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      Chaney Lineage

          This Chaney Line Is Still Being Researched, The Information Below Is What I Have Gathered Together As Accurately As Possible. Errors May Occur So When Reading This Remember To Do Your Own Research. If You Have Information To The Contrary And Valid Documented Proof, Let Me Know In A Friendly Manner.

          The Coat Of Arms Shown On The Families Are The Generally Accepted Versions. There Are Several Variations Of These To Accept And Use A Version Of Your Families Coat Of Arms Without Official Documentation And Proof Is At Your Own Preference. As This Is Mine. Some Surnames Have No Coat Of Arms Associated With Them At All,And The Chances Of Being Related Fo Someone Who Did Are Slim.
          The Chaney Family However, Has Several Knights And Sirs And Barons In The History, So There Is A Good Possibility For A Direct Link.(None Documented Yet As I Can Find).

          (Chaney,Cheyne,Cheney,Chinia,Chenery,Cheyney,And Chine,)
          All Spellings Of The Original Name.
          Some Cheneys,Cheyne's, Chaneys, Listed In England:
          The Brass Plate Photo Above Is Of Margaret Cheyne,D:1419

          In 1368 Thomas Cheyne Died, He Has A Brass Plate Depicting His Photo At Drayton Beauchanp Buckinghamshire Along With His Brother William (Died) 1375.
          Thomas Cheyne Was A Shield Bearer For Edward The Iii... Sir John Cheyney, Kent, Whose Ancestors Held Feudal Rights On The Isle Of Sheppy Was Made Knight Bannaret And Knight Of The Garter By Henryvii For Gallantry At Bosworth Field, A Battle During The War Of The Roses In Which Richard Iii Was Killed. The Battle Took Place In 1485. He Became The Speaker Of The House Of Commons And Was Elevated To The Peerage As Baron Cheyney Of Shurland. His Father John Cheney Has A Plate Brass, At Hanbury Staffordshire. Brass Plates Were Often Set In Church Floors Of Prominent Members Of The Church Or County. A Popular Hobby Today Is Using A Special Wax Crayon And Rubbing The Picture Off And Framing It.

          There Are Several Brass Plates Around England Of The Cheyne,S, Cheney,S,And Chanu.
          Listed Are Their Names, Dates Died And Location Of Their Brass Plate.
          Elizabeth Cheyne Died 1473 Wife Of Sir John Say, Broxbourne.
          Elizabeth Cheyne Died 1516 ,Chesham Bois Buckinghamshire
          Isabel Boleyn Cheyne Died 1485 , Wife Of William Cheyne, Blicking Norfolk,
          Katherine Cheyne Died 1554 Wife Of C. Lytkott, Swallowfield Berkshire
          Margaret Cheyne Died 1419 , Hever Kent
          Margaret Shipworth Cheyne Died 1678 Wife Of H.(Hugh) Cheyne, Langley Herts.
          R. Cheyne Died 1552
          Roger Cheyne Died 1414 , Cassington Oxfordshire
          Humfrey Cheyne Died 1557, West Hanover Berkshire
          Thomas Chanu Died 1407, Leigh Kent
          Thomas Cheyne Died 1368, Shield Bearer To Edward Iii,
          Drayton Beauchamp Bucks.
          William Cheyne Died 1375, Drayton Beauchamp Bucks
          John Cheney Died 1450 Hanbury Staffordshire

          There Were Lesser Amorial Branches Of The Cheney Family In County Kent, But All Shared Common Descendants.
          Throughout These Branches The Name Of Richard Was Common.
          In Those Days The First Born Was Named After The Father, The Second The Grandfather, Etc. The First Born Daughter Was Named After The Mother And So On. The Practice Produced Many With The Same Names.
          There Are 23 Richards In This Line.
          On February 28,1643 24 Subjects Of The Crown In The Parish Of Ripple, Signed A Proclamation Upholding Loyalty To The King And In Defense Of Religion. One Of The Signers Was Richard Cheney, Who Is The Richard Cheney Of Cheney's Resolution, Maryland. There Is Strong Evidence That They Are One And The Same.

          This Earliest Record Is Of Richard, Born 1565 In Kent,Isle of Sheppy England,
          The Isle of Sheppey is an island off the northern coast of Kent, England in the Thames Estuary, some 46 miles to the east of London England. It is only 36 square miles.
          He Married Elizabeth Offley At St. Marys London
          As Was The Custom, His First Born Son Was Named Richard.

          Richard Was Born 1-25-1595 In London And At St. Marys', He Married Anne Ellinoir,
          3 June 1622 Hackney Middlesex London England

          Anne Arundel Gentry, Volume I, 2nd Edition States: "The Cheney (Cheyney)Family Of Ancient Antiquity Was Ennobled In England, But Through Extravagance And Being Royalists During The Civil Wars Lost Most Of Their Property.
          There Is Every Reason To Believe That The Maryland Emigrant Was A Scion Of The Ennobled Family. The Earliest Entries In The All Hallows Parish, Anna Arundel County, Maryland Are Those Of The Cheyney (Cheney)Family. The Date Of The Entry Precedes The Date Of The Establishment Of The Parish.
          It Is Evident That The Family Kept Their Own Records.
          He Probably Landed In Virginia And Moved To Anne Arundel County, Maryland With His Wife Charity. He Is Mentioned As A Signer Of A Proclamation Of Loyalty To The King.
          Richard And His Wife, Charity, Migrated To Maryland And Settled In The South River Hundred Of Anne Arundel County.
          Sharon Doliante In Her Book "Maryland And Virginia Colonials"
          States: Richard Cheyney, Sr, Born: (Ca) 1630,
          Died After 3-6-1685 (Date Of His Will) And Before 8-16-1688(Date His Estate Was Appraised)
          SERNO: S538. PREROGATIVE COURT (Wills)4, pp. 311-312 Richard Cheney, 1685 [MdHR SR 4400]. 06/01/93. Tracking No.: 16731. Circ. No.: 6243.
          Married: Charity, Who Died In The Mid To Late 1600's:
          He Then Married Elinor(Eleanor) Who Survived Him.
          On 7-23-1658 Richard Cheyney Entered His Claim For The Land He And His Wife Were Entitled To For The Entry Into Maryland."Msa

          Recorded Listings In Maryland State Archives:

