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      Richard Cheney
      The Younger Jr.

            Richard, Jr, Cheney Son Of (Richard The Younger)
            Born: 10-28-1724 Anne Arundel County Maryland
            Christened Westminster Parish Mother is listed as Mary and fathers Richard Cheney
            Will Estate Distributed 3-16-1793
            Listed As 55 Yrs Old Census Of 1776 Aa County Maryland With Anne Cheney(Age 70 Living There)
            And Another Woman Age 44 Probably Wife, Susanna
            Idibp332 1790 Census A.A. County Maryland
            Richard and Abe Chaney listed as living near one another
            Richard with 3 in his family in 1790 and Abe with 5
            CENSUS RECORD

            Married: Susanna
            Born 1732 Age 44 1776 Census

            Served in the Continental Service in 1776, May 29, a Private
            Archives of Maryland 1775-83 Vol 18

            With This Family The Spelling Of Cheney Changed To Chaney Richard The Younger Jr. Is Referred To As Cheney And Chaney.
            Some Of The Children Kept The Cheney Spelling And Some Are Chaney.
            Census Takers And Tax Officials Often Spelled The Names Differently And The Name Stuck As Such.

            Source Of Information On Will:
            "Maryland And Virginia Colonials"

            Richard Chaneys Estate Was Distributed 3-16-1793
            Abel Cheney Administrator
            1…Thomas Rowles, Who Married Sarah Dau Of Dec'd.
            2…Hezekiah Cheney, Son...
            3…William Marsh Who Married Mary Dau. Of Dec'd...
            4…Michael Dunn Who M Elizabeth Dau. Of Dec'd.
            5….Nathaniel Hancock Who Married Sophia Dau Of Dec'd..
            6…Thomas Cheney,
            7…Son...Abel Cheney..
            8…Son..James Holmes Who Married Delilah Dau Of Dec'd..
            9…Greenbury Gray, Who Married Dau Susannah, Dau Of Dec'd;.
            10.Dennis Robinson Who Married Anne Dau.Of Dec'd
            Aa County District Maryland.
            Liber Jg#1 1788-98, F,40

            Richard Listed Aa County Md Townneck. Msa
            1783 Aldriges Beginning And Suttons Choice 150 Acres Of Land

            Richard The Younger Jr's And Susanna's Children:
              6==1...Hezekiah Chaney Sr.
              Born : 1742/43 Anne Arundel Co. Maryland

              Died: 1812 Wythe Co Va.
              1 Female Slave 34 And 1 Under 16, 2 Female Whites And One Male White.

              Married: #1 Elinor 1775
              Married: #2 Jane


              6==2.. Abel Cheney/ Chaney
              Born: 1746 AA Co Md.
              Married.: Ruth Johnson Feb. 26, 1785
              Abel Administered His Fathers Estate AA Co Md. In 1793

              1790 Anne Arundel County Maryland Census:
              Living near his father Richard Chaney
              Abel Cheney/Chaney
              5 people listed in home

              Listed In 1810 Wythe County Census
              Living Near His Brother Hezekiah (Hesakiah Chaney Sr.)
              Abel, 1 Male Child And Wife.
                1…Abel R. Chaney born 1785 Va.
                died 1854
                Monroe County Tennessee
                Married: Apri 13, 1816: Easter F. Thompson
                Born: 1797 Died: 1877 Tenn.
                Both are Buried: Madisonville Cemetery Monroe Co. Tenn.

                1830, 1840, Census Monroe County Tennessee

                1850 Monroe County Tenn.Census
                A.R. Chaney age 65 Va.
                All others born in Tenn.
                Easter age 53
                Darthula age 32
                Manerva age 21
                Jane age 17
                Robert age 16
                Fred F. age 13
                Eliza Jane Mason age 7

              6==3.. Sarah Susanna Chaney
              Born: 1748...
              Married: Thomas Rowles
              1800 AA. County Maryland
              5 listed in home

              6==4.. Anne Chaney
              Born:. 1752..
              Married: Jan 29, 1788 AA. County Md. Dennis Robinson

              1790 AA. County Md
              1 male under 16
              1 males over 16
              2 females

              1800 AA County Census
              6 in household
              1 male under 10, 1 male 26-44
              2 females under 10, 1 female 26-44
              1 other free person

              6==5.. Elizabeth Chaney
              Born: 1753...
              Married: Michael Dunn
              Lived in Kent Maryland

              6==6.. Sophia Cheney (Chaney)..
              Born: 1755..
              .Married: Nathaniel Hancock
              1790 Census AA County Maryland
              6 free white people in home and 8 slaves

              1810 Census AA. Co. Md
              5 free white people in home and 17 slaves
              listed 1820 and 1830 Census

              6==7.. Thomas Greenbury Chaney
              Born:..1756 Maryland

              Married : #1 Eliza Sunderland 4-27-1779
              St James Parish Aa Co Md

              Married:#2 Sharlotta Connaway
              Born: 1773 Russell Co Va
              What Happened To Eliza Sunderland???

