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The Beginning



Origin of Crabtree Family

The Crabtree family originated in Yorkshire, England-the name coming from the fact that they lived by the crabtrees in the county of York. The earliest record 'From the Crabtrees of Southwest Virginia'-no longer in print was of John Crabtree who lived in Yorkshire around the end of the 14th century; William Crabtree of Yorkshire, during the same time period; William Crabtree of the parish of Smithe, Yorkshire 1412; and a bit later, John Crabtree of Halifax, Yorshire. All the Crabtree's are thought to have a common origin in the Crabtrees of Yorkshire. 'Crabtree Tule River Patriarchs, Marilyn Meredith, 1984, Golden West Publishers'

The Crabtree name can, with high degree of accuracy, be traced back to 14th century England. At about that time the use of surnames became popular. As far as we know, the Family Crabtree started in only one place, a village in Yorkshire. It seems that this large family group was centered about one large Crabapple Tree! The first known record of a Crabtree coming to America was in 1622 in Massachusetts. The record of these Crabtrees vanished until some Crabtres appeared in Philadelphia and then move on to Baltimore. source: "The Crabtrees of Southwest Virginia"




My Crabttee Line

Solomon Crabtree

Rev. Solomon T. Crabtree and
wife Cassie Furguson children unknown


John CRABTREE b: ABT. 1550 d: 1587 married on June 10. 1574 to Alice b: ABT. 1555 d: 1614

William CRABTREE b: ABT. 1576 d: 1632 Grace mnu CRABTREE b: ABT. 1576 d: 1622

Thomas CRABTREE b: 19 SEP 1610 d: married Rebecca b: ABT. 1610 d:

Samuel CRABTREE b: ABT. 1637 d: July 7, 1700 married Unknown

Thomas James CRABTREE b: abt 1657 married Elizabeth WEBBER

William CRABTREE b: March 6, 1681 d: September 10, 1756 married Jane HALSTEAD b: June 6, 1687 d: March 17, 1759, daughter of James Halsted and Grace Courtney.
His Last Will and Testament are on file

William CRABTREE II b: March 15, 1703 d: 1758 married Feb. 17, 1725 in St. John Church, Hartford, Coutny Maryland to Mary PIKE b: after January 1, 1707 in Baltimore MD, died: Unknown in Baltimore County, Maryland, daughter of William Pike and Mary Quamore.

William CRABTREE III b: 22 Dec 1726 d: Feb 1777 married Hannah WHITAKER b: 17 Mar 1729 d: 1786

Abraham CRABTREE b: 6 Jun 1750 married Mary Lewis b: 1750 d: 1838

Solomon CRABTREE b: 18 Feb 1779 d: 22 Dec 1863 married Susannah THOMPSON b: 23 May 1780 d: 22 Jun 1860

Wesley CRABTREE b: 1812 d: 23 May 1865 married Nancy Jane BALL b: 30 Aug 1810 d: 12 Dec 1812

Rev. Solomon T. CRABTREE b: Sept. 20, 1838 d: July 23, 1902 married on February 14, 1856 to Cassa "Cassie" FERGUSON b: Oct, 1837 d: Feb. 11, 1903

Ada F CRABTREE b: 1862 married Zedock N. Doc THOMPSON b: January, 1853

Laura B THOMPSON b: December, 1894 d: 1968 married John JACKSON b: 1888 d: 1952 son of William Henry Harrison Winfield Jackson and Marinda Robertson

John B JACKSON b: April 8, 1929 d: Sept. 26, 2000 married Ethel Mae CLARK b: May 21, 1932 d: October 4, 1995





Samuel RUST b: BEF. 1677 d: BEF. 26 MAR 1718 m. Martha 'RUST' b: WFT Est. 1655-1683 d: BEF. 25 FEB 1729/30

George RUST b: ABT. 1700 d: BEF. 23 OCT 1775 m. Sarah INNIS b: WFT Est. 1696-1715 d: AFT. 1730

Sarah RUST b: WFT Est. 1720-1730 d: AFT. 9 SEP 1786 m. Samuel MARTIN b: WFT Est. 1710-1752 d: BEF. 1786

Elizabeth MARTIN b: WFT Est. 1751-1777 d: WFT Est. 1822-1868 m.Obediah FERGUSON b: WFT Est. 1743-1777 d: 1847

Joel Martin FERGUSON b: FEB 1798 d: 10 MAR 1857 and Nancy STEPHENS b: WFT Est. 1793-1816 d: WFT Est. 1840-1904




Interesting Facts

'Lunsford Family.ged' NOTES: For John Crabtree-John Crabtree was a Husbandman 'Farmer' under the STANLEY Family in 1583. His first wife is unknown, but she died in 1573 & in 1574 he married Alice surname unknown. John had a brother William born 1550+, buried 29 May 1587, about 1573 he married Ellen surname unknown, buried 10 Dec 1613 John's will was dated 1 Jun 1585 and was PROVED 29 Jan 1587 or 88, all the children except the last named in his will.

NOTES: William Crabtree came to America in 1703. William was bonded to James Hogg from 1698-1703 as a Husbandman. Jame Holsted was bonded to James Hogg from 1698-1703. According to family tradition William Crabtree brought his wife Jane, and infant son to America and they settled along Deer Creek, which flows into the Susquehanna River near Port Deposit. The Crabtrees were members of the Church of England and attended the Anglican church in Old Joppatowne, MA. The Crabtree family grew and prospered in the New World. William increased his land holdings and was even able to purchase the services of an Irish indentured servant name Alexander Anderson. William had a second servant as referred to in his will plus a Negro who may have been an indentured servant or possibly a slave On October 12, 1716, William received a grant of land 'Patent FF #7' of l00 acres in Baltimore County, Maryland. This tract of land called "Labour" lay in Baltimore CO. in Wood Forest. The deed states "beginning at a bounded white oak Standing in a bottom branch of Deer Creek...."

Several years later on April 1725, he had l00 acres surveyed which he had purchased from Thomas Bond on the south side of Deer Creek. This land was located on a ridge between Winters Run and Deer Creek beginning at three chestnuts being the bounds of Abraham Whitacres land.

William Crabtree I died on or before September 10, 1756 in Baltimore County, MA. He had made his will almost 10 years before in 1747



NOTES: William Crabtree II: William was the eldest son of William and Jane Crabtree, and was born in England and came to America as an infant in the year 1703. William grew to manhood in Baltimore County and followed in his fathers footsteps, farming the fertile bottomlands of Northeast Maryland, He owned several hundred acres of land on which he raised livestock, tobacco and wheat.Little is known about William Crabtree II except that he held strong religious beliefs. Upon one occasion, he refused to pay for the services of a local teacher for it became known that the teacher was a Catholic. William Crabtree, a strong Protestant, could not condone this "Papist" instructing his children.






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