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        CSA BELCHERS "B"

        Belcher, B. B. TN 14 (Neely's) CAV F C P
        Note: On Broadfoot's roster and muster roll box 231, extraction 3, and record 2852. B. F Belcher Residence not listed; Company C: 1Oth Virginia Regiment source:- Civil War Rosters of Virginia Vol 9 page 463 NOTE: This is one of the three Benjamin Franklin Belchers that show on the rosters for 10 VA Cav:

        Belcher, Benjamin Franklin,1 VA 10 Cav C C 3/4/62 6/23/65 P-1Corp Pow 5Forks Surv Belcher

        Benjamin Franklin,2 VA 10 Cav C C 3/4/62 P Surv

        Belcher Benjamin Franklin,3 VA 10 Cav C C 3/20/62 P DD overage Surv

        Belcher Benjamin Franklin, 1 VA 10 Cav C C 3/4/62 6/23/65 P POW PLO Surv
        Note: Private, born circa. 1837 VA, Farmer, age 23, Retreat PO Franklin Co. 1860 census. Enl. Snow Creek 3/4/62, age 24 as private. Present 11/2/63 as 2nd Corp. Present 3/4/63 as 1st Corp. Present 5/6/63. Horse killed Brandy Station 6/9/63. Paid $500.00. On horse detail 7/8/63, . Present 9/63-4/1/64 & 7/8/64. Absent sick with debilitis in Danville hospital 9/25-30/64. Issued clothing 12/31/64. Captured Five Forks 4/1/65. Sent to Point Lookout. Released 6/23/65. 6'2", fair complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes. Farmer, Snow Creek, Franklin Co., 1888, buried Martin-Davis Cemetery on RFD 653, Franklin Co. No dates. Brother of Francis, Joseph R. and Thomas. His father was probably Benjamin F, 3. Seven of the eight were in Co. C. The regimental history has a couple of letters from 10th Cav. prisoners at Point Lookout after the war was over. They indicated that their treatment was quite good and the quarters were comfortable and they were getting plenty to eat. Seems like a big change from the horror stories of prisoners during the war. The last 10th Cav prisoner was not released until 8/65. On Broadfoot's list and regiment roster.

        Belcher Benjamin Franklin, 2 VA 10 Cav C C 3/20/62 P Surv
        Note: VA Private, born Henry Co. born circa 1837. Enlisted Snow Creek 3/4/62, age 25, Present 1/2/63. without a horse. Present 3/4/63 with horse since 3/15/63. Absent on detail for horse7/8/63. Present /9/12/63. Absent on leave with lame horse 4/1/64. Present on 7/8/64. He survived the war and apparently was one of the survivors that escaped to Lynchburg rather surrender and sign the oath. Only two men in Co. C surrendered at Appomattox. Since the Confederate Cavalry men owned their horses, it was somewhat easier to escape capture and the majority of the 10th did not surrender. Some signed the oaths later, but many never did. I do not know whether Benjamin did or not. He was receiving a pension in Snow Creek, Franklin Co. 4/26/00, age 63. Farmer. Alive 5/25/15. If B. F. 1 & 3 were father and son, don't know who B. F. 3 is. Notice he is from Henry Co. On Broadfoot and regimental roster. .

        Belcher Benjamin Franklin, 3 VA 10 Cav C C 3/20/62 P Disc for age Surv
        Note: Private, Born 9/13/17. Farmer, Retreat PO, Franklin Co. 1860 census. Enlisted Snow Creek 3/20/62. Age 43. Probably discharged for overage. Farmer, Snow Creek Township, Franklin Co., 1870 census. Died 4/14/88. Buried Belcher Cemetery on RFD 619, Franklin Co. His Father was probably William Floyd Belcher, b. 1784. There were three men with the same name in the same reg./co., with a total of 8 in the regiment. I believe he is the father of 4 of them (Benjamin Franklin 1, Francis, Joseph and Thomas). This belief is based in part on the fact that Thomas (one of the four known brothers) was buried in the Belcher Cemetery. The VA Archives only lists one, B. F. in the card file and Broadfoot shows all three. The muster roll roster lists all three, but you can not differentiate between them. The three numbers are: box 382, extraction 4 and records 2642, 2643, and 2644. One of the three was promoted to Corporal, but can not tell which. Belsher B. T. MS 26 Inf D C 8/20/61 Capt MW Franklin TN NO
        Note: Captain, note spelling as Belsher. Burnsville, Corinth County, elected Captain Co.D on 20 Aug 1861. He died on 18 Feb.1862 (one record says he died in Decatur AL, another says his death occurred at Franklin TN. Must have been wounded because John W. Walters was promoted to Capt.. on 16 Feb.. 1862). Feb.12-16, 1862 - detached at Fort Donelson and placed on the extreme left of the line of defense under command of Brig. Gen..Gideon Pillow (detached with 26th TN). There was an A. M. Belsher in 2nd Mississippi, Co.. A of Tishomingo County that may be related. He is not on Broadfoot or Muster roll. B. W Belcher CAPTAIN Residence not listed; Company A: 4th Virginia Regiment source:- Civil War Rosters of Virginia Vol 15 page 377 NOTE: Do not have a B. W. in 4th VA Inf . regiment, but I do have a Benjamin W. in the 4th VA Reserve Infantry, Co. A. That is not the only problem with identifiying him as the following entry shows.