          SERNO: S11. LAND OFFICE (Patent Record)4, pp. 262, and 439-440 Richard Cheney, 1659 [MdHR 17,337-2, 1-23-1-7]. 06/08/92. Tracking No.: 17924. Circ. No.: 6544.
          SERNO: S11. LAND OFFICE (Patent Record)5, pp. 9-10 Richard Cheney, 1661 [MdHR 17,338-2, 1-23-1-8]. 06/08/92. Tracking No.: 17924. Circ. No.: 6545.
          1663 LAND OFFICE (Patents) 5, pp. 297-298 Richard Cheney, 1663 [2] CERTIFY. 04/25/88. Tracking No.: 37156. PD No.: 88-02375.
          1667 Richard Cheney Demanded One Hundred Acres In Behalf Of Himself And Wife Charity,
          Hall Of Records Annapolis Md.
          1659 Cheney Hill, W Side Of Chesapeake Bay S River
          1659 Avalon Lord Baron Of Balt County: To All Persons Whom Present,
          Know Ye That Richard Cheney Hath Transported Himself And Charity
          His Wife Into This Province, Maryland, Under Our Flag July 2, 1649
          And Remaining Upon Our Province 8-1651. Likewise Do Hereby Grant Parcel
          Of Land Called Cheney Hill.Msa
          1661 Cheneys Rest...County Aa Md S River Flatt Creek
          1662 Cheneys Purchase S River Aa County E Side Of Flat Creek 100 Acres
          1662 Cheneys Hazard Near Where He Liveth 100 Acres
          1662 Cheneys Neck 110 Acres S River
          1663 110 Acres May 29 Witness Charles Calvert Esq Lt General.
          1663 For Transporting Several Persons Into This Province Do Grant May 29, 1663 Richard Cheney
          400 Acres Cheneys Resolution
          1663 Cheneys Purchase Granted 100 Acres
          1674 To Richard Cheney The Elder, Of S River Aa County Lord Baron
          Of Baltimore Bearing Date At St Marys
          1679 John Jacob, Richard Cheney Sr., Richard Cheney Jr. Served As Jurors In Anne Arundell Co Md.Msa
          1681 Richard Cheney Received 30# Of Tobacco For Some Public Service.
          Tobacco Was Given As Currency As It Was Very Valuable.
          Salt Was Also Given As It Was Badly Needed And Scarce.
          1685 Richard Cheney Of Aa County And Elinor His Wife Sold 7000# Of
          Tobacco 100 Acres Of Cheneys Resolution To John Jacob (Son-In-Law).
          1685 Richard Cheney Sr. Wrote His Will It Was Not Offered For Probate
          Until 5-14-1724?? Several Years After His Death.
          1688 Richard Cheney Was Deceased And His Inventory Submitted Upon
          This Date, Walter Phelps And Robert Hopper.

          Chaney Family

          Richard Cheney 1565
          Born: 1565 London England
          Possibly Isle Of Sheppy Kent England 46 miles from London.
          Died; 1625
          Was Still Alive 03 Jun 1622 When He Gave Consent For His Son Richard To Marry
          Married: Elizabeth Offley At St Marys Wolnoth 2-01-1591
          Elizabeth B.1570 Died: 1615 Dau Of Richard Offley Of England
          Some Sources State, He Married Alice Offley ,First, Then Elizabeth????Sisters
          Note: In The Records Of England Many Of The Offleys Were Leather Sellers And Taylors.
          This Richard Cheney Is Listed As A Goldsmith.
          This Is The Parish Record:
          London: - Marriage Licences, 1520-1610

          Marriage Licences Granted By The Bishop Of London.,
          County: London
          Country: England
          01 Feb 1591-2 Richard Cheney, Of St Mary Woolnoth, London, Goldsmith, & Elizabeth Offley, Of Same, Spinster, Dau. Of Richard Offley, Late Of Sd City, Merchant, Decd; Gen. Lic.

            1...William Cheney B. 11-8-1592 England.
            2...Richard Cheney II B..1-25-1595
            Married: Ann Ellnor

          Richard Cheney II-1595 London England Hackney Middlesex

          Born: 1-25-1595...
          Died: 1633 London
          Married; Ann Ellinor (Elnor) Born 1603 England
          6-3-1622 Dau. Of Bartholemew Ellnor And Alice Effermont Of St Catherine Cree Church Parish, London
          These Records Exists Of This Marriage

          London: - Calendar Of Marriage Licence Allegations, 1597-1648
          Book 9
          June, 1622
          County: London
          Country: England And This One:
          London: - Marriage Licences, 1611-1828
          Marriage Licences Granted By The Bishop Of London.1622.
          County: London
          Country: England
          03 Jun 1622 Richard Cheney, Gent., Of Hackney, Middlesex, Bachelor, 27 (Consent Of His Father Mr Richard Cheney), & Anne Ellnor, Of St Catherine Cree Church, London, Spinster, 19, Dau. Of Bartholomew Ellnor, Of Same, Gent., Who Consents; At Hackney Aforesaid

            1...Richard Cheney Sr (Chaney)Born 1630 England
          some say he was from Isle of Sheppy, his early ancestors were, but by all accounts Richard Cheney that immigrated to America was born in Hackney, London, Middlesex.

          Richard Cheney Sr 1630

          Richard Cheney.Sr.
          Born.@.1630 London Middlesex England
          Migrated To America In 1649 As Stated By Harry Newman: Aa County Md.

          Will Of Richard Cheney

          Grants ::::Beloved Son In Law John Jacob And My Daughter Anne A Parcell Of The 400 Acres Of Land Containing 100 Acres March 1 1674.
          Same Date: Richard Cheney Naturall Love And Fatherly Affection I Bare To My Beloved Son In Law William Ijams And Daughter Elizabeth The Now Wife. M S River Aa County. 100 Acres Of Cheneys Resolution.

          Land Was Granted When Anyone Transported People Into Maryland.
          Lots Of Land Could Be Gotten If You Brought In A Lot Of New Inhabitants.
          Richard Cheyney Began To Purchase Land Soon After His Arrival In Anne Arundel County.
          He Resided On The "South River Hundred" And Soon Became One Of The Largest Land Owners In Maryland.
          Maryland Rent Rolls In 1707 Indicate The Ownership Of 2820 Acres By The Cheyney Family. Cheney Hill-1659- Cheneys Rest-1663, Cheneys Resolution-1663-, Cheneys Purchase-1661- ,Cheneys Hazard-1616-, Cheneys Neck-1663 All Became Part Of His Ownership.

          In 1678 Richard Cheney Received 40lb Of Tobacco For Participating In An Expedition Against The Nanticoke Indians.
          (Archives Op. Cit. Vol 7.P96).
          Tax Of 1676 Showed Richard As Owning 1 Female Slave Age 35 And Two Under Age 16.
          1688 Elinor Cheney Posted Bond Of 10000 Lbs Tobacco For The Estate Of Richard Cheyney Sr. Deceased.

          He Listed Richard Jr As First Born Son. Recorded In Md Hall Of Records,
          Richard With Wife Charity [Wood] Arrived In Md 1650 From Va. They Were Allowed
          50 Acres Each For Settling In Aa Co Md.
          Charity Died...3-16-1685 Aarundel Co. Md.Usa,
          Buried All Hallows Episcopal Parish Maryland.

