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            Excluding spouses and Scarborough children who are mentioned only in census data, the Barbour County research summary includes about 62 Scarborough individuals and the Russell County summary has another 42 individuals.  For convenience, those reports list them alphabetically by given name, but it will help to see these names in context.  Here, to provide such a framework, I offer a set of six descendancies at the tops of which are the progenitors of major groups of Scarborough’s.  Interestingly, five of these groups (separate family lines, or “clades” as a statistician might call them) are known or very likely to be descended from the “Eastern Shore” Scarborough’s of Virginia which came through Edgecombe Co., NC, in the 1700’s and Burke Co., GA, in the late 1700’s before migrating to/through Georgia on their way to Alabama (see Jewell Scarborough’s “Southern Kith & Kin” for an excellent introduction to these families).  The sixth one (James E. Scarborough) is not well known to me; his parents came out of Virginia and we may yet learn that they connect to the Eastern Shore group.  Collectively, the five sets of “Eastern Shore” Scarborough’s encompass nearly 80% of the individuals described in the two reports.


            Some important caveats should be noted:


(1)   Of course, not all of these Scarborough individuals or family lines ended up in Barbour or Russell County, Alabama.  However, it is from these families that the vast majority of Scarborough’s in these two counties are derived.


(2)   These descendancies should NOT be taken as definitive; they are only presented here as a starting point for discussion.  They are the best that I can construct from my own research and the most logical (to me) that I can recognize from the multitude of published online family trees.  Not surprisingly, there is conflicting information and there are many lingering discrepancies among various versions of the same information.  While I suggest for each descendancy where (i.e., from which researchers) I pulled most of the data, no endorsement of one variation over another is implied and I take responsibility for any errors I may be perpetrating.



(Note:  When I learn how to construct web pages better, this list of appendices will have hot links to the beginning of each family tree.  For the time being, with apologies, you’ll just have to browse up and down through the document to get to them.  Each of the appendices is relatively short.)





APPENDIX A:                  Descendants of Addison Scarborough

APPENDIX B:                  Descendants of Ephraim Scarborough

APPENDIX C:                  Descendants of Aven Scarborough Jr.

APPENDIX D:                 Descendants of Ichabod Scarborough

APPENDIX E:                  Possible Relationship of Noah, James A.,

                                              and Hardy Franklin Scarborough

APPENDIX F:                  Descendants of James E. Scarborough







            Addison Scarborough (m. Josie Howell) belongs to the Edgecombe Co., NC, clan  described in great detail by Jewel Scarborough in her “Southern Kith & Kin”.  Born in VA in about 1754, he is named as an heir (son) to David (m. Sarah) Scarborough who left a will in Edgecombe Co., NC, in 1774 (the elder of two David’s who died and left wills there just a year apart).  The other David Scarborough in that area (m. Nanny Dunn?) left a will in Edgecombe Co., in 1775.  The connections of the two David Scarborough’s have not been proved to anyone’s satisfaction; they may be uncle and nephew.  Hypothetically if that were so, then Addison would be a 1st cousin to the younger David Scarborough (m. Nanny Dunn?) who is a close kinsman (possible progenitor) to the Aven and Ichabod Scarborough lines (Appendices C & D).  The descendancy below is drawn from a number of posted family trees and discussions and remains somewhat speculative.  There are also other Addison’s, and the relationships of the various Addison’s, James’s, Noah’s, and Hardy’s are among the most confusing in the Scarborough jigsaw puzzle.  A search of the Scarborough GenForum (on for any of these given names will lead into the multitude of discussions on this set of Scarborough’s.

            I believe it is this Addison’s line that is often refered to as the “South Carolina” Scarborough’s since they resettled in that state (Sumter Co.) by the 1780’s when other kinsmen were settling in (or getting ready to move to) Georgia.  Nonetheless, Noah and other family members migrated to Georgia (e.g. Houston Co.) before descendants made their way into Alabama.

            With respect to Barbour Co., AL, there seems to be only one descendant from the present list who shows up in public records, that being James Noah Scarborough, son of George W. Scarborough.  See Appendix E for a different (?) Noah Scarborough--with probable sons James A. and Hardy F. Scarborough--who were more prominent in public records.

            Substantial portions of this outline are drawn from descendancies posted by Cynthia McDaniel and Dianna Rogers; my thanks to them for letting me carry their work forward here.


