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        Benjamin Belcher Sr.


        Benjamin Belcher Sr.- born 1749 Franklin County Va lived in - Patrick County Virginia:

        Died: after 1820 Census;
        Benjamin Belcher, Sr was the 8th Child of (Richard Belcher, Sr. b. 1710, d. 1763, and Mary Obedience Clay. b. 1712, dau of Henry Clay. )


        Benjamin Served in the Revolutionary War At Maryland.
        He fought in 1776 in the Battle of White Plains New York and at Germantown Pa 1777.

        Maryland Records show he was awarded 50 acres land bounty for his service.

        Benjamin is listed in August 1780 to July of 1784 serving as a private in the Records of Maryland Troops in the Continental Service

        On August 7, 1781 he was serving  in the 4th Regiment under Captain Lynn

        (Maryland Settlers and Soldiers 1700-1800) (MSL Records)


        Married:  1775 Franklin County Virginia Prudence ?? born 1755

        She is living next door to Benjamin Jr in the 1830 Franklin County Virginia Census:


        1810 Census Franklin County Virginia listed  in age 45 plus age range

        2 sons living at home one age 16-26 one age to 16

        wife age 45 plus


        1820 Census Patrick County:

        Benj. Belcher age  over 45 plus he would have been 70

        Female age 45

        Benjamin jr is living in home of his father in 1820 age 26 plus

        With wife and  4 children listed:

        1 probably brother and 1 sister and 2 his children:

        Benjamin jr age 31

        Wife was 20

        1st child a female about 2

        Benjamin III age 1

        Female age 3



        1…Frances born 1776

        2…Benjamin Belcher, Jr. b. 12 Oct, 1778/79,

        died about 1884 Patrick Co. Virginia census when he was listed as age 92

        Married:  June 22 1815 Sarah (Sally) Jones, b 17 Jun, 1795, died after 1880

        3…Obadiah Belcher born 1880

        Listed Patrick County 1830 Census age 50

        Wife and 4 children: 3 males and 1 female.

        3…William born 1786

        4…Female born 1797   living with mother in 1830 Census age plus 30

        5…Thomas born 1792

        Married: Lydia

        Listed 1830 Franklin County Census near his father

        Age 30-40 wife age 30-40

        1 male child under 16

        2 female children under 16

        6…William born 1800

        listed age 20 in 1830 Census with mother Prudence.




        Benjamin Belcher, Jr.


        Born. 12 Oct, 1778/79,  died 1884. Will was made in 1878 and probated in 1884

        He was listed in the 1880 Census:

        Died 1884 Patrick Co. Virginia census when he was listed as age 92

        Married:  June 22 1815 Sarah (Sally) Jones, b 17 Jun, 1795, died after 1880



        Patrick County VA, Wills and Deeds


        The Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Belcher of Rock Castle Patrick County Virginia


         I Benjamin Belcher considering the uncertainty of this mortal

        life and being of sound  mind and memory do make and publish this my last

        Will and testament in manner and form following that is to say. Firstly

        I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Sarah Belcher all  of my Household

        and kitchen furniture and  joints of my land her life time and at her death to

        be equally divided between my heirs John Belcher, Mary Cruise, Harden

        Belcher's heirs, Martha Akers, Elizabeth Wood, and Reed Belcher and my

        stock consisting of cattle, hogs, etc shall also be equally divided between the above named heirs and at my and my wife's deaths my will is that my tract of land known as the Akers place lying on Brammers Spur road shall be equally divided between John Belcher, Mary Cruise, and Harden Belcher's heirs. And my home tracts of land where I now live on the head waters of Rock Castle shall be equally divided between Martha Akers, Elizabeth Wood and Reed Belcher. My will is that my son Noah shall have one dollar only of my entire estate. My will is that the above named property willed to the above named heirs shall be divided amongst themselves without an administrator.

        This the 28th day of August 1878


                                                Benjamin  x  Belcher



        The within will of Benjamin Belcher was now subscribed by the

        said Benjamin Belcher the testation in the presence of each of us and was at the same time declared by him to be his last Will and Testament and we at his request signed our names hereunto as attesting witnesses

        This the 28th day of August 1878

        William E. Shelor

        Caleb Boyd

        In Patrick County Court February Term 1884. The Last Will and Testament

        of Benjamin Belcher was presented in Court proven by the subscribing Witnesses thereto admitted to probate and ordered to be recorded

        Teste L. G. Rucker, Clerk


        (Several of his children were left out of his will)


        1820 Census Patrick County Virginia

        Benjamin jr is living in home of his father in 1820

        With 3 children listed:

        1 probably brother and 2 his children: he may have had another child before Benjamin jr. would have been a female by the 1820 Census:

        Benjamin in plus 26-45 age range

        Wife 18-26 age range



        1830 Census Franklin County Virginia:

        Benjamin Belcher jr.  age range 30-40

        Wife age range 20-26

        2 sons one under 5 one 10

        2 daughters age 5 and under.

