Daniel Remy, William Remy,
        Floyd and Johnson County Kentucky

        Daniel Remy/Ramey Born 1720 Westmoreland County Virginia
        Died : 1763 Frederic County Va.
        Married: Dorcas Brickey Born 1724
        This Line Of The Remy/ Ramey Is A Bit Interchanged With The Ramey Name
        Many Kept The Remy, Spelling Of The Name, Until After 1870 Then
        Census Takers Changed Many Spellings.
        In This Johnson County Kentucky Research, Floyd County Was Divided Into Several Counties,
        Johnson And Pike County Was Two Of These Divisions.

        Daniel ‘s descendants ended up in Johnson County KY

        only one child known
          9.... 1...William Remy--Born-1744/45 Westmoreland Co Va
          Died; 5-16-1816 Paintsville Floyd County Kentucky, Johnson County Ky. Today.
          Married: 1768 Eleanor McCarty Born 1750 Va. Russell Co. Va
          Died: 1830
          Daughter Of Patrick McCarty And Jemima Pugh

          Migrated to North Carolina sometime before 1784 and was in Floyd County KY
          As early as 1795

          Grantee index to Deeds Floyd Co. Ky. William Ramey husband of Eleanor
          settled near the Wheelers on Paint Creek at the Levisa Fork of Big Sandy River.
          Deed is to a William Ramey Feb. 13 1816 370 acres at Paint Lick Creek. Todays Paintsville, Johnson Co. Ky.

          Grantee Index to Deeds Floyd County Kentucky

          At one time in Floyd County Ky, there were two William Remy, Ramey’s seniors in 1810 Floyd
          This William Remy was living in the area of Paint Lick Creek, and this shows a deed there, when Floyd County was divided,
          It became Paintsville Ky Johnson County

          William Ramey of Pike was living in the area of Russell Fork Creek, when Floyd was divided
          That area became Elkhorn City Kentucky pike County

          Keeping the deeds straight is knowing which area they lived in
          William Ramey and founder of Elkhorn City Ky. Sept. 24 1816,
          is deeded 200 acres on Russell Fork Creek, another branch of the Big Sandy River.
          Elkhorn City Ky. is in today Pike Co. Ky. Approximately 60 miles South of Paintsville, Ky.

          All indications that this William Remy was in Wilkes county North Carolina during
          1784-87 early Census and migrated to Floyd County Ky about 1795

          Will Of William Remy Of Floyd County Kentucky
          28 Apr 1816: Below

            10...1...John Remy
            Born: 1769 NC
            Married: Nancy Romans 10-11-1797 Va
            Daughter Of Joshua Romans

            1820 Census of Floyd County lists brothers: John and William living near one another

            Floyd Co Ky. court Feb. 1811.
            John Ramey took oath to support the constitution of the USA
            and was sworn in as a Constable of Floyd Co.
            Securities were James Wheeler and Francis Brown.

            Floyd Co.Ky, James, Ramey, John Ramey 50 pounds bond Dec 21, 1818, James Ramey to wed Mary Wheeler
            Category: Document
            Description: Floyd Co Ky 21 Dec. 1818
            James Ramey John Ramey pay 50 pounds bond to State of Kentucky...

              11...1...Mary Remy B 1798 Ky.
              Living with brother in 1880 single

              1870 Census age 71 living with brother Thaddeus

              1880 Lawrence County Kentucky Census
              Thaddeus Age 63 Born Va.
              Hannah Age 54
              Sherman Age 17
              Mary Age 82 Born Va.

              11...2...Elizabeth Remy B 1800
              11...3...John Franklin Remy B @1802
              (Information On This Line Provided By Ruby Gann):
              John Franklin Remy S/O John Remy And Nancy Romans
              Born Oct 10, 1805, Washington Co., Va
              . Died Abt 1874, Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., Ar
              Married 1829, Wayne Co., Va. Rebecca Rachel Black
              D/O Henry Black And Rebecca Jane Addington Born About 1813, Ky.
              Died About 1871, Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., Ar. And Had 16 Children:
                  1, Rebecca Jane (2) Ramey/ Remy Born May 19, 1831,
                  Lawrence Co., Ky. Died Sept 15, 1923 Amos, Sebastian Co., Ar.
                  Married Mar 17, 1859, Carter Co., Ky. To Isom Powell Daniel Sr.

                  2, William B. Remy Born July 15, 1833 Lawrence Co., Ky.,
                  Died Nov 22, 1899, Fort Smith, Ar. Married (1) Mar 11, 1855, Morgan Co., Ky. To Mary Amanda Mckenzie, (2) Martha Zornes

                  3, Elizabeth Eleanora Jane "Nellie" Ramey Born Mar 19, 1835 Lawrence Co., Ky.,
                  Married (1) Unk. Horsley (2) Amos Daniel (3) Elzy Mcginnis

                  4, Henry C. Remy Born Feb 16, 1837 Lawrence Co., Ky.
                  Died Dec 12, 1888 Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Ar. Married (1) April 5, 1859 Carter Co., Ky. Leah Fannin (2) Mary Young

                  5, John Wheeler Ramey Born May 5, 1840 Hood's Fork, Blaine, Lawrence Co., Ky.
                  Died July 22, 1926, Olive Hill, Carter Co., Ky. Married (1) March 15, 1866 Carter Co., Ky. Cynthia "Sintha" Ellen Erwin (2) Adeline Stacy