1a Addison L[ittlefield?] SCARBOROUGH & Josie HOWELL

            1a.1 Henry SCARBOROUGH & Frances STUCKEY

                        1.1.1 Squire Alfred SCARBOROUGH & Margaret MIXON

                           Henrietta SCARBOROUGH & Elias Green DUBOSE

                        1.1.2 John Zimmerman SCARBOROUGH & Elizabeth CROSSWELL

                           Elizabeth Cherry SCARBOROUGH

                           William Dudley SCARBOROUGH

                           John James SCARBOROUGH

                           Henry Gilbert SCARBOROUGH & Maria A. ROGERS

                           Alfred Judson SCARBOROUGH

                           Lawrence Washington SCARBOROUGH

                           Davis Columbus SCARBOROUGH

                           Addison Manley SCARBOROUGH

                           George Putnam SCARBOROUGH

                           Mary Virginia SCARBOROUGH

                           Orlando Calhoun SCARBOROUGH

                           Sarah Idell SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.3 Absolem Jarvis SCARBOROUGH & Abigail DUNN

                           Edward SCARBOROUGH & Ella Unk.

                        1.1.4 Sarah Kizzah SCARBOROUGH & Hymrick BARNES

                        1.1.5 William Simeon SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.6 Kessiah SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.7 Henry SCARBOROUGH & Martha DARGAN

                        1.1.8 Margaret SCARBOROUGH & John BATEMAN

                        1.1.9 Ransome SCARBOROUGH & Abigail McLENDON

                        1.1.10 Martha A. SCARBOROUGH & Unk. MIXON

                        1.1.11 Emma SCARBOROUGH & Unk. BLACKWELL

                        1.1.12 Hubbard SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.13 Mary SCARBOROUGH & Unk. BATEMAN

                        1.1.14 Nancy SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.15 Hardy SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.16 Ameritha SCARBOROUGH & Unk. BLACKWELL

                        1.1.17 Edmond SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.18 Tonie SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.19 Frony W. SCARBOROUGH & Miles JOYE

            1a.2 Daniel SCARBOROUGH

            1a.3 Jesse SCARBOROUGH & Sophie DUNNEGAN

            1a.4 Noah SCARBOROUGH (b. SC in 1780’s, d. Houston Co., GA, ca 1839) & Margaret JOSSEY

                        Note:  This set of children is based on Cynthia McDaniel’s postings.  See also my Appendix E

                                    for another Noah Scarborough and set of children.

                        1a.4.1 James SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1804)

                        1a.4.2 George W. SCARBOROUGH (b. 1807, SC) & Susannah Unk.

                                    1a.4.2.1 Sarah SCARBOROUGH

                                    1a.4.2.2 Nancy SCARBOROUGH

                                    1a.4.2.3 Francis SCARBOROUGH

                                    1a.4.2.4 James Noah SCARBOROUGH (b. 1848, GA) & Easter ARRINGTON

                                    1a.4.2.5 Warren SCARBOROUGH

                                    1a.4.2.6 Mary SCARBOROUGH

                        1a.4.3 Abram SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1810)

                        1a.4.4 Silas SCARBOROUGH

                        1a.4.5 Martha SCARBOROUGH

                        1a.4.6 Elizabeth SCARBOROUGH

                        1a.4.7 Jersha SCARBOROUGH

            1a.5 Addison L. SCARBOROUGH Jr.

            1a.6 Winney SCARBOROUGH & Edmund STUCKEY

            1a.7 Susannah SCARBOROUGH & Hardy STUCKEY

            1a.8 Elizabeth “Betsy” SCARBOROUGH & Unknown YATES

Second wife of Addison Scarborough:

1b Addison SCARBOROUGH & Martha Patsey KELLEY

            1b.1 Hubbard R. SCARBOROUGH

                        1b.1.1 Ann SCARBOROUGH & Unk. STRANGE


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            Ephraim (also spelled Ephram and Ephriam) Scarborough heads up another line of descendants from the Edgecombe Co., NC/Burke Co., GA, clan.  Although not named as an heir of David (m. Nanny Dunn?) Scarborough in the latter’s will in Edgecombe Co. in 1775, he is nonetheless closely associated with that family in Edgecombe Co. and later in Georgia.  He could be an unnamed son of that couple.  He witnessed a deed of this David Scarborough in April 1772 (implying that Ephraim was born no later than 1751); Miles Scarborough witnessed a deed of Ephraim’s in 1774, and William and Addison Scarborough both witnessed a deed of Ephraim’s later the same year.  Along with William Scarborough, Ephraim received payments from Miles Scarborough (Executor) from the estate of David Scarborough in 1778.  He received land grants in Washington Co., GA, in 1797 and 1799.

            Ephraim’s grandson David M. Scarborough grew up in Laurens Co., GA, and was executor of his father’s estate there in 1830-32.  He moved to Stewart Co., GA, just across the river from Barbour and Russell Cos., AL, by 1835.  There is a David Scarborough on the 1833 Alabama State Census of Barbour County, but I’m not certain who that is; see my notes on these David’s in the present report.  One David M. Scarborough was enumerated in Russell Co., AL, in 1840 but died soon thereafter.  His estate records are in Russell County, filed by his presumed wife Nancy, Administratrix.  In 1843, while she was still handling David’s estate, Nancy married her second husband, Nathanial Roach who held property in Barbour Co. at the time.