          Married #1 Charity possibly [Wood]
          B. 1625 . D.Late 1660's
          Many people have this as Mary Charity Wood, The only true documents I have found only list her as Charity.
          Married #2 1669 #2 Elinor(Eleanor) Pindall Born 1650

          Elinor Was Willed 10 Acres Of (Cheneys) Resolution To Keep It She Did Not Marry,
          If She Did, It Was To Revert To Sons, Charles And Thomas.
          Richards Estate Was Appraised 8-16-1688 Will Made March 6 1685

          "To Eldest Son Richard Cheney, Ex And Heirs,250 Acres, Cheneys Rest On S. River.
          To 2 Sons, Vix, Thomas And Charles At 16 Yrs F Age, Resolution;
          Sd. Sons To Be In Charge Of Eld. Son Richrd, Afsd, And Son-In-Law-John Jacobs And His Wife.
          To 3 Daus., Viz Mary, Eliza, And Ann, Personally. To Wife (Unnamed) Dower Rights
          Test Wm Burgess And Wm Cocks

          Walter Phelps And Robert Hopper Appraised Goods 8-16-1688.
          "Hall Of Records Maryland" . Inventory 43 Pounds.5.0

          Records Of Slaves Of Maryland Records States 1bx------16-50 Males
          1bz------16-50 Females**Have Copy Of Record**Msa
          28 March 1709 Ellinor Pindell Of Anne Arundel County Being Of Good And Perfect Mind, For Love And Affection Of Or Her Son Richard Cheney(the twin); All Goods And Chattells Mentioned: 5 Cows, 4 Heifers, 2 Steers, 13 Hogs, 2 Feather Beds And Furniture, 1 Flock Bed, 1 Horse, 2 Mares, And Otehr Household Goods;Recorded 23 May 1709 Aalr Pk42.

          Ellinor Pindall Was Buried 9 March 1709 According To All Hallows Parish Records. The Above Record Is The Probate Record Of Her Will.
          This Would Be Richard The Younger

          Remains of Homestead of Richard Cheney Found In Maryland

          Cheney Maryland Court Documents

          All Hallows Parish Record

          Richard And Charity's Children:
          1... Cheney (Chaney) Elizabeth Born.1648, (Date Of Birth By Her Own Statement), Still Living 1-26-1725. S River Hundred Aa Co. Md; Age 77, Msa
          William Ijams B.1640 3-1 1674 Who Died Before
          This is also spelled Iiams
          11-10-1703 When His Will Was In Testate, Probated 11-10-1703
          Book "Anne Arundel Gentry" Maryland State Archives Lists Names Spelled Ijams.
          1 March 1674 Richard Cheney By Deed Of Gift To Williams Ijams, Planter Of S Ricer And Elizabeth His Wife, To Son-In-Law William Ijams And Dau. Elizabeth Now His Wife, 100 Aceres Of Cheney's Resolution Recorded At Request Of Elizabeth Ijams Relict Of William Ijams. Richard Cheney's Mark Aalr Ihi.50

          Will Of William Ijams Written 16 Feb 1698 Probated 10 Nov 1703
          To Eldest Son William 5s
          To Dau. Elizabeth Duvall 5s
          To Richard And Hrs: 100 Acres Of Land Near The Patuxent River Prince George Co
          To Young Son George, 100 Acres On The South Side Of Western Run
          To Wife Elizabeth, Her Dower Rights
          Residury Estate To Children, Ricahrd, George, Hester, And Susannah
          Witness: Clement Davies, Richard Chaney(Spelled This Way), John Robertsona Nd Robert Davis
          Wills, 3.122-Agg

          Children: Of Elizabeth Cheney And William Iiams :

            1....William Ijams Jr B.1670 Aa Co. Md. Died In Testate 1738 Married Elizabeth Plummer All Hallows
            Parrish Registrar Aaco.Md.Dau Ofthomas And Elizabeth
            Stockett Plummer
              1…Elizabeth Ijams B 6-15-1697
              2…William Iiams B 12-22-1699
              Married10-9-1720 Elizabeth Jones. Children:1-William B 1721-2-Cassandra Iiams..B 9-20-1722---3-Margaret Ijams B.1724
              3…Richard Ijams B 11-1702
              Married Mary Nichols 1-19-1737 St Annes Parish Register.
              4…Mary Ijams Baptized 8-26-1705 All Hallows Parish.
              Married 12-22-1726 Richard Wright.
              Children:1. Margaret Wright B..9-18-1729
              5…Thomas Ijams B. 8-7-1708 D..1768aa Co. Lived At Duvalls Delight..
                1-John Ijams B 1751 M.Elizabeth Hampton.
                2-Thomas Ijams Jr.B.12-26-1754 Died
                1836.M.Catherine Hampton Sister Of Elizabeth
                Lived Bethlehem Township Washington Co Pa.
                3-Richard Ijams Died 1800 Frederick Co Md. M
                Elanor Jones.
                4-William Ijams Died 1795 M Mary Hampton,
                Sis Of Eliz. And Caty. 5. Susanna Iiams.
              6. John Ijams B.1718 M. Rebecca Jones Twin
              7. Plummer Ijams B.1718.M.Ruth Childs Twin
              8. Charity Ijams M1-29-1724 John Waters All Hallows Parish.
            2...Richard Ijams..B. 1670 Died 1761 Aa Co. Md
            Married: 31 18 May 1691 Cousin Anne Cheney
            Dau Of Richard Jr And Mary Cheney
            Anne Died 10-1713, He Then Married Elizabeth Gaither
              1.Thomas Clark 9-1688..
              2.William Clark B.9-11-1691..
              3-Richard Clarke. B.7-30-1694.
            Will Of Daniel Clark Written 2 Oct 1696 No Date Of Probate
            To Son Thomas, Plantation And Part Of 200 Acres On Patuxent River
            To Sons William And Richard, Residue Of Afsd 200 Acres
            To 3 Sons Asfd, All Property In Pennsylvania That In Old England Being Son Thomas By Right Of Birth
            To Wife , Elizabeth Extrus, And 3 Sons Asfd, Personal Estate Equally
            In The Event Of Death Of Wife, During Minority Of Child, Brother William Ijams To Have Charge Of Child.
            Test: William Ijams, Sam'l Cook, Robert Hopper
            Mcw Ii.145; Wills 6.97

