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      The May Surname is Gaelic origin. Medieval English and Norman French Mai, a geeting for a friend. Also derives from Name Matthew Hebrew Mattathiah Gift of God.
      May, Mays, Mey, LeMay, Lemay, Mayes

      A Note Here:
      Often when you research for May you get everything in the Month of may so it is sometimes difficult to research the surname May.

      The best way to research the surname May
      if you know the first name like Daniel May, put Parenthesis around the entire name "Daniel May", you will get everything that has daniel may together in the search.
      if you just search for May you get everything with May in it, if you leave the parenthesis off, yu will get everything with daniel, may, and daniel may in it. the parenthesis is the key. plus searching for a first name along with the last name.
      If you do not know the first name, then try the most popular names in the time era you are searching. Say William May, Daniel May, James May, Jacob May, george May, David May, Samuel May, etc. not many people named their children Hunter, or Cody early on in our history.

May coat of Arms
Gules, a fesse between eight billets or,
With a crest,
Out of ducal coronet or, a leopard’s head proper
And the motto
Fortis et Fidelis
Strong and Faithful

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LET ME KNOW In a Friendly Manner:

James Harvey May

I have found the May surname in english Records as early as 1368 and it could be earlier I just havent found them yet.
Early May Records in England

County: Leicestershire.
Place: Westminster.
Date: One month from St Michael, 42 Edward III [27 October 1368].
Parties: John May of Lodyngton' the younger andJoan, his wife,
querents, andJohn Gorham of Cotherstok' andJoan, his wife, deforciants.
Property: 1 toft and 1 and a half virgates of land in Lodyngton'.
Action: Plea of covenant.
Agreement: John Gorham and Joan, his wife, have acknowledged the
tenements to be the right of John May, and have remised and quitclaimed them from themselves and the heirs of Joan to John May and
Joan, his wife, and the heirs of John for ever.
Warranty: Warranty.
For this: John May and Joan, his wife, have given them 10 marks of silver.

County: Kent.
Place: Westminster.
Date: Two weeks from St Michael, 8 Henry VI [13 October 1429].
Parties: John May, querent, andJohn Godyn' andJ oan, his wife, deforciants.
Property: A moiety of 18 acres of land inAsshetisford'.
Action: Plea of covenant.
Agreement: John Godyn' and Joan have acknowledged the moiety to be
the right of John May, as that which he has of their gift, and
have remised and quit claimed it from themselves and the heirs of
Joan to him and his heirs for ever.
Warranty: Warranty.
For this: John May has given them 20 marks of silver.

County: Kent.
Place: Westminster.
Date: Two weeks from St Michael, 10 Henry VI [13 October 1431].
Parties: John May andRobert Louelas, querents, and John Emele
andConstance, his wife, deforciants.
Property: 1 messuage, 6 acres of land and 9 acres of pasture in Wykham Brewes.
Action: Plea of covenant.
Agreement: John Emele and Constance have acknowledged the
tenements to be the right of John May, as those which the same John and
Robert have of their gift, and have remised and quit claimed them
from themselves and the heirs of Constance to John May and Robert and the heirs of John for ever.
Warranty: Warranty.
For this: John May and Robert have given them 20 marks of silver.

County: Kent.
Place: Westminster.
Date: One week from the Purification of the Blessed Mary, 9 Henry VI [9 February 1431].
And afterwards one week from Holy Trinity in the same year [3 June 1431].
Parties: John Style and Richard May, querents, and John Tebbe and Alice, his wife, deforciants.
Property: 3 and a half acres of land and a moiety of 1 acre of wood inBradstede and Sondryssh'.
Action: Plea of covenant.
Agreement: John Tebbe and Alice have acknowledged the tenements to
be the right of John Style, as those which the same John and
Richard have of their gift, and have remised and quit claimed them from
themselves and the heirs of Alice to John Style and Richard and
the heirs of John for ever.
Warranty: Warranty.
For this: John Style and Richard have given them 10 marks of

One week from the Purification of the Blessed Mary, 32 Henry VI [9 February 1454].

James Mey, querent, and Thomas Warde and Margaret, his wife, the daughter and heir of William Ree, deforciants.

4 acres of meadow in Hampton'.
Plea of covenant.
Thomas and Margaret have acknowledged the meadow to be the right of
James, as that which he has of their gift, and have remised and
quit claimed it from themselves and the heirs of Margaret to him and his heirs for ever.
For this:
James has given them 100 shillings of silver.

May Family

John May born about 1645 London

Elizabeth born about 1650 London
John May, born 11 May 1669 Saint Dunstan, Stepney London England
St. Dunstan parish record states son of John and Elizabeth

Married: Possibly Joyce??

one son Known
1...Jacob May, born 4 Oct 1698, in London Middlesex, Stepney
died: 13 August 1783 Spitalfields Christ church, Stepney London England
Married: 1715 Fleet London, England Elizabeth ?? born 1705 London Middlesex, Stepney

    1...Elizabeth May born Stepney London, 20 June 1722

    2...Jacob born 1726 died 1726, Spitalfields Christ church, Stepney London England

    3...John May born 9 April 1728 Spitalfields Christ church, Stepney London England

    4...Jacob May again to same parents: born 8 Sept 1731, Spitalfields Christ church, Stepney London England

    5...James Harvey May born 4 March 1739 Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney London England

    Joseph May born 7 May 1745 Spitalfields Christ church, Stepney London England
James Harvey May
Born March 4, 1739 in London, Middlesex England
Father Jacob, mother Elizabeth

source: church parish record Stepney, Middlesex England
James Harvey May is the first record of our line of the May family
from Russell County Va and Floyd and Pike county Kentucky
James lived in a very hard time in England, He most definitely was forced to steal to earn a living for his himself, as hundreds did at that time.
James May/Emanuel Mills

James Ship Justina Record Va.

source: English convicts in colonial America volume 1 Middlesex 1617-1775
James was arrested for theft
Old Baily Record:
source: London Archives, sessions roll 11the Sept 1771
No. og/sr 123 file # in London archives
No. 115 case number from his court appearance.
True bill sworn in court, main plaintiff and witnesses;
Richard Groom and Elizabeth Groom
Richard Smith,James Langson, Matthew Croker, Matthew Croker the younger,
James May puts himself upon the Country
I will say guilty.
No goods to be transported for the space of 7 years according to the form of the statute of Middlesex.
the Jurors for Lord the King upon their oath present that James May, late of parish of Saint Dunston, Stepen Heath, otherwise Stepney in the County of Middlesex, labourer.
otherwise called Emanuel Mills, late of the same,
laborer on the 27th day of August.............with forces and arms at the parish aforesaid in the county aforesaid,
one thousand yards of ribbon, value 20 pounds,
ten pair of metal shoe buckes, value 10 shillings,
one hundred yards of thread lace value of 5 pounds,
and six silk handkerchiefs value of 20 shillings
of the goods and chattel of Richard Groom.
He was found guilty and placed in jail
James was transported to America in 1771-72 on the ship Justita. He traveled under the alias of Emanuel Mills.
according to the newspaper article (link above) stating servants to be sold:
the ship arrived in Westmoreland County Virginia
James May, like many of the other men was not sold for slavery instead he was pressed into service for England as a Loyalist,
in the American Revolutionary War.
They usually had a choice either join the loyalist (English) in the war
or be sold for 7 years as an indentured slave. He chose to be a soldier.

