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        Charles Chaney Lineage

        Son of Richard Cheney and Mary Charity Wood

        #6...Charles Cheney Sr.B. 6-6-1673 S Hundred Aa Co Md. D. 1745 In Testate. Aa Co/Md
        Deposition Given Prince George County 1719 Age 46 Mmd
        Died Around 1744
        Married:#1 Anne Jones Pattison 7-15-1701 Widow Of Gilbert Pattison>
        D. 9-14-1713 Dau Of William Jones Sr.And Elizabeth
        Married#2 Alice Buried: 6-7-1718
        Married#3Agnes Chaney Deale
        Wife#3 Agnes Survived Him And Later Married A Deale.

        William Jones, Charles Father-In-Law Died In 1705 And Left His Daughter Anne Property.
        Will Of William Jones

        She Died Young And He Married Again.
        Charles Died In Testate 1745., Inventory Was Taken 5-6-1745 With Isaiah Cheney And Thomas Cheney As Kinsmen And Agnes Cheney As The Executrix.
        An Additional Inventory Was Made After Agnes Married A Deale.
        Will Made 2-11-1744 Mordecai, Jacob And Isaiah Cheney As Signatories.

        23 Nov. L700 From Benjamin Burgess, Aaco Gent, To Charles Cheney, Aaco, Planter, For #60; Tract Called Charles Frollick, In Line Of Burgis Choice By Side Of Round Bay, Containing 67 Acres. Aalr Wt1.92

        Gilbert Pattison Of Anne Arundel Co; Account #77.18.4, #36.12.5; July 25 1706, Extrx Anne Cheney Relict, Now Wife Of Charles Cheney

        15 Feb 1704; Indenture To Charles Chaney, Planter Of Anne Arundel Co. To Justinian Bazewell, Planter Aaco For #40, A 50 Tract Called Cheney's Beginning, Part Of A Tract Called Cheney's Adventure Lying On The Otehr Side Of The Patuxent, In Prince George County/S/ Charles Cheney; Ack By Ann Cheney Pglr C.78

        Several Other Land Transactions Between Gilbert Pattison And Charles Cheney Are Noted

        2 Nov 1723 Deed Of Gift From Charles Cheney Sr. To Charles Cheney jr Of Aaco Planter Of Prince George's County 100 Acres Called Cheney's Delight In Prince George County On Horse Pen Branch Of The North Branch Of The Potomac Pglr F.523

        Will Of Charles Cheney

        5==1..Charles Chaney Jr., B 9-1703 Died 3--7-1781
        Married::#1---- Mary Powell 4-1720
        All Hallows Parish And Queene Annes Parish List Another
        Wife At The Same Time,Apparently Had 2 Wives At The Same Time..Which Was
        Fairly Common Practice Then.
        Married:#2---Elizabeth Green 12-11-1723
        At Least 10 Children Between The 2 Wives
        All Children Of Both Wives Mentioned In Charles Jr's Will.
        Left 1 Shilling Each In
        Fathers Will Maryland Marriage Records.
        Charles Jr's Will Made 5-7-1780 Probated 3-271781
        Washington County Maryland

        Date: 04/04/1770
        Description: 1255: Charles Cheney vs. Greenbury Cheney and Thomas Macelefish.
        FR, PG. Contract to purchase Cheneys Lot in FR and Cheneys Delight in PG.
        Links: Location: MdHR Number: 17,898-1255-1/2
        Location: 01/35/05/009/S00 MSA Citation: MSA S512-1321

        5==2...Dinah Cheney..B 9-1710..
        Was Not Mentioned In Will Of Father: May Have Died:

        5==3...Greenbury Cheney.9-1713
        Married 16 Nov 1725 Cousin Elizabeth - Cheney
        Dau. Of Richard Cheney Iii
        And Rachel Nicholson. Died By 1760 Frederick Co Rent Rolls.
        Possibly other children before Rebecca not known
        1...Obediah Cheney born 1736 Maryland
        2...Rebecca Chaney..B.3-11-1738..M 1758..John Chaplain
        Mentioned In Fathers Will
        3...Rachel Chaney born 1740
        4...Richard Chaney born 1743

        5==4…Jacob Cheney
        Born 1715 Anne Arundel Co. Md.
        Died: age 86, 1801 Pittsylvania Co. Va. buried Chaney Burying Grounds Keeling, Pittsylvania co. Va.
        Married: 1745 Sarah Midkiff born 1727. Dau. of Thomas Midkiff.

