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Berrys and Beyond

George M. Brinton [Parents] was born on 22 Mar 1814. He died on 13 Feb 1895. He married Anne Fillbrook.

Other marriages:
Fink, Susanna

Anne Fillbrook.Anne married George M. Brinton.

George M. Brinton [Parents] was born on 22 Mar 1814. He died on 13 Feb 1895. He married Susanna Fink.

Other marriages:
Fillbrook, Anne

Susanna Fink.Susanna married George M. Brinton.

Edward S. Brinton [Parents] was born on 31 Jan 1816. He married Hannah Maria Hyde.

Hannah Maria Hyde.Hannah married Edward S. Brinton.

Jonathon Schofield Brinton [Parents] was born on 4 Jun 1818. He married Mary Dillon.

Mary Dillon.Mary married Jonathon Schofield Brinton.

S. Marshall Brinton [Parents] was born on 20 Jan 1820. He died on 19 Apr 1883. He married Mary McGrew.

Mary McGrew.Mary married S. Marshall Brinton.

Joel Matlack Brinton [Parents] was born on 17 May 1823. He married Sarah Ann Hyde.

Sarah Ann Hyde.Sarah married Joel Matlack Brinton.

William Penn Brinton [Parents] was born on 29 Jan 1827. He died on 22 Nov 1891. He married Sarah S. Horn.

Sarah S. Horn.Sarah married William Penn Brinton.

William Cheyney Hickman [Parents] was born on 14 Apr 1815. He died on 8 Oct 1873. He married Victorine E. Gibbons.

Victorine E. Gibbons.Victorine married William Cheyney Hickman.

Samuel Caley.Samuel married Lucy Cheyney Hickman.

Lucy Cheyney Hickman [Parents] was born on 20 Feb 1819. She died on 13 Apr 1900. She married Samuel Caley.

George Matlack Hickman [Parents] was born on 11 Feb 1813. He died on 12 Sep 1862. He married Esther P. Jones.

Esther P. Jones was born on 10 Dec 1812. She died on 1 Jun 1856. She married George Matlack Hickman.

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