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      Welcome to the Belcher Genealogy Research Website

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      posted April,18, 2013

      This is a free genealogy RESEARCH website.
      It is NOT presented in gedcom form or a family tree file.
      The information is continually changing and updating.
      This research is for the purpose of gathering and presenting research on our ancestors from all sources.

      Use it as a guide only.


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My Genealogy Line
    Gay lynne Ramey Wells (Gayl)
    ancestral line:

Belcher Line:

Gypsie Adaline Chaney and Teddy R. Ramey:::Kentucky and Tennessee
Allie Saphronia Belcher Chaney Owens and Abe Chaney:::Kentucky
George Washington Belcher and Mary Polley:::Kentucky
James Davidson Belcher and Nancy Jane Bishop:::Kentucky
James Belcher and Polly Drake McCombs:::Virginia and Kentucky
George Belcher and Mary Fugate:::Virginia
Isham Belcher and Elizabeth Clay:::Virginia
Richard D. Belcher and Mary Obedience Clay:::Virginia
John Belcher Sr. and Elizabeth Frogley:::Virginia
Robert Belcher and Phoebe Isham:::Virginia
William Thomas Belcher and Tabitha Bartlett:::England and Virginia
Henry Thomas Belcher and Mary Mitchell:::Northamptonshire England
William Andrew Belcher and Elizabeth Randes:::Northamptonshire England
Edmund Belcher and Alice Spencer::: Northamptonshire England
John Belcher::: Warwickshire England
Hugh Belcher and Havis Belson:::Staffordshire England

    Ramey Line::
    Teddy R. Ramey and Gypsie Adaline Chaney
    Henry Wilson Ramey and Melvina (Mellie) May:::Kentucky
    George Washington Ramey and Elizabeth Looney :::Kentucky
    James Daniel Ramey and Lucinda Cindesta Carty :::Kentucky
    William Ramey and Anna Samlin::: Virginia and Kentucky
    William Ramey and Eleanor Harrison::: Virginia
    Daniel Ramey Sr. and Rache Johnston::: Virginia
    James Remy/Ramey and Elizabeth Sanders::: Virginia
    William Remy and Catherine Asbury::: Virginia
    Jacob Remy and Mary Spencer Miles::: France and Virginia
    Pierre Remy:::Lorraine France
    Jacques Remy and Marie:::France
    George Remy and Beatrix De Rosserieres:::France
    Diedier Remy:::Lorraine France

    "Father calls me William,
    sister calls me Will,
    Mother calls me Willie,
    but the fellows call me Bill!"

    - Eugene Field

    What's IN A Name????

      Genealogy is the ultimate puzzle

      Ongoing, neverending
      Trying to get the information right,
      So it can be correctly done.
      Depends greatly on many researchers
      Family that remembers things, may be not exactly correct
      But will be a guide to use to start.
      Bibles, documents, and census records
      go a long way in providing information for the researcher.
      Many names were the same,
      People used the same names a lot
      When we find an unusual name it makes
      It easier for the researcher is a good provider of documents
      But transcribers often get the name wrong
      Or a nickname is used.

      The family trees on line have many variations
      Of the same families
      Be careful in copying them exactly without
      Your own careful researching
      Even information on these pages
      You need to clarify with your own

      Whats in a name ?? someone said

      Sometimes only a y or ey was added
      John or Johnny
      Penelope or Penny
      Bill, Willie, Will, William, Billy,
      all the same variation

      Maggie is a nickname for Margaret and Magadeline,

      Peggy, Meg, Midge, Madge and Megan is also nickname for Margaret
      Polly is a nickname for Mary and Paula

      Sally is a nickname for Sarah
      Sadie and Sallie are also sarah

      Kate or Kathy and Trina is Katherine or Kathleen
      Or Cathrine

      Bell, Bella, Belle, Ibby, nicknames for
      Arabelle, Belinda, Elizabeth Isabel, Isabella, Mirabel, Rosabel

      Carrie, or Cary for Caroline or Charlotte
      Also Lottie for Charlotte

      Delia for Adelia Adele or Cordelia

      Jim, Jimmy, Jas., for James

      Geo. Is often written for George

      Ed, Eddie, Eddy, for Edgar, Edmund,
      Edwin, Edwina

      Elizabeth has many
      Beth, Liz, Eliza, Ibby,

      Cindy for Cynthia, Lucinda, Lucy

      Francis is a male and Frances is female spellings
      Jenny, Jean, or Jeanie is for Jane,
      Janet, Jeanette, jeanett, Virginia
      Virgie is also for Virginia,

      Nell, is used for Eleanor, Ellen,
      Elenora, and Helen
      Marty, Mattie is used for Martha
      Lena is used for a lot of names ending in lena or Lina

      Sukie, suchie, suchy, Suss, Sue are all
      Nicknames for Susa, Susanna, and Susannah

      Ollie is for Oliver, Olive, or Olivia

      Milly, Milly, is for Amelia and Mildred

      Tina lots of ending with Tina

      Tillie is Matilda or Temperence

      Theo is Theodore
      Also Ted, Teddy is for Theodore and Edward

      Winne is obviously Winifred

      Only a short list of Nicknames
      Many more exist

      Remember names are not always a female or male
      Kimberly was once a male name
      Francis is male and is spelled Frances for a female,

      Don’t always make an assumption on a record
      People living in same home
      are probably brothers if they have the same name
      Not always so, Many lived together, having same names

      Sometimes if they had several children,
      they would name another the same name.

      If no marriage record is found, maybe they never married
      Wrong, early marriages were not always documented
      Records may have gotten lost or a fire, water damage,
      or filed away somewhere and forgotten

      A common assumption is a mans widow
      Was the mother of his children
      Not always so, another wife, or woman may be
      Parentage is one of the things in genealogy
      Research that shouldn’t be assumed.

      Jr. doesn’t always mean the father was named that.
      Sometimes jr or sr is used to mark the difference
      Between two names maybe cousins, one is older, one younger

      If one of your ancestors migrated to Kansas doesn’t mean the others did

      If an ancestor is not found in the records
      Of that particular town doesn’t mean he moved
      Counties divided, became different ones, Even different States

      When a young girl is no longer with her parents
      In census records, doesn’t necessarily mean she got married
      She may have went to work in another household
      Or she may have died from illness or accidents

      If a person was born one place and died there,
      Doesn’t mean he didn’t move.
      Many moved back to where they started
      And some were sent back for burial

      Sometimes a female child would often marry
      One of her cousins so she ended up with the same
      Surname she was born with.

      Brothers often married sisters but not always

      And Remember just because you cant find
      One of your ancestors, they may not be American Indian
      Or an Indian Princess,
      Only one or two tribes had Indian Princesses

      If you search for a name
      Put “ ” around the name.
      you will get it exactly
      If you don’t you will get everything with all those Names in it
      And remember variations on the Spelling
      Adding an asterisk *
      after a name like Will* you will get
      Wills, William, Williamson, etc. You need
      To have at least 3 letters before the *

      If you are looking for a particular name
      And don’t know the last spelling
      You use a question mark
      or Jo? Will get you variations

      And a good rule to remember
      A person was known by different names
      Maybe mother called him one, siblings another,
      Neighbors another, so names were not constant

      Good Hunting


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