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          History of Kentucky 1922


          Marion Pinson a medical physician, was born at Meta, on Johns Creek in Pike County Ky,, a son of Thomas and Sarah Hurt Pinson, Thomas Pinson was a son of Allen Pinson, and Grandson of Thomas Pinson, who married a Miss Dennya nd Came from England, Allen Pinson was still a lad when his father moved from Grayson Co. Virginia to Kentucky in 1797, ane he was one of sevens ons and two daughters, The majority of these children spent their lives in Pike County after the family located there, Allen Pinson was married to Ann Belcher, a daughter of George Belcher, a soldier in the American Revolution, who served in General Washingtons Command. They were parents of Eight children, Allen married for his second wife, Elizabeth Lee and they had a family of seven children.

          Landen A. Elswick, of Big Sandy Valley of Eastern Kentyucky. Landen is managing partner of R.T. Elswick and Company at Elkhorn City, Praise Post office. His entire career has been spent in Association with his father and brothers.
          He was born at Big Rock, Buchannan County Virginia, Jan 25, 1892, son of Joseph L and Pricy Ramey Elswick. His parents are living at present at Big Rock Virginia, his mother being 65 years of age. The grandfather of Landen Elswick was Henderson Elswick, who was a Confederate soldier in the war between the states. Joesph L. Elswick was born in Buchanan county, Virginia in 1851.
          He was educated in country schools,` and as a youth taught in several. He is known for being honest, capable,a nd strong men of affairs on boths ides of the Big Sandy. For many years he has been in business in Buchanan Countya nd Pike County as a timber man, a farmer, rafting great quantities of logs down the Big Sandy. There are two general mercantile firms representing the Elswick family. Taht at Mouth Card, is known as Elswick and Son, while the busienss at Elkhorn City is R. T. Elswick and Co. Joseph L. Elswick and Pricy Ramey's children are: Landan A., Freeland Elswick, associated with his fathers business.
          Lydia, married to Paris Belcher of Mouth Card.
          Roland of Mouth Card who was the first president of Elkhorn Bank, Gusta wife of Keenis Elswick of Big Rock Virginia.
          Landen A. Elswick is a graduate of Smith-Diel Business College in Richmond Virginia.His store at Elkhorn City was started in 1907,
          History of Kentucky 1922, volume 4


          Harry H. Ramey Harry, while working as a telegraph operator studied law, did routine law office work, and enetered his real profesion with exceptional training as a lawyer. He was born in Grayson, in Carter County Ky, July 14, 1890, son of Jasper and Millie Fenwick, Ramey, His mother was born in Bath County and his father in Rowan County Kentucky. Jasper Ramey spent his active career as a teacher, and for many years was identified with the schools of Carter County, srving as superintendent of schools for the county from 1890-95. He is living in 1922 in Portsmouth, Ohio.
          Harry H. Ramey, has been, since 1920 a very successful lawyer, He married Iris Arnett, daughter of T.J. Arnett the present county attornery. At Pesent they have one sone, Harry Jack Ramey. Tehya re members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. and affiliated witht he Masonic Order and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

          James Finus Ramey

          James Finus Ramey.
          in 1922 state insurance commissioner, born in Lyon County Kentucky, Septermber 26, 1878, son of Finus A. Ramey, Grandson of James Ramey and member of one of the First Families in Virginia. The Ramey's migrated to the colony of Virginia at a period long antedating the American Revolution, there became promienet. The Great-grandfather Ramey was born in Virginia, his son James, Ramey of Clark County Kentucky was born in 1811 but lived most of his life in Lyon County Kentucky.
          He married Irene Cummins, they both died in Lyon County in 1890.
          Finus was born in 1850 and still makes his home in that part of Kentucky and married, Peachy A. Barnett born in 1855 Lyon County Ky. Their Children:
          Sarah Mildred, married C.E. Johnson, James Finus, Robert L, Claude L, Nancy, married Fred Stovall, Irene, Maude who married Gray Hooks, Oscar, Etta who married Rev. Augustus Marshall, Lee, and Mattie who married a Mr Gray. of Lyon County.
          Finus Ramey was appointed state insurance commissioner and took office on Jan 5 1920. In 1901 he married Miss Drucille North, daughter of Leonard and Nancy North. Children: Leon, Evelyn, Artiemisie, Juanita, and James Thomas,
          Mr Ramey is a man who early learned tow ork for knowledge and hold fast to what he learned.