        1767 Listed Living 1767 Pittsylvania Co .

        1777 took oath of allegiance Pittsylvania County Va, Rev. War Loyalty Oath
        Many names among those on George Carters list: , Abraham Chaney, Jacob Chaney,
        Joseph Chaney, Zekiel Chaney, Charles Chaney

        1780 Bought land for 2 pounds sterling 2 March 1780, 400 acres in Virginia

        1782 listed Pittsylvania county Va with 10 in family continental Census va Early Census page 42
        Heads of family index 1782-90:
        Ezekiel 42, Jacob 42, Jacob 99, Joseph, 99, Phillip 51, William 51.

        1 Bay mare called "Polly" and one black colt called "Shadow", etc.
        3 Sep 1796, Wit: John Fitzgerald, Obadiah Chaney ,Thomas O. Blake.
        Several deeds from that time shows that Fitzgerald's, Chaney's, and
        Dodson's all took part in and/or witnessed transactions for each other.

        Jacobs will: gives beloved wife Sarah Chaney, land and plantation and stock,
        Giving James Chaney now deceased all that had intended and his heirs.
        Ezekiel all that given and to his heirs, Isaiah Chaney, deceased all given and to his heirs,
        Jacob Chaney all that ever given and shall remain his possession,, same request for Joseph, Abraham, Nathan, John, and Moses. To Charles land and plantation175 acres that now live on after death of his mother.. gives dau. Elizabeth Davis all that he had ever intended to give her. After the death of wife, equally divide between Mary Chaney and Sarah Chaney daughters goods and clothes are left of my estate, Give Heath Gardner small tract of land
        Joseph and Charles Chaney, sons, executors of the will.
        11 day of Jan 1800 Pittsylvania County Va. signed, witnesses, Georg Dodson, David Dodson, Thomas Midkiff, Jacob Chaney jr. Thomas Green. September 22, 1801 presented and recorded.

          Children listed in will:
          1…James Chaney born 1747 deceased in 1800
          2…Ezekiel born 1750 died 1815
          Married: Lettie Dodson
          3…Elizabeth Chaney Davis born 1752
          Married: Johnathan Davis born 1750 died 1831
          4…Isaiah William Chaney born 1754 deceased in 1800
          5…Jacob Chaney Jr. born 1756
          Married: Elizabeth Green
          7...Jeremiah Chaney born 1757 Va.
          Married: in Tenn. Mary Curby born 1754
          served in the Revolutionary War in Virginia
          lived in virginia and migrated back to Overton co. Tennessee,
          Jeremiah died Overton County Tennessee in about 1828
          several children
          John born about 1785
          Jeremiah born 1787 in virginia Married: Phoebe born 1789 Virginia
          1850 Census of Blount Co. Alabama have them age 63 and 61
          6…Joseph Chaney born 1759 died 1833
          Son Rueben wife not known
          7…Abraham Chaney sr. born 1760 died 1845 (Nancy filed for his pension in 1845)
            Married #1 : Mary Cheatham 1787 in Virginia : 5 children:
            John, Eli, Dicie Puckett, Cheatum. Served in 1812 died in Ca., and Elizabeth Reaves.

            Married #2 Nancy Dennison: 7 children:
            Abraham, Anderson, Henry, Mary, Nancy, Susan, and Sallie.