After the war, he remained in the U.S. and married Elizabeth (betsy) King. from North Carolina,settled in Russel County, Va.:
migrated to Pike County Kentucky in 1831-32 settling on the Blackberry Fork of the Tug
Valley section, later moving across to Ball Fork area of Pond Creek also in Pike County Ky.
Instead of returning to England after the war, he remained in America, asking his friend Jake Smith to bring him his Bounty of 40 Pounds. on Jakes return, he declined to turn it over to him, a lawsuit was filed.

Listed on Captain James McDaniel's Company 1782 revolutionary War, on list of Cox's Militia Company 1782 and 83.

Death: ABT. 1835 in Pike Co., KY

Married:#1 Elizabeth "Betsy" King b: 1753 in Onslow Co., NC
Married:#2 Martha born 1770 married about 1788

  1. 1..Samuel May
    2..Daniel May b: ABT. 1784 in Russell Co., Virginia
    3..David May b: ABT. 1789
    4..Thomas S. May b: 1790
    1850 Pike County Census lists age 60
    Sarcas age 60??
    David S age 22
    Adaline age 4
    5..Charlotte "Lottie" May b: ABT. 1793 in Virginia 6..John May b: ABT. 1795 in Pittsylvania, VA
    7..William C. "Billy" May b: 13 MAY 1798 in Virginia
    listed 1850 Pike County Census age 50 born va
    Susannah age 50
      1...Rebecca age 25
      2...Mary age 22
      3...Joseph age 18
      4...Alexander age 16
      5...William C age 15
      6...Sarah age 14
      7...Joseph age 1
      8...Martha May age 80(possibly mother)
      9...Sarah May age 75
    8..Gideon May b: 1806 Va.

    listed 1850 pike county ky census age 44
    Matilda age 42
      1...David age 18
      2...Susan age 16
      3...Martha age 14
      4...Gideon Jr age 12
      5...Annie??age 9
      John W. age 7
      James age 4
      Elizabeth age 2
      Jacob age 4 months

Daniel May
Title: Sr.
Birth: ABT. 1784 in Russell Co., Virginia
Death: 4 APR 1871
Father: James Harvey May b: ABT. 1740 in England
Mother: Elizabeth "Betsy" King b: 1753 in Onslow Co., NC

\ Marriage :1 Nancy Ann Ball b: 20 AUG 1793 in (probably) Russell Co., Virginia
Married: 1814 in (probably) Russell Co., VA

\ Listed 1850 Pike County Ky Census age 65 farmer born Va.
wife Nancy age 60
household# 618
Moses Ball age 63 living 3 houses away possibly nancy's brother


  1. 1..Henderson May
    2..Elizabeth "Betty" May b: 1815 in Russell Co., (?) Virginia
    Listed 1850 Pike County Census age 34 Houshold 619
    3..Mary Ann May b: 17 FEB 1817 in (probably) Russell Co., Virginia
    children: 3 sons by Adron Runyon out of wedlock sons kept
    name of May. an ancestor of Mary provided information:
    Jonah May.
    4..David "Dave" May b: APR 1819 in Russell Co., ?, VA
    Amanda M. age 25 1850 census Pike County Ky
    5..Daniel May b: 23 JUL 1821 in Russell Co., Virginia
    Mary age 24 1850 Pike County Census
      1...Surilda??age 3,
      2...Elizabeth age 2
      3...James H. 4 months
      Married: Mary
    6..Hessie May b: 1824
    7..James "Jim" May b: ABT. 1827 in Russell Co., (?), Virginia
    Married Sarah J?? age 19 and son William J 5 months in 1850 Pike Co Ky census
    8..Louisa May b: ABT. 1832 in Virginia

Elizabeth "Betty" May
Birth: 1815 in Russell Co., (?) Virginia
Death: AFT. 1890 in Letcher Co., KY
No-Marriage : James "Jim" Coleman: child kept name of May
Elizabeth listed as "cripple" in 1880 census of Pike County Ky.
Listed 1850 Pike County Census age 34 household #619 next door to parents born VA
child Henderson May listed age 19 born Ky
1870 Census she is living in home of Son John

    1..John Henderson May b: 9 OCT 1832 in Pike Co.,
    1870 Pike Census
    John H. May born 1834
    Nancy born 1835
    George W age 16
    Rena age 14
    James H age 12
    Floyd age 9
    Martin age 6
    Pricey age 4
    Vicy age 3
    Elizabeth age 55 born in Va
    (John's mother)

John Henderson May
Birth: 9 OCT 1832 in Pike Co., KY
Death: 3 OCT 1920 in Lawrence Co., KY Marriage Nancy Smith b: 24 JUN 1826 in Tazewell Co., VA
Married: 23 DEC 1852 in Pike Co., KY

John H May listed 1900 Pike County Census age 67 born Oct 1832 farmer born Kentucky parents born Virginia
Nancy born June 1826 age 63

Children Still at home:
Lilly age 23 born Dec 1876
Lidda A May grandaughter age 5 born April 1895
Mary E May born Feb 1898 Grandaughter age 2

Children of John H. May and Nancy:
  1. 1..George Washington May b: 22 NOV 1853 in Kentucky
    2..Irene "Rena" May b: ABT. 1856 in Kentucky
    3..James Epperson May b: 15 MAR 1857 in Kentucky
    4..Floyd May b: JUN 1861 in Kentucky
    5..Martin May b: ABT. 1864 in Kentucky
    6..Pricey Ann May b: ABT. 1866 in Kentucky
    Married: Walter Vance born 1868 both Buried at the Vance Cemetery in Wurtland Ky
    1900 Pike County Census
    Walter Vance age 42 born about 1858 in Ky
    Pricy age 34
    William H age 14
    John H age 14
    Octava age 12
    Thomas J age 10
    James age 8
    David age 5
    Carra age 3 1/2 Cora but listed as Carra in census

