John Wesley Belcher of Wise County, Gladesville, Virginia

        William Thomas Belcher and Tabitha Bartlett

        Robert Belcher and Phoebe Isham

        John Belcher Sr. and Elizabeth Frogley

        Richard D. Belcher Mary Obedience Clay

        Isham and Elizabeth Clay Belcher

        George Belcher born 1760 Bedford County Ky( now Franklin)
        Mary Fugate born 1763 Russel County Va

        George W. Belcher Jr. born 1788 va. died 1814 Floyd County Ky

        Elizabeth childers born 1790 dau of Pleasant Childers and Sarah Jeffreys

        John Wesley Belcher of Wise County Va

        John Wesley Belcher
        Born: 1815 Floyd County Ky (Pike Co. was made from Pike 1820)
        Father died before John Wesley was born and mother married again to Alex Clevenger
        he is listed in their marriage record as son of Alex Clevenger but with name Belcher
        Married: 18 Dec 1832 Anna Moore Born: 1815 Dau. of Isaac Moore and Mary Polley
        died: 1901 Pike County Ky

        George born 1834
        Isaac born 1835
        Polly born 1837
        William age born 1841
        Levy born 1842
        John W. born 1844
        Elizabeth born 1846
        Jordan born 1850
        Alexander born 1851
        Enoch born 1855

        John Wesley Belcher and Dorcas Osbourne

        John Wesley Belcher born 1844 Kentucky
        Married: 24 Sept 1865 Dorcas Osborne born 1846 Gladesville, wise County Va
        Married in Kentucky Moved to Gladesville Wise county va about 1877.
        Daughter of James Osborne born 1820 Va
        Lived in Pike County Ky in 1870
        And Polly his wife lived next door to John and Dorcas in 1870

            James and Polly had moved to Ky from Virginia by 1860

            James Osborne born 1820 Virginia
            Polly born 1821 Kentucky
            Dorcas born 1844 Virginia
            Louisa born 1851 Virginia
            Marshal born 1854 Virginia
            Elizabeth born 1859 born in Va.
            Polly A born 1862 born in KY

          >/ol> 1870 Pike County Ky
          John W. Belcher age 26 born in Ky
          Dorcas age 26 born in Va.
          Prentice (Clarence) age 3
          Marshal age 2
          George age 1

          1880 Gladesville Wise Co Va.
          John Wesley Belcher born in Ky
          Dorcas age 34 born in Virginia
          Clarence (Prentis) age 14 born in Ky.
          Marshal age 12 born in Ky.
          George W age 10 born in Ky.
          Mary A. age 8 born in Ky.
          Isaac age 4 born in Ky.
          James age 3 born in Va.
          Loucinda age 1 born in Va.

          1900 Census Wise County
          John Belcher age 52 born March 1858 Kentucky
          Married: 35 years
          Dorcas age 56 born April 1856 Virginia
          Married: 35 years 7 children 6 living in 1900
          Betty granddaughter age 11 born in Va. Dec 1888

          Next door is John Collier age 24 born March 1886 Virginia
          Married 4 years
          Lucinda age 23 born Oct 1878
          Married 4 years, 2 children 2 living
          Alex son born March 1900

          If both her children are living then its her daughter Betty age 11
          living in parents home

          1910 Wise County Va.
          John W. Belcher age 65 married 49 years
          Dorcas wife age 64 married 49 years
          7 children 5 living in 1910
          Marshal grandson age 12

          Living near son Marshal Belcher

          John W. Belcher was in the Civil War during 1862-1863
          Enlisted Sept 1862 Pike County Ky.
          Company C Kentucky 5th Infantry Regiment
          Mustered out 18 June 1863
          Confederate Kentucky Volunteers

            1…Clarence born 1866 Ky
            2…Marshal born 1869 Ky
              1900 Census Wise Co.
              Living next to sister Lucinda Collier and parents
              Marshal Belcher age 31 born May 1869 Ky.
              Nannie wife age 38 born Oct 1861 Ky. Huldah age 8 born August 1891

              1910 living near parents
              Marshal Belcher age 40
              Mary B age 33 Married 2 years 2 children
              Marie Jr age 2
              Klondike Stone age 12

            3…George W. born 1870 Ky
            4…Mary A born 1872 Ky
            5…Isaac born 1876 Ky
            Married: Rosa Lewis born 1867

            1900 Census Wise County
            Living next to sister, Lucinda Collier, brother Marshal and parents
            Isaac Belcher age 25 born April 1875 Kentucky
            Rosa J. wife age 33 born May 1878 Va.

            1910 Wise County Census
            Isaac Belcher age 37 grocery store
            Rosa J. age 29 married 14 years 5 children 4 living in 1910
            Earnest age 9
            Arkansas age 6 months
            Nannie Lewis mother in law age 47 born in Ky.
            Bertha Belcher age 5 niece born in Va

            1920 Wise
            Isaac Belcher age 38
            Rosie age 41
            Arkansas dau. age 12 6…James J. Belcher
            born May 1875 Va.
            Married: Synthia ??

              1910 Census Wise
              James Belcher age 26 married 13 years
              Synthia age 39 Married 13 years
              Oscar Collier age 9
              Don’t know if this is Lucindas son, Synthia could have been a Collier
              John and Lucinda are living 2 households over

            7…Loucinda born 1879 Va.
            Died: 1951
            I think by the Census records: Lucinda had a child Betty Belcher in 1890
            She was living with parents in 1890
            The reasoning for this is Lucinda stated to census taker she had
            2 children and 2 living in 1900, but only is named in home and
            betty is living with her parents

            Married: 1896 John E. Collier born 1876 Virginia
              Son of Anne Collier born Jan 1838 Virginia
              John Collier born 1876 Va.
              Francis Collier born 1878 Va.
              James born 1880
              1900 Census Wise County Va.

              John Collier age 24 born March 1876 Virginia
              Married 4 years
              Lucinda age 23 born Oct 1878
              Married 4 years, 2 children 2 living
              Alex son born March 1900

              If both her children are living then its her daughter Betty age 11
              living in parents home in 1900

              1910 Wise County Census
              John B. Collier age 37 born in Va. Married: 15 years
              Lucinda wife age 30 born in Va, Married: 15 years, 8 children 5 living in 1910

              Virgie age 12
              Elia son age 10
              Verna age 6
              Bessie age 4
              Dolla M age 2

              1920 Census Wise County Va
              John Collier age 43
              Lucindy age 42
              Elie son age 20
              Verna dau. age 16
              Bessie age 13
              Dolly M age 10
              Margie G. age 7
              John Jr. age 6
              Reba age 2
              Ruba V. age 2 months

              1940 Census Wise Co. Va.
              John Collier age 54
              Lou Cindy age 52
              Margie G age 26
              Reba Pearl age 22
              Ruby age 21
              Edward age 16

              1... Betty Belcher born 1889/1890
              2…Alex Collier born 1900
              3…Virgie born 1908
              4…Elia son born 1910
              5…Verna born 1904
              6…Bessie born 1907 7…Dolly M born 1910
              8…Margie G. born 1913
              9…John Jr. born 1914 10.Reba Pearl born 1918
              11.Ruby born 1919
              12.Edward born 1924 Daughter of Edward: Known Lindsay Collier

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