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The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33






      ORIGIN: Barton Stacey, Hampshire

      MIGRATION: 1633


      REMOVES: Southampton by 1642, Easthampton by 1651


      CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Lynn church prior to 14 May 1634 implied

      by freemanship.


      FREEMAN: 14 May 1634 [MBCR 1:368]. Southampton, 8 March 164[8/]9 [SoTR

      55], 8 October 1650 [SoTR 17].

      EDUCATION: He signed his petition to the government.

      OFFICES: Essex jury, 27 June 1636, 27 June 1637 [EQC 1:3, 6].

      Committee to lay out land in Southampton, 17 February 1647[/8?] [SoTR


      ESTATE: Received parcels of two hundred acres and ten acres in 1638 Lynn

      grant [EQC 2:270].

         On 6 March 164[4/]5 reference was made to the eight acre lot of Thomas

      Talmage Sr. in Southampton [SoTR 35]. In list of Southampton "townsmen"

      [proprietors], 10 May 1649 [SoTR 56].


      BIRTH: By about 1580 based on estimated date of marriage.

      DEATH: Easthampton by 9 December 1653 (when "Widow Talmage" received a

      share in a whale at Easthampton [Talmage Gen 19, citing Easthampton TR]).

      MARRIAGE: By about 1605 _____ _____; not seen in any New England record.



           i   SIMON, b. say 1605; m. by 1638 Katharine Hay, daughter of

        Bartholomew Hay [Arthur White Talmadge, Talmadge Genealogy... (Grafton

        Press 1909) 21].



           ii   WILLIAM, b. say 1607; m. (1) by 1632 Elizabeth ______ (in late

        1632 "_____ Talmage the wife of William Talmage" was admitted to Roxbury

        church as member #57; "She was a grave matron, a godly woman, & after

        her husband was removed to Line [i.e., Lynn], after a few years she died

        & left a gracious savor behind her" [RChR 77]; Elizabeth Talmage d. Lynn

        20 December 1660); m. (2) by 1666 Elizabeth Pierce, daughter of John

        Pierce (eldest child b. Boston 22 September 1666 [BVR 101]; on 2 June

        1670 "John Peirce of Boston ... bricklayer" and "his son-in-law William

        Talmage of the same carpenter" agreed that John Pierce would "keep &

        maintain the said William Talmage & his two young daughters" for sixteen

        years, in return for the lease of Talmage's property in Boston [SLR




           iii   THOMAS, b. say 1609; m. by 1643 Elizabeth _____ (named in his

        will [Talmage Gen 24]). (See TAG 17:20-22 for a clue to Elizabeth's




 iv   CHRISTIAN, b. say 1616/23; m. (1) say 1636 _____               (Wornam) (Wormwood in many genealogies) (named in

        uncle's will); m. (2) between 1646 and 1655 EDWARD BELCHER (her daughter

        Belcher was heir of William above).


Edward Belcher
Edward was born in 1591 (batpt) Guilsborough Northamptonshire England

Mrs. Belcher 10 July 1616/23 and Edward Jr. Took an oath as a freeman 18 May 1631 in Boston. A pipestove curler and Soap Boiler.
Married Christian Talmage ,(Wornam) Widow of William Wornam Edward is the 4th son of William And Christian Daybredgecourt Belcher. In his will, dated 17 October 1670 and presented for probate 17 March 1672/3,
"Edward Belcher the elder of Boston ... late of Guilsburghe in the County of Northampton in the Realm of England gent." asked to be buried as "near as it may conveniently be to my late wife Christian deceased".died 17 Mar 1672 boston.

Ships records on the "Little James" states Edward and Mrs. Belcher 10 July 1623 and Edward Jr. Took an oath as a freeman 18 May 1631 in Boston. A pipestove curler and Soap Boiler.

           v   JANE, b. say 1618; m. say 1638 RICHARD WALKER (still called

        "Talmadge" in uncle John's 1638 will); she d. by 1640 [Lechford 294].



           vi   ROBERT, b. by 1619 (joined siblings in appointing an attorney

        1640); m. by about 1649 Sarah Nash, daughter of Thomas Nash (called

        "Sarah Talmage" in the will of her father, 1 August 1657 [Smith-Hale

        537, citing NHPR]).


      ASSOCIATIONS: In his will, dated 23 January 1638[/9], "John Talmadge of

      Newton Stacey of the parish of Barton Stacey in the county of

      South[ampton] [i.e., Hampshire], yeoman," among other bequests left

      legacies to "my cousin William Talmadge," "my cousin Thomas Talmadge," "my

      cousin Robert Talmadge," "Christian Wornam," and "Jane Talmadge"; residue

      unto "Simon Talmadg[e] my godson" and he to be executor, but if he died

      before the testator then "William Talmadg[e] and Thomas Talmadg[e] to be

      the executors ... who are the brethren of Simon Talmadg[e] aforenamed"

      [Archdeaconry Court of Winchester, Original Wills, 1638].

         Barton Stacey was the parish where Rev. STEPHEN BACHILER resided in the

      1620s. Although there does not appear to be any genealogical relationship,

      the Talmages would certainly have known the Bachilers.


      COMMENTS: In a letter of 8 March 1631/2 the Company of Husbandmen in

      London inform their members in New England that "Goodman Tamage and his

      wife take it very unkindly that you should keep his malt and not let his

      sons have a small quantity of `plattewer' at his request to be paid at

      return" [WP 3:71]. This confirms that Thomas Talmage was still in England

      in 1632, but that at least two of his sons had already arrived by that

      time. We know that William was in New England by this date, and he was

      probably accompanied by Thomas Junior.

         On 11 March 1638[/9] Thomas Talmage was one of the inhabitants of Lynn

      who petitioned the colony government to allow them to build a bridge to

      pass over the river [WP 4:104].

         On 7 March 164[3?/]4 Thomas Talmage Sr. was in the first ward in

      Southampton with respect to the profits from whales washed up on shore

      [SoTR 32]; Thomas Talmage Jr. and Robert Talmage were in the second ward.

         The ages given above for the children of the immigrant are all

      estimates, and so are subject to change. Nevertheless, the gap of seven

      years between Thomas and Christian is worthy of note, and may indicate

      that Thomas Talmage had two wives in England.

         Some sources give Thomas Talmage a son Davis or David, born about 1630

      [Talmage Gen 28; Smith-Hale 530]. This seems to be based on two records

      only. The town records of Easthampton are said to contain an entry that

      reads "Davis and Thomas Talmage shall have the land granted unto them," 24

      May 1655 [Talmage Gen 28]. This may be simply an incomplete record, in

      which the first grantee of land has surname Davis, and the first name is

      lost or omitted. The second record claimed is the death of "David or

      Davis" in May 1708, aged 78 [Talmage Gen 28]. Without seeing the actual

      death record, this constitutes very slender support for inclusion as a

      child of Thomas Talmage. Furthermore, in his will of 23 January 1638[/9]

      John Talmage names the six children of his brother Thomas listed above,

      but does not names a David or Davis.