      1...William (Bill) Howard Vance: born 1886 Pike County Ky
      Married: Nevada (Vada) Ramey 9th Child of George Washington Ramey and Elizabeth Looney. born Oct 12, 1888 and died June 20 1948
      1920 Census of Pike County Ky lists: William H. Vance household 457 age 34 (born around 1886) Vadia age 31 Verdie age 13 Lester age 8 James D age 7 M.A.(Alden) age 3 William A age 8 months James Vance brother age 26 John D Ramey age 21 brother-in-law
        Children of William Vance and Vada Ramey Vance:
          1...Verta Vance born June 19, 1906
          2...Lester Vance born November 27, 1910 buried Vance Cemetery Wurtland Ky
          Nickname: Leck
          3...Donald James Vance born October 21 1912
          4...M. Alden Vance born Sept 21, 1916
          5...William Allen Vance born April 25 1919
          6...Madeline Frances Vance born August 11, 1924
        2...John H born 1886/87
        3...Octava born 1888
        4...Thomas Jefferson Vance born 1890 died 1064
        Married: Kathleen Saulsbury in 1913. She died in 1964
        Ashland Ky
          1...Robert Vance
          2...Doris Vance
          3...Tommie Jean Vance
          buried in Ashland Ky
          Married: Albert Manning
          buried in Ashland Ky
          4...Jack Vance
        5...James born 1892
        6...David born 1895
        Married: Florence??
        7...Carra born 1896
        Cora is listed as Carra in Census Record. Married a Rice. buried in St. Cloud Fla. with husband Don Carlos Rice.

    7..Vicy May b: ABT. 1867 in Kentucky
    8..Millie or Nellie May b: 1868 in Kentucky
    9..William May b: 1873
    10.Hammon May b: 5 NOV 1873 in Kentucky
    11.Lilly May b: DEC 1876 in Kentucky

James E. May

James Epperson May
Birth: 15 Mar 1855 In Kentucky
died: 1943 Lawrence County Ky

Married: Anna Dulcina Slone(Sloan)

1900 Census Lawrence county Ky

James age 45
Anna D. age 34
Elizabeth age 19
Melly age 18
Dorah age 15
Tolbert age 14
Nancy age 12
Hibbert age 10
Lillie age 9
Ella age 8
Virgie age 4
Albert age6
Lucy age 3 months

1910 Census Lawrence county Ky

James age 52
Anna D. age 43
Tolbert age 22
Nancy age 21
Hibbert age 19
Lillie age 17
Ella age 13
Virgie age 13
Albert age 11
Lucy age 9
Moses age 7
Dillard age 5
Nancy age 3

1920 Census Lawrence Co. Ky. Census
James May age 62
Annie age 41
Mosey age 19
Morgan age 17
Polly age 14
Dellia age 14

1930 Census
James E. May age 72 age 22 at marriage
Annie D. age 63 age 15 at marriage
Virgie age 25
Morgan age 23
Talbert died in 1929 these are his children

Sallie or Zellie age 13 grandaughter
Annie grandaughter age 11
Charlie age 5 grandson
Cora B granddaughter age 3

living next door to Hibbert May and Hammond May

1940::::living with daughter Polly Crabtree in 1940 Census Polly listed as divorced

James E. May Born March 1855 Age 45 Farmer
Dulcina Born March 1866 Age 34

1...Elizabeth Born June 1881 Age 19

2...Melly Born May 1882 Age 18
Marriage record states Henry Ramey age 21 Nancy Mellie May age 34 Floyd Co. Ky
died: 29 Oct. 1948
Henry Wilson Ramey son of George Washington Ramey and Elizabeth Looney of Pike county Ky.
They lived in Lawrence County for a while and back to Pike

3...Dora Born Sept 1885
Married: Amazar Potter Born 1883
death certificate: Dora Potter age 26
Died: From Tb 3 May 1911, Pneumonia
Daughter Of Jim May and A.D. Slone May
informant: Amozier Potter Praise Ky.

1...Lucy Potter
2...Deliah Potter
3...Leona Potter

This Is Interesting Because The Circle Of Surnames Doesn’t Seem To End.

Amazar Potter Was The Son Of Didema Potter, Daughter Of Richard Potter And Teeny Ramey.

4...Tolbert May Born May 1886
Died: lawrence Co Ky, 12 Oct 1929
son of james May and Anna D. Slone of Pike county age 47 at death
Married: Martha Campbell dau. of James Campbell and Sarah Young

World War I Draft Registration

    1...Zella born 1918
    possibly married a Craft and lived in columbus Ohio
    2...Anna born 1919
    these two are Marthas she died 4 November 1920 if tolbert married again its unknown
    3...Charles born 1925
    4...Cora B born 1827
    Children living in home of Grandparents in 1930 Census
    Tolbert had died in 1929, what happened to martha not known
children living with James and Anna in 1940

5...Nancy Born Feb 1888 Age 12

6...Hibbert May Born July 1890 Age 10

Married Hester??
1920 Census Lawrence County Ky
Hibbert age 34
Hester age 25
Nolan age 5
Bertha age 4
Dammon age 1
this might be Clifton Damon
Noley age 3

1930 Census Lawrence Co.
Hibbert age 36<(should be 45)Br> Hester age 35
Nolan age 16
Nola age 14
Bertha age 12
Clifton age 8
Evelyn age 5
Evel age 2

    1...Nolan born 1914
    2...Nola born 1916
    3...Bertha born 1916
    4...Dammon born 1919
    4...Clifton born 1922
    5...Evelyn born 1925
    6...Evel born 1929

7...Lilly Born July 1891 Age 9
Died: Pike County 28 Feb 1951

8...Ellen Born Aug 1892 Age 8

Ella May Inez and son in law date 1962

Ella May and grandson Jim 1962

9..Albert Born 1894 Age 6
Lived In Lawrence County Died In Greenup Co. 17 Aug 1975

10..Vergie Born Dec 1896 Age 3

11..Lucy Born Feb 1900
died: 1 January 1978 Lawrence Co. Ky.
Married:George G. Diamond born 1886 Ky
Orene born 1916
Julia born 1918
Leo born 1920
Oliver born 1920
Robert born 1921
Willie born 1925
Kenneth born 1926
Mollie J born 1929
Harvey grandson born 1929

Photo:The one with the apron on is Lucy May and the other is a sister in law Irene Diamond.

Lucy May and Irene Diamond

12..Moses born 1901
one source says he died in West Va 17 Feb 1932

13..Morgan Dillard born 1903
He Died In Lawrence Co. Ky July 16, 1977 At The Age Of 75.
Webbville ssn: 405-10-3628
why he is not in the census for 1940 not known

Morgan May

14..Mary Polly born 1905
Married: ?? Crabtree
living with father in his home in 1940 age 33

15..Nancy Dollie born 1907 listed as daughter
listed as Dellie in one if the Census records
I think these last few ages are off a bit in the census

Nancy Mellie May :

Melly was born 17 Feb. 1883 PIKE COUNTY
and died 28 Oct. 1948.
Married: Henry Wilson Ramey: born 12 Dec. 1880 PIKE and died 24 Jan. 1962
They resided in Elkhorn City until 1927, then moved to Floyd County where they
lived for 12 years, and then moved back to Elkhorn City,Pike Co. Ky.
Henry was a farmer and a logger.

