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    William Ramey Pike County Kentucky

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      William Ramey::::

      William Was A Surveyor Of Land And He Laid Claim To Large Tracts Of Land
      Containing Coal, Timber, Oil And Gas, Around Pike County, Elkhorn City Kentucky
      He Acquired Thousands Of Acres Of Land Through Land Surveys Secured By State Land Grants
      And By County Court Orders, He Also Bought And Traded For Other Land.
      At One Time He Owned All The Land From The Forks
      Of The Russell And Levisa Rivers To The Headwaters Of Grassy Creek In Virginia,
      Which Included A Good Part Of The Breaks Region.
      He Was Issued A Pass To Settle In "Cherokee Country"
      Sometime Between 1801 And 1804 By Indian Agent Jonathan Meigs.
      Early In The 1800's A Jacob Remy Descendant,
      William R. Remy (Ramey) And His Wife Anna Samlins
      Settled In What Was (Formerly In Floyd County) The Present, Pike County Kentucky
      On The Virginia-Kentucky Line .
      He Built A Home Near The Mouth Of Elkhorn Creek;
      This Build Was The Beginning Of Elkhorn City.
      Pike County Rameys Of Today State That William Owned More Than 40,000 Acres Of Land,
      But A Fire In His Home, Or In The Land Office, Destroyed Some Of His Records In 1838.
      Since He Was Not Able To Prove His Ownership,
      Other Individuals And Large Companies Claimed Much Of The Land.
      In 1858 Owned 609 Acres On Grassy Creek Waters Of Sandy River.
      June 3 1852 Bought 84 Acres On Grassy Creek, On A Cliff.
      However, At His Death In 1865 He Left Much Land To His Children
      As Is Shown By His Will Found In Pike County Will Book On Page 50
      397 Acres Both Sides Of Grassy Creek. Mentioned In 1857 Land Warrant.

      William Served As Road Commissioner, Justice Of The Peace In The Period Of 1822-1834.
      He Was Sheriff Of Pike County 1831-1834 And Justice Of The Peace Again In 1837
      Also Served As A Surveyor. Showed Up In Court Records Until 1848.
      Book D-P 2171866 Includes Bonding Of Executor And Appointing Appraisers For His Estate.
      Many Of Robert G. Scotts Land Deals Involve William In 1816 Floyd County,
      Before Pike County Was Formed From Floyd.
      William R. Ramey Was Born In 1782 In Fayette Co Virginia(Now In Clark County Kentucky)
      And Died In 1865 In Elkhorn City, Pike County Ky.
      Married Anna Samlins Who Was Born In 1784 In South Carolina
      According To The 1850 Pike County Census.
      And Died 18 Nov. 1856 In Pike County
      Anna Was The Daughter Of Elizabeth Samlins,
      No Other Information Is Found On An: Anna Samlins :
      (Some Say She May Have Been Cherokee)
      Us Marriage Records 1560-1900 Yates Publishing Data Base
      States Anna Salmons Female, Spouse William Ramey

      Kentucky Death Record For Anna Ramey Born In South Carolina
      States Mother Elizabeth Samlins Nov 18 1856, 72 Years Old Female, Married, Residence Pike County Ky.
      Death Record Of Anna Ramey

      Her mothers name here is listed As elizabet Samlins.

      William Was Born In Fayette County Virginia .
      The Elkhorn City Heritage Society Has On The Marker That He Came From North Carolina
      To Kentucky.
      Many States In That Area Were Changing Boundaries At The Time.
      But He May Have Been There Surveying And Buying Land In North Carolina
      And Met Anna In South Carolina Or She May Have Been In North Carolina At The Time.
      He may also have lived there moving there from Virginia.
      Pike County Kentucky, 1850 Census Has Them Listed As Household #216
      William Age 67 Born In Virginia And Not North Carolina
      And Anna Age 66 Born In South Carolina Not North Carolina
      As A Lot Of People Have In Their Genealogies.