            3… Elizabeth Born 1672 Married Samuel Duvall
              1- Elizabeth Duvall Born 1698 .M. Edward Tyler Children: Samuel Tyler And Edward Tyler Jr.)
              2.Susannah Duvall Born 1699 M Alexander Falconer..6-Ester Duvall..M William West..
              3…Samuel Duvall Jr Born 1700 Married Mary Wells Dau. Of Thomas William Wells Jr. And Mary Boyd.
              4sarah Duvall Born 1702 M James Beck: Children: Samuel Duvall Beck
              5-Lucy Duvall Born 1704 Married William Forrest..Children Elizabeth Forest.
            Will Of Samuel Duvall Sr Planter Prince George Co. Written 11 Jan 1741, Probate 24 Mar 1741
            To Daus Sarah Beck, Lot In Queen Ann;S Town
            To Dau. Lucy Forrest, 100 Acres Lying Next Ot Land Of Henry Odell And Richard Butt At Her Death To Pass To Her Dau. Elizabeth, Should She Die Without Heirs. To Next Hr, Of Lucy Afsd And In Event Of Her Death To Grandson Samuel Dewall Beck, Son Of James Beck, William Forrest, Husband Of Lucy Said To Have Life Int. In This
            To Grandson Samuel Duvall Beck, 212 Acre Dwelling Plantation
            To Dau. Rachel Butts #10
            Exs: Grandsons: Samuel And Edward Tyler And Son-In-Law James Beck
            Test: David Watson, Joseph Peach, Robert Kunstuble. Mcw Viii.162; Wills 22.442

            4...George Ijams Married Elizabeth Bashford
              1-Elizabeth Ijams B 1717
              2-George Ijams
              3-Samuel Ijams 2-1721
              4-William Ijams B 12-22-1723
              5-John Ijams 11-1725
              6-Mary Ijams 8-1728
            5...Hester Ijams
            Married: 12-23-1708 John Nicholson
              1-Rachel Nicholson B.4-1709
              2-John Nicholson Iii.B.7-1710.
              .3-Richard Nicholson B.11-1712
              4-Rebecca Nicholson.B.1-1713
              5-Joseph Nicholson. B.9-1715..
              6-Nicholas B.3-1717
              7-Sarah Nicholson.B.9-1720. . 8-Benjamin B 6-1723
              Note: Hester Had An Affair With Captain John Duvall A Leading Military Officer Of The Province And Son Of Mareen Duvall The Huguenot. 16 April 1705 John Duvall Made A Deed Of Gift To Hester Ijams (Spinster) Of A Portion Of Burgess Choice Bordering On The Portion Which Had Been Sold To Ricahrd Ijams It Contained A Dwelling House, Orchards, Gardens, Etc For Her Natural Life To Be Divided Among Her Children Then In Being If She Married Or If She Had Other Children

            6...Susanna Ijams Married 10-15-1696 Thomas Fowler B.2-16-1698

        2....Richard Cheney Jr "The Elder"
        Born 1652
        Died. 1704/05:
        Will was not probated until 1726
        PREROGATIVE COURT (Wills) 4, pp. 311-312 Richard Cheiney, Sen., 1726. [MdHR 1284;. Location: 1-11-1-6. 12/01/87. Tracking No.: 30703. PD No.: 88 1336.
        PREROGATIVE COURT (Testamentary Proceedings) 27, pp. 290-291 probate of Richard Cheney's will, recorded 14 May 1726. [MdHR 983;. Location: 1-12-3-3. 12/01/87. Tracking No.: 30703. PD No.: 88 1336.
        Married: Mary ?1622 AA County Maryland.

        This Richard Cheney Is Called "The Elder" In All References To This Family Because Richard Married Again To Eleanor, They Had Another Child Named Richard Cheney "The Younger" or sometimes referred to as "the twin": This Often Happened In Families At That Time
        2 Children By Different Wives With Children Of The Same Name

        He Is Called Eldest Son In His Fathers Will From which He Inherited Cheney's Rest.

        Mary Survived Richard Jr. She Was Living 7-8-1717
        When She And Son Samuel, Filed For Inventory On His Estate.
        "All Hallows Parish Records"Aa Co Md.
        Buried At All Hallows Episcopal Parish Maryland.

        Richard Cheney Jr.(The Elder)
        1-20-1679 Served A Juror With Father Richard And Brother-In Law John Jacob

        1685 Inherited Cheneys Rest 250 Acres.

        1681-Maryland: Act For Payment And Assessing Charges Aug 1681
        To William Reid, To John Grey, To Peter Bernett, To John Durden, To
        Richard Chaney Junr To Each Thirty Pds Of Tob.

        1700 Sold 200 Acres Of Jacobs Hope Part Of Chaneys Adventure
        To Brother-In-Law John Jacob For 4400 Lbs Tobacco.
        Mary Released Her Dower, Court Records 12 P 679-86

        1704- Was Buried As "Richard Cheney The Son Of Richard Cheney Before Deceased" Written On Tombstone

        1708 Mrs Mary Cheney, Widow Of Richard, Filed Records
        "Maryland State Archives(Msa)"

        Mary On 17 Oct 1710 Released Part Of Chenys Resolution To Richard Cheney The Twin Her Brother-In-Law. See Richard Cheney The Youngers Genealogy Page.,

        ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY (Land Records) CERTIFIED. IJ #1, pp. 50-52 Richard Cheney the Elder to William and Elizabeth Iiams, 19 March 1705/6. 11/18/86. Tracking No.: 12834. PD No.: 87 00904.

        1726: PREROGATIVE COURT (Testamentary Proceedings) 27, pp. 290-291 probate of Richard Cheney's will, recorded 14 May 1726. [MdHR 983;. Location: 1-12-3-3. 12/01/87. Tracking No.: 30703. PD No.: 88 1336.

        Children: Of Richard The Elder And Mary:
          Li> 1....Mary Cheney..B. 8-3-1681 Died Before 1-2-1717
          Married 1 Dec. 1702 Walter Phelps Jr. B.6-27-1680 Buried 5 May 1719 Son Of Walter And Elizabeth Phelps, Walter Later Married Rose Basil
          1-2-1717 So Mary Had Died Before Then.
          Children: From All Hallows Parish.
          1. 1..Walter Phelps Iii., B 9-14-1703 Bap. 20 Aug 1704
            Married Mary Bazewell 1-7-1727
            1. 1- Isaiah Phelps Bap: 23 March 1728 All Hallows Parish
              2-Elizabeth Phelps Bap. 13 Dec-1730..
              3-John Phelps..In Fathers Will
              4-George Phelps-In Will
              5-Joseph Phelps,In Will

          2. 2..Richard Phelps..B 4-13-1706..
            3..John Phelps B.9-1711 Married By Banns 9-15-1730
            Sarah Bazewell; Children: John Phelps Jr B 4-1731
            4..Mary Phelps Married Richard Poole Children:
              1...Mary Born 24 June 1741 Bap. 9 Aug 1741 Buried 31 Dec 1741
              2...Rachel Born 18 July 1744 All Hallows Parish
              3...John Poole. B 1733 D. 1816 M Sarah Collier
              Child: Anne Poole. M Francis Pile
              4...Samuel Poole Born 10 Nov. 1747 Bap All Hallows Parish 24 Feb 1747
              5...Walter Poole Born 4 Oct 1751 Bap. All Hallows Parish 29 Feb 1752

            2....Thomas Cheney B 1680 St Peters Parish New Kent Va
            1...Frances B 12-15-1702 New Kent Va.