Henry Wilson and Melvina May Ramey

    Melvina May and

    Henry Wilson Ramey


    (George W., James Daniel, William, William, Daniel, James, William, Jacob, Pierre, Jacques, George, Diedier)


    Born 12 Dec. 1880 Pike And Died 24 Jan. 1962 At Beaver Creek In Elkhorn City, Pike County Ky.

    Married Melvina (Mella) May Who Was The Daughter Of James May And Anna Dulcinda Slone. Mella Was Born 17 Feb. 1883 Pike County And Died 28 Oct. 1948.
    Henry Lived In Elkhorn City Until 1927, He Then Moved To Floyd County, Where He Lived For 12 Years And Then Moved Back To Beaver Creek, Elkhorn City. He Was A Farmer And A Logger.A Mild Tempered Man.



    1...Joseph Turner Ramey 1903 Married: Dorthea Booth
    2...Teddy Roosevelt Ramey 1904 Married: Gypsie Adaline Ramey
    And Effie Elmore And Marie Hoskins
    3...James Otto Ramey 1906 Married: Edna Potter
    4...Nancy Bessie Ramey 1908 Married: Donald Church
    5...Lettie Ramey 1910
    6...Mary Florence Ramey 1913 Married: Joseph Clevenger


    1910 Pike County Census:

    Henry Age 29

    Mellie Age 27

    Joseph Age 7

    Teddy Age 5

    Otto Age 4

    Bessie Age 2

    George Ramey Brother Age 14


    1920 Pike County Ky Census Lists:
    Henry Wilson Household #95 Age 38
    Mellie Age 37
    Joseph J Age 16
    Teddy R. Age 15
    Otto Age 14
    Minnie Age 11
    Lettie M Age 9
    Mary J Age 7
    Next Door To Basil J, George, And Grover


    Henry And Mellie Moved To Floyd Co By 1930

    And Back To Pike County After A Few Years.


    1930 Floyd County Census:

    Henry Ramey Age 49

    Mellie Age 47



    Household # 67

    Their Daughter Florence And Her Husband

    Joe Clevenger Also H # 65

    Also Otto And His Wife Edna H Potter Children Of Henry Wilson And Melvina May:


    1…Joseph Turner Ramey

    (Henry W., George W., James Daniel, William, William, Daniel, James, William, Jacob, Pierre, Jacques, George, Diedier)

    Turner Was Born In 1903 And He Died In May 1942. He Married Dorthea Booth .

    They Lived In Raceland, Greenup County Kentucky In 1930.

    1930 Census Of Greenup County:

    Joseph T. Ramey Age 26

    Dorothy Age 22 Born In Ohio

    Harold Age 4

    Clayona M Age 1 And 9 Months

    Delores Age 1 Month


    1…Joseph Harold Pat Ramey Born Raceland Ky 1-21-1926 Died 6-9 1974 Decatur Georgia,

    Married Thelma Reba Brown

    2…Cayona Nonie Mae Ramey Born April 28 1928 Died 2-22 1995 Florida

    Married Emmett Crump Of Lexington Ky.

    3…Dorothy Delores Ramey Born 3-14 1929 Died Sept Of 1995.


    2…Teddy Roosevelt Ramey


    (Henry W., George W., James Daniel, William, William, Daniel, James, William, Jacob, Pierre, Jacques, George, Diedier)


    Born 1904 Elkhorn City, Ky, And Died 8 March 1979, Crossville, Tennessee.

    Married Gypsie Adeline Chaney, Born October 1903, Elkhorn City Ky.

    Daughter Of Saphronia Allie Belcher Chaney Owens And Abe Chaney. Tommy Owens Was Her Stepfather. George Washington Belcher And His First Wife Mary Polley Was Her Grandfather. He Later Married Augusta T. Bentley. George W. Was The Founder Of Belcher Kentucky.

    Ted And Gypsie Married In 1924. They Lived On Beaver Creek In Elkhorn City For Several Years. Moved To Lynch Ky In 1942. Ted Worked In The Mines There Until He Had An Accident And Got Hurt Pretty Bad. Gypsie Had Inherited Land From Her Mother Allie And Father Abe Chaney At Abner Fork. She Sold The Land In 1944 To Her Brother Ersel Chaney, And The Family Moved To Crossville Tennessee. See Photo Plate: # 1057

    They Owned A Farm And Their Last Child (Editor Of This Book, Was Born There) . In 1953 Gypsie And Teddy Divorced And He Remarried To Effie Elmore And They Divorced In 1963. He Married Again To Marie Hoskins Before His Death In 1979.

    They Lived Through Some Very Turbulent Times In Our History. Teddy Was A School Teacher, When He And Gypsie Met, Then A Coal Miner, Taught At A Military School Then He And Oldest Daughter, Jeanette, Worked In The Oak Ridge Plant That Made The Bomb That Fell On Japan. They Always Farmed, Especially Gypsie And The Children And He Taught School Again After He And Gypsie Divorced. The Most Thing Remembered About Him Was His Smile And Laugh.
    He Had A Good Nature Even At The Hardest Of Times And Was An Optimist.
    If I Have Inherited Anything From Him Maybe It Is This Optimism, The Ability To Laugh And Smile In Many Situations And Maybe A Bit Of His Temper (Maybe). Many Of The Family Have Said He Was More Like His Mother Melvina May Who Was The Daughter Of Anna Dulcina Slone May Than His Father Henry Ramey.

    Married: Gypsie Adaline Chaney In 1924 Who Was Born October 1904, Daughter Of Allie Saphronia Belcher, And Abe Chaney Of Pike County. Allie Later Married Tommy Owens After Abe Died.


    Allie Was The Daughter Of George Washington Belcher And Mary Polley. George Married As Second Wife Augusta Bentley.