        Belcher Benjamin W. VA 13 CAV C MAJ 16 VA CAV

        Benjamin W. VA 16 Batln Cav C 5VACAV Benjamin W. VA 5 Cav C 4 VA Res

        Benjamin W. VA 4 Res Inf A C Capt
        Note:The entries for this person are quite confusing. Broadfoot has him as B. W. Belches, Major in the 13 VA Cav. The Muster Roll has him as B. W. Belcher, alternate spelling of Benjamin W. Belches, Major. No doubt they are the same person. Muster roll is box 382, extraction 4, and record 2647. There is also confusion regarding organizations. Broadfoot lists only the 13 VA CAV. Muster roll adds 16 VA Battalion Cav., and 5 VA Cav. No information on when he served in any of the units. I have seen a reference that says he was in the 16th VA INF. B. W. Belcher was in 4th VA Reserve Co.. A, Captain. I Believe all four are the same person. The VA Archives lists the B. W. Belcher in the 4th Res., but does not have the Belches entry for the 16th CAV.

        Belcher Bailey P. TN 2 Inf I C P
        Note: Private in 2nd TN (Robinson's) in Walker's Legion. On Broadfoot roster and muster roll box 231, extraction 3, and record 2851. NFR Belcher Barney (Barnett SC 9 Inf I C 9/23/61 4/62 tr to 13 Barney SC 13 Inf E C 4/62 8/15/64 P DOD Richmond No Note: Enlisted Sept. 23, 1861 at Spartanburg in 9th SC (listed as 2 SC Vol in muster roll), transferred to 13th in April 1862 and died at Richmond Aug 15, 1864. Broken Fortunes shows his name, but does not have date or place of death. Residence or place of enlistment is also not given. Thomas and Alexander Belcher were in same company. Landrum does not mention his death. I believe all three of them were brothers. See entry for Alexander for reason for this belief. On Broadfoot and muster roll for both units. Muster roll for 9th is box 381, extraction 2, and record 3415. For 13th, box 381, extraction 3, and record 3416. .

        Bartley Belcher Residence not listed; Enlisted on 2/28/1863 at Buchanan County, VA as a Private. On 2/28/1863 he mustered into "F" Co. KY 14th Cavalry (date and method of discharge not given) source:- Confederate Kentucky Volunteers War 1861-65 Note: An interesting and confusing person to track down.

        Bartley Belcher Residence not listed; Enlisted on 7/10/1862 at Liberty Hill, VA as a Private. On 7/10/1862 he mustered into "K" Co. KY 14th Cavalry (date and method of discharge not given) source:- Confederate Kentucky Volunteers War 1861-65 NOTE; Bartley is hard to pin down, especially regarding the 14th KY, but the 10th KY Cav is fairly straight forward. The above entry is a copy of the first entry for Bartley from HDS, but he had a second entry .

        Bartley Belcher Residence not listed; Enlisted on 2/28/1863 at Buchanan County, VA as a Private. On 2/28/1863 he mustered into "F" Co. KY 14th Cavalry (date and method of discharge not given) Sources used by Historical Data Systems, Inc.:- Confederate Kentucky Volunteers War 1861-65 Later in the Belcher Blue there is an entry of the five Belchers in the 14th taken from HDS, but I believe both Barleys are the same person. It is when we come to thge Bartley in the 10th KY Cav (Diamond's) Confederate that we run into a problem. HDS has no reference to Diamond's Cav from KY. HDS has two 10 KY Cav., one Union and one Confederate, but neither shows a Belcher on the roster and neither has a unit history. From the Internet the following roster for 10 KY Cav. (Diamond's) shows Bartley for the identical enlistment date as for the 14th KY Cav. ROSTER of DIAMOND'S 10TH KENTUCKY CAVALRY, CSA information the book: THE 10TH KENTUCKY CAVALRY, C.S.A. - THE YANKEE CHASERS, by John B. Wells III and Jim Prichard, Gateway Press, 1996.