                  6, Martha "Caroline" Remy Born May 20, 1842 Lawrence Co., Ky.
                  Died Aug 23, 1920 Springfield, Greene Co., Mo
                  . Married (1) Nov 10, 1865 Carter Co., Ky. Marion Balanton (2) Harrison Buckner

                  7, James D. Ramey Born July 24, 1844 Lawrence Co., Ky.
                  Died Nov 22, 1894 Soldiers Home, Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co., Ks.
                  (1) Married Abt 1869, Eliza Jane Hunter, (2) Catherine Fairchild

                  8, Almeda (Twin) Ramey, Born Abt. 1845 Washington Co., Ar.
                  Died April 15, 1879 Washington Co., Ar. Married Abt. 1865 To John S. Lewis

                  9, Jemima Remy Born Oct 5, 1846 Lawrence Co., Ky.
                  Married (1) Thomas Smith (2) Mar 13, 1863 Phillip Levine

                  10, Owen H. Remy Born Abt 1848 Johnson Co., Ky.
                  Married Abt 1870 Johnson Co., Ky. Martha Vernon

                  This Owen Is Also Listed As His Brother Thaddeus Son
                  , According To 1850 Census He Is Thaddeus Son.

                  11, Rachel Catherine "Kate" Remy Born Jan 17, 1849 Lawrence Co., Ky.
                  Married June 6, 1865 Lawrence Co., Ky. (1) Martin Luther Chandler (2) Amos Reed

                  12, Reuben M. "Rube" Remy Born July 19, 1851 Bowling Green, Warren Co., Ky.
                  Died Nov 20, 1922 Tulsa, Tulsa Co., Ok.
                  Married June 16, 1872 Sebastian Co., Ar. To Sarah 'Sallie" Alice White
                  (2) Unknown, (3) Elizabeth Sheldon Arthur

                  13, Elizabeth Remy Born April 29, 1853 Lawrence Co., Ky.
                  Married Mar 3, 1878 Ky. To John W. Price

                  14, Sanford Remy 1856 Ky. Died Young
                  15, Lafayette Aloysius Ramey Born Jan 17, 1856 Olive Hill, Carter Co., Ky.
                  Died 1941 Carpinteria, Santa Barbara Co., Ca.
                  Married (1) Alice A. Reed (2) Jan 20, 1881 Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., Ar. To Sarah "Sadie" Elizabeth Miller

                  16, Angelina Lenora Remy Born 1858 Died 1859 Young
                  John, Rachel And Family Checked Through Lawrence Co., Ky. Census,
                  1830, 1840, 1850, Carter Co., Ky. Census 1860,
                  Most All Of Them Went To Arkansa Between 1861 And 1870.
                  1860 Olive Hill, P. O., Carter Co., Ky. Household 70, John & Rachel With 9 Children.
                  Pedigree, Rubie Golart)Esther Gladys Remy(William Lafayette Remy)Reuben M. "Rube" Remy

              11... 4...Thomas Remy B 1803

              11... 5...Jennisy Remy B 1810

              11... 6...Thaddeus Remy B 1817

              Married: Dianna McDowall Listed 280 Acres Book 79 Page 493 1870 Lawrence Co. Ky.
              This Families Surname Is Found Several Ways. Raimy, Ramey, Remy, Raimey,
              1850 Census Lists:
              Thaddeus Age 36
              Wife Dianna Age 25,
              Hiram Age 14,
              Samuel, Age 13,
              John Age 10,
              Franklin Age 9,
              Jane Age 9,
              William Age 7,
              Perry Age 4.
              Owen Age 2

              1870 Census Lawrence Col Ky Lists:
              Thaddeus Age 55,
              Diannah Age 44
              Owen Age 22,
              Rebecca Age 17,
              Jenilles Age 16,
              Piety Age 14,
              Daniel Age 13,
              Benjamin Age 12,
              George W. Age 10,
              Kiza Age 8,
              Lucinda Age 6,
              Sherman Age 3,
              Mary Age 71.[sister]

              1880 Census Lists: Thaddeus Age 63 Diannah Age 54, Sherman Age 17, Mary Age 82.

                1…Hiram Born 1836
                2…Samuel Born 1837 Married: Jane E. ??
                Mary A., John G., And Jane B.
                3…John Raimy Born 1840
                4…Franklin Born 1841 Married Mary??
                William And Lindsay
                5…Jane Born 1842
                6…William Born 1843 Married Frances, One Child Known: Lucy
                7…Perry C. Ramey Born 1845 Married: Amanda
                8…Owen H. Ramey Born 1848 Johnson Co. Ky
                Married: Martha Vernon
                1880 Johnson Co. Flat Gap Census
                Owen H. Remy Age 32. Wife,
                Martha Age 32 Born Va.
                Willie Age 8,
                Theodore Age 6,
                Charly Age 3,
                Emily Jane Age 1
                This Owen H. Remy Is Also Listed As Thaddeus Brother John’s Son In Some Genealogies But He Is In The 1850 Census As Thaddeus Son.
                9… Rebecca Born 1853
                10..Jenilles Born 1854
                11..Piety Born 1856
                12..Daniel Born 1857
                13..Benjamin Born 1858
                14..George W Born 1860
                15..Kiza Born 1862
                16..Lucinda Born 1864
                17..Sherman Born 1867
              7...William Remy Born 1818

              8…Owen Remy Born 1819 Listed In 1850 Census Sister Mary In Home Age 52

            10...2...Mary Remy
            Born: 4-13-1772 NC Died 1840 Johnson Co. Ky
            Married: Thomas Underwood M:1789 Wilkes Co N.C.