    See Page 90 for Belcher Descendants




    1...Sylvia Jeanette Ramey Hudson, Born July 5-1925 Elkhorn City Ky, Married:
    Kenneth Hudson Children: Kenneth Jr And Hazelle Anne Smith Ky.
    2...Hilda Geneva Ramey Padgett, Born: 4-12- 1927 Elkhorn City,
    Died 1998 Dayton Ohio. Married: Aaron Padgett Crossville, Tennessee.
    Children: Betty Lou Pierce, Fla.,Glenna Sue Lemond, Priscilla Kay Padgett, Ohio
    3...William Jennings Ramey, Born: 3-28-1929 Elkhorn City Ky; Married: Claudine Demers

    Great Falls Montana..Children: Joan, Bill Jr, David, Randy, And Flora .
    4...Allie Marie Ramey Died As Baby Born 1931 Elkhorn City Ky, Pike Co.
    Buried Beaver Creek Ramey Cemetery
    5...Lettie Lillian Ramey Whittenburg Goodwin Born 3-19-1933 A Twin
    Beaver Creek Pike Co Married: #1 Robert Whittenburg Tennessee Married:

    #2 Edwin Goodwin Dayton Ohio..Children: Robert Whittenburg Jr, Tenn.
    Gloriana Goodwin, Robin Goodwin, Vicki Goodwin. Mark Edward Jr. Ohio
    6...Lou Ella Ramey Born 3-19-1933 Twin Died 3-1933
    Buried Beaver Creek Ramey Cemetery
    7...Teddy Roosevelt Ramey Jr. Born: 7-11-1934 Beaver Creek
    Married : Marina Stockbridge, High Wycombe Buckinghamshire England Children:
    Brenda Sue, Sandra Lynne, Tenn. Gary, Co., Samantha, Pa, Nancy, Ky.
    8...Jesse Ray Ramey, Born: 7-8-1936 Beaver Creek Married: #1 Wilma Sue Reagan: Tennessee
    #2 Phyllis Jones. Children: Jennifer Anne, Bradley. Tennessee
    9...James Tilden Ramey, 5-31-1939 Died 2003 Beaver Creek Wife #1 Sue Robinson: Tennessee
    #2 Frances England: Children: Donna Sue, Tammy, Leslie (Sonny) Tennessee.
    10..Ima Lee Ramey, Born: 1941 Lynch Ky Died: 1941
    Buried Beaver Creek Ramey Cemetery
    11..John Patton Ramey, Born: 3-30-1943 Lynch Ky. Married: #1 Mary Lou Tucker :Kentucky
    #2 Eleanor...Xenia Ohio #3 Carolyn...Xenia Ohio #4 Faye England Reed: Tenn

    Children: Tonja, John Jr. Brittany, Kimberly, And Monroe.
    12..Gaylynne Ramey Wells (Gayl) Born: Sept 11, 1945 Crossville Tennessee
    Married: Richard Finley Wells B: 1-1-44 Richard. His Father Finley Was Born In Ky

    Son Of Philip Cornett Wells Of Leslie County Ky. Oklahoma Children: Melissa Lynne Born In England, Phillip Finley Cornett Born In Nebraska, And Sarah Lynne Born In Oklahoma.



    3...James Otto Ramey

    (Henry W., George W., James Daniel, William, William, Daniel, James, William, Jacob, Pierre, Jacques, George, Diedier)


    Otto Was Born In 1906 At Beaver Creek In Pike County Kentucky .\

    He Died April 4, 1995 And Is Buried In The Ramey Cemetery On Beaver Creek.

    He Married Edna Potter In 1929, Who Was Born 9 Apr. 1911 At Beaver Creek Pike Co Ky,
    The Daughter Of Moses Potter Jr., And Cora Hamilton.

    She Died: April 11, 2000.

    Moses Jr Potter Was The Son Of Moses Potter And Martha, Who Was The Son Of Henry Potter And Cynthia Mullins, Who Was The Son Of: Mary Christina"Teeny" Ramey And Richard Potter.

    Mose Potter Is Listed In The Jan 1920 Pike County Ky Census
    Age 39 With Wife Cora Age 35 Children: Kelsie Age 13:Edna Age 8: Rans? Age 5

    Otto Was A Miner And Lived In Elkhorn City

    1930 Floyd County Census:

    Otto Ramey Age 22

    Edna Age 19

    James W. Age 8 Months

    Household; # 66



    1…James Allen Ramey Born 24 June 1928 Died April 27 1998 Dandridge Tenn.

    Married Pearle Ratliff.

    2…Cora Leona Ramey Born 28 June 1930 Married Jack Thomas

    Children: Violet Lee, William Otto, Benjamin Jack, Teresa Joy,.

    3…Anna Rae Ramey Born 9 Oct 1932 Married Robert Cantrell:

    Children: Larry, Yelonda, Shela

    4…Nancy Delores Ramey Born 28 April 1935 Married William Darnell

    Children: David, Jeffrey, Steven, Ronnie.

    5…Billy Brian Ramey Born 14 Aug 1937 Married Mary Zetta Martin.

    Children: David, And Rodney.

    6…Virgina Sue Ramey Born 10 July 1941 Married: Carmen Viglotti

    7…Joseph Turner Ramey Born 12 Feb 1944 Married Haley Jeanette Allen

    Children: James C, Renee, Jennifer

    8…Sherman Ramey Born 7 Oct 1947 Married Wanda Matney

    9…Sadie Lee Ramey Born 26 Aug 1950 Married Charlie Bove

    Children: Charlie

    10..Vada Carole Ramey Born 15 May 1953 Married Donald Matney

    Children: Angie Denise, And Donald


    4...Nancy Bessie Ramey

    (Henry W., George W., James Daniel, William, William, Daniel, James, William, Jacob, Pierre, Jacques, George, Diedier)

    Born In 1908 In Pike County Ky, Elkhorn City.

    Married: Donald Church In 1927. Donald Died In 1952.

    1930 Census Pike County Ky.

    Don Church Age 21 Born In Ky

    Bessie Age 21

    Earline Age 3

    Emmett Age 1 Month

    1…Eden Earlene Church Born In 1927

    2…Emmett Church Born In 1929


    5…Cloa Ann Church Nowe
    6…Peggy Church Goforth (Lives In Ohio),
    7…Emil Juan Church,

    8…Von Church,

    9…Rosalind Church Dismore,
    10..Joseph Eddie Church,

    11.. Paul Vernon,

    12..Bobby Ray Church

    5...Lettie Ramey

    (Henry W., George W., James Daniel, William, William, Daniel, James, William, Jacob, Pierre, Jacques, George, Diedier) Was Born In 1910 Pike County Ky.

    She Is Listed In The 1920 Census As Age 9 With Parents, Henry And Mellie In Floyd County Ky.

    Died: On June 20, 1921 Pike County Ky Buried At The Ramey Cemetery In Pike County, Elkhorn City Ky.

    6...Mary Florence Ramey

    (Henry W., George W., James Daniel, William, William, Daniel, James, William, Jacob, Pierre, Jacques, George, Diedier)

    Born In 1912 Pike County Ky

    Florence Married Joseph Clevenger In 1930


    1930 Census Floyd County

    Joe Clevenger Age 24

    Florence Age 18

    Lewis W. Son Age 1 Month

    Household 65


    Joseph Clevenger Was A 2nd Cousin, Born 6 Jan 1906 In Pike County Ky And Died 1958
    Grundy Buchanan Co Va . Joe Remarried After Florence Died To Mary Hamilton.