            3..Richard Cheney III------ B Thurs. 3-8-1682 Bap 4 Sept 1698 Age 69in 1754
            Died: 1759
            Married All Hallow's Parish Records 12-11-1707
            Rachel Nicholson.
            Born 20 Sep 1688 Dau Of John And Rebekah Nicklisson,
            4 Jan 1710
            Richard Cheney III Son Of Richard Cheney Jr. II (the elder) Of Aa Co. was Planter To Richard Cheney (His Uncle)(the twin, the younger) Son Of Old Richard Cheney I And Commonly Called The Twin Of Anne Arundel County, Planter,
            For 10 Pounds All That Plantation Whereon The Said Old Richard Cheney Did Formerly Dwell. Occupation Of Sd Richard Cheney Twin, Part Of Cheney's Resoluton. Containing 130 Acres, Rachel Wife Of Richard Cheney III Acknowledged Deed.
            Recorded 10 Aug 1713. Aalrib257.

            The Next One Concerns Rachel Nicholsons Family

            11 July 1713, John Nicholson Sr. Of Ann Arundel Col., Planter, To sons John And Richard Nicholson, A Tract Granted 20 Sep. 1665 To Robert Franklin And Richard Beard, Dec'd; Bounded By Richard Cheney, Richard Beard, Son Of Richard Beard, Released 50 Acres Of Indian Range 29 Aug 1681 To His Sister Rebecca Nicholson, Wife Of John Nicholson Sr.
            John And Rebecca Equally Divided The Land Between Their Two Sons Contingent Legatees If There Be No Issue, To Descend To Dau. Rebecca Now Wife Of Thomas Richards. Then To Dau. Elizabeth Now Wife Of Benjamin Walsh Then To Dau Rachel Now Wife Of Richard Cheney III, Then Dau. Susannah, Now Wife Of Thomas Hopper, John Nicholson Sr. And Rebekah His Wife To Occupy Premises Their Natural LifeAalr Ib2.1110.

            Children Of Richard III And Rachel:
            1. 1...Richard Cheney IV Born 12-6-1704 All Hallows Protestant 2...Elizabeth Cheney,B,9- 12-1711 Twin M. 11-1725
              Cousin ;Greenbury Cheney, Son Of Charles And Anne
              3...Rachel Cheney.B.9-12-1711 All Hallows Maryland Twin
              To Elizabeth..
              4...Mary Cheney B.7-28-1717 All Hallows Maryland 5...Rebecca B.6-24-1718. All Hallows
              6...Jeremiah Cheney B 6-21-1720: All Hallows Maryland
              "Maryland Assembly Proceedings, Sept. 28 Dec. 16, 1757
              Affirmation Of Ezekial And Jeremiah Cheney
              With Regard To The Complaint Of Ezekiel And Jeremiah Cheney,
              Whose Articled And Indented Servants Are Said To Have Run Away From Them.
              Recognizance Of The Said Jeremiah Cheney And William Cheney To The Succeeding
              Court Held In March Last, And The Said Obediah Noland Being Again Called,
              Did Not Appear.1754"
              7...Ezekial Cheney B:1722 All Hallows Maryland
              8...William Cheney B: 1724 All Hallows Maryland

            4....John Cheney..B.Thurs. 5-8-1684 Listed Age 69 In 1784
            Married 9-22-1708 #1 Mrs.Elizabeth Tylley Widow Of Charles Tylley She Was Buried 5 June 1717 List All Hallows Parish Records. :
            Depositions Anne Arundel Co State John Age 65 In 1749 Married Widow Of Charles Tylley Some 43 Years Ago Then Married 24 July 1718 Anne Burgess. Listed Page 197 All Hallows Parish Records.
            Charles Tylley Account 177 Pounds, 103 Pounds May 1711 Admx Elizabeth Cheney Widow , Now Wife Of John Cheney

            10 Nov 1715, We John Cheney, Benjamin Cheney, And Richard, Cheney, Planters Of Anne Arundel Co. Give Bond Of 62 Pounds 20 S 2p To Elizabeth Tylley And Thomas Tylley, Orphans Of Charles Tylley Dec'd. John Cheney's Mark, Benjamin Cheney's Mark, And Richard Cheney's Mark

            Also Married #2 Ann Burgess 7-24-1718 All Hallows Parish.

            Children: All Hallows Parish Record, Found In Old Register:
            1. 1-Richard Cheney 3-1716 All Hallows Protestant Episcopal
              Church Md Records.
              2-John Cheney Jr. B 12-22-1719.Baptized 12-1720 M. Elizabeth
              3-Elizabeth Cheney B. 1-1720. Bapt.3-3-1722.
              4-Lucretia Cheney B.Bapt 6--1721
              5-Burgess Cheney.Bapt.8-1727..
              6-Rebecca Cheney B. 12-5-1720..
              7-Alice Cheney.Bapt.12-20-1732.

            5.....Joseph Cheney B. 5-25-1686 S River Aa Co. Md
            Taxable In Eastern Branch Hundred In 733
            died: Prince George County 1770
            Married: Anne?
            1751 General Assembly Preceedings Joseph and his wife Ann
            made a petition to pray for a discovery of a medicine to cure the disease flux.

            6...Benjamin Cheney..B.Monday, 10-10-1687
            Married 6-23 1719 Ruth Cheney
            Dau Of Thomas And Sarah Westhall Cheney, No Children
            Given In Old Register.
            Was Taxed In Patuxent Hundred, Prince George Co In 1719 And 1733
              1...Sarah Cheney
              2...Ruth Cheney
              3...Benjamin Cheney
              4...Elizabeth Cheney
              5...Richard Cheney
              6...Jacob Cheney
              7...Eleanor Cheney
              8...Greenberry Cheeny
              9...Thomas Cheney

            7.....Eizabeth Cheney..B Wed. 3-25-1688 Buried: 12 Sep 1711
            Married 1706
            William Phelps Bap. 12 Sep 1711 Alpr , Son Of Walter And Elizabeth Phelps Brother To Mary's Husband Walter
            William Later Married Rachel ???
            Died In Testate Aa County Md 1778
            1. 1...William Phelps Jr.Baptized 9-12-1711
              Married 1734 Susanna Meeks..Dau Of John And Mary Meeks
              Died: 1765 In Testate Aa County Md

              Li> 1...William Phelps 111 B 12-17-1740
              2...Susan Cheney Phelps B 9-10-1742
              3...John Phelps B 1-13-1744
              4...Thomas Phelps B 2-14-1747
              5...Rebecca Phelps B 8-181753
              6...Richard Phelps B 8-18-1783
              7...Joseph Phelps B 12-24-1754
              8...Joshua Phelps B 2-22-1758
              9...Jacob Phelps B 3-19-1761