            10...3...William Remy
            Born: 1774 NC . Died After 1840 Married Nellie Martin??
            April 3, 1813 William Remy is on Jury duty Floyd Co. Court
            Prestonsburg Kentucky. Order Book A Floyd Co. court records

            Listed in 1820 Floyd County next to brother John Remy

                11...1....Daniel Remy
                11...2... James Remy Born 1801 Va
                Married: Anna Born: 1799 Va.
                  12...1...Sarah Born 1831 Ky
                  12...2...Mary Born 1833
                  12...3...Thomas W. Born 1837
                11...3...Joshua Remy B: 1804 Va..Died: 1877 Deering Lawrence Co. Ohio.,
                Married Nancy Wheeler B 1810 Hoods Fork
                Fl Co. Ky
                Died 1881 Deering Ohio. Married 1829 Dau
                Of James Moses Wheeler And Fairleanah E. Harrison

                11...4...William Remy
                11...5...John Remy
                11...6...Nela Remy
                11...7...Jemima Remy
                11...8...Elizabeth Dorcas Remy B; 1813 Ky Married Asa J.
                Reed. 1813 Ky. Died 10-10-1855 Johnson Co Ky. Married
                11-9-1833 Son Of William Reed And Hanna
                11...9...Lucy Remy B: Married: Spencer Hill 1-7-1819 Fl Co.

            10...4...James Remy
            B: 1775 NC
            Died 1838 Fl Co
            Married..Nancy Pemereck Born: 1821
            1880 Meeker County Mn Census:

            Collinwood Page 11, Dist 3, Enumeration Dist No 58, 9, June 1880
            Alex Rameys Home: Nancy Ramey (Mother) Age 59 Born In Va. With Brother Andrew Age 22 Born Va.

                11..1...Sally (Sarah) Remy B. 1807 Scott Co Va
                11..2...Eleanor Remy B: 1811 Scott Co Va. M..Eleazor
                Lemaster Jr. B 1814 Married: 7-22-1832 Son Of
                Francis And Eleanor Jayne Lemaster.
                11..3...Susanna Remy Born 1816 Scott Co Va. Married Ananias Moore
                11..4...John Remy / Ramey Born 1825 Scott Co Va. Died 1875 Fallsburg Ky
                Married: Dicy Owens 17th Day Of December 1843 Pike County Ky.
                Dau. Of Hardin Owens Of Pike County Ky.
                Marriage Bond Also Has James Ramey As John's Father

                1850 Russell County Census:
                John Ramey Age 24
                Dicy Age 20
                Alexander Age 5
                Rebecca Age 2
                Jefferson (Thomas) Age 1

                  1...Alexander Born 1845 Russell Co Va
                  Died: 1912 Meeker Co. Minnesota
                    1880 Meeker County Mn. Census:
                    Alexander Ramey Age 35 Born In Va Parents Born In Va. Margarette Age 37 Born In Nc.
                    Parza Jane Age 15 Born Mn
                    Rosabeth Age 13
                    Martha Ann Age 11
                    Symantha Age 9
                    Noha Age 7 (Spelling In Census Noah)
                    Allice Age 5(Spelling In Census Alice)
                    J Anderson Age 3
                    Lily Age 1
                    Nancy Ramey (Mother) Age 59 Born In Va. With Brother Andrew Age 22 Born Va.
                    Census Taker Loged Two Different Household Numbers 107 And 108 For These But Says Mother After Nancy Ramey's Name, Usually Only Done If In The Same Household.

                    Noah Ramey Age 24 Born Va. At Household 112 With Wife Jennie Age 15 Born Va.
                    1...Parza Jane Ramey Born 1865 Minnesota
                    2...Rosa Beth Ramey Born 1867 Mn.
                    3...Martha Ann Ramey Mn
                    4...Samantha Ramey Born 1870 Mn
                    5...Noah Ramey Born Jul 1874 Mn
                    6...Alice Ramey Born 1875 Mn
                    7...James Anderson Ramey Born 1877 Meeker Co. Mn.
                    8...Lily Ramey Born 1870 Mn
                    9...Harman Ramey Born 1880 Mn
                    10..Jane Ramey Born Feb 1883 Meeker Co Mn
                    11..Tracy Ramey Born 1885 Meeker Co Mn

                  2...Rebecca Ramey Born 1846 Russell County Va

                  3...Thomas Jefferson (Jeff) Ramey Born 1849 Russell County Va
                    1...Edgar Martin Ramey Born 11 March 1876 Lawrence County Ky
                    Died: 23 Jan 143 Genoa Wayne County Wv.
                    2...Maggie Ramey Born 1877 Lawrence Co. Ky. Died 1976 Fallsburg Ky
                    3...Mary N. Ramey Born 1880 Fallsburg Ky
                    Died: 1930
                    4...Carrie (Cora) Ramey Born 1885 Ky
                    5...Cleveland Ramey Born 1887 Fallsburg
                    6...Maude Bell Ramey Born 1890 Ky
                    7...May Ramey Born 1894 Ky

                  4...Cynthia Jane Ramey Born 1850 Russell Co Va.

                  5...Charles Ramey Born 1852 Russell Co. Va.