              Was in Wythe County Virginia in 1816 when his son was born
              Moved to Kentucky by 1820

              Listed in Floyd County Ky in 1820 Census

              Greenberry Chaney age over 44
              2 older women, 1 young female, and 3 young males

                7… 1...Obadiah Thomas Cheney / Chaney
                Born 1782 Maryland
                moved to Pulaski Ky before 1800
                Died between 1840 and 1850

                living in Kentucky in 1810, 1820 Green Co. , 1830 and 1840, Census
                Green County
                1850 listed as age 68 born in Va.

                Married: Elizabeth Burton
                listed age 68 in 1850 Census Green Co. Ky
                had a son Obadiah born 1820 Ky., living 1850 Green County
                married Frances Williamson born 1823
                lived in Grayson County Texas
                Obadiah jr died 1859 in Texas
                gravestone is shown on

                7… 2...Asa Cheney / Chaney born 1784 maryland
                Listed in 1820 with brother Ephriam living in Worcester Co. Ma.

                7… 3...Hiram M. Chaney
                1820 living in Worcester Co Ma.
                a Thomas and Charles is also living near these in Ma.

                7… 4...James Chaney born 1790 Maryland

                7… 5...Ephriam Cheney born 1794 Maryland
                Lived in Ma. Worcester Co.

                7… 6...Joel Cheney born 1796 Maryland
                lived in Worcester Co. Ma.
                7… 7...Thomas Greenbury Chaney II
                Born: 1816 Wythe Co Va
                Died: 1898 Salem, Morgan County Ky, Buried: Salem Cemetery Morgan County Ky.

                Married :Sophia Campbell
                Born: 1818
                Married: 2-23-1834, Pike Co.Ky
                Died: 1886 Salem, Morgan County Ky. These Are All
                Listed With Names, Ages, Children Where Born

                1850 Pike Co Ky Census: Pike Reel-M432-217p43
                Listed Age 36 Household# 66 Farmer $500 Born In Va.
                Wife Sophia Age 32 Born In Kentucky".
                All Children Born In Ky
                Abner Age 15
                John Age 15
                Nancy Age 10
                Harvey G. Age 6
                Arminta (Mary) Age 4
                Thomas G. Jr Age 2

                1860 Census Pike Co. Ky
                T. G. Chaney age 46
                Sophia Chaney age 41
                Harvey G. age 17
                Arminta age 14
                Thomas G age 12
                Susan age 10
                Charles N age 8
                Victoria age 5
                James J age 5 months
                Nancy Campbell age 83 mother in law

                1870 census of Pike
                Thomas age 56 born in VA.
                Sophia age 55 born in VA
                Charles age 15
                Pricy V. age 13
                James J age 10
                Colbert age 5
                Ferril Thacker age 22
                Mary A. age 23
                Thomas H age 11 months

                Photo Of Sophia Chaney Tombstone

                Photo Of Thomas Chaney Tombstone

                These Children Listed As Thomas Sr's
                All Living In Same Home:
                Children Of Thomas G.Chaney And Sophia

                  8 1...Abner James Chaney
                  Born: Dec. 27, 1834 Pike
                  Died: 8 17, 1912 Big Sinking Creek, Morgan Co Ky.
                  Buried: Noah Long Cem. Zag, Morgan County Ky
                  Son of Thomas G and Sophia Campbell
                  Colitis: informant John M. Chaney

                  Married: Lotta Goff
                  Married: 1880 Frances Ann Nickell Stamper
                  born: March 25, 1849 Morgan County Ky.
                  Died: Aug 15, 1927
                  Married: 1895 America E. Grammell , born 1866
                  She is living in 1930 in Springfield Ohio with brother at age 64

                  Listed In 1850 Pike County Ky Census Age 15 In Home Of Thomas G And Sophia

                  1870 Pike:
                  Abner J. age 35
                  Carlotta age 38
                  Mary E. age 13
                  Edward age 11
                  Sarah J age 5