            Signed oath of Allegiance in Rev War Pittsylvania County 1777
            Served in 1778, discharged from Donelsons Company.
            In 1781 drafted in militia in Capt. Isaac Clements Co. Abraham was
            taken to Hillsborough Hospital and confined, he hired his brother Joseph Chaney to take his place. Joseph was taken as a substitute and Abraham was discharged for being sick.
            1832, 22 August appeared in court age 72 took an oath that he entered service in 1776.

            Applied in 1833 applied for pension:

            1845 Nancy filed for Abrahams Pension 515 virginia.

              1…Dicy Chaney born 1788 died 1876
              Married: ?? Puckett
              2…Elijah Chaney born 1796 died 1886
              3…Cheatum Chaney born 1801 died 1848
              4…Elizabeth Chaney born 1803 died 1876
              Married: Jesse Reaves
              Children: Daniel born 1826, Nancy, Joseph, Abraham, Catharine, Ephriam
              5…John Chaney born 1806

              6…Abraham Chaney Jr born 1813 Virginia
              died 1878 Surrey Co. Nc
              Married: Sarah Bird (6 children)
              Married: Mary Ann Richardson (11 children)
              Recorded in Chaney Family History written by his son, Henry Watson Chaney, in 1907.

              7…Anderson Chaney born 1815 died 1875
              Married: Sallie R. White
              8…Susan Chaney born 1817
              9…Mary Chaney born 1818
              Married: Thomas Vaughn
              10…Henry Clay Chaney born 1819 died 1891
              Married: Louisa Wood born 1818 died 1901 Va.
              11..Sallie Chaney born 1824
              12..Nancy Chaney born 1829
              Married: Henry R. Thompson
              And 2nd: Charles B. Firesheets

            8…Nathan Chaney born 1762 died 1831 in Abbeville co. SC.
            Married: Elizabeth Cheatham born 1762
              1...John chaney
              2...Dicey Chaney
              3...Simeon Chaney
              4...Robert Chaney
              5...Elijah Chaney born 1800
              6...Eliabeth Chaney

            9…Mary Chaney born 1763 died 1848
            10..John Chaney born 1765 Pittsylvania co. Va.
            died: age 94 at Somerset, Pulaski Kentucky in 1859
            Married: Susannah Hill 1786 born 1767
            lived in nicholas County Ky.
            was living in 1850 with son Joseph and wife Sarah in Christian County Ky states age 80 but census was off on ages a lot of times.
            name was spelled cheaney in this census.

              1...Rhoda Chaney born 1786
              2...Hiram Chaney born 1791
              3...Jane Chaney born 1795
              4...Susannah Chaney born 1798
              5...Amos Chaney born 1800
              6...Joseph M born 1802

            11..Moses Chaney born 1770
            Married: Margaret Davis #1
            Sallie C. Polley #2
              1...Bird Chaney
              3...William born 1792 died 1876
              4...Sarah (Sally) Chaney
              5...Elizabeth Chaney
              second wife
              6...Elender Chaney
              7...Jackson Chaney
            12..Charles Chaney born 1771
            Married Christa Holloway (10 children)
            dau. of James Holloway
            13..Sarah Chaney born 1772
            Married: Thomas Green , thomas one of the executors of will

          5==5..Nancy Anne.B.1718 Aa Arundel Co.Md M William Jones

          5==6..Mordecai Cheney B 1719, Listed Still Living 1790 Prince
          George Co Md.

          5==7..Isaiah Cheney B 1720 Married #1 Sarah #2 27 May 1764 Rachel Phelps

          Will Of Isaiah Cheney Aa Co Written 19 Dec 1767 Probate 8 March 1768
          Child Elijah Cheney
          Extx: Rachel Cheney

          Wit: Joseph Leeke, Philip Chambers, Francis Given
          ] Mcw Xiv.26; Wills 36.262
          I Am Assuming He Left It All To Elihjah