        Prudence Belcher living next door age range 70-80

        Would make her born about 1755



        1840 Census Patrick County Virginia

        Benjamin Belcher age 50-60

        Wife age 40-50

        4 sons 4 daughters still living at home.

        1 son to age 5, 1 son to age 10, 1 son to age 15, 1 son to age 20

        5 daughters: 1 daughter under 10, 3 daughters under 15, 1 dau. To age 20


        1850 Patrick County Virginia Census:

        Benjamin Belcher age 59

        Sally age 55

        Elizabeth age 16

        Obadiah age 14

        Benjamin age 10

        Reed age 5

        Martin age 4



        1860 Patrick County, VA Census as age 71 with wife Sarah, Age 60) 1880 census lists her age 87


        1870 Census Patrick County Virginia

        Benjamin age 81

        Sarah age 61

        Benjamin age 30

        Reed age 26

        Sarah E age 13


        1880 Patrick County Census: listed next to  Sarah Belcher Hall and her husband John (139 and then Reed Belcher household 138

        Benjamin age 92 household 137 born in Virginia

        Sarah age 87

        Notes on this Census; State: Benjamin Belcher is in Care of Household #136 (which is grandson Jerman Belcher) and he attends to no business. (so he was unable to do anything)

        Children:of Benjamin Belcher jr. and Sarah (Sally):

        1...Benjamin Belcher born 1819 Patrick County Virginia
        Married: Jane born 1828

        1...Charles born 1850
        Charles lived in Franklin County Virginia
        He married: Maraly born 1851

        1...William born 1873
        2...Henry born 1874
        Henry lived in West Virginia
        Henry Married: Sarah Wells born 1873 in West Virginia

        all children born in West Virginia
        1...Rosa born 1901
        2...Johnny born 1902
        3...Icy born 1903
        4...Pearl born 1904
        5...Hazel born 1908
        Susie Wells (Walls)lived in their home in 1910 listed as sister in law

        3...Lula born 1875

        2...William Henry born 1853
        3...Virginia born 1855
        4...Thomas born 1860
        5...Benjamin born 1867
        6...Sallie born 1867 same birth year dont know if they were twins or not but possible one born in Jan and one the end of the year.

        2…Mary born about 1822 listed a dau up to age 15-20 in 1830 census:

        Married: ?? Cruise


        3...John "Coon" Belcher, b. 4 Apr, 1824, d. 9 Apr, 1896. Married 27 Jan 1845. Nancy Brammer, b 28 Aug 1825, d. 14 Jan, 1915, livng with son Jon in 1900 Census

        Children listed in the Patrick County Census of 1860: 12 Children were born to John and Nancy:


        1850 Patrick County Census:

        John age 35 living near his father Benjamin

        Nancy age 24

        Mahaly age 5

        Lucy E age 4

        Hardin age 1


        1870 Patrick Co. Census:

        John Sr. age 46

        Nancy age 44

        John age 18

        German age 14

        Benjamin age 12

        Nancy a age 10

        Charles E age 8

        Martha age 6

        Samuel Nealy age 2



        Listed 1880 Census John Belcher age 56

        Nancy age 53

        John C age 29

        Benjamin age 21

        Nancy Sarah age 19

        Charles E age 17

        Martha A age 15

        Clabonie W age 13 (Census taker probably spelled wrong or nickname)

        Next door to Cosley Belcher age 35 and Jarden Belcher age 31


        1900 Census Patrick County Virginia:

        John C. Belcher age 47 born December 1852

        Nancy age 74 mother born August 1825

        Ambrey nephew age 18 born May 1882


        1910 Nancy livng in home of son Benjamin

        1910 Census:

        Benjamin Belcher age 51

        Mary L age 36 Married 12 years 3 children

        Velma age 11

        Effie age 10

        Ella age 7

        Nancy Mother age 85

                                                   John C. brother age 58


        1… Mahala A.  (Haley)Belcher b. 1845, PCVA. Died before 1900 Census

        Married Costley(Causley) Belcher. Born March 1830
        23 Aug 1866 Patrick county census
        "Patrick County Virginia marriages 1854-1974" by Jimmie M Steele.


        1870 Census living next door to John and Nancy

        Mahala age24

        Cosley age 28

        Louella age 2

        Laura T. age 6 months


        Living next door to Father in 1880 Census

        Caustley Belcher age 35

        Mahala age 35

        Luella G age 13

        Laura T age 11

        Nancy R age 9


        1900 Census Patrick Co.

        Cosley age 70 born march 1830

        Laura T age 27 born Sept 1872

        Joseph C age 15 born February 1885


        1910 Census:

        Causley Belcher age77

        Dau. Laura t age 40


        This Thomas Belcher is listed in Benjamins Children but he doesn’t show up in any Census as his son: no record of him in 1850 Census so really don’t know where he belongs.