            8..... Ann Cheney.Born Monday 5-18-1691 Bap. 4 Sep 1698
            Married 1-16-1706 Cousin
            Richard Ijams Son Of William Ijams Sr. And Elizabeth Cheney Listed
              1...Elizabeth Ijams B 12 Aug 1708 Bap 29 June 1709
              2...Richard Ijams Bap S3p 1712 Married Mary Nichols 19 Jan 1737 St. Annes Parish
              3...William Ijams Bap 22 Jul7 1713

            9.....Samuel Cheney.B Tuesday,9-25-1694 Baptized 9-4-1698
            Age Areound 65 In 1757 Mmd. Taxabale In Patuxent Hundred Prince George County In 1733
            Married Ann?
            1. 1....Mary Cheney B 4-2-1735
              2....Isaiah Cheney B 1737 M Rachel Phelps Aa Co Md 11-27-1764
              3....Jesse Cheney B 1740 Aa Co Md M.Ann Burgey 11-29-1764
              4...Richard Cheney B 1742
              5...Samuel Cheney B 1744
              A record in the Maryland Chancery Court Papers
              Date: 08/24/1785 Description: 774: Richard Cheney and Samuel Cheney vs.
              Samuel Snowden, John Snowden, Mary Snowden, Henry Snowden, and
              Thomas Snowden. PG. Petition to release mortgage on slaves Sarah,
              Lettica, Jack, Nole, Harvy, Cook, Margaret, and Hannah. Links:
              Location: 01/35/05/077 MdHR Number: 17,898-774 MSA
              Citation: MSA S512-803 Chancery Court papers

            10.....Hannah Cheney.B.5-8-1697 Bapt. 4 Sept 1698
            Married: Andrew Beard Died Around 1730
            Andrew Beard, Anne Arundel Co. #(Pounds)29.3.8; 16 June 1730: Nok: Mary Cheney, John Cheney Jr; Admnx Hannah Beard I@A 16.26.

              1...Richard Beard Born 10 March 1716
              2...Andrew Beard Born 12 Jan 1718 Bapt 1 Mar 1718
              3...John Beard Born 10 Mary 17--
              4...Elisabeth Beard Born 1724 Bapt. 23 Aug 1724
              5...Rachell Beard Bap 26 Nov 1727

            11..Susannah Cheney B. 8-22-1700 Bapt..9-7-1701 Married:Thomas
            Children: 1.. Ann Cheney B 8-22-1724

          3......Cheney, Anne B.Ca. 1660 Aa Co Md
          Buried. 5-1-1730 All Hallows Parish Church Yard
          Married: John Jacob JrBefore 3-1-1677 John Jacob,
          JACOBS Born 1631 D: 10-28-1726
          Son Of John Jacob Sr And Alice Golder.

          Jacobs Emigrated From England 1665 John Jacob Served On
          Jury With Richard Cheney Jr.4-20 1679 Annes Brother.
          1 March 1674 Deed Of Gift From Richard Cheney The Elder Of South River Aa Co, Planter, And Wife; To Beloved Son-In-Law John Jacobs, Of South River, Aa Co, Planter And My Daughter Anne, His Wife, 100 Acere Sw Of Cheney's Resolution On The Southside Of South River Containint 400 Acres; Richard Cheney's Mark; Recorded At Request Of John Jacobsaalr Ihi.47

          29 Feb 1712 Deed Of Gift From John Jacob Of Aa Co And Ann His Wife, To Sons, Joseph Jacob And Benjamin Jacob; Richard Cheney Planter Of Anne Arundel Co On 1 Oct 1704 Sold To John Jacob Land Called Jacob Hope In Prince George's Co. Being Part Of Cheney's Adventure On The West Side Of The Patuxent, Bounded By The River:

          John Jacob (Mark And Seal), Ann Jacob(Mark And Seal) Pglr F.261

          Will Of John Jacob Sr. South River Aaco Md Wirtten 4 June 1719 Probated 1 Dec 1726

          To Son John And Hrs; 100 Acres-----,Where He Now Lives, With 1/2 Adj Orchard
          To Sons Richard And Samuel And Their Heirs, Residue Of Real Estate In Aaci At Decease Of Their Mother,A Nd Personal Estate Equally.
          To Sons Joseph And Benjamin And Their Hrs., 200 Acres---- In Prince George Co, Now In Their Poss.
          To Daus. Elizabeth And Susannah, Personally At Decease Of Their Mother Ex; Wife-----
          Test: Richard Poole, Gillbird Pattison, Joseph Williams
          Mcw Vi.41;Wills, 19.260

            1...Charity Jacob born abt 1678
            Married: 26 Jan 1698 Ahp To Richard Duckett Sr. Born 1675 Immigrant Son Of William Duckett Esq. And Elizabeth His Wife Of England. Their Children From Will And Queen Annes Parish Records Of Prince George Co.
              1...Mary Duckett B 27 Oct 1699 Married 13 Dec 1716 Nathan Wells
              Son Of Thomas William Wells Born 1653 Died 1718 Will Made 5th Jan 1718 And Read 26th Sept 1718
              Married Frances Smith In Maryland In 1678 Frances Was Born In 1657 Maryland Dau. Of Thomas And Mary Smith.
              Prince George County Court Records:
              Nathan Is Mentioned In Thomas Wells Will.

              Richard Duckett Was The Testee In This Will
              Wells, Thomas, Sr., Planter, Prince George's Co.,26th Sept., 1718; 5th Jan., 1718.
              To Wife Frances, Dwelling Plantation, ––, “Strife,” And Adj. Tract In All 218 A., During Life; At Her Decease To Four Sons, Thomas, Robert, Nathan And Joseph. Shd. All Of Sd. Sons, Thomas, Nathan And Robert, Die Without Issue, Lands To Descend To Son Joseph; Shd. He Die Without Issue, To 4 Daus. Equally, Viz.: Frances, Mary, Sarah And Elizabeth, And Their Hrs. To Sd. Daus., Personally.
              To Son George, 5s.
              To Wife Frances, Extx., And Hrs., House And Lot In Queen Ann's Town And Residue Of Estate.
              Test: Richard Duckett, Wm. John Black, Thomas Howell. 14. 724.