                  6...Noah Ramey Born 1856 Va

                  1880 Meeker County Mn Census Lists Noah Age 24 With
                  Wife Jenny Age 15 Both Born In Va.

                  Brother Alex Ramey And Mother Also In Same Census

                  7...Andrew Ramey Born 1859
                  Listed In Meeker County Mn 1880 Census Age 22 With Mother Nancy, Household #108
                  1930 Minnesota Census Lemay, Aitkin County
                  Andrew B. Ramey Age 71 Born In Va 23 When Married

                  Amanda Age 69 Born In Va 20 When Married
                  8...James Born 1862
                  1880 Census Scott County Va.
                  George Ramey Age 16 Nephew In Household Of Hannah Ramey Farm Laborer
                  And James Ramey Nephew Age 16 In Same Household (Both Listed Age 16)

                  9...George W Born 1864 Fallsburg Ky Died After 1910

                  1880 Census Floyd Scott County Va
                  George Ramey Age 16 Nephew In Household Of Hannah Remey Age 45 As A (Farm Laborer)
                  And James Ramey Nephew Age 16 In Same Household (Both Listed Age 16) Farm Laborer
                  Sally (Sarah) Ramey Age 73 Lised As Mother Of Hannah.
                  So According To This Census George And James Was Left In Scott County Va With An Aunt. Or Great Aunt As Farm Laborers And Nancy And Youngest Andrew Went To Minnesota With Alexander
                  This Seems Plausable Since John Was Born In Scott County Va. And If He Died And Nancy Went To Mn. Then She Let An Aunt Have The Two Boys As Laborers On The Farm.
                  Eliza Blevins Listed As Sister In Same Household.
                  If This Is The Same Sally Ramey That Is John's Sister Then She Never Married Or She Married A Ramey Also, Because She Is Listed As Hannah Rameys Mother Sally Ramey.

                    1...Alonzo (Lon) Ramey Born 1883 Lawrence Co. Ky
                    Died: 22 Oct 1959 Lookout Ky
                    Married: Molly??

                    1930 Pike County Kentucky Census
                    Sheet # 8b Enumeration District 97-13 District 3
                    Census States He Was 24 When They Married
                    So They Were Married About 1907
                    Lon Age 47 Born In Ky Coal Miner
                    Mollie Age 38
                    Edgel Age 19
                    Edd Age 16
                    Johnnie Age 10
                    Lillian Age 8
                      1...Charley Ramey Born 30 May 1909
                      Died: 14 Jan 1965 Orange Co Ca.
                      2...Edgel Ramey Born 21 Feb 1911 Ky
                      Died 9 Jan 1965
                      3...Ed Ramey Born 1914 Ky Died After 1930
                      4...John Ramey Born 4 April 1921 Lawrence Co Ky
                      Died: 10 Oct. 1979 Lawrence Co Ky Black Lung Disease
                      Married: Naomie Bowling
                      Daughter Of Robert Drexel "Drack" Bowling And Virgie Minnix
                      Son Of Reece Bowling And Cordelia Overstreet
                      Son Of Henry Clay Bowling And Rebecca Ratliff. Bowlings Lived In Pike Co Ky.

                        1...Eleanor Ruth Ramey Born 23 Aug 1943 Pikeville Ky
                        Married: Charles Grumman
                        2...Johnny Dewayne Ramey Born 11 March 1945 Lookout Ky
                        3...Dottie Lou Ramey Born 14 Sept 1947 Lookout Ky
                        Died 29 June 1996 Nashville Tenn
                        4...Roger Lane Ramey Born 6 Aug 1949 Lookout Ky
                        5...Michael Blake Ramey Born 27 July 1951 Henry Clay Ky
                        6...Patty Lee Ramey Born 4 Jan 1957 Elkhorn City, Pike County Ky
                        Married: #1 Terry Lovelace, The Wilburns' Drummer, In 1976, And After Moving With Him To Kings Mountain, N.C., They Both Played In Various Rock Bands In The Charlotte Area. Although Her Marriage Broke Up That Year, She Kept Her Married Name, Changing The Spelling Slightly To Loveless.
                        Her Father, John Ramey, Who Retired At 42 Because Of Black Lung Disease, Died In 1979. Married: #2 Emory Gordy Jr., He Has Produced All Her Albums For Epic.
                        Her Brother Roger Ramey, Is Now Her Manager.
                        7...Jeffrey Clark Ramey Born 10 Oct 1962 Pike County Ky

                      5...Lillian Born 1922
                    2...Detta Ramey Born 1888 Lawrence Co Ky

                    3...Nannie (Nan) Ramey Born 1893 Ky
                    Married: William Hayes Born 1878
                    Age 35 At Marriage According To The 1930 Census
                    Nannie Age 20 At Marriage
                    1930 Lawrence County Census
                    William A. Hayes Age 52 Born In Ky
                    Nannie Age 37 Born In Ky
                    Paul E. Age 15
                    Arta R. Age 8
                    Carl E. Age 6
                    Virginia Age 2
                    Jefferson Age 8 Months
                      1...Harry Hayes Born 1912 Ky
                      2...Bazeal Hayes
                      3...George Hayes
                      4...Paul Born 1915
                      5...Arta R. Born 1922
                      6...Carl E. Born 1924
                      7...Virginia Born 1928 Ky
                      8...Jefferson Born 1930

                      4...Edwin Ramey Born 1891 Ky
                      Married: Catie ? Born 1907
                      1930 Pike County Kentucky Census
                        Ed Age 35 Born In Kentucky
                        Catie Age 33 Born In Kentucky
                        Married At Age 20 And Catie 18
                        Plumer Age 14 Dau.
                        Bonnie Age 11
                        James Edward Age 8