          Children Of Isaiah
          in 1815 Elijah and his brother Charles their wives and some of their children wanted to sell their land
          Date: 11/20/1815 Description: 852: Lucy Chaney, Charles Chaney,
          William Dunham, Mary Dunham, Joseph Smith, Virlinda Smith, Elijah
          Chaney, Thomas Watts, and Rachel Watts vs. Anne Chaney,
          Elizabeth Chaney, Mahala Chaney, Anne Porter, Levin Porter,
          Wells Porter, Elijah Porter, John Porter, Mary Anne Porter, and
          Charles W. Porter. FR. Petition to sell Just as You Like.
          Recorded (Chancery Record) 98, p. 1.
          Links: Location: 01/36/01/002 MdHR Number: 17,898-852 MSA Citation: MSA S512-886
          Chancery Papers

          1. 6 1..Elizabeth Nancy Cheney B 1-11-1749 D1835 Nichols Co. Ky.
            Married Thomas Powell B 1753 Va. About 1770
              Children:1-John Powell B 1771 Va.--
              2-Thomas Powell Jr
              .B.1773 Va. M Mary Polly Caldwell..
              B.1779 Penn.
              4-Jeremiah B 1788 M. Martha 5
              --Nancy B.1790
              M.Elijah Percel..
              5--Robert B 1794 M. Celia
            6 2..Isaiah Cheney Jr. B 4-19-1752
            6 3..Charles Cheney..B.9-18-1753
            6 4..Richard Jacob Cheney..B.10-17-1756 Aa Co Md
            6 5..Elijah Cheney B.8-3-1760 M Polly Dutton B 1770
            6 6..William Mordecai Cheney B.10-25-1765

          5==8..Shadrick Cheney B 1722

          5==9..Mary Cheney..M 2-3-1729 Edward Ricketts
          From The Abstract Of Fathers Will Probablay The Mary Who Married 3 Feb 1729 All Hallows Parish To Edward Cikets
          One Child Listed: Ann Ricketts Born 26 Dec 1730

          5==10.Rachel Cheney B 1731

          5==11.Elizabeth Cheney B 1732

          5==12.Richard B 1732 M Mary Gassaway Lived To Be 105 Yrs

          Children:Of Richard And Mary Gassaway

          1. 6 1..Richard Cheney B 1760 Died Aa Co Md 1840 Cooperstown
            Missouri Married Lydia
            1. 7 1..John Chaney B 1780 M Nancy Poer Clark Co
              1. 8 1..William Harrison Chaney B 12-25-1814 M Elizabeth
                Hieronymous D 1893 Pettisco Mo.
                L Isted In "History Of Pettis Co, Mo:C1882p842 William States He Was Born In Clark County Ky 12 25 1814 That His Father John Chaney Served In The War Of 1812. Came To Mo In 1822 That His Grandmother Lived To Be 105 Lived In Md During The Rev War.

              1. 9 1...John Eagear Chaney Married Martha J Masters
                9 2...Edward Moses Chaney M:#1 Mary Elizabeth Tivis
                #2-Nancy Elizabeth Hams
                9 3...William Rctor Chaney M: Amanda Burton
                9 4...Sarah Charlotte Chaney M: James A Capen
                9 5...Henry B. Chaney M; Melissa Samantha Fidialia
                9 6...James Ambrose Chaney M: Leora Ann Elizabeth
                9 7...Alfranzo Chaney
                9 8...George Rector Chaney

              7 2...Nathan Chaneyb 1782m Hannah Groom Clark Co Ky
              7 3...Elizabeth Chaney 1783
              7 4...Nancy Chaney B 1784 M Charles Sharp Madison Co Ky
              7 5...Sarah (Sally) Chaney B 1786
              7 6...Lydia Chaney B 1787
              7 7...Richard R. Chaney B 1788
              7 8...Paley Chaney B 1789
              7 9...Henry Chaney B 1790 M Mary Childs 1-21-1814 Aa Co Md
              7 10...Moses Chaney
              7 11...Rachael Chaney