            Jean Blackmon posted a series of fine articles on this family line on the Scarborough GenForum (Aug. 21, 1999, #471-475); the present descendancy is constructed mostly from that information.  Hiram may not be a son of David and Comfort since Comfort was guardian for a Hiram Scarborough (which?) in 1831 in a sale of land.  The placement of William Henry Scarborough here is from Tascar Williams and the placement of Charity Rhoda Scarborough & Richard Bracewell is suggested by Theresa Reynolds.  Another family tree posted by Cynthia McDaniel shows Samuel Scarborough Jr. (b. 1760 in Southhampton Co., VA) & Lydia Hines with sons David, Drury, Daniel Newman, and Hiram (along with sons John H. and George W.).  That would seem like quite a coincidence and this set of brothers may be misplaced in one or the other tree.


1 Ephraim SCARBOROUGH (b. before 1751) & Rachel (SCARBOROUGH)

            1.1 David SCARBOROUGH (d. abt 1830) & Comfort (SCARBOROUGH)

                        1.1.1 David M. SCARBOROUGH (b. bef 1808, prob. Laurens Co., GA) & Nancy PERRY(?)

                           David Franklin SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.2 Drury F. SCARBOROUGH & Mary Frances WEAVER

                           Jethro Franklin Lafayette SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.3 Daniel Newman SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.4 Hiram SCARBOROUGH

            1.2 Elias SCARBOROUGH

                        1.2.1 William Harrison SCARBOROUGH

            1.3 Henry Newton SCARBOROUGH (& Hulda HUDSON?)

            1.4?  Charity Rhoda SCARBOROUGH & Richard BRACEWELL


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            This descendancy has mainly been constructed from my own research since this is my family line.  Aven Jr.’s father, my 3-great grandfather Aven Sr., was born in May 1791 in Burke Co., died in 1873 in Clay Co., AL, and is undoubtedly a descendant of the Edgecombe Co., NC/Burke Co., GA, Scarborough’s.  Aven is a close contemporary of Ichabod Scarborough (see Appendix D).  Isaac Turner has hypothesized that Aven Sr. may be a son of Allen Scarborough based on later movements of Allen’s descendants.  However, based primarily on the patronymy I find in Aven’s family (e.g. a son named “William Miles Scarborough”, etc.), I currently suspect Aven Sr. is a son of either Miles or William Scarborough of the Burke Co. set.  Aven Sr. and Ichabod conceivably could be brothers or first cousins.

            Aven Sr. & Elizabeth (Davidson) Scarborough and many of their children arrived in Russell Co., AL, from Georgia prior to the 1850 Federal Census, however, most of them relocated north to Randolph/Clay County by 1860 and eventually to Marshall County, while others trekked to Texas by the mid-1850’s.  Aven Jr. & Miley (Mathews) Scarbrough were still in Sumter Co., GA, in 1850 but apparently moved to Russell Co. just a few years later.  Among all of Aven Sr.’s children, apparently only the family of Aven Jr. (who was killed in the Civil War) and his widow Miley Scarborough remained in the Barbour/Russell/Lee County area into the late 19th Century and 20th Century.


1 Aven SCARBROUGH Jr. (b. 1816, Monroe Co., GA) & Miley MATHEWS

            1.1 Frances SCARBROUGH

            1.2 Elizabeth Rebecca SCARBROUGH & Thomas Absolom GRIFFIN

                        1.2.1a Thomas James GRIFFIN* & Unk. (GRIFFIN)

                        1.2.1b Thomas James GRIFFIN* & Parnelia J. WILLIAMS

                                    1.2.1b.1 John Alto GRIFFIN Sr. & Lina S. STANFORD

                        1.2.2 Georgia Ann GRIFFIN & Andrew J. GRIFFIN

                           Lamley GRIFFIN

                           Bo--man GRIFFIN

                        1.2.3 Edward GRIFFIN

                        1.2.4 Sarah GRIFFIN

                        1.2.5 Nellie GRIFFIN & W. C. TAYLOR

                        1.2.6 Addie L. GRIFFIN & Lee A. WALTERMON

                           Earnest WALTERMON & Mable (WALTERMON)

                           Martha WALTERMON

                           Mary WALTERMON

                           Jim WALTERMON

                           John Woodrow WALTERMON

                        1.2.7 David S. GRIFFIN & Bessie SIGGLER

                           Dewey GRIFFIN

                           Alice GRIFFIN

                           Clarence GRIFFIN

                           Rev. James GRIFFIN & Audrey J. (GRIFFIN)