                  Abner and Frances Children
                    1…Mary E. born Oct 4, 1854
                    2…Edward born Nov 21 1857 died after 1880
                    Birth records state Charlottie Goff and Agner Chaney parents
                    3…Sarah J born 1865 Pike
                    Married: Sam Hurt
                    4…Cordelia M born August 1870 Wolfe County Ky
                    Died: 1955 Middletown Butler Ohio
                    Married: Harlan B. OHair in 1885
                    And Isaac Short in 1899

                    Abner and Frances Nickell’s Children
                    5..Corolus Samuel Chaney born 1883 Wolfe Co. Ky
                    Died: Middletown Butler Ohio 1958
                    Married: Lizzie Havens 1905

                  8 2...John C. Chaney
                  Born: march 24, 1837
                  Died: Feb 9, 1887 Pike

                  Listed Age 13 In 1850 Pike County Census In Home Of Parents, Thomas G. And Sophia

                  Married: Sept 23, 1858 Amanda Adkins Pike County Ky

                  1860 Pike Census
                  John age 22
                  Amanda age 18
                  Thomas M age 7 months

                  1870 Census Pike
                  John C. age 31
                  Amanda age 26
                  Thomas M age10
                  Margaret J age 8
                  Sally A. age 6
                  Sophia a. Chaney age 4
                  Green N. Chaney age 1

                  1880 Census Pike
                  John age 43
                  Armanda age 38
                  Sarah J. age 14
                  Sopha age 13
                  Green age 11
                  John age 9
                  James J age 6
                  Abner J age 5
                  David age 2

                    1…Thomas M. Chaney
                    Born: Sept 1858
                    1880 Census
                    Thomas age 21
                    Pricy age 25
                    John C. age 4
                    James J age 9 Months

                    Married: Feb. 3, 1876 Pricey Ann. Rains

                    Married: Lilie Angeline Thacker May 28 1894 Pike
                    Born: March 1870

                      1…John C. Born: Feb. 28, 1877
                      Died: Nov. 26, 1962
                      Death records: informant , son Warren G. Chaney
                      Pneumonia, Lung disease
                      parents Tom Chaney and Pricey Ann Chaney
                      Married: Alice??

                      2…James J. Chaney Born: July 22, 1879
                      Died: May 15, 1967Ky
                      Married: Bertha Lumpkins dau. of Wiley Lumpkins
                      Born 1888, died: 1962

                      3…Liza J. Chaney born: Oct 1884

                      4…Manda G Chaney born June 1892

                    3…Margaret Jane. born 1862
                    Died: June 3, 1940
                    Married: March 25, 1880 Copp Thacker

                    4…Sally A. born Jan 14, 1864
                    Died: Feb. 4, 1928 age 63
                    Married: Dec.28, 1885 James J . Thacker

                    5…Sophia a. Chaney born 1866
                    Died: 1912

                    Married: Will Thacker

                    6…Greenville N. Chaney born 1869
                    Married: Oct. 13, 1890 Pike Sarah J. Belcher
                    Born: 1880
                    Daughter of James D. and Nancy Jane Bishop Belcher

                    7…John born 1871
                    Married: August 1896 Myrtle Vale [Misty] Adkins
                    Born 1882 died: 1967

                    8…James J born 1874
                    Married: 1901 Maggie Raines
                    Died: May 1937

                    9…Abner J Chaney
                    Born : April 4, 1876
                    Died: Jan. 24, 1936
                    Married: Cindy Adkins

                    10.David Chaney
                    Born: June 11, 1877
                    Died: 1942
                    Married: Jan. 20 1898 Pike, Sarah Thacker

                  Continuing Thomas Greenbury and Sophia’s children

                  8 3...Nancy Jane Chaney
                  Born: March 3, 1839 Pike
                  Died: age 72 and 8 months December 6, 1911 Pike
                  Widow: Daughter of Thomas Chaney and Sophia Campbell
                  Informant Alfred Adkins, Millard Ky

                  Married: Milton Adkins born 1845
                  Died: before 1900 Census

                  1870 Census Pike
                  Milton Adkins age 24
                  Nancy J. age 29
                  Talitha age 4
                  Alfred age 2

                  1880 Census Pike
                  Milton age 35
                  Nancy J. age 38
                  Lythia age 14
                  Alfred age 12
                  Sallie age 10
                  Thomas age 7
                  John age 1


                    1900 Nancy is living with her son Alfred she is age 60 widow
                    Son Tom living next door with wife Lizzie

                    1…Talitha Adkins born 1866
                    Died: May 30, 1924 Pike, heart failure
                    Talitha Coleman dau. of Milton Adkins and Jane Chaney

                    Married: Abraham Coleman born 1968, son of Riley and Lucy Coleman

                    2…Alfred Adkins born 1868
                    Married: Sarah Ann Thacker
                    3…Sallie [Sarah] born 1870
                    4…Thomas Adkins born 1873
                    Married: Lizzie?
                    5…John Adkins born 1879

                      8 4...Harvey George Chaney
                      Born: January 17, 1844 Pike
                      Died: 2-29-1916 Salem, Morgan County KY
                      TB. Age 72 merchant, son of Thomas Chaney and Sophia Campbell
                      Informant Nelson P. Chaney Ky.