      There Was A William Ramey Sr And William Ramey Jr In McClendenburg North Carolina
      In 1790 But They Were Both Too Old To Be This William Ramey. And His Father
      He Was Only 8 Years Old In 1790
      There Is Also A William Rama Listed In Wilkes Co. Nc In 1793
      But He Was Only 13 Then So He Wouldn’t Have Been Listed As Head Of Household.

      The William Rameys Born In North Carolina Are Not This William.

      1810 Census In Floyd County Kentucky
      Lists 2 William Rameys

      William Is Listed As Serving In The War Of 1812
      5th Regiment (Lewis’s) Kentucky Volunteers As A Private
      He Would Have Been About 30

      1820 Floyd County Kentucky Listed As
      William Ramey
      Next Door Is Moses Ramey, James Ramey, George Belcher

      1830 Pike County Kentucky Census
      William Ramey
      1 Male 40-50
      1 Male Under 5
      1 Male 5-10
      1 Male 10-15
      1 Male 20-30
      1 Female Under 5
      1 Female 5-10
      1 Female 15-20
      1 Female 20-30
      1 Female 40-50
      Next Door Is Moses Ramey And Richard Potter

      There Is Another William In
      1830 Census But In Floyd County Ky.
      William Ramey Age 60-70
      1 Male 10-15
      1 Female 50-60
      1 Female 70-80
      Possibly One Of Their Mothers living in home.

      1 Female15-20

      1840 Pike County
      William Ramey
      1 Male 50-60
      1 Female 50-60
      5 Males And 2 Females
      Also Next Door Is Richard Potter
      Next Door Daniel Ramey Age 20-30
      And Is Moses Ramey Sr Age 20-30

      1850 Census Pike County Ky
      This Census Image Shows Anna Born In South Carolina, And William Born In Virginia

      Some State She Married William In North Carolina

      15 216 216 Ramey Wm 67 M Farmer 6,000 Va
      16 216 216 Ramey Anna 66 F Sc X
      17 216 216 Ramey Wm 24 M Farmer Ky 18

      1850 Census Image

      Next Door, Is Abraham Stewart And Williams Daughter Easter Also Son Daniel And Lucinda
      Moses Is On The Other Side Of This Sheet And He Lives Near.
      Benjamin Bentley Lives The Next House Down From David.
      He Married Anna Ramey, Williams Daughter.

      1860 Census Of Pike Co:
      William Ramey Sr. Age 78 Born In Virginia
      Listed As Farmer With 10,000 Acres
      Living Next To His Children
      With His Grandson Miles Age 15 Born In Ky. Listed As Farmhand
      Living In His Home With Him
      He Had Given Land To Each Of His Children And They Were All Living Near Him

        Will Of William Ramey And Land Document Information

        A Belcher Marriage Document Signed By Wiliam
        He Was The Justice Of The Peace For A Time.

        Land Record 1816 Floyd County Ky

        William And Anna's Tombstone

        A Marker Honoring William Ramey Was Placed At An Elkhorn City, Ky Intersection
        On Sept 2, 2001.
        Ramey Marker

      William R. Ramey And Anna's

        1.....Mary Christine Ramey (Teeny)
        Born: 1803 according to her tombstone: Died: 1868
        Married: Richard Potter 20 January 1825
        Born 1798-1800

        Mary Christine Ramey Potter
        Genealogy Line

        2...John Henry Ramey
        Born: 1805 Kentucky
        Married : #1 Malinda Powell 3-13-1834 Pike
        Married: #2 Emily Stratton (Howell)3-15-1846--B: 1821

        John Henry Ramey
        Genealogy Line

        3...Nancy Ramey
        B: 1815 D: 1889
        Listed As 35 Yrs Old Kanawha County Wva 1850 Census
        Married: 5 April 1831 Joseph Belcher B: 1810
        Died: 1896
        Son Of John Belcher( Son Of George Belcher And Sally Powell )
        And Mary Elswick Belcher
        Nancy Ramey Belcher