              Other Wells Married Into The Chaney Line In Prince George County Md.
              Richard Wells Married: Nancy Browne Daughter Of Robert Stephen Brown.
              Son Of Katherine Cheney And Robert Brown Son Of Abel Brown.
              Richard Was Son Of Thomas William Wells Jr And Mary Boyd..
                One Son Is Known To Mary Duckett And Nathan Wells
                1…Ducket Wells Born 1725 Married: Sarah Leakin January 20 1774 Served As A Private In The Maryland Militia In 1752.
              2...Elizabeth Duckett B 28 Dec 1700 Married 9 July 1723 Oliver Wallis
              3...Charity Duckett B 23 Mar 1703 Married 18 Nov 1725 Larkin Pierpont
              4...John Duckett Born 31 Oct 1706
              5...Richard Duckett Born 27 Feb 1704 Married 13 Sep 1729 Mary Nuthall Then Married 2 June 1735 Elizabeth Williams
              6...Ann Duckett Born 8 Mar 1710 Married 23 Nov 1732 Robert Wheeler
              7...Susannah Duckett Born 30 Oct 1712, Married: 1732 Thomas Wheeler
              8...Jacob Duckett B. 11 Nov 1714 Married Sarah....
              9...Martha Duckett(Twin) Born 14 Oct 1716 Married #1 25 August 1754 Rignall Odell Then Married: 14 June 1764 Edward Hall
              10..Rachel Duckett Twin Born 14 Oct 1716
              11..Sarah Duckett Born 30 July 1718

            2...Elizabeth Jacob
            3...Joseph Jacob
            4...John Jacob
            Married: Ann--
              1...Richard Jacob Born 30 Jan 1697
              2...Samuel Jacob Bap 7 Jan 1701
              3...Thomas Jacob Buried 28 Oct 1702

            5...Anne Jacob
            6...Richard Jacob
            7...Benjamin Jacob
            8...Susannah Jacob
            9...Samuel Jacob
            10..Thomas Jacob

          4......Mary Cheney B. 1669 Listed In Fathers Will

          Richard And Eleanors Children:

          5......Cheney Thomas B. 3-1-1669,
          Died 1738 In Testate Aa Co Md Opt Vol 7 P247
          Listed Age 50 In 1720 Prince George County Md.
          Married #1:::8-12-1697
          Sarah Westhall
          Maryland Marriage Records..B. 8-19-1680,
          Died.9-1713 Idibp268 Buried All Hallows Eposcopal Parish 0-14-1713
          Dau Of George And Sarah Westhall.

          After Sarahs Death Thomas
          Married #2::: June 7, 1716
          Susannah Hopper, Born 5-13-1699 Into All Hallows Church.

          Baptized As Susannah Cheney 13 May 1719.
          Thomas Inherited Part Of Resolution Form His Father Will
          Will Of Thomas Cheney, Planter, Written 24 Aug 1737 Probate 13 June `1738
          To Daus. Elizabeth Joyce, Ruth Cheeny, Elinor Inloe, Sarah Hatton, Rachell Cheney, 1 S Each.
          To Son Thomas And Hrs, 50 Acres Dwelling Plantation, Being Pt Of Cheney's Resolution;Sd Son Dying Without Issue To Pass To Son Richard And Hrs.
          To Son Lewis And Hrs; Other Plantation Being Pt Of Same Tract, Sd Son Dying Withoug Issue To Pass To Dau. Susannah And Hrs, Shd. Afsd Sons Thomas, Lewis And Ricahrd Die Wihtout Issue Or Before They Are Of Age, Land Ot Pass To Dau., Susannah And Hrs.
          To Wife, Susannah, Extrx, Personalty; To Divide Residue Of Estate With Following
          Children.Viz: Thomas, Lewis, Susannah, Richard And Rebecca
          Test: John Jacobs, John Hopper, Mary Jacobs Mcw Vii.247; Wills 21.879

          It Is Thought Susannah Married A Brown After Thomas Death.

          Thomas Cheneys Children:
          1. 1..Sarah Cheney B.10-1698 May Have Died As Baby,Baby
            Listed Died All Hallows Parish
            2..Elizabeth Cheney Bapt.10-19-1700, Married 4-22-1716
            Thomas Joyce. Queene Annes Parish, She Was Legatee Of Maternal Grandfather .1702
            Children:1-Cheeny Joyce.B.7-1724...2-William Joyce B.12-1729..3-Leuraner Joyce..B.3-1731 4-Richard Joyce..B.8-1734..5-Jacob Joyce.B.6-23-1736 6-Zachariah Joyce.B.10-1739.. 7-Sarah Joyce.B.5-1741 8-Joseph Joyce B.1-1742.. 9-Thomas Joyce.B.5-1745
            3..Thomas Cheney Jr.Bap 10-1701 Married 1745 Anne B 1732
            Owned Land In Harrison Co(Now Wood)
            1. 1-Lewis Cheney 12-24-1746
              2-Thomas Cheney Iii, 12-24-1751 Also
              Legatee Of Maternal Grandfather M 7-18-1779
              Elizabeth Sunderland

            2. 4..Francis Cheney Bapt 12-15-1702 Son Of Thomas
              5..Ruth Cheney B/ 3-16-1702 Bapt 7-29-1703 Married 6-23-1719, Cousin Benjamin Cheney, Son Of Richard Cheney Jr And Mary Maryland Marriage Records
              6..Moses Cheney B. 3-20-1705 B.3-20-1705
              7..Elinor Cheney B 10-1711.B. Married Anthony Inloe Came From Holland To Delaware Then Kent And Baltimore Md. Children By #2 Susannah Hopper
              8..Sarah Cheney, 2nd Sarah By 2nd Wife, B.10- 18-
              Have Found In Genealogy Lines: People Often Married Again And Named Children Sometimes The Same As With First Wife 1717. Married Unity Belcher St Johns And St Georges Registery.
              Married Later: 5-17-1733 John Hatton
              Sarah Hatton ,Betsy Hatton,Thomas Hatton,John Hattonjr., Elizabeth Hatton Watkins., Ann Hatton Crony, Cheney Hatton,Aquilla Hatton, Mary, Jeremiah Crony 9..Richard Cheney B.1718-D.1793 ,Mentioned In Will
              10.Lewis Cheney,Bapt.4-6-1724..Married: All Hallows Parish 2-1745 Mary Donaldson.

            1. 1...Charles Cheney B 1746 Aa Co Md
              Married: Lucretia Gardenier 11-02-1777 Aa County Md
              1. 1...Richard Cheny B 1768 Aa Co Md
                M Sophia Simpson 12-22-1786 Aa Co Md
                2...Elijah Cheney B 1770 Aa Co M Sarah Graves 1-21-1788 Aa Co Md Maryland Records Marriage License
                3...Samuel Cheney B 1790 Aa Co M Rebecca Phelps 2-13-1809 Aa County Md
                4...Joseph Cheny B 1791 Aa Co M Susannah Ford 12-26-1811 Aa Co Md
                5...Mary Cheney B 1792 Aa Co Md
                6...Susannah Cheney B 1793 Aa Co Md
                7...Levi Cheney B 1794 M Henrietta Lee Aa Co Md. 4-1-1820
                8...Rachel Cheney B 1796
                9...Beckey Cheney (Rebecca) B 1798

              2. 2...Richard Cheney B 1748 Aa Co Md
                3...William B 1752 Aa County Md Married Sarah Holton 2-23-1797 Aa Co Md.
                11.Susannah Cheney Bapt 3-5-1718 Was Living 1738
                12.Rachel Cheney.No Information
                13.Rebecca Cheney.Bapt.8-13-1727 Married Richard Ricketts Son Of Thomas And
                Rebecca Nicholson Ricketts.M 8-19-1742

            2. Children:
              1. 1..Thomas.B.1743..
                2..Susanna Ricketts.B.1745 M-James Sanders..
                3..Richard Ricketts Jr..B.12-1747
                4..Nicholas Rickers..B.6-22-1750..5-Elizabeth Rickettsb.2-1758..
                5..Joseph Ricketts..B.8-21-1758..
                6..Mary Ricketts.B.3-1763

            6.....Cheney Charles B. 6-6-1673 S Hundred Aa Co Md.
            D. 1745 In Testate. Aa Co/Md
            Married:#1 Anne Jones Pattison 7-15-1701
            Widow Of Gilbert Pattison
            D. 9-14-1713 Dau Of William Jones Sr.And Elizabeth

            Married #2 Elizabeth ? Buried: 6-7-1718

            Wife#3 Agnes Cheney Deale
            Wife#3 Survived Him And Later Married A Deale.