        His son Causley Belcher married Mahala Belcher.


        Thomas Belcher born.1846. Doesn't say if married, but has children.
        PCVA (Patrick County Virginia). Children: Peter Belcher, Cosley Belcher, Daniel Belcher, Tabitha Belcher, Were possibly more
        children but these are only ones listed in 1860 Patrick County Census.
        Joann states Thomas is not the son of Benjamin and Sarah.
        Question here on this listed son. He is not listed in 1850 Census



        2…Lucie Emmaline Belcher b. 1847, Married: 22 Aug 1867 Peter Belcher
        Lucie listed age 13, in 1860 Patrick county census
        3…Harden Belcher b. 21 July 1849, PCVA. d. 10 May 1894.
        listed age 10: 1860 Patrick County Census died after 1892 since Louisa his second wife had a child in 1892.
        Married: 1868 Louisa Fannie Palmer born July 1847

        Married another Louisa around 1878


        1870 Census:

        Hardin age 20

        Louisa age 23

        John B age 3 months


        Listed next door to father in 1880 Census:

        Harden age 31

        Louisa F. age 32

        John B age 12

        Jerman age 12

        Larkin age 8

        David age 6

        Tilly A age 9 months step daughter  so he must have married this Louisa

        Around 1878

        May have been other children between 1878 and 1900

        No census for 1890


        1900 Census Louisa is living as head of household with one daughter

        Exoney (unusual name) age 7 born Sept 1892

        4…John C. Belcher b. 11 Dec 1851, PCVA. (Never married)
        listed age 9 in the 1860 Patrick County census
        has a tombstone in the John Belcher Cem. stating his death as 28 Jul 1925

        1900 Census Patrick County Virginia:

        John C. Belcher age 47 born December 1852

        Nancy age 74 mother born August 1825

        Ambrey nephew age 18 born May 1882


        1910 living in home of brother Benjamin

        5…Sarah Elizabeth Belcher b. 1854, PCVA. Married John Hubbard.
        listed age 6, 1860 Patrick County Census
        6…German or Germaine Belcher b.12 March 1856, PCVA Married Jane Quesinberry
        listed age 4 1860 Patrick County Census

        Jarman or Jerman listed 1880 Census Father household # 136

        And listed as the caretaker of his grandfather in household 140

        Living near his father and his grandfather

        Jarman age 24

        Jane age 20

                       John age 1
        7…Benjamin Byrd Belcher b. 12 Mar 1858, PCVA. m. Mary Lou Craig, b. 24 Feb 1872,
        tombstone engraving of birth is different: states: 19 March 1858.
        d. 1 Aug.,1966 Listed, age 2 1860 Patrick County census

        1910 Census:

        Benjamin Belcher age 51

        Mary L age 36 Married 12 years 3 children

        Velma age 11

        Effie age 10

        Ell age 7

        Nancy Mother age 85

        John C. brother age 58


        8…Charles (Charlie) Edgar Belcher b.1862, PCVA, Married Ellen Craig.
        9… Martha A. Belcher b. 21 Apr 1866, PCVA. d, ?Married: John Cope Craig
        10...Wesley Claiborne, "Coon", Belcher, b. 19 Aug 1868, PCVA,
        d. 27 Mar 1953. m. Mary Alice (Allie) Hall. b. 10 Feb 1873. . 18 Jan 1962.

        1900 Census:

        Claiborne age 31 born August 1868

        Mary A age 28 born Feb 1872

        Nancy O age 9 born Sept 1890

        John C age 7 born Sept 1892

        Dallis M age 4 born March 1896
        11...Samuel W. Belcher b. ?
        1870 census lists Samuel as 2 years old.
        a source Joann Caravito says this is really Wesley Cclayborne.
        12...Nancy Annie Belcher b. ? Married William J. Handy
        Joann also states: Nancy Annie and Nancy Annah could be the same.
        marriage register lsites parents of Annie as J.C. and M.E. on her marriage record to John William Handy 190 July 1885.

        4…Daughter listed 1830 Census a daughter age 15. born 1825

        5...Martha F. Belcher b: 1827 married: Creed Akers 16 March 1848
        son of Fleming Akers b: 1801 and Nancy Akers B: 1810:

        1...William Burl Akers
        2...Jackson Akers
        3...Julia Akers
        4...Flemmon Akers b: 1839
        question from Joann Cruise Caravito on this son??
        5...Samuel Akers
        6...Daniel Boon Akers
        7...John Wesley Akers b 28 Oct 1852
        8...Jathina Rose Akers b: 17 Nov 1857
        9...Nancy Ellen Akers b: 28 May 1861
        10...Wyatt Akers b 1869 married: Carrie Billups b 17 June 1882




        1...Sola Akers b:: 11 Mar 1906 married: Oscar Hazelett
        b: 18 Dec 1897. married: 18 May 1922

        1...Ernest Hazelett b: 2 Jan 1926
        2...Helen Irene Hazelett b: 1927
        3...Paul Hazelett b: 1928
        4...Gene Hazelett

        6…Elizabeth listed 1830 Census daughter born about 1828

        Married: ?? Wood


        7...Harden Belcher Child of Benjamin Jr, b. 1830. died before 1870 Census:

         Married: Elizabeth Hylton 3 May 1853 Patrick County Va. Elizabeth was daughter of Edward Hylton and Sarah Conner. ,  Elizabeth was born 1826 died Oct 18 1880 daughter of Edward Hylton and Sarah Conner.

