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        Norhamptonshire (Northants) County, England
        Belcher and Related Surnames

        First of all I have ran across the abbreviation for Northamptonshire several times in genealogy research. Northants England.
        Northamptonshire is in the South Midlands area of England and covers an area of just over 900 square miles with a population of 570,000. The county town of Northampton is well known for it's cobblers ie shoemakers.
        The name Northamptonshire comes from Old English (1011) North Hamtune meaning northern home town or farm.
        First name recorded was North Hamtunscir
        Northamptonshire has two of England's finest saxon churches; both are called All Saints - one is at Brixworth, the other at Earls Barton

        Itís probably been around since the ancient Brits but does not appear on record until Saxon times. The old town hall dates from 1671. An original poll tax was enacted at a parliament held here in 1380, which led to Wat Tylerís rebellion. In 1459 at the Battle of Northampton Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, defeated Henry VI.

        Northamptonshire, (or Northampton), south-midland County of England bounded N. by Leicestershire, Rutland, and Lincolnshire, E. by Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, and Bedfordshire, S. by Bucks and Oxfordshire, and W. by Warwickshire.

        Main Towns in Northamptonshire

        Famous names from Northamptonshire;
        George Washington never knew Northampton as he was born in the fledgling USA but his ancestor Lawrence Washington built the ancestral home Sulgrave Manor in 1560 and like Washington Old Hall in Durham it is allowed to fly the stars and stripes.

        Princess Diana, born a Spencer,. spent her girlhood at the stately home of Althorp, the familyís home since 1508.

        Thomas Becket, the martyred Archbishop of Canterbury, was tried at Northampton Castle in 1164.

        Sir Charles Isham created one of the earliest rockeries in England at Lamport - and dotted it with goblins and elves - the very first garden gnomes to be seen in Britain. (an ancestor of our Phoebe Isham?, possibly)

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        sometimes there are only 1 or two mentioned in a County.
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