            10...5...Dorcas Remy
            Born : 1776 NC.
            Died: 1849 Johnson Co Ky
            Married: William Jayne B: 7-10-1775 Orange Co Ny
            Died: 6-14-1862 Johnson Co Ky.
            M. 11-22-1796 Washington Co Va. Son Of Henry Jayne
            Iii And Abagail Wheeler.
                11...1...Daniel Boone Jayne B: 1802 Wash Co. Vir.
                M. Civillar Jane B: 1806 Floyd Co Ky.
                Buried: Flat Gap Johnson Co Ky.
                Married: 12-13-1832 Morgan Co Ky Dau Of William Jane.
                11...2...Henry Jayne B: 10-5-1803 Wash Co Vir Died:
                5-18-1870 Flat Gap Ky.. Married Sarah Sparks
                B: 7-4-1803 Wilkes Co N.C. Died: 10-14-1893 Flat
                Gap..Married: 12-13-1824 Lawrence Co Ky Dau Of
                Thomas Sparks And Dianah Wilcox
                11...3...Katherine Jayne B: 1-15-1807 Died: 5-6-1883 Lewis
                Co. Ky. Married; Thomas Sparks Jr. B: 11-8-1801
                D: 2-8-1876 Boyd Co Ky
                M..12-24-1823 Lawrence Co Ky Son Of Thomas Sparks And Dianah Wilcox.
                11...4...Jemima Jayne B: 1812
                11...5...Sarah Jayne B: 1813 D: 6-27-1854 Married Daniel
                Wilcox Sparks B: 10-27-1806 Surry Co N.C.
                Died 10-1900 Buried Family Cem, His Farm
                Hood Creek Married; 7-31-1834 Son Of Thomas
                Sparks And Dianah Wilcox
                11...6...Margaret Jayne B: 1815 Married John Salyer
                B 1810 Mocassin Creek Russell Co Vir. D 1887
                Maried 11-24-1828 Son Of Zachariah Salyer Jr.
                11...7...Eleanor Jayne B: 1798 Wash Co Vir. Died 1849
                Johnson Co Ky. Maried Francis Lemaster B:
                1793 S.C. Died 9-29-1858 Johnson Co Ky..
                M...4-4-1813 Floyd Co Ky Son Of Eleazor
                Lemaster And Machell Tackett.

            10...6....Eleanor Remy
            Born : 1778 NC.
            Died: 1830 Floyd Co Ky
            Married: John Rowland Born : 1775 Va. Died :1820
            M..9-19-1799 Washington Co Va.

            10...7....Jemima Remy
            Born : 1782 NC
            Married John Auxier
            M..8-16-1810 Floyd Co Ky.

            John Auxier
            Jemima Ramey Marriage
            license 6 Aug 1810
            Category: Document
            Description: Jemima Ramey was the daughter of William Ramey and Eleanor Ramey and sister of Catherine...

            1830 lived in Paintsville Ky
            Bought land in 1848 and Lived in Lawrence Missouri in 1850

            10...8....Daniel Remy
            Born: 9-23-1789 NC
            Died: 1850 Johnson Before 1850 Census Which Lists
            Wife Nancy Living In Household With a female named Tempy

            Married: Nancy Pelphrey Born: 1787 Va.
            Died: Oct 4, 1858 Johnson Co. Ky.
            Married..8-16-1807 Floyd Co. Ky
            Daughter of William and Nancy Pelphrey

            Buried: Volga Cem. Johnson County, Ramey Branch Cem
            Both Daniel and Nancy

            1850 Johnson County Census Has
            Nancy Remy (Spelled As Is) In Household # 103 Age 64 Born In Va.
            With Dau. Tempy Age 13 Born Ky

            Tempy could be granddaughter

            Next to them is Daniel age 30 with wife Frances age 33
                11...1...Abigail Remy Married John Curtis 4-13-1850

                11...2...Alexander Remy

                11...3...James Remy:

                11...4...Daniel Ramey/Remy Jr. Took Ramey Name Spelling
                Born : 1820 Died:
                1871 Johnson Co Ky .. Married
                Francis Ann Ferguson B: 1817 Va. M..4-28-1846 Johnson Co Ky.
                1850 Johnson County Census Household #103 Has Daniel And Francis
                Living Next Door To Mother Nancy Remy age 64 and Tempy age 13

                1870 Paintsville, Johnson County Ky Census
                Daniel Age 50 Spelling Daniel Ramey Born Ky
                Francis Age 55 Born Va

                11...5...John Remy Born 1825 Kentucky
                Married: Phoebe Born 1826
                Honeywell Greenup County 1880 Census
                John Ramey Age 53 Coal Miner
                Phoebe Ramey Age 53
                Polley Age 19
                Sarah Age 16
                Nancy Age 13
                Mary Belle Age 10
                John Wheeler Age 18 Nephew Coal Miner
                John Ramey Age 11 Grandson Coal Miner
                  12...1...William J Born 1843
                  12...2...Zachary Born 1848
                  12...3...Poly Born 1860
                  12...4...Sarah Born 1864
                  12...5...Nancy Born 1867
                  12...6...Mary Belle Born 1870

                11...6...Thomas Jefferson Ramey Took Ramey Spelling
                B: 8-15-1826 Floyd Co Ky..Died 2-27-1902 Buried
                Ramey Branch Volga Johnson Co. Ky.
                Sarah (Sally)Williams B: 1829 Tenn. D: 1911 Buried
                Ramey Branch. Married: 5-11-1846 E P Hills
                Johnson Co, Dau Of Charles Williams And Hannah Johnson.
                1850 Census Johnson County Ky Has Thomas Remy Age 23 Born In Kentucky
                Sarah Age 21 Born In Tennessee
                Charles G. Age 3 Born In Kentucky
                George W. Age 1