        1860 Census Patrick Co. Virginia:

        Harden Belcher age 30

        Elizabeth age 34

        Edward age 7

        Sarah age 5

        Moses age 2

        1870 listed as head of household

        Elizabeth age 40

        Moses W age 12

        Mary L. Hylton age 9


        1880 Census Elizabeth is living as head of household

        Elizabeth age 54

        Edward J age 24

        Mary L. age 20



        1...Edward J. Belcher, b.1853, PCVA listed age 7 1860 Patrick County census
        age 16 in the 1870 census

        Married:  Nancy Akers and 2nd: Minda Harris who died Oct. 1947

        2...Mary L. listed age 14 in 1870 census Married John Conner

        3...Sarah A.(Ellen?) Belcher b. 1855, PCVA listed age 5 1860 Patrick County census
        listed age 13 in the 1870 census

        Married John Hall

        1880 Census Patrick Co. Virginia

        John Hall age 27

        Sarah E age 22

        William H age 2

        Lucinda age 5 months

        Living next door to Benjamin Belcher

        And Reed Belcher on the other side.

        4...Moses W. Belcher, born. May 1858, PCVA listed age 2 1860 Patrick County census

        (John Moses Wesley Belcher) died: 10 Oct 1947

        Married: Mary Jane Hall 9 Feb. 1876 Patrick County

        Mary Jane Hall was the daughter of William Hall and Celia Harris.

        She was born 30 Sept 1852.


        1880 Census Patrick County Virginia:

        J.M.W. age 22 living next door to Elizabeth Belcher widow of Harden.

        Wife Mary J. age 27

        Jathina R age 3 Female

        William A. age 2

        Joseph B age 8 months


        1900 Census:

        Married 24 years with 11 children born and 11 children living.

        This census gives birth month and year and years married

        and number of children and number living

        1900 Census he is listed as John W. Belcher

        John W. Belcher age 42 Born May 1858

        Mary J wife age 47 born Sept 1852

        Jothina R. age 23 born Oct. 1876

        William A age 22 born March 1878

        Joseph B age 20 born Oct 1879

        Cilie E age 19 born June 1881

        John W. age 16 born Sept 1883

        Martha A. age 15 born march 1875

        Son age 12 born Sept 1888

        Robert L age 1 born 1889

        Andrew age 9 born Feb 1891

        Samuel age 6 born Jan 1894

        C. Greely  born June 1895


        1910 Census Patrick Co. Virginia

        John W. Belcher age 52

        Mary J age 57

        Cleveland  D. age 22

        Samuel E. age 18

        Landis G. age 13




        1…Jathina born October 1876

        2…William A. born March 1878

        3…Joseph born  October 1879
        4…Celia Ellen Belcher, born 2 June 1881 died 2 Dec 1968 Patrick Co. Va.

        Married: Harden Columbus “Lum” Vaughn 25 Nov. 1903 Meadows of Dan, Patrick.  Born: 22 Nov 1880 died 15 July 1958 Marion Va son of Greenville B Vaughn and Elizabeth Judith Cox.


        1…Mary Elsie

        2…Flora Edna


        4…Clemmie Susan born 1904 Married Nathaniel Hall born 1899

        5…Stella Gay born Dec 1905 Married John W. Roberson 1923

        6…Moir Wesley born 25 Feb 1907 Married: Sallie Dollarhite 1925

        Children: Raymond C, James, Clyde

        7…Ida Mae Vaughn, born 16 July 1908

        Married Greely Hampton 20 March 1924

        1…Betty Mae Roberson


        5…John Wesley “Dude” born Sept 1883

        6…Martha Ada born March 1885

        7…Cleveland Douglas “Dug” born Sept  1888

        8…Robert Lester “Rob” born January 1889

        9…Andrew born February 1891

        10..Samuel Edgar born  January 1894

        11..Landis Greely born June 1895


        5...Harden J. Belcher, b 1860 listed age 10 in 1870 Census
        6…Jefferson Belcher age 15 is listed by a couple of researchers.