                      Married: January 24, 1961 Polly Moore born: Oct 17, 1833
                      Died: widow: May 17, 1916 a few months after Harvey George
                      Gangrene of left foot caused by wound
                      Daughter of Ephraim and Jane McGee Moore

                      1870 Census Pike
                      Harvey G. age 26
                      Polly age 36
                      John age 7
                      Mary age 5
                      Melissa age 3
                      Eliza J age 2
                      Nelson age 2 months

                      Click Here Dr Harvey G"S Gravestone

                      Married: Mary "Polly" Moore B 7-17-1844 Scott Co Va
                      Died: 5-17-1916 Salem, Morgan County Ky Buried: Salem
                      Cemetery, Morgan County Ky.
                      Children:Of Harvey George Chaney

                        9 1..John Morrison Chaney B: 3-16-1863 Pike County Ky
                        Died: 7-26-1930 Mt Sterling Montgomery Co Ky
                        Buried: Salem Cemetery.
                        9 2...Mary Lou (Mary E.) Chaney born 1865
                        Married: Andrew J. Bustkirk Morgan Co. Ky
                        9 3...Melissa Chaney born: Dec. 20, 1866
                        Died: Melisssa Toliver dau. of H.G. Chaney and Polly Moore
                        Sept 23, 1934 Adema of the lungs
                        Married: Andrew P. Toliver
                        9 5...Eliza Jane Chaney Born 3-20-1868
                        Died: 6-26-1936
                        M: George Washington Rose 11-1888
                        9 6...Nelson Patrick Chaney
                        Born: 4-26 1870
                        Died: 1944 Buried Salem
                        Married Lillie Evelyn Wilson born: 1876
                        Died 1954 Buried Salem Morgan Co. KY.
                        9 7...Harvey Burns Chaney
                        Born: 2-20-1878 Morgan County Ky
                        Died: 2-1959 Morgan County Buried: Salem Cemetery
                        Maried: August 17, 1901 Nora L. Wilson Born 1885

                      8 5...Mary Arminta (Minty)
                      Born: 1846 Pike
                      Died : 26 Oct. 1924 age 78
                      Married 21 Jan 1865: Ferrel Thacker born 1841 died Nov 12 1906
                      Ferrel Thacker is buried Bevins Cemetery Pike Co. Ky
                      Listed In 1850 Pike County Census Age 4

                      1870 census of Pike Co. Ky
                      Ferril Thacker age 27 and Mary age 23 are listed living in home of Thomas and his family with their son Thomas H. 11 months old.

                      1880 Census Pike
                      Ferril age 38
                      Mary age 35
                      Thomas age 11
                      Reubin age 6
                      Caroline age 5

                        1…Thomas H. born 1869
                        2…Reubin born 1874
                        3…Sofa Caroline born 1875
                        Married: C. David Bevins
                        4…William M born 1880

                      8 6...Thomas Greenbury Jr Chaney
                      Born: 1848 Pike Co Ky
                      Died: 1-6-1980 Morgan County Ky: of the Flu.
                      Buried Salem Cemetery Morgan County Ky
                      Informant: Clayton Chaney
                      Married: #1 Feb. 17, 1870 Victoria Billeter
                      Died: May, 1875

                      Married: May 6, 1876 Emily J. Wilson
                      Born 1853 Died 1949
                      Buried Salem Cemetery, Morgan County Ky

                      1870 census Pike
                      Thomas age 22
                      Victoria age 19
                      Minnie age 1

                      1880 Census
                      Green age 32
                      Emily age 27
                      Minnie age 11

                      1900 Census
                      Green age 51
                      Emily J age 46
                      Cora F. age 14
                      Clay age 6

                      Children:Of Thomas Greenbury Listed In Old Regular Baptist Church Rolls
                      And census records
                        9..1...Minnie born 1869 mother was Victoria
                        9 3...John Christopher B 2-28-1877 D 11-26-1962
                        Married Alice