        4...Daniel Ramey
        Married: Lucinda Cindesta Carty 2-13-1840 Pike

        Daniel Ramey's Genealogy Line

        Daniel and Lucinda’s Headstone

        5...Moses Ramey
        B: 1814 Pike Co Ky
        Married: Tabitha Jane Fuller 3-29-1838 Pike ;Born 1822
        Moses Ramey
        Genealogy Lines

        6...Elizabeth Ramey
        Born: 1813 died: 11 Dec 1887 Buchanan Co. Virginia
        Married Lazarus Hunt
        11-9-1832 Or 37 Pike
        Elizabeth And Lazarus Lived In Virginia Close To Richard And Mary Potter.
        Charles Ramey And Easter Stewart As Indicated In Williams Will.
        A Map Of The Breaks Interstate Park Shows Hunt Creek Next To Richard Potters Land.
        1850 Russell County Va.

        Lazarus Hunt age 33
        Elizabeth age 40
        Nancy age 17
        Polly age 12
        Susan age 10
        Henry age 9
        Rosanna age 6
        Hezekiah age 3
        Sarah age 4 months

        1860 Buchannan County Va. Census
        Lazarus Hunt age 40
        Elizabeth age 59
        Mary age 17
        Susannah age 16
        Henry age 13
        Rodah age 12
        Hezekiah age 10
        Sarah age 8

        1870 Census
        Lazerith Hunt age 52
        Elizabeth age 62
        Mary age 24
        Rudy female age 23
        Sarah age 21
        Alfa age 5 grandau.
        Davidson age 4 grandson
        James age 2 grandau.
        Liza age 7 months grandau.

        Ages are off on these census records

        1880 Census Buchanan County
        Lazarus age 63
        Elizabeth age 73
        Mary age 36 daughter
        Davidson age 14
        Eliza A. age 10
        George H age 7
        Maldonia age 1

          1..Nancy Hunt B 1833
          2..Polly Hunt B 1838
          3..Susan Hunt B 1838?
          4..Henry Hunt B 1841
          5..Rosanna Rhoda Hunt B 1844
          6..Hezekial Hunt B 1847
          7..Sarah Hunt B 1849

        7...Rebecca Ramey
        B: 1818 Married:#1 William Bentley 10-10-1841 B: 1815
        D: 1866 Pike
        Married:#2 Hiram Osborne in Oct. 1866

        1850 Pike County Census: Houshold #256
        7 256 256 Bentley Wm 35 M Farmer 250 Ky
        256 256 Bentley Rebecca 30 F Ky
        1... Pricey 6 F Ky
        2... Elizabeth 4 F Ky
        3... Marybu 2 F Ky
        4... Gilbert 1 M
        (This Gilbert Bentley Is Father Of Augusta T. Bentley
        Who Later Married George Washington Belcher)Whose Father Lived At #282

        1860 Census Pike County
        Rebecca Bentley age 43
        Pricy Bentley age 18
        Elizabeth age 16
        Maraby age 14
        Gilbert age 11
        Mary A age 8
        Pauline age 6
        Mahala age 4
        George Payne age 34 blacksmith

        1870 Census
        Hiram Osborne age 70
        Rebecca age 51
        Meriby Bentley age 23
        Mary A. Bentley age 19
        Poline Bentley age 17
        Mahaly Bentley age15
        Kenis F ?? (Akers) age 7 months

          1...Pricey Bentley B: 1844
          2...Elizabeth Bentley B: 1846
          3...Maybee (Maribe) Bentley B: 1848
          4...Gilbert Bentley B: 1849
          6…Mary A Bentley born 1852
          7…Pauline Bentley born 1854
          8…Mahala Bentley born 1856
          9…Kenis F. Osborne 1869
          Interesting 1880 has Hiram age 81, Rebecca age 61
          Adopted daughter Melinda Akers age 17
          Grandson Keenis P. Akers age 10

        8...Easter Ramey
        Born: 1821 died: 1865
        Married Abraham Stewart 1-2-1838 Tazewell Co Va.

