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    Belcher Kentucky Founders
    Elkhorn City Founders Ramey and Belcher
    Their Family Connections

    Several people have inquired about the founders of Belcher and Elkhorn City Kentucky and their family connections to one another.
    Both of these towns are near each another and across the Big Sandy River From Virginia

    We will start with Elkhorn City, Kentucky and William Remy/Ramey

    William R. Ramey was born in 1782 in Virginia and died in 1865 in Pike County Ky. He married Anna Samlins who was born in 1784 in south carolina according to the 1850 Pike County census. and died 18 Nov. 1856 in Pike county.
    Anna was the daughter of Elizabeth Samlins, no other information is found on an Anna Samlins :(some say she may have been Cherokee)William was born in Fayette County Virginia . It is possible her surname was spelled differently.

    William was a land suveyor in Virginia, Kentucky and the Carolina's.
    He bought up vast amounts of land in and around Elkhorn City and across the Big Sandy, into Russell Co. Virginia.
    He was the founder of Elkhorn City.
    He was born in Virginia but came into Floyd County Kentucky from North Carolina in early 1800. Pike County was made from Floyd in 1820 and thereafter most of his land in Kentucky was in Pike County Ky, Elkhorn City area.
    He also owned land in Russell Co. Virginia

    William Ramey was issued a pass to settle in "Cherokee Country" sometime between 1801 and 1804 by indian agent Jonathan Meigs.
    Early in the 1800's William R. Remy/Ramey and his wife Anna Samlins settled near what is now Elkhorn City on the Virginia-Kentucky line in the present Pike County, Kentucky. (Pike was made from Floyd in 1820)>
    He built a home near the mouth of Elkhorn Creek; this home was the beginning of Elkhorn City.
    William was a land surveryor and laid claim to large tracts of land containing coal, timber, oil and gas, around Elkhorn City. He acquired thousands of acres of land through those Land Surveys secured by State Land Grants and by County Court Orders, he also bought and traded for other land. At one time he owned all the land from the Forks of the Russell and Levisa Rivers to the Headwaters of Grassy Creek in Virginia, which included a good part of the Breaks region.
    William served as road commssioner, justice of the peace in the period of 1822-1834.
    He was sheriff of Pike County 1831-1834 and justice of the peace again in 1837 and also served as a surveyor.
    He showed up in court records until 1848. Book D-P 2171866 includes bonding of executor and appointing appraisers for his estate.
    Many of Robert G. Scotts land deals involve William in 1816 Floyd County, before Pike County was formed from Floyd.

    William and Anna are my great great great grandparents on my father's side:
    Gayl Ramey Wells(Teddy Ramey,Henry Wilson Ramey,George Washington Ramey, Daniel Ramey, William Ramey, William Remy/Ramey,Daniel Remy, James Remy, William Remy, Jacob (Jacques) Remy)

    1850 Census image, William and several of his family living near including Gayl's great great grandparents Daniel and Lucinda Ramey

    The descent line in America Started with Jacob Remy an Huguenot refugee from France in Westmoreland County Virginia.

    Belcher Kentucky in relation to Elkhorn City Ramey's:

    Will of William Ramey

    Nancy Ramey was one of his daughters, she was married to Joseph Belcher born 1810 Floyd County Ky and was willed land as all his children were.

    Joseph Belcher was the son of John Belcher and Mary Elswick, son of George Belcher and his first wife Sally Powell.
    They lived in Kanawha county West virginia Most of their life.,

    John Belcher's half brother Bartley Belcher born 1785 in Virginia, also married a Ramey (Greg's Line of Genealogy).
    Rachel Ramey born 1803 Floyd County Ky, was the daughter of William Sanford Ramey.
    Rachel Ramey(Sanford I. Ramey, Jacob Ramey Jr, Jacob Remy , William Remy, William Sr., Jacob Remy)

    John's half brother and Bartley's full Brother,
    James Belcher, is my line of Genealogy:
    James's son was James Davidson Belcher
    and his son
    George Washington Belcher

    According to land records, James Davidson Belcher,and his brother, John Martin Belcher, and their sons owned land in Pike County which later became Belcher Kentucky.
    The big Sandy river powered the gristmills and sawmills the Belcher families owned.
    See the lines of this Belcher family on the website

    James Davidson's son, George Washington Belcher owned many acres of land in Belcher Ky. G.W was married twice and had 21 children.
    The first church was the Belcher christian Church built on land donated by George Washington Belcher. George's Second wife Gusta was the Belcher Schools Trustee and a teacher.
    George's brother John was the magistrate of Belcher District.
    George's son, Elbert (Edward) Spurlark Belcher B: 2 Nov 1874 was the first postmaster of Belcher Kentucky. The post office also served as a Train Station.
    a daughter, Dixie Belcher B: 4 Dec 1896 and married John Clevenger was postmistress at Belcher.

    His daughter Allie Saphronia Belcher by his first wife Mary Polley was my grandmother. My mother, Gypsie Adaline Chaney wife of Abe Chaney married Teddy Ramey great great grandson of William Ramey
    These Belcher and Ramey familes from Pike County Kentucky are intermingled many many times

    My family above is one example and another very good example of this is the family of Hazel Ramey Epling:
    Bartley Belcher's son, Abraham, had a daughter Nancy Belcher, who married Enos Bart Bingham.
    Their daughter Josephine Bingham married William Kerry Belcher who was the grandson of My great great grandfather James Davidson Belcher's brother John Martin Belcher.
    William Kerry Belcher and Josephine 's son, Fon Belcher, of Belcher Kentucky married Camilia Joanne Epling daughter of Hazel Ramey and Arnold Isaac Epling.
    Hazel was born 1922 the daughter of (Basil Jackson Ramey, George Washington Ramey, Daniel Ramey, William Remy/Ramey)
    Hazel is the Co-ordinator of the Ramey family reunion held each year in Elkhorn City on Labor Day Weekend.
    A marker was put up in Elkhorn City about William Ramey. Hazel Ramey Epling and Bill(Allen) Ramey (cousins) are shown here with the marker.

    Written by: Gayl Ramey Wells