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Ball Family Documents

History of Millenbeck Plantation

Millenbeck (An Archaeological Excavation of a Colonial Mansion) prepared by Nina Tracey Mann and Published by Mary Ball Washington Museum & Library Inc. Lancaster, Va. in 1976

Richard Cundiff the Immigrant, owned land near Millenbeck in Lancaster County, Va., Home of William Ball (3rd Generation). A booklet was prepared by Nina Tracey Mann Va. regarding the Archaeological Excavation of the Mansion. The land titles of the Balls were traced as part of this project. The references below can best be followed using the map on Richard Cundiff the Immigrant's Web Page.

1640-1641, Edward Grimes patented 470 acres in the lower part of a neck bounded by the Corrotoman and Rappahannock Rivers. 150 acres was that tract named after the Indian Village Quiacomock, 50 acres was land north of Spring Branch Creek, and 240 acres of land northwest of the other patents. (Patent Book 2 Page 308 Reel 2, Virginia State Library -150 acres) (Patent Book 2 Page 308 Reel 2, Virginia State Library - 50 acres) (Patent Book 2 Page 322 Reel 2, Virginia State Library)

1653, Thomas Roote patented the small enclave bordered by Grimes 50 acre tract on the west and the Corrotoman River on the east and Spring Branch creek on the south. (Deeds 2 Page 212, Lancaster Court Records)

1661, Thomas Roote died and his executor sold the 50 acre tract to William Wroughton. William was the stepson of Edward Grimes.

Edward Grimes willed his land to William Wroughton who leased it in 1661 to Nicholas Hale and Robert Pollard. William now had control of 520 acres. (Deeds 2 Page 224, Lancaster Court Records)

1663, Colonel William Ball the Immigrant patented 300 acres north of Narrow Neck Creek, north of the Grimes patents. The land is now known as Balls Point. This was where Colonel Ball and his wife Hannah "Atheroid" had their home.

1667, Colonel William Ball patented the 240 acres originally patented by Edward Grimes and leased by his stepson William Wroughton. It was not clear how William Ball obtained the patent, but it may have had to do with the fact that Grimes died without direct heirs.

1670, William Wroughton again leased his land, this time to Domini Thoryatt with the lease to run until 1687. (Deeds 4 Page 356, Lancaster Court Records)

1680, Colonel William Ball purchased from William Wroughton and his son Thomas the original 150 and 80 acre tracts patented by Edward Grimes along with the 50 acre tract patented by Thomas Rootes. The lease to Domini Thoryatt still had 7 years to run.

1680, Colonel William Ball died and willed his plantation of 540 acres to his son Captain William Ball. This would later include the 280 acres leased to Domini Thoryatt. The total acreage was now 820 acres. His wife Hannah would continue to live on the plantation on Balls Point. Colonel Ball did not describe his land or name any neighbors, but Richard Cundiff the Immigrant may have already owned some of the adjoining land. (Wills 5, Page 70, Lancaster Court Records)

1694, Captain William Ball died and he was living on a 227 acre plantation near what is now Lancaster County Court House. In his will he gave the 270 acre plantation to his wife Margaret "Williamson" and he gave his sons, William and Richard Ball about 950 acres of land lying in the Neck next to Richard Cundiffs. (Inventories & Wills 8 Page 90, Lancaster Court Records)

The discrepancies in the acreages are unknown. Perhaps they were estimates lacking a formal survey. In any event the 950 acres owned by William and Richard Ball was certainly the same land accumulated by Colonel William Ball the Immigrant.

It is not known how the 950 acres were divided between William and Richard, but it appears that William took the southern portion and Richard the northern portion. William built the home known as Millenbeck on the 150 acre grant known as Quiacomock early in the 18th century. By 1732 William was a Colonel and he died in 1745.

William's brother, Captain Richard Ball, died in 1726. His will refers to (his grandfather), Colonel William Ball's Mill (probably near Balls Point) and the Cundiff land. This was in Lancaster County. It appears that Richard Cundiff's land was Northwest of the Ball Plantation.