                1870 Paintsville Johnson County Census
                Thomas J. Remey Age 44 Born Ky(Spelling Remey)
                Sarah Age 42 Born Tenn
                Charles G. Age 23 Born Ky
                Mary A Age 15
                A. R. Son Age 14
                Loudema C Age 10 Twin
                Louanna Age 10 Twin
                Nancy M (Melissa) Age 5
                Thomas J (Jefferson)Age 3
                Missouri Dau. Age 1
                1880 Census Johnson County Ky Flat Gap Has Thomas Remy Age 51 Born Kentucky Father Born In Virginia Mother Born In Tennessee
                Sarah Age 49
                  Lou Deema Age 21
                  Melissa Age 17
                  Jefferson Age 15
                  Charlotte M. Age 11
                  Alexander Age 5
                  John A. Age 2

                  12 1...Charles G. Remy / Ramey. Born 1847 Johnson County Kentucky.
                  Listed As Age 3 In 1850 Johnson County Census
                  1870 Census Listed Still At Home Age 23
                  1880 Census Lists Age 33 Born In Ky.
                  Married Rebecca Salyer Born 1857
                  Listed 1880 Census Age 23 Born In Ky.
                  Charles Is Listed In The 1920 Johnson County Census Living In Home Of Youngest Son William At Age 73

                    1...Henry F. Remy / Ramey Born 1871
                    1880 Census Lists As Age 9 Henry F. Remy
                    Henry Age 57 Johnson County Ky Census 1930
                    Elizabeth Age 51
                      Frank Age 19
                      Thomas Age 14
                      William Collinsworth Son In Law Age 29
                      Nova Collinsworth Dau. Age 22
                      T.H. Collinsworth Grandson Age 7, Margaret 6, Elsa 4, Bill Jr 1.
                      Gertrude Whitt Dau. Age 30
                      Husband Sherman Whitt Age 28
                      Mary Whitt Age 2, John Age 1

                    2...Asa Jack Remy / Ramey Born 1872
                    1880 Census Lists As Accey J. Remy Age 8
                    1920 Spelling Is Asa Ramey Age 47 Riceville Johnson County Ky.
                      Asa Age 47
                      June Age 35
                      Jessie Dau. Age 17
                      Ora Dau Age 15
                      Geneva Age 11
                      Samuel Age 9
                      Fred Age 7
                      Dorothy Age 4
                      E.M Dau Age 1
                      Emerson Caudill Stepson Age 13

                      1930 Johnson County Census
                      Asa Ramey Age 57
                      June Age 45
                      Sam Age 20
                      Fred Age 18
                      Dortha Age 15
                      M Age 10
                      ?? Dau Age 9
                      Roy Age 7
                      Bay?? Age 7
                      Emerson Caudill Stepson Age 23
                    3...Nathaniel L. Remy / Ramey Born 1876

                    1880 Census Lists Nathaniel Remy Age 5
                    Wife Stella M. ? Born

                    1920 Census Lists Nathaniel With Spelling Of Ramey
                    Nathaniel L. Ramey Age 43 Born In Ky.
                    Stella M. Age 32
                    Rushia Age 13
                    Hazel S Age 10
                    Mattie M Age 7
                    Clara M Age 7
                    Edward Age 4
                      1...Viola Ramey
                      Married: Lindsey William
                          Brother Edward Living In Home In 1930 Johnson County Ky Census Age 14
                          Lindsey Age 35
                          Viola Age 31
                          Bethel Age 12
                          James Age 8
                          Elmon Age 1
                          Edward Ramey Brother In Law Age 14
                      2...Rushia Ramey
                      3...Hazel S. Ramey
                      4...Clara Marie Ramey
                      Born 5 May 1912 Johnson County Ky
                      Died: 24 November 1981 Nashville Tennessee
                        Married: Melvin (Ted) Webb
                        Loretta Webb Lynn Born 1935
                        Brenda Chrystal Gale) Webb
                      5...Mattie M. Ramey
                      6...Edward Ramey Born 1916
                      Living In Sister Viola's Home Age 14 In 1930 Census

                    4...Lorenzo D. Remy / Ramey 1880 Census Lists Age 2

                    5...William Remy /Ramey Born 1892
                    1920 Census Riceville Johnson County Census:
                    William Ramey Age 28
                    Margaret Age 32
                    Charles (Father) Age 73

                  12...2...George W. Remy/ Ramey Born 1849

                  Married: Ellen Amanda ?? Born 1846
                      1870 Census Paintsville Johnson County Census
                      George W. Age 21
                      Amanda Age 24
                      Nathan A. Age 3 Months

                      Listed 1880 Census Age 32 Johnson County Ky George Ramey (Spelling Ramey)
                      Wife Listed:
                      Ellen Amanda. Age 36 Born In Va.
                      Nathan A. Age 10 Born In Ky.
                      Mary E. Age 1 Born In Ky