        8…Peter B. Belcher born 1834

        Married: Lucy E. ?  born 1849 died: 1881

        Married: Hala ?? about 1887


        1870 Census:

        Peter is listed age 36

        Lucy E age 23

        Nancy L age 1


        1900 Census Peter had remarried:

        Peter age 68 born April 1832

        Hala wife age 49 born August 1830

        Ferdinand age 23 born May 1877

        Mary J age 21 born April 1879

        O.Ella age 19 born march 1881

        C. Henry age 1` born November 1888


        1…Nancy L born 1869

        2…Leona born 1871

        3…Mahala A. born 1874

        4…Ferdinand born 1877

        5…Mary Jane born 1880


        6… O. Ella born March 1881

        2nd Wife:

        7…C. Henry born November 1888

        9…Daughter born about 1836 listed 1830 Census dau. Under age 5

        10…Noah  Obadiah Belcher Child of Benjamin Jr., b. 1837, PCVA Married Catherine Fisher, b: 1836 Married: 28 Jan 1858

        Listed age 14 in 1850 as Obadiah Belcher Patrick Co in home of father:
        Noah listed age 23 in 1860 Patrick County Census: wife and one child in home of father
        Benjamin: Catherine listed age 34 in 1860 Patrick county census had one child,

        1…Stewart, born 1859. Stewart listed in 1860 Patrick County Census age 1


        11…Benjamin Belcher, listed age 19 in 1860 Patrick county census
        again) unless he is a grandson

        Often it is found people name another child later the same name as an older child.

        12…George Reed Belcher, listed age 15 in 1860 Patrick County census

        born 23 may 1844 Patrick Co. Va.

        1880 Census Patrick Co. Va

        Reed Belcher age 35

        Sarah M age 37

        Anna S age 5

        Nancy E age 5

        Martha J age 5 months

        Living next door to Sarah Belcher Hall and her husband John

        And his parents Benjamin and Sarah Belcher


        1900 Census Patrick County Virginia:

        Reed Belcher age 56 born May 1844 Married 29 Years

        Sarah R age 59 born August 1840  4 children and 4 children living

        Nancy E age 22 born Feb 1878

        Virginia A. age 18 born April 1882


        1910 Census:

        Reed Belcher age 65

        Sarah M age 70

        13...Martin Belcher. Born 1847

        1850 Census age 4 at home.

         age 13 in 1860 Patrick County census


        -PCVA- 1868

        The 10th child of John "Coon" Belcher and Nancy Brammer Belcher was Wesley Claiborne "Coon" Belcher. b 19 Aug 1868 PCVA. d. 27 Mar 1953, in PCVA. "Coon" married Mary Alice "Allie" Hall, b. 10 Feb 1874, d. 16 Jan 1964, Daughter of Elijah Harden Hall and Nancy A."Nina" Cockram, on 27 Dec 1889. The current Belcher Clan of Patrick County Virginia (PCVA) is descended directly from "Coon" and "Allie" Belcher. Coon Belcher said many times that he was the "self-proclaimed ugliest man in Patrick County Virginia".


        1...1st Child of Coon and Allie Belcher:
        Nancy Olivia "Aunt Ollie" Belcher., b. 10 Feb 1890, PCVA, d. 6 Jan 1973, PCVA.
        married: .(1) Elder William Madison (Matt) Conner. b. 8 Jun 1883, d. 30 Apr 1942, on 17 Dec, 1914.
        (2) John B. Underwood. b.21 Feb 1882. d. 9 May 1968,

        date unknown. Son of Alfred Underwood and Julia Emmaline Hall. One son: Aunt Ollie lived near what is now the Blue Ridge Parkway in Patrick County off Rt 58. The Belcher family owned much of the land that is now part of the Parkway. Kermit Rhodes Conner, son of Matt and Ollie Conner b. 11 May 1918, d 1 Nov 1993 m. Gladys Banks, b 4 Jul 1923 in Carroll County, VA, dau of John Walter Bank and Lillian Webb. d 24 Jan 1995, Wilkesboro, NC.
        2...(2nd) child of Wesley Claiborne (Coon )and Allie Belcher:
        John Conner Belcher. b. 14 Sep 1892, PCVA. d. 18 Jan 1966, Martinsville, VA.

        Buried in PCVA. m.(1) Cora Ella Vipperman b. 15 Jun 1894, PCVA. d. 1 Mar 1935, PCVA, dau of Charles Allen Vipperman and Mary Elizabeth Jones (See Vipperman Line), on 10 Dec 1914. m.(2) Minnie Adeline Morrison Lawless b. 2 Apr 1895, PCVA, widow of William Alexander Lawless and daughter of Charles C. Morrison and Rosa B. Law.There were no children from this second marriage.
        3...The (3rd ) child of Wesley Claiborne (Coon)Belcher and Mary Alice (Allie)Hall: Dallas Morton Belcher. b. 28 Mar 1896, d.25 Nov, 1968,PCVA. m. Pearl Gay Hylton, his first cousin, on 12 Jan, 1922. Pearl's mother and Mary Alice Hall were sisters. They had no children.
        on tombstone is listed birth 28 Mar 1896 and Pearl M. Hylton Possibley middle name of wife is May not Gay

        4....The (4th) child of Wesley Claiborne(Coon) Belcher and Mary Alice(Allie) Hall: Lacey Virgie Belcher. b. 18 Apr 1901, m. George Clement Dickerson on 28 Mar 1918. I know of only two children: Ruth Dickerson, and Marvin Dickerson. No further details.