Colonel William Ball the Immigrant's Will

Wills 5 Page 70, Lancaster Court Records

In the name of God, Amen, I William Ball of ye County of Lancaster in Rapp. being, Praised be God, in good & pfect health both of Body and Minde doe make & Ordaine this my Last will and Testament in Manner and form following (Viz) Imp'et I bequeath my Soule to God almighty my maker and Creator in his Assurance of ye pardon and Remission of all my sins through ye death & merits of Jesus Christ my only savior & Redeemer and my body to ye Earth from which it Came to be Decently Intered and for my Worldly Estate my just Debts & final Rights first is Charged I give & dispose as foll:

Item, I give and Devise my Land & Plantation whereon I Live, Express in two pattents containing 540 acres to my Son William Ball and his heirs forever never ye less it is my will & Pleasure yt my Loving wife Hannah Ball be & Remaine in Full possession thereof together with all householde goods & Servants both Christians & Negrowes with ye ..... of Cattle of all Kinds excepting what is pticularly bequesthed out of weh never ye less not to be Delievered till ye ..... of her rights for & during her natural Life provided she soe long Remaine a Widdow and therefore it is my will and pleasure that what shall remain in her possession be Inventoryed & Valued by her Selfe & my two Sons between them themselves to go together and if She Should Marry againe She may Enjoy on her porionable parts according to Law.

Item, For ye Other part of my Estate Consisting Chiefly in Merchandiseing goods & Debts it is my will and Pleasure ye same alsoe be Inventoryed & Valued as before and that she my s'd wife Likewise enjoy 1/3 part thereafter and that ye Remainder, together with what shall be Over and above her 3rd part of household goods, servants & Cattle of all Kinds & not hereby pticularly bequeathed bee soone After ye termination of her Right thereby lymitted Divided into five parts, thereee whereof I give and bequeath my son William Ball and his heirs forever & ye other two parts to my son Joseph Ball & his heirs forever their part of Marchantdizeing goods & debts to be forthwith Delivered.

Item, I give and Devise my land in ye freshes of Rappk. Cont'y by patent 1600 acres to my two sons William and Joseph and to each to their heirs forever to be equally Divided between them without any Advantage of Survivorship if either of them should decese before Remission.

Item, I give and Bequeath to my son William and his heirs my two negroes Called Tame & Katie and his Wife & to my sone Joseph and his heirs my negro Tony & Dinah his wife, the Negro Girle & her negro boy James to my wife to dispose of between my two sons of their Children & noe other wise when her Rights shall Determine Either by Death or Marryage.

Item, I give unto my wons William and Joseph Whatsoever Either of them stands indebted to me upon Acco. in my book.

Item, I hereby nominate & Appointe my two sons William & Joseph Executors of this my Last Will and Testament to act together in all things in ye Ordering and disposing of ye Estate according to the true Intent and meaning thereof by a due pformance of ye Several Exceptions Pvisoes and Limitations therein contained hereby Renouncing all former willa & declare this to be my last Will and testament by Witnessing the same wh. My hand Seale this 5th day of Octr. 1680 and in the 2 and thirtieth year of our Sovereigne Lord King Charles ye Second.

William Ball

Captain William Ball's Will (2nd Generation) (1641-1694)

Inventories and Wills 8 Page 90, Lancaster Court Records (Probated November 2, 1694)

In the name of God Amen I Capt. William Ball of the parish of St. Marys White Chapel in the County of Lancaster in Virginia being sick & weak in body but of sound & Perfect memory Praised be ye Almighty God for the same & considering the frailty of this life being but a blast I doe make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form Following hereby revoking and making Void all other Will or Wills formerly by me made sealed or published.

First I give my soule to God that gave it me & commit my body to the Earth to be burried in decent order at the Discretion on my Executors hereafter named in hope and true confidence that I shall have a joyful resurrection at the Last day thru the merits of my most dear & precious redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ.