                      1920 Census Flat Gap Johnson County Census:
                      George W. Age 70
                      Amanda Age 74

                  12...3...Mary A Remy / Ramey Born 1855
                  12...4...H. R. Remy Born 1856
                  12...5...Loudema Cathleen (Kathleen) Age 10 Twin Born 1860
                  Never Married:
                  Alson Known As Ludina
                  Died: 15 Sept 1943 Floyd County Ky.
                    1...John A. Born 1879
                    2...Mary Born 1882
                    3...Nancy A Born Oct 1893
                    4...Russell Born 1899 Died 1977
                    Buried: Higland Memorial Park, Johnson Co Ky.
                    Preacher For The First Church Of God
                    Married: Virgie Mckenzie
                    Both Buried: Paintsville Cemetery
                    2...Mary Louise Ramey
                    Born 1921 Died 2007
                    Married: Elmer Pat Slone Born 1920 Died 1981
                    3...Russell Jr. Ramey Born 1923
                    Died: July 2, 2002 Kissimmee Florida
                    Buried Chestertown Maryland
                    5...Hazel Ramey
                    Born 1936 Died 2013
                    Married?? Hartge


                12...6...Louanna Age 10 Twin To Loudema< Born 1860br> 12...7...Nancy M (Melissa) Age 5 Born 1865
                12...8...Thomas J (Jefferson)Age 3 Born 1867
                12...9...Charlotte Missouri Born 1869
                12..10...Alexander Born 1879
                12..11...Lorenzo Born 1880
                    1920 Johnson County Flat Gap Census
                    Thomas J. Ramey Age 52
                    Sarah Age 49
                    1...Ervin Age 19
                    2...Ethel Age 18
                    1930 Census Johnson County Ky
                    Semie ?? Salyer Age 23
                    Ethel Age 20
                    Elsie C. Age 3 Months
                    3...Lida Age 13
                    4...Arthur Age 11 5...Son Roby Living Next Door With Wife Carrie
                    1930 Census
                      Roby Age 34
                      Carrie Age 34
                      Elwood Age 10 Son
                      Elgie Age 7 Son
                      Harly E Age 5 Son
                      Elsa Age 3
                      Neda May Age 2

                12...9...Missouri Charlotte Dau. Age 1 Born 1869
                12...10..Alexander Born 1875
                12...11..Lorenzo Born 1878

                11…7…Sarah Remy Born 1829 Died 1911
                Her tombstone is on her father and mothers and brother Thomas

                11...8...Temperance Remy B: 1837

              10...9....Catherine Remy
              Born: 6-1786 N.C.
              Died 11-11-1852 Concord, Johnson Co Ky
              Married: 1, 9 1780 Floyd Co. Ky, Stephen Wheeler
              Born: 10-15-1780 Wise Co Va.
              D: 4-6-1835 Floyd Co. Ky
              Son Of Jesse Wheeler And Jane Cole.

              Tombstone Says: Katherine R. Wheeler born 1786 died 1852

                  11...1...Dorcas Wheeler B: 11-22-1805 Floyd Co Ky D: 2-4-1902

                  11...2...Elizabeth Wheeler: B:6-14-1807 Died 1900
                  Ky...Married James Daniel B: 1811 D: 1900
                  M..2-11-1830 Floyd Co Ky Son Of Isom Daniel And Mary Polly Borders

                  11...3...Anna Wheeler B: 1-18-1809 Floyd Co Ky
                  Died : 2-4-1849 Married James F. Preston 5-3-1835
                  Son Of Eliphus Preston Sr And Anna Pelphrey

                  11...4...Jesse Wheeler B: 6-2-1811 Floyd Co. D 6-1861
                  Married: Louisiana Or Susanna Knott1-13-1840

                  11...5...Eleanor Wheeler B: 10-5-1812 D: 12-2-1882
                  Married Joseph Lemaster B 9-16-1809 D:6-4-1890
                  M.4-19-1832 Floyd Co Ky. Son Of John Lemaster And Frances Tackett

                  11...6...John Wheeler B: 2-11-1814 Floyd Co D: 8-27-1824
                  Johnson Co Ky. Married: Mary Davis 3-1838

                  11...7...Jemima Wheeler B: 7-14-1815 Floyd..D:9-27-1875
                  Married John Davis B: 11-7-1820 Lawrence Co Ky
                  D: 9-2-1871 Buried Mayo Farm Cem, Paintsville
                  Johnson Co Ky Married" 6-28-1840 Son Of Joseph
                  Davis And Elizabeth Borders.

                  11...8...Lydia Wheeler B: 10-18-1816 D: 12-18-1818

                  11...9...Daniel Wheeler B: 2-25-1818 Floyd D: 2-1887
                  Married Elizabeth Hager B: 1821 Vir D:8-1885
                  M...11-22-1840 Floyd Dau Of John Hager

                  11...10.Jane Wheeler B:11-16-1819 Floyd D: 3-26-1877
                  Married: James A Ward 1-31-1839 Floyd Co, Ky

                  11...11.Mary Wheeler B: 3-17-1822 D: 1905 Buried:
                  Old Ward Cemetery Offut Ky. On Long Point Angling Toward Big Sandy River.
                  Married: #1 Rhodes Murray 2nd Husband Jesse Ward
                  Born ;1819 Floyd D: 12-27-1855 Buried Old Ward.
                  Married: 7-20-1837 Floyd Son Of Shadrack Ward And Lovina

              10...10.Owen Remy
              Born: 1790 NC
              Died: 1816 Va.