    He Was The Son Of Lewis Clevenger And Cindesta Florence Ramey


    1...Merlin Clevenger,
    2...Lewis Wilson Clevenger B: 3-5-1930

    Died 12-1993 Md Rita Sharayko Orlando Fla.
    3...Mildred Clevenger B 7-15-1931 M Doyle Bailey
    4...Thelma Clevenger B: 2-13-1933 M. Roosevelt Slone
    5...Joseph (Joe) Jack Clevenger B: 9-30-1935 M. Feba Sawyer And 2nd Lois Smith
    6...Claude Clevenger B 6-27-1940 M. Gail Dunfee
    7...Nadine Clevenger B 8-0201942 Pike. M Charles Swiney
    8...Geraldine Clevenger B 5-05-1044 M Clarence Stalker
    9...Karen Clevenger B 2-23-1945 M. West Chester Pa ,Chester Sylvester
    10..Delaon Clevenger B 10-30-1946 M. Ruth Bentley
    12-2-1967 Floyd Co Ky 14

    11..Bobby Edward Clevinger B 9-6-1948 Died 10-1948





    Shadrack  Slone

    Born 1780 In Va., Died  After 1850 In Pike County Ky

    He Married Winna  ? Before 1800 In Va

    1850 Pike County Ky Census:

    Shadrack Slone Age 70 Born In Va

    Winna Age 70 Born In Va.

    Next Door Is Shadrack Jr And His Wife Susan:

    Children :

    1…Dicey  Slone  Born Before 1804  Married John Fulk On 15 Jul 1816 In Floyd Co., Ky.

    2…Archibald Slone, Born 1802 In Va; Married  #1 Susan Hobb; Married #2 Elizabeth Lowe.

    3…William Slone, Born Before 1805 In Ky; Married Sally [Sarah]Rowe.

    4…Frederick Slone, Born Between 1810 And 1815 In Floyd Co., Ky; Married

    Lucinda Susannah Bennett.

    5…John Slone, Born Circa 1810 In Floyd Co., Ky; Married #1 Winneye Fields;

    Married  #2 Jane Rowe..

    6…Shadrack Slone Jr, Born Circa 1812 In Floyd Co., KY; Married Susan Haley.

    7…Polly Slone, Born Before 1805. Married Isaac Preston On 1 Feb 1812 In Floyd Co., Ky.


    1…Archibald Slone

    Born In 1804 In Va. Married Susan Hobb On 28 May 1824 In Pike

    County, Ky.  Married Elizabeth Lowe Before 1850. He Died Between 1860 And 1870

    In Pike County, Ky.

    1850 Census Pike County Ky:
    Archibald Slone Age 45

    Elizabeth Age 35

    David Age 21

    Arminta Age 17

    Gordon Age 13

    Archibald Jr Age 11

    Robert Age 8

    Van Buren Age 6

    Dicey Age 5


    1860 Census Pike County Ky:

    Arch Slone Age 55

    Elizabeth Age 45

    Gordon Slone Age  23

    Van Buren Slone Age 17

    Robert Slone Age 18

    Pearson (?) Slone Age 28


    Children Of Archibald And Susan Hobb:

    1…Isom Slone, Born Circa 1825; Married Rebecca Anderson; Married

    Married Rebecca Anderson, Daughter Of David

    Anderson  And Jane  ? , On 23 Dec 1852 In Pike County, Ky. He Married Charlotty Griffith Keen, Daughter Of James Griffey And Lotha  ? , On 26 Jun 1865 In Pike County, Ky. He Died After 1880. As Of 1 Jun 1870, He Was Also Known As Isham Sloan

    1860 Pike County Census

    Iceum Age 28 As Spelled In Census

    Rebecca Slone Age 30

    Jefferson Age 9

    George W. Age 7

    Wm Slone Age 5


    Children Of Isom  Slone And Rebecca Anderson


    1…Jefferson  Slone Was Born Circa 1851.  Married Louisa

    Griffey On 19 Nov 1874 In At Westley Griffith's., Pike County, Ky.<134>

    2…George W. Slone Was Born In 1853.

    3…Jackson Slone Was Born On 26 May 1854.

    4…William F. Slone Was Born In Dec 1856. Married Matilda

    Bartley Circa 1875 In Ky. As Of 1 Jun 1870, He Was Also Known As Wilburn Sloan.


    Children Of Isom Slone And Charlotty Griffith


    5…Alafare [Aliphare]  Slone Was Born Circa 1867.

    6…Abraham Andrew Sloan Was Born On 10 Jul 1867.

    Married Margaret Ann O'Connor, Daughter Of Simon Patrick O'Connor And Rebecca E. Gwinn, On 30 May 1893 In St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Hinton, Summers Co., WV. He Was Baptized On 13 Mar 1900 In  St. Coleman Catholic Church, Irish Mountain, New Richmond, Raleigh Co., WV.  He Died On 24 Feb 1948 In Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV, At Age 80. He Was Buried On 26 Feb 1948 In Mt. Olivet Cem, Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV. He Worked For Kanawha Machine And

    Manufacturing, Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV. As Of 1 Jun 1880, He Was Also Known As Abraham Andrew Slone.

    7… James G. Slone Was Born In 1869. He Died In 1891 In Summers Co., WV.

    8…Rolen T. Slone Was Born In Apr 1871. Married Elizabeth Blair On 29 Sep 1896 In Raleigh Co., WV. He Died On 13 Feb 1914 In Crab Orchard, WV, At Age 42.

    9….David R. Slone Was Born In 1875.


    2…David Slone, Born 1829; Married Ally I.

    1860 Pike County Census:

    David Slone Age 25 Farm Laborer

    Ally I. Slone Age 22

    Children Of David Slone And Ally


    1…Bethana  Slone Was Born In 1860.

    2…Selia Slone Was Born In Mar 1868.

    3…Mary Jane Slone Was Born In Apr 1877.

    4…William M. Slone Born Circa 1852. He Was Born Circa 1862

    In Pike County, KY. He Married Pricey V. Raines On 17 Oct 1878 In Pike

    County, Ky.

    5…John A. Slone Was Born Circa 1864.

    6…Florence Slone Married Mack Huffman. She Was Born Circa 1866.


    3…Arminta Slone, Born 1834 Spelled Sloan In The 1870 Census.

    Married A Cousin Mcfarland??  No Proof Of This But It Has Been Said He Was Younger Than Her. By 1870 She Was Living In Pike County Ky Then Moved To Buchanan County Virginia.


    1870 Pike County Census:

    Arminta Sloan Age 35

    James B Age 13 Born In Buchanan County Va Born In 1857

    Elizabeth Age 9

    Anna D. Age 6 Born In Virginia According To 1900 Census Of Pike Co. Ky.

    Robin Or Robert Age 4 Born In Ky

    Living Next Door To Shadrack Slone And Susan:

    Also Spencer And Jane Slone Living 2 Houses Up.