        Easter And Abraham Moved To West Virginia In 1860 Listed In Mcdowall County Census.
        They Returned To Ky older Children Stayed In Wva. Land Warrant And Surveyors Record: 24 Jun 1852 129 Acres On Grassy Creek,
        Part Of Land Warrant 2624 Dated 19 Dec. 1832
        On The Bank Of Grassy Creek Corner To Richard Potter.

        1840 Pike County Census
        Abraham 30 M Farmer 100 Ky
        Esther 29 F Ky
        Nancey 10 F Ky
        Mary 8 F Va 11
        Ann 6 F Va
        Wm 4 M Ky
        Jenny 3 F Ky
        Thos 4/12

        1850 Pike County Census
        Household 215
        Abraham Stuart Age 30
        Esther Age 29
        Nancey Age 10
        Mary Age 8
        Ann Age 6
        William Age 4
        Jenny Age 3
        Thomas Age 4 Months
        Living Next Door To William And Anna Ramey

        1860 McDowell County West Va Census
        Abram Stewart (Stm 46 Farming Ky
        Esther ( Easter) F 44 Ky,
        Nancy Stewart F 23 Ky
        Mary Stewart F 20 Va
        Arianna Stewart F 17 Va
        William Stewart M 14 Va
        Jane Stewart F 12 Ky
        Thomas Stewart M 10 Ky
        Abram Stewart M 8 Va
        Judith Stewart F 5 Va
        Milton Stewart M 3 Va
        Kesiah Stewart F 11/12 Va

        1870 Census Pike
        Abraham Stewart age 56
        Abraham age 16
        Judah age 14
        Milton age 12
        Kesiah age 10
        James W. age 5

          1..Nancy Stewart B 1840 Va
          2..Mary Stewart B 1842 Va
          3..Arianna Stewart B 1844 Va
          4..William Stewart B 1846 Va
          5..Jenny(Jane) Stewart B 1847 Ky
          6..Thomas Stewart B 1849 Va
          7..Abram B 1852 Va
          8..Judity B 1855 Va
          9..Milton B 1857 Va
          10..Kesiah Age Born 1859 Va
          11..James W. born 1865

          9...Charles Ramey
          Born: 1823 Kentucky
          Married #1 Nancy Case 1-27-1840
          #2 1843 Lucinda Jane
          #3 Susan Henson 1858/59

          29 Dec 1835 Book I-2 P 256 30 Acres;
          16 Dec 1850 Book 11 P 298 100 Acres Pike County
          22 Nov 1851 108 Acres On The Waters Of Sandy By A Path

          1850 Census Of Russell County Va.
          Household# 1761 Listed Age 28 Born In Ky,
          Wife Lucinda Age 23,
          Miles Age 4,
          Lloyd Age 3
          William Age 5 Months.

          He Came Back To Ky And Is In The

          1860 Pike County Census
          Charles #100
          Had Married Susan And Lived Between #97 William Sr
          And Miles Age 15 Living next door with grandfather William Ramey Sr. age 78
          #98 Charles Age 38
          Susan Age 30
          Lloyd H Age 13
          William R. Age 11
          Isaac Ramey Age 1 (Susan's Son)

          By The Date Of His Fathers Will, Charles Had Died
          And By The 1870 Census Susan Remarried To Winston Adkins in 1867
          1870 Census
          Age 40 Isaac L Ramey Age 10

          Winston Adkins age 40
          Susan age 39
          Isaac Ramey age 10
          Timothy P Ramey age 6
          Martha Ramey age 3

