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        John Belcher Sr.

        The Belcher Families Came Into Mass., Some Moved Into Maryland, Connecticut, And some came into Virginia During The Early 16 and 1700's
        Many Men Patented Land In The Sw End Of Chesterfield County Va., Known Until 1749 As Henrico Co. They Settled In The Areas Known As Skinquarter And Genito.
        Some Of The Settlers Were John Belcher , Richard Belcher, James Gates, John Goode, John Skelton, James Bailey. The Earliest Know Record Of Richard And John Belcher Is In Henrico Co. Va.
        In John Nash’s Sheriff's Bond Along With James Bailey. James Bailey’s Son Richard Bailey Married Elizabeth Belcher. In 1759 James Bailey Bought 77 Acres Of Land S. Side Of Skinquarter This Land Was Originally Part Of A Patent Of 375 Granted To Richard Belcher In 1754 And Was The First Owned By The Bailey Family.
        Paid Debt Of Son 1736 Paid 75 Lbs Of Tobacco ("To Yr. Order To Pay Belchar")???
        12 Oct 1691 Court Of Henrico County John Belcher And Will Pucket Appraised The Will Of Evan Owen And Margery, His Wife. Virginia County Records, Index To Land Grants Henrico County.
        Original Source Page Name: 16 Name: John Belcher Date: 1735 Comment: 229 Acres
        Henrico County Record Book #2

        1736: Henrico County: John Belcher, 1 Levy, Clerks Fees. To 1 Register. "To Yr Promise For Rd. Belcher. Given You In My Store 110." "To Yr Order To R. Belcher For His Levy 51" In The Credits. "The Clerk Fee Is To John Belcher Jr." The Balance Of 338 Lb Tobo Pd By Inspectors Note.
        John Belcher Jr. 1736 1 Levy Clk's Fees, Store Debt. :To Register Your Son Thos" An Item Cancelled. "To Your Ord'r To Rd Belcher", Pd By An Inspectors Note. One The Credit Side This Notation."The Ord'r To R Belcher Is Pd By John Belcher Sen'r"

        Another Mention Of James Bailey On This Same Page: 1736 Henrico Couinty, Store Debt. Mr Cary's Debt. A Bond Due. Paid By John Pride Jr And John Worhsam: Source:Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume Iii, Henrico County - Southside, 1736, Page 369
        Richard Belcher 1736, 1 Levy. For Last Year's Levy. Paid By John Belcher Sen'r.
        Source: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume Iii, Henrico County - Southside, 1736, Page 367
        Capt Eppes, Quick Rents On 13390 Acres, 26 Levy's.........1736 Paid By John Belcher Sr, In My Store

        Source: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume Iii, Henrico County - Southside, 1736, Page 372
        Will Norris. Hundred Norris. 1736. 1 Levy. Clks Fee. Store Debt. Mr. Cary's Debt. To Summon Vs R. Belcher. Paid By An Inspector's Note And "By John Belcher Jr For Richard Belcher".
        Source: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume Iii, Henrico County - Southside, 1736, Page 379

        John Belcher sr. born 1670
        son of Robert Belcher and Phoebe Isham
        Henrico county Va. which is now Chesterfield co.
        Married: Mary Elizabeth Frogley in Virginia 1689

        Children of John and Mary Frogley:

        1..John Jr. Belcher
        Born: 1690 Virginia
        Married: Mary Martha Gooding In 1736
        Paid Levy The Clk Fee To Bellshar Jr.(sic)The Balance Of 338 Lb Tobacco Paid By Inspectors Note.
        Died: Before 1788 Manchester Parish Of Chesterfield Co Va.

        Deed Book 1763 November 28. Between Edward hatchett of Lunenburg co and Abraham Puckett of Chesterfield.
        Consideration of 20 l. taract of land situated and being in Chesterfield,
        Dale Parish, joining lands of John Belcher, and Abraham Puckett. Witnesses, Mark Pucket, Elizabeth Belcher, Jane Belcher Recorded 1764 Watkins Creek.