          2. 6 2..Nathan Cheney B 1762 Aa Co Md Endorsed Inventory Of John
            Twigg 3-2-1779 Washington County Maryland
            moved to virginia and then Kentucky.
            6 3..Benjamin Cheney B 1764 Aa Co Md
            Listed 1783 Aa County Sth River Hundred Msa Cheney Purchase
            Also 103 Acres S River Hundred
            Date: 02/14/1801 Description: 780: Benjamin Cheney, Abraham Cheney,
            Ruth Proctor, Henry Hardesty, John Hardesty, Delby Russell, Joseph
            Russell, Ann Shekels, and John Shekels vs. Rebecca Cheney,
            Wilhelmina Taylor, and Samuel Taylor. AA. Estate of Benjamin
            Cheney - Benjamins Choice, Benjamins Content. Recorded (Chancery
            Record) 54, p. 266. Links: Location: 01/35/05/078 MdHR Number:
            17,898-780 MSA Citation: MSA S512-809 Chancery Court Papers

            6 4..Eleanor Cheny B 1766 Aa Co Mdm: N. Taylor 1792
            2-26 1802 Aa Co Md
            6 6..Ruth Cheney B 1769aa Co Md M 12-22-1792 Edmund Hardesty
            Aa Co Md
            6 7..Abraham Cheney B 1770 Aa Co Md M Mary Curry
            7-21-1791 Aa Co Md
            6 8...Henrietta Cheney Aa Co Md

        1. Charles Chaney Jr"S Genealogy Line: 5th Generation
          Charles Chaney Jr. Ii Born 9-1703 Died 3--7-1781
          Married::#1 ---- Mary Powell 4-1720
          Married::#2 -----Elizabeth Green 11-1723

          these children are all mized up in these marriages,
          According to All Hallows Parish records he apparently had two wives
          at the same time. They sometimes did at that time.
          there are at least 10 children alternating between the two
          All mentioned in his will.
          children are listed as found
          All Children Of Both Wives Mentioned In Charles Jr's Will.
          Left 1 Shilling Each In
          Fathers Will Maryland Marriage Records.
          Charles Jr's Will Made 5-7-1780 Probated 3-27-1781
          Washington County Md
          In The Name Of God Amen
          I Charles Cheney, Senr Of Washington County And State Of Maryland
          Beign In Perfect Health And Of Sound Mind Memorya Nd Understanding
          But Considering The Uncertainty Of This Transitory Life
          Do Make Publish And Delcare This My Last Will And Testament In Manner Of Form Following

          1. 6 ==1..Anne Cheney B 1722 Listed In Fathers Will

            6 ==2..John Chaney B 1724 M Mary In Fathers Will

            6 ==3..Nathan Cheney B 1726 Listed In Fathers Will

            6 ==4..Charles Cheney Iii Bap. 2-6-1723 Ahpr P96 Charles And Marys Son,
            Listed In Will

            6 ==5..Jacob Cheney .B. 8-12-1730 Ahpr P100 Charles And Elizabeths Listed
            In Will
              1-Abram B 1760 Halifax Vir.

            6 ==6..Jeremiah Cheney 1-16-1731 D.6-1813 Wash County Md.
            Charles And Marys Son..
            Married: Naomi(Nany) Twigg Dau Of John Twigg And Suzannah Mackelfish
            B 1734 Hagerstown Md, Nany was Left One Cow By her Father In His Will

            a statement of deposition of witnesses of Daniel Meconekin,
            Edward Scares, Thomas Hill, David Macklefish,
            Ezekiel Cheney and Jeremiah Cheney Sept23-Dec 16 1757,
            against two soldiers called Smith and Lake for beating one Griffith
            and for abusing and threatening Meonekin and Richardson. Prince George County Md.
            proof of Jeremiah and Ezekiels whereabouts at that time

            source: "Preceedings and Acts of the General Assembly 1757-1758"

            1785 Tuesday 31
            Apetition was laid before the board, stating William Noland had passed a counterfeit dollar, he gave as security to Jeremiah Cheney and William Cheney against his son. Levied against William Nolands securites.,..........Recognizances aforesaid be remitted to said Jeremiah Cheney and William Cheney

            06/10/1805 Description:840: Jeremiah Cheney vs. Samuel Ringgold, Tench Ringgold,
            Frisby Tilghman, and Ann Tilghmen. WA.
            Injunction against execution of judgment on Cheneys Delight, Long Looked for Come at Last, Number of Two.
            MdHR Number17,898-840-1/2 MSA Citation:MSA S512-874
            Chancery Court Papers

            Naomi Died 7-21-1814 Wash Co Md. Lived In Wash Co Md.