          Charles Ramey

            1.....Miles Epperson Ramey Born: 1846
            1860 Census Of Pike County Lists Miles As Age 16 Living
            With His Grandfather William Ramey Sr.
            Married: Susan ??Born 1843
            2.....William Riley Ramey Born: Nov. 1849
            Married #1...Frances Ratiliff
            #2 Lizzie???? William Riley Served In The Civil War:
            Served In The 1st Ky Infantry 1862 A Private Residence Not Listed;
            Enlisted On 2/28/1863 At Buchanan County,
            Va As A Private. On 2/28/1863 He Mustered Into "F" Co. Ky
            14th Cavalry (Date And Method Of Discharge Not Given)
            Source:- Confederate Kentucky Volunteers War 1861-65(C)
            Historical Data Systems, Inc. @ Www.Civilwardata.Com
            Name: Riley Ramey Service Info.: Pvt Confederate States Army
            Birth Date: 12 Nov 1849 Death Date: 24 Jul 1914 Cemetery:
            Elkhorn City Cemetery Address: Elkhorn City, Ky 41522
            1850 And 1860 Census Listed In Home Of Father Charles

            1880 Census Pike Co.
            William R. Ramey
            Mary Frances
            John Martin Born 1870/71 (Possibly Nickamed Bart)
            Sarah Alice Born 1875
            Jesse Born 1877

            Living Next Door Is Frances Parents:
            John Ratliff Age 56
            Wife Tamsey Jane Age 52
            George Son Age 17
            No 1890 Census For Kentucky Survived

            1910 Census Has Riley In Pike Co Riley Ramey Age 61
            With A Really Young Wife
            Lizzie Age 18 Young Wife
            Dewey Age 9 (Married Ella Clevenger:
            My Grandfather's Sister Cindesta Ramey And Lewis Clevenger's Child )

              John Martin Born 1871
              Sarah Alice Born 1875
              David Born 1876
              Jesse Born 1877/78
              Bart Born 1891
              Possibly Jackson Ramey Born 1893

            John Martin Ramey
              1...John Martin Born 1871
              2...Sarah Alice Born 1875
              3...Jesse Born 1877/78
              1900 Pike Co Ky Census
              Jesse B. Ramey Age 22 Born Jan 1878 Kentucky
              Wife Alice Age 17 Born May 1883 Virginia Probably
              Bart His Brother Living In Home With Him Age 8 Born Dec 1891

              1910 Jesse B Ramey Age 30
              Alice Age 26
              Rusia Age 9
              Dave Brother Age 24

              1920 Census Pike Co Ky
              Has Jesse B Ramey Age 40
              Cora Wife Age 39 No Children Listed In Home.
              Either Jesse Was Married Twice Or Her Name Was Cora Alice
              Possibly Clevenger
                1...Russia Born 1901
              4...David Born 1886
              Listed Living In Home Of Brother Jess In 1910
              1920 Pike Co. Census
              Dave B Ramey Living Near Age 34 With Wife
              Blanche Age 24
              Son Herman Age 8
              5...Bart Born December 1891
              Listed Living With Brother Jesse In 1900 Census Age 8
              6...Jackson Born 1893 (In Question).
              Living Next Door To Jesse In 1920 Census
              7...Child By Lizzie: Dewey Born 1901

            3.....Lloyd H. Ramey Born: 1847
            Enlisted Civil War
            2-10-1863 Co. C.
            L H. Ramey
            Residence Not Listed;
            Enlisted On 2/12/1863 At Pike County, Ky As A Private.
            On 2/12/1863 He Mustered Into "C" Co.Ky 14th Cavalry
            (Date And Method Of Discharge Not Given)
            Source:- Confederate Kentucky Volunteers War 1861-65
            4.....Isaac Ramey Born: 1859: Mother Was Susan Henson.
            Isaac was mentioned in his Grandfathers will as Williams fathers last grandson.

