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Content to Live again

When I look into the mirror,
I see Ancestors of long ago,
flowing throw my veins.
Yet noone seems to see
any of this but me
The ghosts I see are lost in time and space
of distant blood and race,
I see them when I look into the mirror
looking back at me as if from a distant shore
they are glad for existence
Just one moment more.
Content to live again
if only in a thought,
when we open the door
researching their life and time space.

by:Gayl Ramey Wells Dec. 2003

Our Remy/Ramey ancestry is French
Our Huguenot Ancestry Is Spread Over The United States
And Was Profoundly The Basis Of Freedom
Of The Right To Worship In The United States.
The Nationalities Of The Huguenots,
Were French, German, Spanish, Flemish, English And Italian:
At The Time Of The 16th Century.
Before That Many People Believe They Came From Egypt.
It Is Hard To Say Where The First Of Our Remy, Remi, Ramey Originally Family Started.
We Still Face The Ancient Enemy, The Tyranny Of Power That Deprives People Of Their Rights
Whenever, With Each Generation, We Fight To Keep Alive The Rights Of Our Forefathers
Who Won For Us With Their Blood, We Fight The Battle Of The Huguenots
And Our Early American Families
Our Triumphs are Theirs

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