            A Short Overview Of Jeremiah's Will--Leaves House 100 Acres,Slaves, Stock And Household Furniture
            To Wife Naomi, Except Female Slave Marzy.If Debts Due, Direct So Much Be Sold For That Purpose..

            Only some of the children mentioned in his will

            Son William had died with no children

            To Son, 1...Jeremiah Jr. I Give, Land He Now Lives On, 55 Acres, Release Him From Any Claims, Plus 150 Pounds.
            2...To Robert:
            I Have Already Given Deed To Land He Now Lives.0n To

            3...Charles: I Give The Land He Now Lives On, 80 Acres, The Rest Of The Real Estate,
            I Leave To John An David, I Intend To Sell The Land At Allegany Creek "Mountain Top", And "Jeremiah's Chance" If I Do Not I Empower My Executors To Do Same.
            4...To Rebecca, Give My Female Slave, Marzy
            5...To Dau Naomi,25 Pounds.
            To Grandaughter Naomi Daily And William Daily, Children Of Dau.
            6...Charity, I Give 25 Pounds A Piece.

            7...My Son John Can Keep The Stock He Has That Is Mine And Among His Own,(Charity had died by this time)
            Sons john and 8... David executors

            Jermiah's Will Were Samuel Hughes, Richard Polls***Copy***

            Children: 7th Generaton:
              1. 7 1--William Cheney B.4-20-1754 Died 1807 Frederick Co.,
                Md. Heirs Listed Below
                Died Intestate No Issues :Widow Listed As Elizabeth
                In Will. Brothers And Nieces And Nephews
                Listed In Will
                Robert Cheney,Jeremiah Cheney,Charles
                Cheney,John Cheney,David Cheney,Mary,Wife Of James Mccoy
                Naomi Wife Of Griffith Johnson,Drusilla Wife Ofjohn
                Lane, Elizabeth Wife Of Elijah Cheney,
                Milly Wife Of John Swearengen, Amy Daily ,Willed 127
                Acres "Pleasant Hill" To Brother≪
                Jeremiah Chaney And "Lost Bottle" 94 Acres Brother Robert.

                7 2- Mary Cheney B.9-1756. M.James Mccoy

                7 3- Amy Charity Cheney B.12-1758 M.William Daily Deceased At Time Of Brother Williams Will 1804.
                Children Named In Will. Jeremiah Listed As Youngest Daughter Amy And Son Williams Guardians
                1. 8 1...Milly M John Swearengin
                  8 2...Amy Daily
                  8 3...William Daily

              2. 7 4--Jeremiah Cheney Jr. B 10-1761 Given 157 Acres "Pleasant Hill" , "Lost Bottle" 1780
                mentioned in fathers will
                1. 8 1...William Cheney B 1781 M Sarah Roberts Aa Co Md.
                  8 2...Richard B 1784 M Susan White Aa Co Md March 20- 1818
                  8 3...Charity Cheney B 1785
                  8 4...Naomi Cheny B 1786
                  8 5...John Cheney B 1788 M Elizabeth Russell 12-24-1817 Aa Co Md
                  daughter of Abell Russell and Elizabeth Russell
                  1811 Records show Abell and Elizabeth Russell wanted to sell Johns Contrivance Meadows, a survey on Wild Cat Hill
                  8 6...Phoebe Cheney B 1790 M Richard White Aa Co Md 8 4-2-1817 Bro Of Susan That M Bro.