          Children of John jr. and Mary:
            1...Elizabeth Belcher Born: 1738
            2...Thomas Belcher Born: 1740 Witness To Will Chesterfield Co Va1774 Of Valentine West.
            3...Jane Belcher Born: 1741
            4...Edmund Belcher Born: 1742 Chesterfield County Va Died: 1781 Amelia County Va
            Married: Mary?? Edmund Belcher Is Listed In Lunenburg Va; Tithables List 1764
            With Land Value Of $100 And In 1769 With Land Value Of $120
            3 People Listed In Home. Also Listed 1765 Lunenburg Co Va
            Deed Book 4, Page 665
            Indenture between Edmund Belcher of Lunenburg and Mark Puckett
            of Chesterfield, 100 acres of land bounded by john Perdue,
            Thomas Puckett, Thomas Belcher and John Belcher now in Possession of Mark Puckett being part of a larger tract.
            Witnesses John Belcher, thomas Perdue, John belcher, Edmund Belcher
            June 1764

            5...John Belcher 1744 Listed As A Whig Died 23 Dec 1824
            Buried 2 Dec 1824:Chesterfield County Va Richmond Va Obits:
            married: Martha
            Will Book 10 page 370 Chesterfield County Va.
            John Belchers will dated Sept 12 1810 proven Dec 13 1824
            Executors; William Fendley, and Daniel Belcher
            Witnesses: allen Whitworth and Eleazar Clay
            Legatees, wife Martha Belcher
            sons, Robert, Daniel, Thomas, John, and William
            Daughters Nancy Franklin and Martha Belcher

              1...Robert Belcher
              2...Daniel Belcher
              3...Thomas Belcher
              4...John Belcher
              5...William Belcher
              6...Nancy Belcher Franklin

              7...Martha Belcher
            6...Mell Puckett Belcher B: 1744
            7...Francis Belcher Sr. Born 1745
            Listed In 1769 Lunenburg Va Tithables List With Brother Edmund
            Died 7-29-1781 Amelia Co Va From Revolutionary War Wounds
            Married:#1 Mary Cabaniss And Then Her Sister #2 Phoebe Cabaniss

            Francis Belcher Genealogy Line

            8...Abraham Belcher Born: 1750
            died: 1815 Burke county Georgia
            Married: Mary Burke
            Baptist minister
            Served as a private in the 2nd Georgia Calvary
            Regiment co. K
            had a son Philip G. Belcher at burke Co.
            Married: Mary Causey born in 1802 Georgia

              1...Obediah Belcher B: 1762
              Obadiah Is Thought To Have Gone To Georgia Along With Francis's Son Matthew
              Whether This Is The Obediah That Is Listed In Jasper County Georgia Is Not Known For Sure But Would Seem So By All Accounts Since
              This Obadiah Named One Of His Sons Elijah C., One Greenberry, And One Isham. and he was born in Virginia

              Obediah went to Georgia along with Francis's son Matthew
              obtained land in the 1797 Georgia land lottery [as listed in the land lottery grant book].
              There is a record of Obediah Belcher and his marriage to Mary (Polly) Cooper, in 1800 in the Marriage book of Greene Co, Georgia.
              Mary Belcher is listed as 66 years old in the 1850 Census of Jasper County, [page 769, born in Virginia] Obediah I received land in the Georgia land lottery of 1803 in Greene County, Georgia

              Obediah Belcher of Jasper County Georgia

              2...Mary Belcher B: 1768
              3...Richard Belcher B: 1771
              4...Elijah Belcher B: 1779
              5…Beverly Belcher B: 1781
              Beverlys lines became a lot of the Alabama belchers
              Married: Frances Ann Mosely

                Children Known:
                  1...William B. Belcher born about 1799 Chesterfield Co. Va

                  William B was in chesterfield County Virginia in 1840
                  a preacher
                  listed in 1840 Census of Chesterfield County Va.
                  1 older woman age 70-79
                  2 women 30-39
                  1 man 30-39
                  2 males 10-14
                  2 males 5-9
                  1 male under 5
                  William was listed in 1860 Chesterfield co. va. census records
                  william B. Rev. Belcher

                  William Beverly. was about 20 years old in 1840
                  he was in Georgia by 1844 when he married Sarah A. Strickland
                  William B. Belcher born april 20 1820 Virginia
                  died: May 16 1903 Chambers County, Alabama
                  buried Five Points Cemetery in Chambers County Alabama
                  Married: May 9 1844
                  Sarah Ann Strickland born 1826 died 1908 alabama