    1880 Buchanan County Virginia Census:

    Census Records Are Often Wrong On Ages.


    Minta Slone Age 40

    Betty Age 20

    Buck Age 18

    Anna Age 16

    Robert Age 10


    Census 1900: Buchanan Co. Va. Rock Lick Twp, Arminta Slone, Age 65,

    So This Age Is In Keeping With Her Birth, So The 1880 Minta Slone Is Probably Her. Seems To Be The Widow Of Mcfarland Slone.

    1910 Census  Buchanan County Virginia Has Minta Slone Age 75 Living With Her Son James B. Slone.


    Children Of Arminta  Slone Include:

    1…James B. Slone Was Born In 1857 In Virgnia.

    1910 Buchanan County Virginia

    James B Born In Virginia Age 53

    Ludda Age 40

    Vincent Age 22

    Perry Age 18

    Polly J. Age 16

    Eliza Age 14

    Henderson Age 12

    Dora Age 10

    Alex Age 7

    Sissie Age 6

    James B. Jr Age 2

    Minta Mother Age75


    2…Elizabeth Slone Was Born In 1861 In Pike County, Ky.

    3…Buchanan “Buck” Slone Born 1862

    4…Anna Dulcina Slone Was Born In Virginia. 1866,  She

    James Death Certificate says Anna Dulcina Cain May,
    she was a Slone so dont know why it says that
    she was 17 when they married so I dont think she was married before

    Married James E. May On 22 Jul 1880 In At George Belcher's.,
    Pike County, Ky. James Epperson May Was Born 15 Mar 1855 In Ky.
    death certificate says Efferson but could be an error

    Father: John Henderson May B: 9 Oct 1832 In Pike Co., Ky
    Mother: Nancy Smith B: 24 June 1834 In Tazewell Co., VA

    James E. May Born March 1855
    died: 1943

    Dulcina Born March 1866


    1..Elizabeth Born June 1880

    2..Melvina (Mella) (Melly)May :
    Born: 17 May. 1883 Pike County Ky: Died 28 Oct. 1948.

    Married Henry Wilson Ramey

    3...Dora Born Sept 1884
    4..Tolbert May  B: 1886 Pike Co. Ky
    5..Hibbard or Hibbert May B 1888 Pike Co. Ky

    6..Lilly Born July 1891

    7..Ella Born Aug 1892

    8..Albert Born Feb 1894

    9..Virgie Born Dec 1896

    10.Lucy Born Feb 1900

    11..Jim May

    12..Floyd May



    5…Robin Or Robert Slone Was Born In 1867 In Pike County, Ky.

                                 1910 Buchanan County Virgnia Census:

    Robert Age 44

    Bella Age 32

    John H. Age 14

    Harlan Age 11

                                                Freelin?? Son Age 10

    Aaron Age 7

    Virgie Age 5

    Cora Age 3

    Laura Age  5months

    Ira Son Age 5 Months



    4…Gordon D. Slone, Born 1837; Married Mary [Polly] Slone.

    Daughter Of Archibald Slone And Nancy Justice, On 23 Sep 1861 In Pike

    County, Ky. He Died In 1872.

    Children Of Gordon D.3 Slone And Mary [Polly] Slone


    1…Mattison Jackson  Slone Was Born In 1858. Married Louisa

    Thacker On 23 Jul 1879 In Pike County, Ky

    2…Shadrack Archibald Slone Was Born In 1862. Married Nancy J.

    Adkins On 2 Nov 1885 In Pike County, Ky.

    As Of 2 Nov 1885, He Also Went By The Name Of Shade Slone.

    3…James Slone Was Born In 1867.

    4…Henry Sherman Slone Was Born In 1871. He Married Vina Malissa Slone, Daughter Of Amos Slone And Sarah Adams, On 30 Jan 1891 In Pike County, Ky.


    5…Archibald Slone, Born 1839 In Ky; Married Miriam Bishop.

    Daughter Of William Bishop, On 9 Aug 1860 In Pike County, Ky.

    See Photo Plate: # 1075


    1…Jasper  Slone Born Circa 1868 In Pike County, Ky. Married Marcha R. Ward On 5 Jun 1890 In At James Wards., Pike County, Ky

    6…Robert Slone Was Born In 1842

    7…Van Buren Slone Was Born In 1844

    8…Dicey Slone Was Born In 1845. Married Shadrack Anderson On 3 Mar 1866 In Pike Co. Ky.

    Children Of Archibald Slone And #2 Wife  Elizabeth Slone Lowe Were:

    9…Fannie W. Slone Was Born On 11 May 1854 In Pike County, KY


    2…William Slone


    Born Before 1805 In KY. Married Sally [Sarah] Rowe, Daughter Of Solomon Rowe And Elizabeth ?, On 4 May 1826 In Pike County, Ky.  He Died Before 1850 In Ky.

    1850 Pike County Census:

    William Age 46

    Sarah Age 47

    Baxter Age 18

    Pricey Age 16

    Morgan Age 14

    Jane Age 12

    Nancy Age 10




    1…Franklin Slone, Born 1828 Pike County Ky; Married  #1 Margaret Estep;

    Daughter Of John Estep And Sarah ?, On 30 Jan 1850 In

    Pike County, Ky,  Married  #2 Clary White N 4 Aug 1880 In At Franklin Slone's., Pike County, Ky.

    1850 Pike County Census:

    Franklin Age 21

    Margaret Age 18


    Children Of Franklin  Slone And Margaret Estep

    1…Matilda  Slone Was Born In 1851.

    2…John A. Slone Was Born In 1854. He Was Born 1858 In Pike Co.

    Ky.  He Married Rutha ?  Before 1874. He Married Minda Prater, Daughter Of Daniel Prater And Polly (--?--), On 3 Aug 1893 In Pike Co, Ky

    3…Sarah F. Slone Was Born On 23 Apr 1859.

    Children Of Franklin Slone And Clary White:

    4…Franklin  Slone Born Circa 1873 In Pike County, Ky

    Married Lenoria B. Brown On 8 Jan 1891 In Pike County, Ky. Married

    Ora Spears On 26 May 1896 In Pike County, Ky.


    2…Spencer Slone, Born 1830; Married  Elizabeth Rowe.

    1860 Census Pike County

    Living Next Door To John Slone And Virginia:

    Spencer Age 30

    Elizabeth Age 28

    Nancy J Age 12

    John W. Age 10

    William Age 8

    Morgan L Age 2





    1870 Pike County Census Living Next To Arminta

    His Wife Elizabeth Must Have Died By 1870

    Possibly Around 1865 Or 66 After Frances Was Born.