        BELCHER, BARTLEY: Co. F-K Enl: 2/28/63 BELCHER, JOHN: Co. F Enl: 2/28/63 BELCHER, JOHN: Co. E Enl: 1862 BELCHER, JOHN M.: Co. F-K Enl: 2/28/63 BELCHER, MOSES: Co. F Enl: 2/28/63 Probably same unit and same person. My data shows: Belcher Bartley KY 10 Diamonds Cav K/F2 C P Tr 14KYCAV Bartley KY 14th Cav K C * Note: * There is some confusion regarding the 10th and 14th KY Cav. The HDS says that the 10th (Partisan Rangers) was organized 8/1/62 and mustered out 7/15/63 after Morgan's Raid. The 14th KY Cav was organized 7/1/63 and mustered out 4/12/65 at Christianburg VA. There was a 14th KY Cav regiment in the Union Army, but I believe Bartley and the others were Confederates. Name on Broadfoot and muster roll for 10th KY Cav, but he is not on either roster for the 14th KY Cav. I am sure that Bartley, John and John M. and Moses all served in both of these regiments. Bartley enlisted at Liberty Hill or Laurel Hills in Buchanan County, VA as a Private. Date and method of discharge not given. There were two Bartleys in the same unit. I have another Bartley listed that was born in 1851, son of William A. and Nancy, but he would have been too young to have enlisted in 62 or 63. I believe it is the same person and he transferred to 14th KY Cavalry CSA Co. F KY Enlisted 2/28/63 at Buchanan Co., Va as a Private. Date and method of discharge not given. Muster roll 10th KY Cav is box 377, extraction 1, and record . 2836.

        Benjamin Belcher Residence Clay County GA; Enlisted on 10/16/1861 as a Private. On 10/16/1861 he mustered into "C" Co. GA 5th State Troops He was Mustered Out on 4/15/1862 (Estimated day Mustered out) On 5/7/1862 he mustered into "F" Co. GA 32nd Infantry He was Surrendered on 4/26/1865 at Greensboro, NC He was listed as: * Absent 12/31/1864 Mount Pleasant, SC Promotions: * 1st Sergt 5/7/1862 (Of Co. F, 32nd Regt. GA. Inf.) * Jr. 2nd Lieut 10/26/1864 source:- Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865
        Note: This is Benjamin M. Belcher
        Belcher Benjamin M. GA 5th StateTr Inf C C 10/16/61 4/15/62 P tr 32GA Benjamin GA 32 Inf F C 5/7/62 4/26/65 1Sgt-2Lt Par Grboro Surv Note: Enlisted 10/16/61 as a Private. Mustered out 4/15/62 and enlisted in 32nd GA Inf. Co. F. Mustered in 5/7/62 and promoted to 1st Sgt. Promoted Jr. 2nd Lt. 10/26/64. Absent 12/31/64 at Mount Pleasant SC. Surrendered 4/26/65 at Greensboro, NC. Residence Clay Co., GA. On Broadfoot list, but not on the muster roll. Born 1828 in Randolph Co. GA. Son of "Old Uncle Abner" (Primitive Baptist Preacher) and Martha (Mary) Moran Belcher. Brother Franklin M. was in same regiment and Columbus M. was in 11th GA Inf.
        Belcher Benjamin NC 4 Cav H C P tr 59ST
        Benjamin NC 59 ST H C
        Note: On Broadfoot list. The 4th Cav and 59 ST may be the same unit. The muster roll roster says "William Stock's sub" Muster roll box 230, extraction 3, and record 1594.
        Belcher Benjamin Arthur AL 19 Inf K C P Note: On Broadfoot roster as B. A., but on the TX pension rolls from Ellis Co as Benjamin Arthur, org. unknown. Claim No. 13788. Muster roll as B. A. and bo x 374, extraction 4 and record 905. NFR.