                           Allene GRIFFIN

                           Stanley GRIFFIN

                           Tyson B. GRIFFIN

                        1.2.8 John A. GRIFFIN & Annie (GRIFFIN)

                           Rochell GRIFFIN

                           Annie Louise GRIFFIN & Thurston Gordon RIDDLE

                           Leona GRIFFIN

                           Essie B. GRIFFIN

                        1.2.9 Ada GRIFFIN

                        1.2.10 Peter C. GRIFFIN & Elizabeth (GRIFFIN)

                           Zilla GRIFFIN

                        1.2.11 Emma GRIFFIN

                        1.2.12 Edward GRIFFIN & Cora Lee (GRIFFIN)

                           Robert GRIFFIN

                           Perry GRIFFIN

                           James Eli GRIFFIN & Maunette JONES

                        1.2.13 Ida GRIFFIN & Stonewall VAUGHN

                           William VAUGHN

                           Lila May VAUGHN

                           Emma Lee VAUGHN

                           Estelle VAUGHN

                        1.2.14 Unk. GRIFFIN

            1.3 Winney SCARBROUGH

            1.4 William A. SCARBROUGH & Rosianna/Roxanna (SCARBROUGH)

                        1.4.1 Lucy SCARBROUGH & William GRIFFIN

                           Max GRIFFIN

                           June GRIFFIN

                           May GRIFFIN

                        1.4.2 John W. SCARBROUGH (& Doney GRIFFIN?)

            1.5 Martha Jane SCARBROUGH

                        1.5.1 Mary Emma SCARBROUGH & James Walter SEXTON

                           James Elmo SEXTON* & Edna May ATTERBURY

                           James Elmo SEXTON* & Florence Isabel DALE

                           James Elmo SEXTON* & Doris LOPEZ

                           James Elmo SEXTON* & Florence Isabel (Dale) SEXTON

                           Robert Walter SEXTON* & Dorothy H. SCHNEIDER

                           Robert Walter SEXTON* & Ada ONEHA

                           Robert Walter SEXTON* & Minnie Fay YOUNKER

                           Mary Florence (Frances) SEXTON & Jesse Orville GAYER

            1.6 James N. SCARBROUGH & Louisa (SCARBROUGH)

                        1.6.1 Henry C. SCARBROUGH & Emma Lee JONES

                           Clifford SCARBROUGH & Unk.

                           Oscar SCARBROUGH & Pearl (SCARBROUGH)

                           John H. SCARBROUGH & Nancy (SCARBROUGH)

                           Lawrence SCARBROUGH

                           Maudie SCARBROUGH

                        1.6.2 Cora SCARBROUGH

            1.7 Mary E. SCARBROUGH & Ezekiel J. SMITH

                        1.7.1 Emma SMITH

                        1.7.2 Louis SMITH

                        1.7.3 L----- SMITH

                        1.7.4 John D. SMITH

                        1.7.5 Mary SMITH

                        1.7.6 Robert SMITH

            1.8 Marilla F. SCARBROUGH & L. J. SMITH

            1.9 Laura G. M. SCARBROUGH & J. M. FLOYD


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            This descendancy was modified slightly from Jan Allison’s “Families in the Deep South” family tree online at  Researchers Linda Nelson and Cynthia McDaniel have other variations.  Ichabod Scarborough is definitely among the Edgecombe Co., NC/Burke Co., GA, Scarborough’s but his precise ties to that group have not been confirmed to anyone’s satisfaction.  Ichabod Scarborough is believed to be a son of one of the several Burke Co., GA, Scarborough’s who received land grants there in the 1780’s and 1790’s; these include Aaron, Allen, Arthur, Miles, Moses, Samuel, and Shadrack.   There is, unfortunately, no documentation as to which it might be.  Ichabod and Miles Scarborough are associated with one another in several transactions there in the 1780’s and 1790’s and in Wilkinson County, GA, in the first decade of the 1800’s.  Ichabod died in Wilkinson Co., GA, in about 1831.  The daughters of Ichabod Scarborough are all placed here with the caveat that apparently none have been proven in official records. (from Joyce Harrison’s summary of Ichabod Scarborough, used by permission)

            Among the descendants of Ichabod Scarborough and Sarah Warren, Jasper H. T. Scarborough is the most prominent in Barbour County records, but others are likely to be represented (needs investigation).

            My 3-great grandfather Aven Sr., born in May 1791 in Burke Co., is a close contemporary of Ichabod Scarborough.  Aven Sr. and Ichabod conceivably could be brothers or first cousins.


1 Ichabod SCARBOROUGH & Sarah “Sally” WARREN

            1.1 John SCARBOROUGH & Martha "Patsy" LAYFIELD [This couple is absent in other versions of

                        Ichabod Scarborough’s descendants.]

