Validating RootsWeb Graphics

Message Board Graphic.

This is the message board graphic and html code as given by Rootsweb. Once inserted within the body tags of the page using the doctype statement for HTML Transitional, I tied to validate the page. Four errors was the result

Screenshot HTML Transitional doctype statement.

If I use the XHTML doctype and apply the XHTML formatting, I get 18 errors.

Screenshot XHTML Doctype statement.

The main problem with both of them is the styling codes RootsWeb has used from within the html code.

I created an embedded style sheet with the needed styles, removed the styling from the html page code and applied the styles. The end result is that both message board boxes validate using the correct doctype. You are welcome to use whichever you need BUT you will need to change the code references to the correct board you are referring to following the RootsWeb tutorial.

Message Board Graphic using HTML Transitional doctype.

Message Board Graphic using the XHTML doctype.