        Belcher Benjamin B MS 9 Inf B1 C P-Corp Tr 18MS Cav B.
        (Benjamin) B. MS 18 CAV I C Sgt-Maj B.
        (Benjamin) B. (D.) MS Conscri C
        Note: All three names on Broadfoot roster. On the muster roll roster, only the 9 MS is listed with a box 232, extraction 3, and record 1355. A record is in muster roll for a B. D. as "Misc." "conscripts" with box 232, extraction 3 and record 1354. Box 232 contains MS troops. . The 9th MS Inf regiment was org. 4/61 by Col. James L. Autry. Consolidated with several other regiments between 11/63 and 4/65. Since Benjamin was in B1 co., he was enlisted before the reorganized companies. The consolidated 9th MS was mustered out 4/26/65. Benjamin probably did not reenlist in April 1862. Sometime later he was conscripted or drafted and assigned into the 18th MS Cav. The 18th Cav regiment was not organized until 1/65 by Alexander M. Chalmers. This unit was also called Chalmer's Consolidated Cav. regiment. It was consolidated with the 5th MS Cav between Feb and 5/4/65 when it was surrendered. Since he was in the company B1, it is possible, and the dates would support, that he was in the 18th MS Cav Bn which was organized in early 1863 by William R. Mitchell. It was increased to a regiment in Jan. 1865 and became the 18th MS Cav regiment.

        Beverly A. Belcher Residence not listed; Enlisted on 4/24/1861 at Chesterfield Court House, VA as a Private. On 4/24/1861 he mustered into "D" Co. VA 14th Infantry He was discharged on 2/15/1863 (Estimated day of discharge) On 7/15/1864 he mustered into "D" Co. VA 14th Infantry (date and method of discharge not given) He was listed as: * Absent, sick 12/1/1861 (place not stated) (Estimated date) * Returned 2/1/1862 (place not stated) (Estimated date) * Absent, sick 3/1/1862 (place not stated) (Estimated date) * Returned 10/1/1862 (place not stated) (Estimated day) * Issued clothing 11/30/1864 (place not stated) * POW 4/1/1865 Five Forks, VA * Oath Allegiance 6/20/1865 Hart's Island, NY Harbor (Released) Promotions: * Corpl 9/12/1861 * 2nd Sergt 12/1/1862 (Estimated date) He was described at enlistment as: 5' 11", Light complexion, Blue eyes, Light hair source:- The Virginia Regimental Histories Series NOTE: This is Beverly Augustus Belcher. Other Belchers were in the regiment.

        Belcher Beverly Agustus VA 14 Inf D C 4/24/61 6/20/65 Corp POW Hart's IS. Surv James VA 14 INf G2 C 6/27/62 1/5/63 P DOD Richmond NO Belcher John E VA 14 INf D C Belcher Peter F. VA 14 Inf D C 4/21/61 9/3/61 SGT DOD No Belcher Richard H. (A.) VA 14 Inf D C 6/24/64 6/20/65 P POW city Point Surv Belcher David B. VA 14 Inf A C 3/16/64 5/30/64 P MW Chester Sta 5/10 No Belcher Beverly Augustus VA 14th Inf D C 4/24/61 6/20/65 Corp POW Hart 's Is Surv Note:Enlisted in Chesterfield Court House, VA, 4/24/61. Farmer Present 7/8/61 Elected Corporal 9/12/61 Sick at home 11/12/61 Absent sick (place not stated) returned 2/1/62 Present 1/2/62 Absent , sick 3/10/62 Returned 10/1/62 Present 11/12/62 as 2nd Sgt Discharged 2/15/63 thru 5/6/64 (This statement comes from the regimental history roster. This is an odd time to be discharged unless it was for disability due to sickness). Reenlisted at Chesterfield CH 7/15/64 (It is unusual for an abled bodied man to remain out of the service for that long and then reenlist in the same company, same regiment. ) There is an odd factor in his muster roll roster which has an alternate name of George Edwards. Could this mean that Edwards was his sub or that Beverly was a sub for Edwards and reentered in the same company. He was probably a sub for Edwards and served until the end. The roster also shows that he enlisted as a private and mustered out as a private which could be that the period covered is his initial enlistment and not the later period. Present through 9/10/64 Present thru 9/10/64 On company clothing list 11/30/64. Pow 5 Forks 4/1/65 Took Oath of allegience at Hart's Island, NY and released 6/20/65 Blue eyes, light complexion, light hair, 5'11". Shows in the VA Archives and Broadfoot with a muster roll of box 382, extraction, extraction 4 and record 2645.

        Burwell Belcher Residence not listed; Troop C: 13th Virginia Regiment source:- Civil War Rosters of Virginia Vol 10 page 255 NOTE: Don't have anything else on him.. Belcher Burwell VA 13 Cav C C P Surv Note:On Broadfoot list and on VA Archive list. Muster roll is box 382, extraction 4 and record 2646. Major B. W. Belches was in same regiment.

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