            1.2 Abraham Marshall SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1804) & Emily CULPEPPER

                        1.2.1 Anne Amelia SCARBOROUGH & Hardy H. HARGROVE

                        1.2.2 Sarah Marshall SCARBOROUGH & Henry E. OLIVER

            1.3 Hon. James Jackson SCARBOROUGH (b. 1806) & Ann Elizabeth BOYD

                        1.3.1 Augusta J. SCARBOROUGH & Dr. John D. WADE

            1.4 Rev. George Washington SCARBOROUGH (b. 1810) & Susannah McLENDON

                        1.4.1 Sarah Green SCARBOROUGH & Calvin ETHERIDGE

                           Frank S. ETHERIDGE

                           Fannie C. ETHERIDGE

                           Susie C. ETHERIDGE

                        1.4.2 Nancy Doty SCARBOROUGH

                        1.4.3 Frances SCARBOROUGH

                        1.4.4 Kittrell Warren SCARBOROUGH

                        1.4.5 Mary SCARBOROUGH

                        1.4.6 James Noah SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1854) & Easter Elizabeth (ARRINGTON) McKEE

                           S. Reuben SCARBOROUGH & Lelia FLOWERS

                           Lenora SCARBOROUGH & Joseph Franklin SMITH

                           Henry Columbus SCARBOROUGH & Nancy Jane MANNING

                           Martha "Mattie" SCARBOROUGH & Thomas J. HESTER

                           William M. SCARBOROUGH* & C. D. FLOWERS

                           William M. SCARBOROUGH* & Eldora E. HENLEY

                           John SCARBOROUGH

                           Lydia V. SCARBOROUGH* & Jesse E. ROBERTS

                           Lydia V. SCARBOROUGH* & John WILLIAMS

                        1.4.7 Elizabeth SCARBOROUGH

            1.5 Silas D[aniel] Pinkney SCARBOROUGH (b. 1812) & Martha Caroline "Carrie" JACKSON

                        1.5.1a Eliza Ann SCARBOROUGH* & Thomas WILLIAMS

                        1.5.1b Eliza Ann SCARBOROUGH* & Seth M. BISHOP

                        1.5.2 Josephine "Josie" SCARBOROUGH

                        1.5.3 Green Marshall SCARBOROUGH & Amanda Jane L. HAYES

                                [Note: This couple is absent from other descendancy versions.]