        Children:of John Connor Belcher:

        1...Audra Valeria Belcher b. 1916 d.5 Dec 1977,
        Bedford, VA. Buried in the Walnut Grove Union Church Cemetary, Bedford, VA.
        m Harry Clummer Lam, son of Ira G. Lam b. Jun 1, 1884. d. 21 Jan 1970 and
        Eveline Crawford, b. 28 Feb 1883. d. 1 Dec 1971.

        1....Richard Harry Lam, b 1 Feb 1939. Married
        (1) Sarah ?. (2) Lessie Hooker, (3) Joan Florence Dawson. b. 25 Feb 1946.
        Children: Jennifer Lynn Lam b.6 Jan 1976; Jeffrey Mosby Lam b. 6 Jan
        1976;Jeanette Renatta Lam b. 13 Apr 1980.
        2....Mary Alice Lam, b. 13 May 1940. Married the
        Reverend George Stewart b. 20 Feb 1937 on 31 Dec 1965. Had two children:
        Lisa Marie Stewart, b. 25 Nov 1967. Not married; John William Stewart, b. 16
        Dec 1970, m Lisa Dawn Stickard, of Montvale, VA on 29 Feb, 2000.
        3....Ella Frances Lam, b. 16 June 1942. Not
        married. Lives in Roanoke, as of July 2000.
        4...Rodney Sheldon Lam, b. 12 Nov 1943.

        Married Bessie Lee Boyle, b. 25 May 1946, on 14 Jan 1966. Children: Daniel Sheldon Lam b. 12 Nov 1967. m. Bridgett Deel 12 Jan 1990. One stepson: Joshua Deel. b. 28 Mar 1988; Rodney Darrell Lam b. 16 Sep 1969. m. Eileen Neawbauer on 19 Oct 1991. Children: Megan Elizabeth Lam, b. 8 Mar 1993. Ryan Darrell Lam, stillborn on 9 Dec 1994. Brandon Darrell Lam. b. 26 Jun 1996. Shelia Anne Lam b. 15 Aug 1972. m. Daniel Lythgoe on 8 July 1994. Children: Bradley Daniel Lythgoe b. 29 Oct, 1997. Kendall Leeann Lythgoe. b. 23 Dec, 1998; Stacy Leigh Lam b. 21 Apr 1977. m Edwin Ragland on 21 Apr, 1999. One son: Caleb Lewis Lam b. 17 Sep 1994. (Son of Mark Hannahs)
        5....Carol Ellen Lam, b. 16 Jan 1945. Married
        Bernard Alphin. One child Valeria Ellen Alphin. b 26 Mar, 1967.
        6....Gaylon Michael Lam. b. 3 Mar 1950. m (1)

        Lorraine Snyder. (2) Sandy Hannahs ? and (3) Carol Sue Roth b. Jun 3 1947. Melanie Allegra Lam. b. 18 Feb, 1972. m. John Jay Altizer. Children: M.J. Altizer. b. 6 Sep 1987; Michael Lynn Allegra Nichols. b. 6 Feb 1991; Mack Ray Nichols III. b. 13 Aug 1992; Elizabeth Nichole Altizer. b. 20 Oct, 1997; Audra Michelle Lam b. 24 Sep 1973; Sierra Michelle Statzer. b. 27 Sep 1995; Gaylon Michael Lam's step-children: Mark Hannahs b. 12 June 1968; Marna Hannahs. b. 20 Mar 1971; Dustin Swallie, b. 29 Mar 1997; Michelle Hannahs b. 19 Oct 1973; Hannah Hannahs b. 29 May, 1997; Hunter Hannahs b. 29 Apr, 1999.

        2....Cavella Alvin Belcher, b Oct 29 1917. m. Myrtle Dale Belcher, b. May 14, 1919,
        daughter of Randall M. Belcher and lora E. Harris, in Oct 1937.

        1....Glenn L. Belcher b. 8 Dec 1938, d. 3 Apr 1966, m. Shelby Jean Conner b.13 Dec 1940, dau of Robert J. Conner and Sadie Cock. Children: Wanda Dawn Belcher, b. 29 Apr, 1960. m. Jerry Carr. They had one child: Kayla Carr. Sandra Elaine Belcher, b. 21 Sep 1961. m (1) Kenny Gardner. 2 Sons. m (2) Al Barone. No children from second marriage; Kenneth James Gardner; David Glenn Gardner: Michael Lee Belcher b. 15 Jun 1964. m. Teresa Harman. Had two children: Glenn E. Belcher, b. 13 Aug 1987. Amanda Belcher. b.