            Charles Cheney Genealogy

            7.....Cheney Sarah B.10-15-1677, M --9-29-1694 Aa Co. Md James Chickley Who Died:
            Jan 24,1698.. She May Have Remarried?

            8......Cheney Katherine B.3-12-1679.
            Married:-#1 1- 9-1701 #1 James Parnell Died In Testate
            Naming His Wife And 2 Daughters. But The Daughters Were
            By Parnells First Wife Sarah. Buried 12 Nov 1701
            Married: All Hallows Parish Records 6-18-1702Robert Browne Son Of Abel Browne Sheriff Of Ann Arundel County
            Mentioned In The Will Of Abel Browne Aa Co Md. Wills 6-30-1765 Proved Mar 2 1769 Aa Will Book Wd No. 2 Page 6
            "Sidelights Of Maryland History" Vol 2 Page 305 By Hester Dorsey Richardson
            Abel Browne Constable mentioned 1693

            Petition of Land 2 hundred acres purchased by Abel Browne
            Of Anne Arundel Co. Swamp of Herring Creeke, 1693 # 156
            1. 1..Abel Browne, B 6-20-1704..
              2..Robert Stephen Browne.B 1707
              Supposedly Married A Woman Named Ann.
              Their Daughter Nancy Married Richard Wells Son Of Thomas William Wells Jr. and Mary Boyd.
              3..Priscilla Brown B 6-2-1709. M ? Crafts.A,
              4..Comfort Brown.B 7-3-1710
              5..Hester Browne B 4-21-1712,
              6..Robert Browne B 12-18-1716,
              7..Benjamin Browne B 2-12-1722 Queene Caroline Parish Register.
              8..Sarah Browne B 4-9-1725
              9..William Browne B 7-5-1727 Son, Elijah Browne
              10.Rebecca Browne 9-3-1729 M ?Harrison,
              11.James Browne B 3-2-1731,
              12...Samuel Browne B 7-1-1727

            9.....Cheney Charity B. 3-16-1681 Ahprp.8
            Married: 11-7-1706 Ibidp72
            John Patten All Hallows Parish Md
            1. 1..James Patten Bapt 8-18-1712..
              2..Richard Patten, Bapt 8-18-1712
              3..Solomon Patten,Bapt 10-10-1717
              4..Elizabeth Patten Bapt Oct 10-1717
              5..Constant Patten Bapt Oct 10 1717
              Constant Had Two Children Listed As Pattens
              1...Ann Patten B 6-15-1739
              2...John Patten B 8-19-1741

            John Cheney Twin To Richard The Younger
            10.....Cheney John B.5-1-1684 S River Hundred Aa Co. Md Died Before 9-4-1764 Idibp.73
            Married: 1-3-1705 Mary Williams Beadle Widow Of William Beadle. And Dau Of Benjamin And Margaret Williams. All Hallows Parish Maryland.
            On 9-4-1764 Henry O'neal Welsh Was Executor Of John Cheneys Will.
            Mary's Father Benjamin Williams On 8 Aug 1722, Planter For The Love That I Have For My Son-In-Law John Cheney, And For My Dau. Mary Cheney, His Wife, To Them And Their Heirs A Parcel Called Waterford; Containing 800 Acres Ack. Benjamin William And Margaret His Wife Recorded 12 Jan 1722 Rcw#2.63

            Oct 23,1724 John Cheney And Mary Petitioned The General Assembly To Sell In Fee Simple 300 Acres Of "Waterford" Notwithstanding The Fact That It Was Entailed On The Heirs Of The Said Mary Cheny.

            John Cheney Served On The Jury Of May 1730 For Services Received 45 Lbs Of Tobacco.Three Days Fee.

            In 1732 Benjamin Williams Bequeathed 5 Pounds To His Daughter Mary Cheney. Wife Of John

            1. 1..Ann Cheney B 10-6-1706 Bapt 4-13-1718
              2..Mary Cheney.B.7-28-1708 Bapt 9-29-1710
              3..Rachel Cheney B 12-1-1709 Bapt 9-29-1710 Married James
              Bryan ,St Annes Parish 1-26-1726
              4..Elizabeth Cheney,B.8-17-11 Bapt, 3-17-1716 Married 1729 Dennis Lea
              5..Susannah Cheney B 2-15-1716 Bapt 3-17-1816 Married
              Conrad Schoomaker
              6..Margaret Cheney..B.1-23-1717 Married 1-2-1732 William Ricketts.
              7..Benjamin Cheney Died: 3-24-1720 Buried 3-27-1720 All
              Hallows Parish
              8..John Cheney B 1722 Aa Co Listed 1767 Rent Rolls
              With His Mother Mary Cheney In Possession

          11......Cheney Richard (The Younger) B 1684
          Often When People Married Twice They Would Name Another Child The Same Name Which Is The Case Here, By Richard And His Second Wife. A Twin To John, Richard ( The Younger)(The Twin) B. 5-1-1684.
          Died 1759 Intestate Aa Co Md.

          He was often referred to as the twin to distinguish him from his elder brother Richard Cheney.

          28 March 1709 Ellinor Pindell Of Anne Arundel County Being Of Good And Perfect Mind, For Love And Affection Of Or Her Son Richard Cheney(the twin); All Goods And Chattells Mentioned: 5 Cows, 4 Heifers, 2 Steers, 13 Hogs, 2 Feather Beds And Furniture, 1 Flock Bed, 1 Horse, 2 Mares, And Other Household Goods; Recorded 23 May 1709 Aalr Pk42.

          Ellinor Pindall Was Buried 9 March 1709 According To All Hallows Parish Records. The Above Record Is The Probate Record Of Her Will.

          Will Book Named No Wife So His Wife, Mary Had Died Before 1759 And One Grandaughter Mary Patteson..

          Married: Mary Penn 9-11-1722


          #Fourth Generation Of This Genealogy: and My Lines

          Gayl Wells

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