                           Willie A. SCARBOROUGH & Charles STORY

                           Lula Ida SCARBOROUGH & John Richard HAUGAH

                           Emma C. SCARBOROUGH & Walter LEWIS

                           Minnie Lee SCARBOROUGH & David CHERRY

                           Carrie R. SCARBOROUGH & Ben ROBERTSON

                           Hattie S. SCARBOROUGH & Kemp DORSEY

                           James Marshall SCARBOROUGH & Lottie JONES

                           Rabun Franklin SCARBOROUGH & Floy GARVIN

                        1.5.4 Nimrod Ichabod SCARBOROUGH

                        1.5.5 Sarah Jane SCARBOROUGH

                        1.5.6 Josiah Silas Warren SCARBOROUGH

                        1.5.7 James Benjamin Troup SCARBOROUGH & Willie BRYANT

                        1.5.8a Jasper Franklin "Frank" SCARBOROUGH* & Julia HAYS

                        1.5.8b Jasper Franklin "Frank" SCARBOROUGH* & Mollie THOMPSON

                        1.5.9 Laura Frances Adelina Rebecca SCARBOROUGH & Peter Henry RAPE

                           George Edward RAPE & Sallie TUCKER

                           Henry Franklin RAPE & Mattie Victoria REYNOLDS

                           Silas Milton RAPE & Lucia BRANTLEY

                           Oscar Eugene RAPE & Sarah Lou GARVIN

                           Ansel Griffin RAPE & Fanny ETHERIDGE

                           William Emmett RAPE & Ruby MASON

                           Maude Lena RAPE & Ovid Garrett NEWELL

                           Claude Pearl RAPE & Charles Pascal STAFFORD

                           Arthur Green "Duck" RAPE

                           Ruby Lee RAPE & Clifford E. NEWELL

                           Bertha L. RAPE & Gird A. MALONE

                           Floy Crawford RAPE & Jewett STORY

                        1.5.10 Martha Caroline SCARBOROUGH

            1.6 Sarah SCARBOROUGH

            1.7 Aaron Searcy SCARBOROUGH

            1.8 Pitt F. D. SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1820)

            1.9 Josiah Noah SCARBOROUGH & Nancy Eleanor KNIGHT

                        1.9.1 Thomas Jefferson SCARBOROUGH & Martha MIMS

                        1.9.2 John Franklin SCARBOROUGH & Susan SINGLETARY

                        1.9.3 Harmon David SCARBOROUGH & Mary TAYLOR

                        1.9.4 J. Gunn SCARBOROUGH & Mary Isabella

                        1.9.5 Amanda SCARBOROUGH & Augustus MIXON

                        1.9.6 Ellen Bethany SCARBOROUGH & John TIPPETT

                        1.9.7 Malissa SCARBOROUGH & William FAIRCLOTH

            1.10 Malinda SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1823) & Alfred THOMAS

                        1.10.1a Columbus Jasper THOMAS* & Sarah COMMANDER

                                    1.10.1a.1 Mary THOMAS

                                    1.10.1a.2 Joanna THOMAS

                                    1.10.1a.3 John THOMAS

                                    1.10.1a.4 Narcissa THOMAS

                                    1.10.1a.5 Obadiah THOMAS

                        1.10.1b Columbus Jasper THOMAS* & Kessiah BAREFIELD

                        1.10.2 Benjamin Franklin THOMAS & Margaret PAUL

                        1.10.3 Sarah Letitia THOMAS & John Edward Andrew BARKER

                        1.10.4a Rev. Perry Lafayette THOMAS* & Mary Ann C. PICKETT

                                    1.10.4a.1 Mary Ann THOMAS

                                    1.10.4a.2 George P. THOMAS

                                    1.10.4a.3 William H. THOMAS

                                    1.10.4a.4 Martha Ann "Matt" THOMAS & John Casper SNEAD

                                    1.10.4a.5 Daniel THOMAS

                                    1.10.4a.6 Thomas Alexander THOMAS

                                    1.10.4a.7 Caroline S. "Carrie" THOMAS

                                    1.10.4a.8 Charity V. THOMAS

                                    1.10.4a.9 Elizabeth Cornelia "Neely" THOMAS & John Eli HORNE

                                    1.10.4a.10 John Walter THOMAS

                                    1.10.4a.11 Collie W. THOMAS

                        1.10.4b Rev. Perry Lafayette THOMAS* & Mary E. BLANCHETT

                                    1.10.4b.1 Minnie L. THOMAS

                        1.10.5 Mary Caledonia THOMAS & Jacob Samuel HELMS

                        1.10.6 Catherine Laura THOMAS & John Daniel MAJORS

                        1.10.7 William "Bill" THOMAS

                        1.10.8a Burrell F. THOMAS* & Priscilla J.