        2....Linwood Belcher. b.20 Jan 1942. m. Carolyn Sue Wood, b. 8 May 1944. Daughter of Junior Wood and Helen Fitzgerald. Children.:David Allen Belcher: b. 4 Feb, 1965. m. Annette Hughes. 1994. Divorced: 2000. Daughter: Kellie Brooke Belcher b. 10 Aug 1995. Ernest Glenn Belcher, b 27 Oct 1967 m.(1) Yvonne Beth Hubbard, daughter of Lane and Margaret Terry Hubbard. Divorced 1992 m(2) Pamela Agnew, Mar 1994. Daughter: Jessica Marie Belcher, b. 5 sep 1994. Steven Randal Belcher, b 20 Sep 1976 m Tiffany Dawn Turman, 6 Dec 1997 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, daughter of Raiford G. Turman and Janelda Louise Hall. son: Scot Eric Belcher b. Jun 17, 1998.

        3....Lowell Aubern Belcher: b. 3 Mar, 1920, PCVA d. 4 Jun 2000, Danville, VA. Married Thelma Elizabeth Walker, b. 2Jun 1925. d. 14 Oct 1995, daughter of John Franklin Walker and Savannah Elizabeth Ayers, Carroll County, VA, on 28 Dec 1948.


        1…Gary Aubern Belcher, b. 6 Oct 1949, Pulaski,VA. Married (1) Peggy D. Gauldin, daughter of Jesse J. Gauldin and Lottie James Smith, 7 June 1969. Married (2) Valera Ann Robinson b. 21 Jan, 1959. Daughter of Robert Browning Robinson and Vietta Marie Bieber of Shreveport, Louisiana, on 27 June, 1987. Gary served in the United States Air Force from 28 March 1968 until 1 August 1989. He is still with the Government as an Operations Officer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency at Mt. Weather, VA. Children: Patty Anne Belcher, b. 18 Jul 1970, Limestone, Maine. m. Richard Tucker, son of Sidney Lanier Grant and Shirley Granton 15 Apr 1989. One child Patrick Tucker b. 7 Dec 1989. Jessica Suzanne Belcher, b. 11 Nov 1986, Goldsboro, NC., Jessica was taken from her mother and placed with her father, by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in Danville, Virginia on 5 Dec 1998. (Gary and Peggy divorced in 1986) Jessica is a Freshman at Sherando High School in Frederick County, Virginia, near Winchester. Her Step-mother, Valera Ann Robinson Belcher has taken over as Jessica's "Mom", and is doing a marvelous job.
        2....Ronald Lane Belcher, b. 17 Oct 1952,
        Danville, VA. m. Susan Fulp, dau of Watkins Fulp and Frances Moorefield on 7 August 1976 in Danville, VA. One child: Leah Kathryn Belcher, b. 2 Jul 1987, Danville, VA. 3....Linda Marie Belcher, b. 19 January, 1957,
        Danville, VA. m. Robert Lee Swiger II. b 16 Dec 1955, son of Henry Swiger and Oneita Vaden, on 21 Dec 1974 in Danville, VA. Children: Robert Lee Swiger III. b. 19 Jun 1975.m. Elizabeth Havens, b. 5 Jan 1976, Wythe County, VA. Children: Kristen Elizabeth Swiger b. Oct 4, 1995 in Bristol, VA. Hannah Lee Swiger b. 24 Apr 1999 in Bristol, VA. Valerie Michelle Swiger b. 25 Jun 1979, m. Christopher Lee Donithan 8 Aug 1998, in Gatlinburg, TN. Twin sons: Hunter Donithan b. 29 Oct 1999. Cole Donithan b. 29 Oct 1999.

        4....Warren Harding Belcher b. 8 Nov 1922, in Floyd County, VA.
        m. Annie Bell Nester b. 30 Sep, 1922, Pulaski County, VA. d. 1 Nov 1980, Daughter of Covelia Garson Nester, b. 27 Jul, 1895 and Stella Mabry, b. 14 Feb, 1898, Pulaski County, VA. on 29 Dec 1944.

