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WELCOME to the FrontPage Mailing List website.  

What is the list about?

The FrontPage Mailing List was created for discussing the use of Microsoft FrontPage - all versions.  Anyone from a novice to expert is welcome to join the list. List members are encouraged to ask and answer questions or post tips regarding the use of FrontPage. If you would like to learn how to use FrontPage, improve your knowledge of FrontPage or help others then this is the mailing list for you! NOTE: If you are moving from FrontPage to it's successor Expression Web, please join us on the Expression Web Mailing List at RootsWeb.

Anyone is welcome to join the list whether you use FrontPage or not. Some topics will apply web design in general; others will be FP specific. The resources on this site are meant for everyone.

List Administrator and Moderators

Pat Geary, List Administrator, Microsoft MVP - Expression Web
Tina Clarke, Microsoft MVP - Expression Web

Rules/Suggestions for Posting

  • Use meaningful Subject lines. Help doesn't really tell us much.
  • Edit Replies! strip out anything unnecessary, but leave the person's name who posted previously, insert SNIP if you have snipped the post. Snipping Posts.
  • Change Subject headings when appropriate. Don't respond with Re: Digest #
  • No Flaming (personal abusive attacks intended to incite, degrade, make fun of another person or their ideas with no positive outcome.
  • No Attachments. This list does NOT allow attachments.
  • This is not so much a rule as something to save time yours and the list's. If when asking for advice about a problem post your url.
  • Site Critiques: If you're requesting a review of your site the subject line should look like this: Request Site Critique: (Name of your site) The very first thing in the E-Mail body should be your URL so we know where to find your site followed by details of what you want from the critique, i.e. full critique, browser check, trouble shooting, etc. Do not generalize. Help is too general.

    When giving a critique, remember that it is constructive criticism not destructive criticism that is being sought by the requester. Also, you should strive to ensure the URL of the site remains in your critique response. If you are going to give a critique give one, "The site is nice" or "The site is not nice" is a waste of time for everyone.