                        10 1...Thomas(Tommy) Chaney
                        10 2...Garfield Chaney
                        10 3...Walter Chaney
                        10 4...Warren G Chaney
                        10 5...Corbett Chaney
                        10 6...Pricey Ann Chaney
                        10 7...Zelphia Chaney All Members Of Old Regular
                        Baptist Church
                      9 3...Jim Chaney B 1885 Pike
                      9 4…Cora Born 1886
                      9 5…Clayton born 1894

                    8 7...Susannah (Susie) Martha. Chaney
                    Born: Oct 5, 1852
                    Died: March 10, 1929 Stroke
                    Informant Richard Justice
                    Married: April 22, 1869 William C. Justice
                    Son of Nancy Justice Born: 1834

                      1…Raphael born 1869
                      Died: 1949
                      2…Abner James Justice Dec. 26, 1871
                      Died: Jan 1948
                      Married: Carrie Geneva Smith
                      3…Radolphus born 1876
                      4…Sophia born 1881
                      5…Nancy born 1882

                    8 8..Charles Nelson.
                    Born: Nov.29, 1853
                    Died: June 10, 1931 informant Martha Cecil
                    Age 78 Paralysis

                    Married: April 1875 Rosey A. Testerman born 1855

                    1880 Census Morgan County Ky
                    Charles age 29
                    Rosey A age 25
                    Martha age 4
                    Alice age 4
                    next door to father Thomas

                      1…Martha born 1876
                      Informant at fathers death: Martha Cecil
                      2…Alice V. born 1876
                      3…James M born 1881
                      4…Sarah J. born 1884

                    8 9...Victoria Pricey Chaney>Br? Born: 1855 Ky.
                    Married: Dec. 1875 Reuben Thacker
                    born 1857 died 1926
                    mother is listed as Malinda Justice on death record for Reuben

                    1880 Census Pike
                    Reubin Thacker age 24
                    Victora age 23
                    Barney age 1

                    1900 Census Pike
                    Reubin age 43
                    Victoria age 43
                    Sophia age 19
                    Rosa B age 17
                    Sarah C age 16
                    James age 13
                    Linda age 11
                    Thomas age 6
                    Minnie age 3

                      1…Barney born 1879
                      2… Sophia born 1881
                      3…Rosa B born 1883
                      4…Sarah C born 1884
                      5…James born 1887
                      6…Linda born 1889
                      7…Thomas born 1894
                      8…Minnie born 1897

                    8 10..James "Jent: Chaney
                    Born: 1860
                    1880 census as head of household Buried Salem Morgan Co Ky
                    Rose E. age 18
                    Colbert Chaney brother age 18

                    These are also listed on Thomas and Sophia’s 1880 Census

                    As boarding with them and also listed separate on another census page

                    8 11…Colbert Chaney
                    Born: 1862 Pike County Died
                    1896 Buried Salem Ky.
                    Married: Rachel Wilkinson Born 1868
                    Married 1883 Morgan County
                    D: 1957 Buried Salem Cemetery, Morgan County Ky
                    1880 census listed age 18 living with brother James J. Chaney
                    He is also listed on Thomas and Sophia’s 1880 Census age 18 grandson
                    So there may have been two Colberts or it is the same one.

                6==8...Delilah Chaney..
                Married: James Holmes In Will
                James Holmes born 1753 arrived in Maryland in 1774 at age 21
                Emigrants from England to the American Colonies< 1773-1776
                1776 listed in Hartford County Bush Lower Hundred
                1790 Early Maryland Census
                James Holmes with 3 in home and 4 slaves : 7 total living in home
                Next to his brothers Joshua and John

                6==9...Ruth Chaney.
                Married: ? Johnson In Will
                No Information on this family

                6==10..Mary Chaney..
                Married: Williiam Marsh, In Will

                6==11…Susanna Chaney
                Born. 1770
                Married: August 5, 1789 Anne Arundel Co Md
                Greenbury Gray Born: March 19, 1757 Christened: Westminster Parish Anne Arundel Co. Md. Parents: Joshua Gray and Ruth Gray
                1790 Census Anne Arundel Co Md
                1 male over 16
                2 free white females

                6==12..Ezekiel Chaney
                Born:. 1772
                Married: Mary Jane Balzel 9-6-1794 Aa Co Md

                There is an Ezekiel chaney in Washington County Md
                St Marks cem: died 1858 with wife Jane died 1865
                This could possibly be them

                6==13..Obadiah Chaney
                Born: 1774 Md