                  1850 William B is lised age 30 living in Troup Georia
                  with wife Sarah A age 25
                  James o, age 4, John W age 2, and Mary F age 7 months all born in Georgia

                  by 1865 he had moved to Alabama, his son Jefferson was born in Alabama

                    1...James O. born 1847 died 1918 born in Troup Georgia
                    2...John W born 1848 died 1924 born in Troup Georgia
                    3...Mary Frances born 1849 died 1938 born in Georgia
                    4...Sarah or Sally born 1852 Georgia died 1932
                    5...Elizabeth born 1857 Georgia died 1946
                    6...Thomas born 1860 Georgia
                    7...Anna born 1862 Georgia
                    Married: William Henry. Bachus 14 Oct 1880 in Alabama Marriages 1809-1920
                    Henry was born dec 22 2859 and died sept 22 1909
                    his tombstone is in Hillcrest Cemetery Bell County Texas
                    8...Jefferson born 1867 Alabama
                6...John Belcher B: 1783

        2… William Belcher
        Born: 1692 Virginia
        Wife: Mary E.Belcher
        Married #2 Martha ?
        Virginia County Records, X Index To Land Grants Henrico County. Book No. 21.Original Source Page Name: 601
        Name: Wm. Belcher Date: 1743 Comment: 336 Acres Listed Henrico Co Va 25 Nov 1743: 336 Acres On S Side Of Locust Branch:
        Bounded By John Gibbs, John Gill, And Thomas Mann. Patent: 21 P 601 William Belcher 2 Levy's 100 Acres. Pd By John Gibson And And Inspectors Note.
        Source: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume Iii, Henrico County - Southside, 1736, Page 386
        Col'o Kennon 1736. Wm Belcher. Several Other Names Mentioned.Wm Belcher Paid His Levy Himself.
        Source: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume Iii, Henrico County - Southside, 1736, Page 389.
        Three of these sons served in the Revolutionary War.
        1...William Belcher, b. 04 June 1720; d. Unknown.
        2...Thomas Belcher, b. 28 June 1722; d. Unknown.
        Married: Rebecca??
          1...Abraham born 1749 Virginia
          Served in the revolutionary War.
          2...Thomas Jr. born 1750
          Chesterfield County Virginia
          was a witness to the will of John Puckett January 22, 1772 along with thomas Worsham, Richard, Purdue, Josiah Purdue and Thomas Belcher jr was the exector.

          3...Edward born 1751
          There is some indication that this is the Edward Belcher that
          served in the Revolutionary war from Virginia.
          4...James born 1752
          5...Rebecky born 1755
          6...John born 1758
          Revoltionary war Soldier from virginia roll 97
          7...Mary born 1760

        3..., Edward Belcher b. 10 March 1727/28; d. Unknown.

        Child of WILLIAM BELCHER and MARTHA is:
        4...George Belcher, b. 18 July 1731; d. Unknown.

      3..James Belcher: B: 1694 Va:
      James Is Listed As Master Of The Ship "The Berry" 1741-1748:Colonial Records Of Virginia:
      No Wife Is Listed, Many Ships Masters Weren't Married:

      in 1756 James is listed on a list of dibursements from a will of
      captain seabrooks estate.james belcher (cloth), the letter was written on the 13 november 1756 from William Nelson of virginia to Mabella Wilkinson near ratcliffe cross in london.
      payment of estate was to be sent to her and her sister after disbursements. "national genealogical quarterly, vol. 1-85".

      4…Robert Belcher
      Born: 1700 Virginia
      Wife: Listed In Russel Co Va 1719
      Listed In Lunenburg Co Va Tith 1748 And 1774
        1...Hugh J. Belcher B: 1724 Va:
        Married: 1750 Elizabeth Anne Mason B 1734 James River Va Daughter Of James Mason:
        James Mason Is Listed In The Invoices Below:
        Listed In Accomac Va In 1780 Virginia Colonial Records:
        Associated With "The Betsy", A Scooner : Offin Broadman Master
        Age 31 Of Newbury Port:Lives In Matomkin East Shore Va:

      5..Richard D. Belcher Sr Born 1710
      Died: 1763 Franklin Co. Va.
      Married: Mary Obedience Clay


      6.. George Belcher Born: Cr 1712
      Married:#(1) Elizabeth #(2) Lucy:

      George Belcher 1736 1 Levy Clks Fees. No Record Of Payment Source: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume Iii, Henrico County - Southside, 1736, Page 386

      7..Isaac Belcher B 1714 Virginia:
      Will Was Inventoried 1778 Amelia County Va: Brunswick Was Parent County Of Amelia And Isle Of Wight Parent County Of Brunswick Will Book No 2 P 286 Amelia County Va:

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