        1.....Rebecca Ann Nester. b. 24 Aug, 1941, Pulaski County, Dublin, VA. m. Burliss Donald Taylor. b. 9 Apr 1940, Montgomery County, MD. d. 6 Nov 1974. Children: Donald Warren Taylor. b. 4 Nov, 1959, Montgomery County, Bethesda, MD. m Barbara Ellen Munzer, Sept 1982, Divorced Jan 1989. had Donald Willim Taylor b. 16 May 1983, Silver Spring, MD; Andrew Robert Taylor, b. 3 Feb, 1988, Silver Spring, MD. Jackie Andrew Taylor. b. 15 April 1961, Montgomery County, Bethesda, MD.Burley Eugene Taylor. b. 19 April, 1966, Montgomery County, Bethesda, MD. 2.....Sandra Ellen Belcher: b. 28 Oct, 1946,
        Montgomery County, Bethesda, MD. m. (1) Curtis Reed Elliott, about 1962. Divorced, unk. Children: Darryl Keith Elliott. b. 15 Sep 1964 Montgomery County, Bethesda, MD. m. Constance Marie Oswald, 22 Sept, 1988. Divorced unk. Children: Cassandra Rae Elliott, b. 3 Mar, 1991, Montgomery County, Rockville, MD; and Carly Marie, b. unk. Donna Sue Elliott. b. 15 Oct 1965, Montgomery County, Bethesda. MD. m (1) Benjamin Gregory Thompson b. 26 Aug, 1961, Montgomery Alabama, on 22 Oct 1983. Divorced 26 Jan 1994. Children: Gina Marie Thompson, b. 29 Mar 1984, Olney, MD; Tina Nanette Thompson, b. 10 Aug1985, Olney, MD; Nina Ann Thompson, b. 6 Apr 1988. Olney, MD. m. (1) unk (2) Dory Dale Gross, 11 Feb 1995. Divorced: unk. Child: William Andrew Emmett b. 1 May 1998 in Rockville, MD. Dana Louise Elliott: b. 10 Oct in Montgomery County, Bethesda, MD. Dana had one daughter: Kearston Frances Perry, b. 19 June 1991, Rockville, MD.
        Sandra Ellen Belcher Elliott m. (2) Joseph Franklin Cassell, Jr., b. unk on 6 Jul 1977. Children: Lesa Lynn Cassell, b. 25 Mar 1972, Silver Spring, MD. Lesa had one son, Vincent Thomas Fourcade, Jr. b. 9 Jun 1995, Rockville, MD.
        3....Samuel Lee Belcher: b. 28 Oct, 1946,
        Bethesda, MD. m. (1) Kathy Randall. Divorced, date unknown. Children: Kenneth Ray Belcher: b. 12 Feb, 1965. Duwayne Anthony Belcher: b. 20 Feb 1966. m. Lisa Bond, date unk. Divorced, date unk. Children: Michael Anthony Belcher, b. unk, Rockville, MD. m (2): Theresa Marie McDonald, b. 23 June, on 28 Dec 1979. Children: Samuel Lee Belcher, Jr. b. 7 Dec 1979, Silver Spring MD.Child: Maryann Rena Belcher, b. 30 May, 1981, Washington, DC. 4....Carol Lynn Belcher: b. 22 Nov 1962,
        Bethesda, MD. m (1). William Russell Hancock, b. 3 Oct 1962, on 27 Sept 1980. Divorced 28 Oct 1987. Children:Neil Jefferson Hancock: b. 21 Jul 1980, Silver Spring MD. m. ? Children: Cheyenne Regina Hancock. b. 27 Aug 1999, Olney MD.Sandra Nicole Hancock: b. 3 Aug 1983, Silver Spring, MD. Child: Benjamin Ariese Hancock-Lyles. b. 21 Dec 1999. Rockville, MD. Carol Lynn Belcher m.(2) William Shawn Duffy, b. 24 Sep 1957, Washington, DC, on 15 Apr, 1988. Divorced, 23 Nov 1993. Children:Patrick Shawn Duffy: b. 11 May, 1989, Silver Spring, MD.Bridget Frances Duffy: b. 4 Sep, 1990, Silver Spring, MD.

        5....Lena Belcher b. 21 Dec 1926. Married Beamer Conner b.12 May 1918, Son of John Robert (Shack) Conner and Rosa Jane Boyd, on 22 Apr 1949.


        Doyle Conner b. 22 Apr 1950.
        m. Barbara Helms June 1969. Divorced in 1977. Did not re-marry. Children: Sheila Suzanne Conner. b. 24 Jul 1970. m. Linford Marshall b. 18 Aug 1960. John Robert "Robbie" Conner: b. 21 Sep 1972. m. Rita Bowman. Daughter. Summer Cheyenne Conner. b. 8 Apr 1994. Summer has Spina bifida and is confined to a wheel chair. Sylvia Dawn Conner. b. 7 May 1974. Single parent of: Amber Renee' Rodgers. b. 9 Jan 1998 .




        Sources: Genealogy Records of Virginia

        Colonial Records of Virginia

        Colonial Soldiers of Virginia

        Wills of Patrick County Virginia

        U.S. Public Census Records

        Research by Gayl Wells and Greg Belcher

        Other Information provided by:

        Gary Belcher descendent of "Coon" Belcher" 2000
        Joann Cruise Caravito in August 2001

        again in 2007 by Hardin Belcher’s descendant Donna Kirk Storessner

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