                                    1.10.8a.1 Leona RICHEY

                        1.10.8b Burrell F. THOMAS* & Ella THOMPSON

                        1.10.9 Louann Ludosia THOMAS & William Herman BOOTH

                        1.10.10 Narcissa Malinda THOMAS & William Nathan HARTZOG

                           James Franklin HARTZOG

                           William Joseph HARTZOG

                           Ada HARTZOG

                           John Aaron HARTZOG

                           Ida Maybelle HARTZOG

                           Thomas Amos HARTZOG

                           Jessie Walter HARTZOG

                           Annie Lee HARTZOG

                           Mary Viola HARTZOG

                           Robert Bascom HARTZOG

                        1.10.11 Ichabod Alfred "Bud" THOMAS & Mary Eunice Helms

            1.11 Rabun Monroe SCARBOROUGH (b. 1826) & Martha Lucinda DAVIS

                        1.11.1 Sarah Warren SCARBOROUGH & John Jay Rice LOVE

                           Ella G. LOVE

                           Meade A. LOVE

                           Martha R. "Mattie" LOVE

                           Mary LOVE

                           Rabun S. LOVE

                        1.11.2 George Monroe SCARBOROUGH

                        1.11.3 Franklin Joshua SCARBOROUGH & Elenora P. "Nellie" CONLEY

                           Jack Conley SCARBOROUGH & Christiana Martha BRYAN

                        1.11.4 Edgar William SCARBOROUGH & Annie Mae McDONALD

                           Edgar Warren SCARBOROUGH

                           Martha Elizabeth SCARBOROUGH

                           Rabun Monroe SCARBOROUGH

                           Susie May SCARBOROUGH

                           Elise SCARBOROUGH

                        1.11.5 Martha Cornelia "Mattie" SCARBOROUGH & Alexander Love WILSON

                           Alexander Love WILSON

            1.12a Jasper Hale Troup SCARBOROUGH (b. 1827) * & Margaret Amanda "Mandy" BEATY

            1.12b Jasper Hale Troup SCARBOROUGH* & Lydia Margaret BAXLEY

                        1.12b.1 Sally SCARBOROUGH

                        1.12b.2 George SCARBOROUGH

                        1.12b.3 William SCARBOROUGH

                        1.12b.4 Aaron Jasper SCARBOROUGH & Nancy Ann RONEY

                                    1.12b.4.1 Cora Eva SCARBOROUGH

                                    1.12b.4.2 John Henry SCARBOROUGH & Zenobia Cornelia HORNE

                                    1.12b.4.3 Rayburn Foy SCARBOROUGH

                                    1.12b.4.4 Floyd Allen SCARBOROUGH

                                    1.12b.4.5 Madge SCARBOROUGH & MULLINS

                                    1.12b.4.6 Annie SCARBOROUGH

                                    1.12b.4.7 Comer SCARBOROUGH

                                    1.12b.4.8 C. Cayce SCARBOROUGH

                        1.12b.5 James Franklin "Frank" SCARBOROUGH & Mary Ann Quinette "Nettie" MEDLEY

                                    1.12b.5.1 Roy E. SCARBOROUGH & Cora E. PITTS

                                    1.12b.5.2 Albert Franklin "Rookie" SCARBOROUGH & Hettie Florence WILKINSON

                                    1.12b.5.3 Thomas Ira Pearson SCARBOROUGH & Ozie PALMER

                                    1.12b.5.4 Lee Ray "Bud" SCARBOROUGH & Ervel SELLERS

                                    1.12b.5.5 Alma Margaret Frances SCARBOROUGH & Cody Carlos WILKINSON

                                    1.12b.5.6 Elma SCARBOROUGH & Eony MURPHREE

                                    1.12b.5.7 James Ellis "Buster" SCARBOROUGH & Rebecca GIBSON

                                    1.12b.5.8 Esther Ruth SCARBOROUGH & L. E. PORTER

                                    1.12b.5.9 Effie Mae SCARBOROUGH & Jack WISE

                                    1.12b.5.10 Ruby Louise SCARBOROUGH & Murray WELLS

                        1.12b.6 Nancy Jane "Shug" SCARBOROUGH & John Harvey MEDLEY

                                    1.12b.6.1 Hullie W. MEDLEY & Myrtle THORNE

                                    1.12b.6.2 Cullie MEDLEY & Victoria CARROLL

                                    1.12b.6.3 Mary Lou MEDLEY

                                    1.12b.6.4 Coley MEDLEY

                                    1.12b.6.5 Oyd L. MEDLEY

                                    1.12b.6.6 Agnes MEDLEY

                                    1.12b.6.7 Jamey "Jim" MEDLEY & Gladys THARPE

                                    1.12b.6.8 Robert Louie MEDLEY & Eldis TURNER

                                    1.12b.6.9 Zelma L. MEDLEY & VAUGHN

                        1.12b.7 Silas Warren SCARBOROUGH & Lydia HICKS

                                    1.12b.7.1 Perry SCARBOROUGH & Elsie GIBBS

                                    1.12b.7.2 Emmett SCARBOROUGH & Rachel BAXTER

                        1.12b.8 Naomi Christian SCARBOROUGH & John Edmond REEDER

                                    1.12b.8.1 Caleb Lester REEDER & Syrena Martha LOCKE

                                    1.12b.8.2 George Huey REEDER & Sallie Jane ROBERTS

                                    1.12b.8.3 Luther Dewey REEDER & Wilsey May HINES

                                    1.12b.8.4 Homer Troupe REEDER

                                    1.12b.8.5 Jewel Marie REEDER & Tommy C. JARVIS

                                    1.12b.8.6 Minnie Meryl REEDER & E. B. HORTON

                                    1.12b.8.7 Annie Pearle REEDER & D. W. JOHNSON

                                    1.12b.8.8 Margaret Mildred REEDER & Shelby THOMAS

                                    1.12b.8.9 Katie Sue REEDER & Warren KEMP

                                    1.12b.8.10 Malcomb Ray REEDER

                                    1.12b.8.11 Walter Eugene REEDER

                        1.12b.9 Minnie Lee SCARBOROUGH & Porter Tillery MEDLEY

                                    1.12b.9.1 Guy MEDLEY

                                    1.12b.9.2 Addie Lou MEDLEY & Ralph Groom WILKINSON

                                    1.12b.9.3 Irene MEDLEY & Cecil Ray WILKINSON

                                    1.12b.9.4 Edna MEDLEY & Albert "Bud" PIERCE


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            As mentioned earlier, the various Noah Scarborough’s present one of the most complex and confusing puzzles in Scarborough genealogy.  One researcher speculates that the James A. Scarborough listed below has a middle name of “Addison” which would seem to tie the present clan to one or another Addison Scarborough (of which there are several).  A number of family trees posted on’s Ancestry World Trees show the Noah of the present clan to be (1) of Houston Co., GA, (2) the husband of Margaret Jossey, and (3) the son of Addison Scarborough & Josey Howell.  While there seems to be some logic and symmetry in that placement, Cynthia McDaniel and others have posted substantially different descendancies for that Noah, son of Addison.  For the time being, the placement of the present Noah clan remains a mystery to me.  The descendancy below is modified slightly from one posted by researcher Dianna Rogers.