            main ramey index

            Will Of William Remy Found At The Floyd County Courthouse, Prestonsburg Ky

            photo of actual will

            The Last Will And Testament Of William Remy Of Floyd Co Ky (Now Johnson)
            This Will Is Dated 28 Apr 1816, And Was Proved Dec 1816:
            In The Name Of God Amen;
            Whereas I, William Remy, Of The County Of Floyd, State Of Kentucky.
            Being Weak In Body But Retain- Ing My Common Senses Reason And Judgment And Calling To Mind
            The Mortality Of My Body And Know- Ing That It Is Appointed Once For All Men To Die
            And After Death I Believe There Will Be A Judgement.
            And Appoint Do Make My Constitute ^ This My Last Will And Testa- Ment And
            First Of All I Recommend My Soul To God Who Giveth It To Me And My Body To The Dust
            To Be Buried At The Discretion Of My Friends.
            Nothing Doubting Burial I Shall Receive The Same At The Resurection Of The Just
            And As To The Temporal Estate Which It Pleased God To Bless Me With To Dispose Of
            In Manner And Form As Followeth Viz. --

            First Is To Say First Of All I Lend To My Wife - Elenor Remy
            The Plantation And Premises With Every Profit And Benefit There Unto Belonging.
            And All My House Hold Furniture With One Milk Cow enduring Or Her Life;
            And If Any Thing Remains After Death
            I Leave It To Be Divided Amongst My Children As The Other Part Of My Estate.- - -
            I Also Give And Bequeath To My Daughter Mary Underwood
            And My Daughter Elenor Roland Ten Dollars To Each Of Them In Cash.

            I Also Give And Bequeath To My Seven Children Now Living In Floyd County State Of Kentucky Viz,
            John Remy
            James Remy William Remy
            And Daniel Remy.
            Dorcus Jayne Catherine Wheeler
            And Jamima Auxier

            I Also Give And Bequeath The Whole Of My Personal Estate Goods And Chatles
            Also All My Debts Dues And Demands That Is Due To Me
            Whose Names Are Inscribed Above.
            I Also Will That My Land Be Rented Or Leased For The Term Of Seven Years
            And The Profits Arising From The Rents Be Dis- Posed Of As Followeth Vis - - - - - - - - - - - -
            First Of All One Fourth Part To The Care Of Stephen Wheeler To Be Disposed Of For School- His Son Br> William Remy Wheeler For The Term Of Two Years
            And The Overpluss For The Schooling Of Either Of His Younger Brothers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            For The Schooling Of His Son William Remy Two Years
            and The Overpluss For The Schooling Of His Grand- Son Thaddeus Remy. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

            Also One Fourth Part To The Care Of William Remy For The Schooling Of His Son William Remy
            Two Years And The Overpluss For The Schooling Of One Of John Auxer,s Sons - - - - - - - -
            Also One Fourth To The Care Of Daniel Remy For The Schooling Of His Son
            William Remy Pelfrer Two Years
            And The Overpluss For The Schooling Of Either Of His Younger Brothers.

            I Also Appoint My Beloved Friends John Remy, William Remy, And John Auxer____
            ____________________________________________ Revokeing _________ All Former Wills Writings
            Or Assignments Acknowledging This Alone To Be My Last Will And Testament.
            In Witness Where Of I Here Unto Set My Hand And Seal
            This 28th, Day Of April In The Year Of Our Lord 1816.

            Signed Sealed And Acknowledged By Wm Remy (Seal)
            In Presence Of Us.
            Thomas Lewis
            John Remy Jr.
            Floyd County Court December Term 1816

            The Last Will And Testament Of William Remy Was Proved In Open Court
            By The Oaths Of The Subscribing Witnesses Hereto And Ordered To Be Received.
            A Copy Teste Wm Jellaigo Cfcc
            Appointed The Executors Of William Remy
            Attest That Should The Above Instrument Of Writing HisAnd Be Committed To Our Trust That We Will Injustice Truth And Equity Excepting Providentialy Execute
            Disapointed ^ The Same.
            Witness Where We Set Our Names The
            28th Day Of April In The Year Of Our Lord 1816
            Test John Remy
            Thomas Lewis
            Wm Remy Sr.
            John Remy Jr.
            John Auxer

            Codicil To William Remy Last Will And Testament

            A Codicil To William Remy
            ____________________________ Is To Say The Land That Is To Be Rented For Sixteen Years
            At The End Of Said Term Willeth To Be Sold And The Profit There Of To Be Divided
            Amongst The Poorer Part Of His Generation Particularly The Maim The Lost Or The Blind
            Or Any Other Impediment Where By They Are Disable From Bodily Exercises
            To Be Divided Amongst Them In Pro- Portion To Their Several Abilities At Discression
            Of His Executors To Execute As A Part Of His Last Will
            And Testament In Witness Where Of I Set My Name And Seal
            This 28th, Day Of April In The Year Of Our Lord 1816.
            Wm Remy (Seal)
            In Presence Of Us.
            Thomas Lewis
            John Remy Jr.
            Floyd County Court December Term 1816
            This Codicil Or Schedule To William Remeys In Open Court
            Last Will And Testament Was Provided ^ By The Oaths
            Of Thomas Lewis & John Remey Jr Subscribing
            Witnesses Thereto & Ordered To Be Recorded
            A Copy Teste
            Wm Jellaigo Cfcc
            The Following Is The Cover Page When The Will Is Properly Folded.

            Reading From The Top In Very Large Writting.
            Remy Last Will And Testament
            Turn The Cover Up-Side-Down The Following Is Written.
            Wm Remey Last Will & Testament
            Proved At Deer C. 1816
            Recorded In Book A
            Page 8
            And Examined
            Wm Jellaigo Cfc
            Wm Remey


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