82 both are buried in Van Buren Cemetery near Findlay Ohio. George W was 54 when he died.

      1…George was born Dec 10 1840

      2…John born before 1810 came to Ohio with his parents.

      3…Mary (Polly) born 1811

      4…Samuel Rhamey born in Ashland Ohio Sept 1813

      Married Margaret Stough sister to George Stough. Samuel died May 21 1852 Buried in the County Line Cemetery Mohicanville.

      5…Richard Riddle Rhamey Jr. born Sep 30 1815 Ashland Co. O.

      Married Mary Miracle Grim, dau of George and Mary Grim.

      Who was the son of Peter Grin lived on Briers Hill in Henrico County Virginia.

      Richard Rhamy died Feb 25 1886 at age 70, Mary died Aug 8, 1868 at age 52 they are both buried at the County Line Cemetery, Mohicanville.

      6…William Henry Harrison Rhamey born 1818 Mrried Elizabeth Bruche Wycoff and lifed in Fairfield Jefferson Co. Iowa by 1850.

      7…Moses A Rhamey born July 1820  married  Imos?? Then Marie Millhuff of Findlay Ohio. Moses was said to ahvbe been a large man of about 400 lbs.

      4...Benjamin Remy Born 1782 Died 1844 Shennandoah Co. Va
      Married: Hannah??

      1...Elizabeth Ramey Born 1805 Shennandoah County Va
      Married: John Morris 11-1-1822 Westmoreland County Va
      2...Franklin Ramey Born 8-28-1806 Shennandoah Co. Va
      Died 10-17-1865
      Married: Ann Sever 12-11-1834
      3...Pressley (Presley) Ramey
      Born 1810 Chape Grove Shennandoah Valley Died 1871
      Married: 1836 Martha M. Hannock

      1...John William Ramey
      Born 6-3-1837 Hayfield Frederick County Va Died 1894
      Married: Mattie Elizabeth Boyd 2-1864 Dau. Of John Boyd And Elizabeth Horn

      1...Boyd Ramey Born 2-12-1865 Frederick County Va
      Died: 6-5-1927 Frederick County Va
      Married: Annie Bayliss
      2...Elizabeth C. Ramey Born 9-7-1866 Died 1960
      Married: O.B. Lafolet 1-9-1888

       1...Boyd Ramey B 2-12-1865 Hayfield
      Frederick Co Va
      D: 6-5-1927 Fred Co Va M: Annie Bayliss
      2...Elizabeth C. Ramey B 9-7-1866 D 1960
      M: O.B.Lafolet 1-9-1888
      3...Emma B. Ramey B 1-31-1868 D 1962
      M: Elias S. Anderson

      4...Effie Ramey B 5-12-1869 D 2-28-1918
      M: Arthur Bayliss
      5...Martha Ellen Ramey
      B 9-24-1872 Frederick Co Va
      D 1966 Frederick Co Va M: J.D.Kerns
      6...John C. Ramey B
      1-6-1876 Hayfield Frederick Co
      M: Annie Wise Frederick Co Va

      2...Martha A. Ramey B 1838 D 1892 M: James William Hott
      3...Mary Jane Ramey B 1840 D 1941 M: O.J.Jenkins
      4...Oscar Ramey B 1842 D 1938 M: Sally Bean

                                                                5...Altha C. Ramey B 1844 D 1941 M: Sim Fisher

      4...Walter Tanquary Ramey B 1812 D 1887
      5...John Matthew Ramey B 7-13-1813 D 1905 M: Mary Ann Marker
      Listed In Wyoming County Wva In 1854
      12 A On Big Fork Of Guyandotte Grant 110 P 289
      44 A On Big Fork Of Guyandotte Grant 110 P 290
      42 A On Big Fork Of Guyandotte Grant 110 P 356
      1 Nov 1862 693 A On Big Branch Of Big Fork Of Guyandotte

      River Grant 118. P 300

      6...Benjamin Jefferson Ramey B1818 Frederickco Va. M Catherine Graves
      7...Sarah Ramey B 1830 D 7-3-1891 Cedarville
      Warren Co, Ohio M:Joseph D. Cooley
      8...Emily Ramey B 1833 D 1868 M John Hawkins1847-1865

      5...Levi Remy B 1785 D 1876 M Margaret Petty 3-4-1806 Frederick Co Va
      6...Elizabeth Remy B 1786 D 31 May 1862 Gibson County Indiana M Henry Spore B: 1784 Died: 7 Jun 1860
      Married: 10-22-1807 Frederick Co Va
      Both Are Buried In Derbyshire/Mcmurdy Cemetery In Princeton Indiana
      Info Came From Gregg Bonner
      Gregg Has Elizabeth As Born: 12 Oct 1783

       7...Thaddeus Matthew Remy Jr B 1790 Ky:
      9...Christina Ramey Married: Jacob Brown Shenandoah County Va.
      Thaddeus Ramey Listed As Father Of Christina In Marriage Record

      End Of Thaddeus Children:

      6...James Remy B 1750 Frederick Co Va D 1840 Died Loudon Co Va

      James name later changed to Ramsey, sometimes named changed by census takers.

      They do have a lot to answer for in genealogy spellings of names and usage of nicknames.

                     1..James Remy Jr B: 1772:

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