    Spencer Age 40

    Jane Age 20

    William Age 17

    James Age 16

    Morgan Age 12

    Jefferson Age 10

    Frances Age 5


    3…Hulda Slone  Born In 1831 Married John Westley Griffy

    On 10 Jan 1847 In Pike County, Ky.

    4…Braxton Slone, Born 1832 In Pike Co Ky; Married Jane Davis. Before 1855.


    1…Elizabeth  Slone Lowe Born On 16 Mar 1855 In Pike County, Ky.

    Married Archibald Slone Jr. On 5 Aug 1881 In Pike County, Ky.

    5…Pricey Slone Born In 1834. Married David Estep, Son Of John Estep, On 3 Jul

    1856 In Pike County, Ky.

    6…Morgan Slone Was Born In 1835.  He Married Nella [Nelley]

    Slone, Daughter Of John Slone And Winneye Fields, On 24 Jun 1858 In Pike

    County, Ky.

    7…Jane Slone Born In 1838

    8…Nancy Slone Was Born In 1840.




    3…Frederick Slone

    Born Between 1810 And 1815 In Floyd Co.,Ky.

    Lucinda Susannah Bennett On 23 Feb 1829 In Pike County, Ky.

    He Died Before 1850

    1850 Pike County Census:

    Lucinda Age 65

    Preston Age 21

    Jesse Age 18

    Speede Age 16

    Snode Age 14

    Ellison Age 12

    Causby Age 10

    Dawson Age 6

    Shadrack Age 2




    1…Preston  Slone Was Born Circa 1830.

    2…Jesse Slone Was Born In 1832.

    3…Speede Slone Was Born In 1834.

    4…Snode Slone Was Born In 1836.

    5…Ellison Slone Was Born In 1838.

    6…Causby Slone Was Born In 1840.

    7…Dawson Slone Born In 1844.

    8…Shadrack Slone Born In 1848.


    4…John  Slone

    Born Circa 1810 In Floyd Co., Ky.

    Married  #1 Winneye Fields On 17 Dec 1825 In Pike County, Ky.

    Married #2 Jane Rowe On 20 Jan 1848 In Pike County, Ky.


    1860 Pike County Census Has Him Married To A Virginia:

    With The Following Children Still At Home:

    John Age 50

    Virginia Age 38

    Flemmon Slone Age 22

    Andy Age 20

    Vesty Female Age 16

    Francis M Age 16

    Elizabeth Age 12

    Marietta Age 9

    Clementine Age 7

    Emaline Age 6

    Nancy J. Age 4



    Children Of John Slone And Winneye Fields

    1…Sarah Slone, Born 1827 In Pike County, Ky. Married John Rowe;

                   On 4 Jul 1844 In Pike County, Ky. Married Martin V. Estep On 5

    Aug 1855 In Pike County, Ky.

    Children Of Sarah Slone And John Rowe:

    1…Borillis  Rowe Was Born In 1845.

    2…Aquillis Rowe Was Born In 1847.

    There Were No Children Of Sarah3 Slone And Martin V. Estep.


    2…Malvina Slone Was Born In 1830 In Pike County, Ky. She Married Richard

    Griffey On 21 Jan 1847 In Pike County, Ky..

    3…Winnie Columbia Slone Was Born In 1833 In Pike County, Ky.. She

    Married Stephen Rowe On 25 May 1853 In Pike County, Ky.

    4…Hannah Slone Was Born In 1834 In KY. She Married Robert Rowe,

    Son Of Franklin Rowe, On 19 Jul 1853 In Pike County, Ky.

                   5…Claudia Slone Was Born In 1837 In Pike County, Ky.

    6…Fleming Slone Was Born In 1838 In KY.

    7…Andrew Slone, Born In 1839 Pike Co Ky. Married Wenny Cantrell;


    1…Samuel  Slone Born On 12 Feb 1855 In Pike County, Ky.

    8…Nella [Nelley] Slone Was Born In 1842 In Ky. Married Morgan Slone,  Son Of William Slone And Sally [Sarah] Rowe, On 24 Jun 1858 In Pike County, Ky.

    9…Vesta Slone Was Born In 1844 In Ky.

    10..Francis M.3 Slone Was Born In 1844 In Ky.

    11..Mary Elizabeth Slone Was Born In 1848 In Ky.

    Children Of John  Slone And #2 Wife Jane Rowe

    12..Marietta Slone Was Born In 1851 In Pike County, Ky. She Married William

    Bishop On 21 Apr 1870 In Pike County, Ky.

    13..Clemintine Slone, Born 1853 In Pike County, Ky.

    1…William H. [Dick] Slone

    14..Ameline Slone Was Born In 1854 In Pike County, Ky. Married

    William H. Murphy On 22 Feb 1877 In Pike County, Ky.

    15..Nancy Jane Slone Was Born On 27 May 1856 In Pike County, Ky.

    16..William M. Slone Was Born In 1860 In Pike County, Ky.  Married #1 Evaline Landrith On 11 Nov 1885 In Pike County, Ky. Married #2  Clementine Hunt, Daughter Of John W. Hunt, On 2 Jun 1892 In Pike County, Ky. As Of 2 Jun 1892, He Was Also Known As Wm. H. Slone.

    17..Solomon Epperson Slone Was Born In 1864 In Pike County, Ky.


    5…Shadrack  Slone Jr.

    Born Circa 1814 In Floyd Co., Ky. Married Susan Haley On 30 Dec 1832 In Pike County,


    1850 Pike County Census:

    Shadrack Slone Jr.  Age 36

    Susan Age 36 Born In Va.

    Bethina Age 16

    Mcfarlan Age 11

    Spottswood Age 8

    Elizabeth Age 6

    Anetta Age 3

    Thompson Age 10 Months


    Ky. 1870 Census Of  Pike County Ky:

    Next Door To Arminta Slone

    Shadrack Sloan Age 56

    Susan Age 54

    Spotswood Age 27

    Elizabeth Age 25

    Thompson Age 19

    George Age 2


    Children :

    1…Bethena Slone  Born In 1834 In KY.  She Married William Short

    On 25 Nov 1856 In Pike County, Ky. She Married (--?--) Smith

    Circa 1860. She Married C. J. Laport On 26 Dec 1872 In Pike County, Ky.

    2…Mcpharlan Slone Was Born In 1839 In Ky.

    3…Spottswood F. Slone Was Born In 1842 In Ky.

    4…Elizabeth Slone Was Born In 1844 In Ky.  She Married Aaron Smith On

    28 Dec 1865 In Pike County, KY.[1],

    5…Annetta [Amitty] Slone Married James T. Ratliff. She Was Born In 1847 In Ky.

    6…Thompson Slone Was Born In Jul 1849 In Ky.  Married Nancy

    Childers On 13 Sep 1870 In Pike County, Ky.

    7…Causby J. Slone Was Born In 1855 In Pike County, KY.






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