            From just the records in Barbour and Russell Counties of Alabama that I researched, it is clear that there is a cluster of kinsmen including Noah (deceased--may not have lived in either county), his minor daughter Francis (over 14 yrs old in 1854), Hardy F. Scarborough (presumed son of Noah and guardian of Francis; married Malvina Bryan), and James A. Scarborough (who married Mary Ann Bryan).  James’s son John F. is represented briefly in Barbour County records (as J. F.; a marriage license and several indenture notes for loans).  However, I found no other estate records or other official documents which explicitly describe the relationships of these Scarborough’s.


1 Noah SCARBOROUGH & ???

            1.1 James A. SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1810, SC) & Mary Ann BRYAN (b. ca 1812/15, SC/NC)

                  Note: James’s widow Mary and most of his children moved to Franklin & Camp Cos., TX by 1870. 

                        1.1.1 John Franklin SCARBOROUGH (b. 1840, GA) & Susan Anna WILLIAMSON

                           Elizabeth Kate SCARBOROUGH

                        1.1.2 Louisa SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1843, GA)

                        1.1.3 Susan SCARBOROUGH (b. Mar 1844, AL) & David Moseley GURLEY

                        1.1.4 Sarah (Ailsey?) SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1845, AL)

                        1.1.5 Mary SCARBOROUGH (b. 1850, AL)

            1.2 William SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1820 in GA)

            1.3 Jane SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1821) & Giles LUPO

            1.4 Isabella SCARBOROUGH

            1.5 Josey SCARBOROUGH (b. 1823) & N. A. SCARBOROUGH

                        1.5.1 Thomas J. SCARBOROUGH

                        1.5.2 Amanda E. SCARBOROUGH

                        1.5.3 H. D. SCARBOROUGH

                        1.5.4 Jno. F. SCARBOROUGH

                        1.5.5 M. J. SCARBOROUGH

                        1.5.6 C. B. SCARBOROUGH

            1.6 Daniel SCARBOROUGH

            1.7 Martha SCARBOROUGH (b. 1830) & Giles LUPO

                        1.7.1 John LUPO

                        1.7.2 Adaline LUPO

                        1.7.3 Giles LUPO

                        1.7.4 Adison LUPO

                        1.7.5 Jane LUPO

                        1.7.6 Franklin LUPO

                        1.7.7 Thomas LUPO

            1.8 Elizabeth SCARBOROUGH (b. 1830) & Thomas WILLIAMS

            1.9 Hardy Franklin SCARBOROUGH (b. 1832) & Malvina C. BRYAN

                        1.9.1 George Franklin SCARBOROUGH & Emma Carter HIGHTOWER

                        1.9.2 Charles A. SCARBOROUGH & Maggie Lorene STANDIFER

                        1.9.3 Mary L. (or Ella) SCARBOROUGH & (I. J.?) JACKSON

                        1.9.4 Olza “Olsey” L. SCARBOROUGH & Joseph O. BAXLEY

            1.10 A(lfred) N. SCARBOROUGH

            1.11 Francis (Frances) SCARBOROUGH (b. bef 1840)


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            This lineage was unfamiliar to me prior to my Barbour County research trip.  I still don’t have much information on them or know quite how they fit in, if at all, with other major Scarborough lines.  James E. Scarborough was born in Georgia of parents who were from Virginia; he was a dentist in Chambers Co., Alabama.  I’ve found the family in selected Federal Censuses from 1860 onward in Chambers Co., but I haven’t found their Georgia or Virginia origins.  The family is described briefly in “The Heritage of Barbour Co.” (2001, p. 534 & p. 614-615); their connection to the county mainly appears to be through Charles Phillip Scarborough Jr. and Charles Phillips Scarborough III.


1 James E. SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1827, GA) & Mary Bacon PHILLIPS

            1.1 Emma M. SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1849, GA)

            1.2 Charles Phillips SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1857, AL) & Willie Annie TRAMMELL

                        1.2.1 Annie May SCARBOROUGH

                        1.2.2 Myrtis L. SCARBOROUGH

                        1.2.3 Arcadia E. SCARBOROUGH

                        1.2.4 Charles Phillips SCARBOROUGH Jr. & Marie McRAE

                           Mary Allen SCARBOROUGH & Unk. CAYSON

                           Charles Phillips SCARBOROUGH III

                           William F. SCARBOROUGH

                           Farquarhard SCARBOROUGH Sr. & Ethel LUCK

                                                Note: I suspect that William F. and Farquarhard are the same person.

                        1.2.5 Sara S. SCARBOROUGH

                        1.2.6 Dorothy A. SCARBOROUGH

            1.3 Edward W. SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1859, AL)

            1.4 Joseph T. SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1862, AL)

            1.5 Arcadia SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1863, AL)

            1.6 James T. SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1865, AL)


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