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Gayl Ramey Wells

Related surnames of the Belcher, Ramey,May,WElls, and Chaney Surnames
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Photos 2001

George Washington Belcher

George W Belcher JR's descendants

Church Ratliff and Ramey Family Photos

George Washington Ramey

Ramey Reunion, 2006 Elkhorn City KY

Vinson Arlando Belcher Family and Photos

Finley Cornett Wells Bio and Photos

A Tribute To Leslie Burton

Teddy Ramey Family

Teddy Roosevelt Ramey

Assorted Photos

Individual Photos


Albert Belcher
Son of Basil Thomas Belcher

Andrew Jackson Ramey son of Daniel and Lucinda

Alexander Belcher(dh)

Ali Coon Belcher and Lucinda Mullins 1st wife

Ali Coon Belcher and Jester Car 2nd wife
son of Bartlett Belcher
Ali, George, and Bartley and wives

Abe and Allie Belcher Chaney and Family

Allie Belcher Chaney Owens Family

Allie Belcher Chaney Owens and Tommy Owens

Allie Belcher Chaney Owens, Tommy Owens, Lundy Chaney

Addie Belcher Rowe

Adrian Clayton(Nubee) Belcher & thomas David(Buck)Belcher ( of Mose & Adeline)

Allen and Nancy Jane Chaney

Anna Ramey Wright

Alva and Faye?

Arley Stanley Family


Bartley Belcher, son of George

Bart Belcher & Hulda Bullard(son of William Harrison Belcher)

Basil Thomas Belcher & Hulda Jane Church(...Mose...Bartlett)

Bessie Belcher, Ramey

Bessie Belcher & husband Ralph Ramey(dau of Vinson Arlando)

Bessie Ramey Church and Sons
Bessie is the dau. of Henry Wilson and Mella Ramey.
Joseph Eddie Church on left
Emil Juan Church on right

Burley Belcher Crichton Mines of Greenbrier co wva 5throw fm left- (gson of Ali Coon)

JoAnn Ramey Duplers Grandson
July 2002

Butler Bayard Ramey

Bayard Butler Ramey

Bill and Hazel Ramey (William's Marker)

James Tilden Ramey ( A Tribute)

(Bill)William Jennings Ramey's tombstone

Becky Belcher


Cornelius (Sneed) Wallace

Curt Wallace

Connie Belcher Blackburn

Clyde Cloma Belcher & Loretta O'dell(son of Joseph J.& Jessie)

Chury Belcher & Mae June or Maysel(dau of David Belcher)

Chaney Brothers,Sonny, Gray, Cecil

Clayton Belcher


Daniel Marion Ramey

Dama Belcher
Coleman Whitlock, Roger, their son and a hired (dau. of David Belcher)

Delaney Elswick Belcher mother of David Belcher wife of Eli(ali)Belcher

Delaney Elswick Belcher on the farm


Enoch O. Belcher & Rose Marie
Gibson(..Arville Luther..Enoch & Louisa)

Enoch Belchers Tombstone

Ella May

Ella and Inez May

Everett Ratliff


Finley Wells


Gayl Ramey Wells, Daughter of Teddy Roosevelt Ramey and Gypsie Adaline Chaney
Grandaughter of Allie Saphronia Belcher Chaney

General Miles Belcher & Lola Marie
son of William Basil & Catherine

Geraldine Belcher Curtis

George Washington Belcher & Mary Ann Polley Pike Ky

Gypsie Adaline Chaney Ramey dau. of Allie

Gypsie Adaline & Ted Ramey family(dau of Allie Belcher)

George Washington Ramey and Sarah Elizabeth Looney and family:(Gayl's ggrandfather)
son of Daniel Ramey

George W. Ramey and Elizabeth Looney

George Washington Ramey and Family

George Albert Belcher

George Belcher, son of McClellan

Grover Ramey Family

Grover and Cora

Grover and Cora


Harvey George Belcher
Son of Mose Belcher

Hensley and Lucy Belcher Brother and sister

Henry Wilson Ramey

Henry Ramey and Melvina May

Harvey George Belcher

Henry Wilson Ramey's 3 sons:
Teddy on left(Gayls father),Otto, and Turner

Henry Belcher Family

Hensley Belcher

Hyman Belcher

Hubert Belcher


India Felia Belcher, Robert Belcher and Nancy Bishop...