              3. 7 5--Drusilla Cheney..B.6-1764

                7 6--Robert Cheney..B..3-8-1767 Given 2 Tracts Of Land At Kickcocten Creek M.1787
                mentioned in fathers will

                1. 8 1...Naomi Charity Cheney B 1788
                  8 2...Joseph Cheney B 1790 Aa Co Md M Anne L. Wood 7-19-1819 Aa Co Md.
                  8 3...Richard Cheney B 1792 Aa Co M Henny Ryan 11-29-1815 Aa Co Md
                  8 4...Benjamin Cheney B 1794 M Rachel Knighton 1-15-1820 Aa Co Md
                  8 5...Dennis Cheney B 1796 M Delilah Beckett 8-17-1818 Aa Co Md
                  8 6...Mary Ann Cheney B 1798
                7 7-- Naomi Cheney..B.5-1769 Hagerstown Md.D-1830 M Griffith Johnson Jr.M 1787 Frederick Co. Md..
                mentioned in fathers will
                9 1..Jeremiah Johnson B 1788 Fred Co Md. D-1831 Wayne Co , Ohio M 10201809 Cum Co Md Lourenza Twigg. B 1791 Allegany Co Md 7-15-1874 Medina Ohio
              1. Children:
                10 1...Jermiah Thornton Johnson B1-25-1828 O. Died: 6-1-1905 Md M Mariah House B 5-7-1831 Md D 1-611905 Md
                1. Children:
                  11 1..Serepta Belle Johnson B 10-26-1871 Md D 10-27-1953 Faquer Co Va. M 11-2-1901 Welton Henry Smith
                  B 5-7 1858 Pr.Willco Va D 7-30-1908

              7 8--Charles Cheney B.10-1771
              mentioned in fathers will
              7 9--Elizabeth Cheney B 11-1773 Married Elijah Cheney Washington Co Va (Cousin) Children:1...Elias Cheney
              7 10--Rebecca Cheney..B.6-1776 M. William O'neale
              mentioned in fathers will.
              7 11--John Jacob Cheney..B.3-7-1779 Executor Of Fathers Will 8-20-1813
              was willed stock of horses,and cows
              also with brother David Executors of fathers will.
              Married: Elizabeth ??
              7 12--David Cheney one of the executors of fathers will

              9 1...William, Cheney B 11-22-1803
              9 2...Alethea,Cheney B 1-13-1806 D 11-31-1810
              9 3...Elah, Cheney B 2-20-1808
              9 4...Solomon,Cheney B 1-11810,
              9 5...Clarissa Cheney.B 10-20-.1812,
              9 6...Elizabeth,Cheney B8-11-1813 M Charles Twigg 8-8-1845
              9 7...Mary Cheney B 10-6-1817
              9 8..,Harriet Cheney.B.12-5-1821,
              9 9...David Cheney Jr. B 10-12-1824 S

      Children:6th Generation
      6==7..Dorcas..2-1735 Qapr P.21, Charles And Marys Dau

      6==8..Ezekiel.B.5-25-1727 Ibid P 23.. Listed 1767 Pittsylvania Co, Va
      Died 1769 Frederick Co.
      Ezekiel Cheney, Frederick County #125.11.8; 3 June 1772
      Legatee: Ezekiel Cheney, Residue To Wife(Unamed)And All Her Children
      Unnamed Wife Had 2 Children Part Extrx Surviving;
      Anne Cheney, Wife Of Joseph Cheney Abb 6.127

      6==9..Mary Cheney..B.6-1738 Qapr P24

      6==10..Elizabeth (Betty) 5 Oct 1732 Ibid P116 Cheney Was Left 1 Shilling In Will

      6 ==11..Rachel Cheney, 3-1740 Ahpr P24, Charles And Elizabeths

      6 ==12...Charity Cheney Listed In Fathers Will:

      6 ==13...Rebecca Cheney Listed In Fathers Will

    I Had A Child James Listed Here That A Descendant Sent Me But The Will Does Not Mention A James Cheney At All. Another Person Said The Children Listed For James Was Williams Children. So I Have Taken This James And These Children Off For The Time Being.
    If You Know Where They Fit In Please Let Me Know If You Have Documentation For It.
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