          10...William Ramey Jr.
          Born: 1824
          Married : # 1 Elizabeth Stapleton
          Married: #2 Polly Hensen born 1840 married 7-24-1859

          1960 Census Pike
          William Ramey Jr age 30
          Polly age 20
          Arminda Ramey age 4
          Elend Ramey age 2 months
          Possibly Polly’s sister

          Charity Henson age 28
          James M. Ramey age 4
          Eliza a. Henson age 7
          Rebecca Henson age 11
          William Henson age 1

          1870 Census Pike County Ky
          William Jr Ramey age 42
          Polly Age 33
          Arminda Age 13
          Ellender Age 9
          Rena Age 7
          Manford Age 5
          Floyd Age 3
          Melvina Age 21
          Charity Age 2 Months
          James M. Age 13

            1..Arminda Ramey B 1856
            2..James M. Ramey B 1857 Listed Age 60: Jan 1920 Pike County Census
            Married : Mary? Listed Age 62 1920 Pike County Census:
            Children Listed In Jan 1920 Pike County Census
            Me----?Age 33: Bart Age 18: Pearley Age 17: Leeta ?Age 13
            Writing Is Hard To Read Sometimes In The Old Census Sheets:
            3..Ellender Ramey B 1862
            4..Rena Ramey B 1863
            5..Manford Ramey B 1865 6..Floyd Ramey B 1867
            7..Melvin Ramey B 1868
            Listed 1920 Census: West Virginia Kanawha, Cabin Creek
            Melvin Age 52 Born West Va Household #138
            8..Charity Ramey B 1870

          11...Anna Ramey
          B: 1827 died: 1889
          Married : Benjamin Bentley born 1823 Married: 5-8-1845 Pike.

          1850 Pike County Census;
          Household #218 Next Door To Daniel And Lucinda
          And father and mother William and Anna
          Bentley Benj M Farmer Ky
          Anna 21 F Ky
          Jenny 4 F Ky
          Elizabeth 2 F Ky
          Mary 2/12 F

          1860 Census Pike County
          Ben Bentley jr age 36
          Anny Bentley age 31
          Virginia age 14
          Elizabeth age 12
          Poley A age 10
          Sol C. age 8
          William R. P. age 5
          A.V. age 4
          Josephine age 5 months
          Living next door to William Ramey and Moses Ramey

          1870 Census
          Benjamin Bentley age 49
          Annie age 46
          Polly A. age 20
          Solomon C age 17
          William age 16
          A/V. age 14
          Josephine age 11
          Orvalene D. age 2

          1880 Census
          Benjamin age 58
          Anna age 53
          Polly Ann age 29
          William age 25
          Avalene age 13
          Rebecca age 10
          Polly Ann Row daughter age 28
          Rosa age 9 granddaughter
          Sada age 6 granddaughter
          John Rutherford age 2 grandson
          Thomas Ramey age 35 nephew

          Marriage Document Of Anna And Benjamin Bentley

          Second Document

          Anna Ramey Bentley’s Tombstone

            1..Virginia Bentley B 1846
            2..Elizabeth Bentley B 1848
            3..Mary Bentley B 1850
            4..Polly Ann Bentley B 1851
            5..Solomon born 1853
            6..William born 1855
            7..Avalene born 1856
            8..Rebecca Bentley B 1858
            9..Josephine Bentley B 1859

          Main Ramey Index

          William Ramey Land Grants

          March 1824 50 Acres Pike County Ky. Russell Fork Of Sandy River Book # 0
          15 June 1825 50 Acres Pike
          15 June 1825 50 Acres Pike
          26 Dec 1860 425 Acres Pike
          11 Jan 1858 50 Acres Pike
          11 Dec 1828 50 Acres Pike
          11 Sept 1830 50 Acres Pike
          28 Feb 1837 100 Acres Pike
          20 Jan 1842 50 Acres Pike
          20 Jan 1842 50 Acres Pike
          4 Oct 1845 122 Acres Pike
          26 Dec 11850 2,260 Acres Elkhorn Creek, Pike
          3 April 1851 50 Acres Pike