Isaac Ramey Tombstone

Ira Wells

Isaac Belcher


J.E. Hawkins

James Edward O'Dell and Bessie Arbula Nutter

James E. Belcher Family

Joseph and Jessie McIntosh Belcher

Joseph and Jessie McIntosh Belcher

Joe and Jessie Belcher

Joe Belcher, son of Basil and Hulda

Joe Belcher and Donie

Joseph Bartley Belcher (son of Ali "Coon" Belcher)

John Henry Belcher, son of Ali and Lucinda Belcher

John Sanford Belcher son of Bartlett & Rachel Ramey

Julie Belcher Cantrell(dau of George and Esther....Bartlett)


King, Samuel & Elizabeth Vaughn King(parents of several of Ali "Coon" Belchers boys wives)


Lizzie Belcher

Leotine and Lizzie (Sisters)

Levi and Sarah Salyers Potter
parents of above Louisa Potter

Lee Belcher

Leonard Green, husband of Peggy Jane Belcher of Noah and Rhoda Belcher

Levi Clevenger and Cindesta

Lillian Darlene Ramey

Loretta O'Dell Belcher

Lucy Belcher Blackburn and sister Myrtie Belcher Chaney

Lucy May

Lucy Belcher and geraldine Blackburn Curtis


Mose Belcher

Mose Harrison Belcher
and wife Adeline King (son of Ali Coon Belcher)

Margaret (Polly) Belcher (Peggy) dau of William Floyd Jr. Belcher

Mary Thompson Wells mother of Richard and Bill

Mary Dovie Belcher dau. of McClellan

Morgan May

Mellie May Ramey

Miles and Melissa Ratliff


Nancy Jane Belcher Ross

Nilen Francis Belcher son of William Basil & Catherine

Noah Belcher and Rhoda Bell

Nutter Family Portrait


Otto Ramey

ODell James O'dell(left) and Mary
(father of Loretta O'dell Belcher), Iris O'dell, & Vandan O,dell


Peter Belcher

Peggy Jane Belcher of Noah Belcher and Rhoda Bell

Priscilla Kay Padgett and Steve Shaw's Wedding

Philip Cornett Wells

Philip Wells and Ennabetty Boggs

Aunt Polly Wells Harris, nephews, Bill and Ed Wells



Ramey and Belcher family Members

Ralph, Cora, Roy

Rachel Ramey Belcher, wife of Bartley


Rebecca(Bek) Belcher Cantrell(dau of Ali "Coon" Belcher

Rebecca Belcher Slone wife of Isaac Slone

Richard Potter

Richard Potters wife Teeny Ramey

Richard and Florence Ratliff

Raymond Belcher

Rashe Belcher

Robert Belcher (Mose Belchers son)

Ralph Morgan Ramey and Cora Slone

Richard Potter of Pike County Ky

Rex Ramey and Tina Potter Ramey

Rex and Tina


Sonny, Gray, and Cecil Chaney, sons of Jeff and Myrtie Belcher Chaney

Susan Lorinth wife of Eli Reeves


Ted Belcher
son of Ephriam Bart Belcher and Martha Mullins

Christina (Teeny) Ramey Potter)
(dau. of William Ramey of Pike co, Ky) wife of Richard Potter

T.R. Ramey

Trimble Belcher



Vinson Arlando Belcher and Louisa Potter
son of William Epperson, son of John

Vinson and Louisa

vinsons sons(Ray, Homer, Bob)


Wells, Witt and Baker Bio and Photos

Wall Baker

William Basil Belcher(son of Enoch & Louisa)& #2 wife Emmaline Hunt

Correction on this Photo:
WILLIAM 'BANDY BILL' MULLINS (WILLIAM1) was born September 1837 in Pike County, KY. He married DELILAH SENA DEAL July 15, 1858 in Clay Co., WV2. She was born September 1837 in Cabell County, West Virginia,.




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