I give unto my Dr. wife all and every part of this 270 acres of Land whereupon I now Live with all the housing & appearances thereunto belonging and also my mill hereon standing during her Natural life and also full Power to plant, make and manure for her own use a Plantation if she please on every other Parcel of Land hereafter by me hereby given & my will is that she bring up my dear Children until they be 16 yrs. Of age in Writing, Reading & that they may be under the tuition of my sons William and Richard, and that whenever the said mill be out of repair my will is that my said sons William ball & Richard Ball give their assistance to mend repaire or new build her and that they be paid for their paines as the mill earns it.

I give unto my said sons William Ball & Richard Ball all my Tract lyeing in this Neck next to Richard Cundiffs being about 950 acres to be equally divided between them provided they acquit all their right which they or either of them may possibly have of any and to that Divident of Land in Richmond County nest above Perpetua Creek being about 1,000 acres on which my Quarter Plantation now is unto their two brothers Joseph Ball & George Ball then I do give unto my said sons William Ball and Richard Ball to them and their heirs forever all and every part of the above said 950 acres of Land Lying in this Neck next Richard Cundiffs as aforesaid but if my said two sons William Ball & Richard Ball molest their two brothers Joseph Ball & George Ball in their Quiet Possession at any time or times hereafter either them or their heirs in the said 1,000 acres of Land at Perpetua Creek where my Quarter now is that I then do hereby give my said two sons Joseph Ball & George Ball and their heirs all and every part & Parcel of that 950 acres before hereby given unto my two sons William Ball & Richard Ball as aforesaid.

I give unto my two sons Joseph Ball & George Ball to them and their heirs all and every part & parcel of that Divident of Land in Richmond County whereon my quarter now is near the head of Perpetua Creek to be Equally divided between them. I give unto my four sons (viz) James Ball, David Ball, Stretchley Ball & Samuel Ball to them and their heirs forever all and every part of my upper divident of land being 1600 acres more or less Lying in Richmond County above Mr. James Harrison's to be equally divided between them.

I give unto my dear Daughter Margaret Ball and to her and her heirs forever all that and every part & Parcel of the Divident whereon my mother Lives at the mouth of Corratomon being about 350 acres more to bee laid out of my ajoyning Divident next to the Plantation that James Wood lives on only reserving to my dear (wife or mother?) one third part of all the sider made thereon clear of all charge making & cask.

I give to my said son William Ball a man serv't named Luke Dickson and a Negro man named Robin. ---- James Canady & Sarah and a Silver salt siller, Tankard & drinking Cup of Silver and which of my Cups she shall make Choice of. I give unto my son William all the residue of my cups after my dear wife hath her choice of one.

I give to my son James Ball two slaves called Dominy & Kate and a boy and a girle. I give to my son David Ball a girle slave called Poll.

I give to my daughter Margaret Ball two slave girls called Hannah & Betty that's at mother's. I give unto my son Stretchley Ball a girl Slave called Saran.

I give unto my son Samuel Ball a girl slave called Doll.

The rest of my white servants and slaves not before hereby given. being Cox. Scotch, Tom, Betty & her mulatto child, 3 negroe women called Doll & Betty & Bess at mother's. I give unto my three eldest sons, viz., William Ball, Richard Ball, and James Ball in consideration that they be at the charge of bringing up and maintaining their three youngest brothers.

I give and Bequeath unto my said sons William & Richard Ball 2/6s part of all the rest of my estate not hereby before given Desiring them to take all the care they can of their dear mother. And the residue of all my estate whereon had, found or being not before hereby given.

I give to be equally divided between my dear children here named, James, Joseph, David, George, Margaret, Stretchley & Samuel after their mother's decease but my will is that my dear wife have the use of it During her Natural Life. I doe make & Ordaine my son William Ball and my son Richard Ball the executors of this my last Will and testament and my loving Brother Captain David Fox and my loving friends Mr. George Heale & Mr. Edwin Conway the overseers of this my last will and testament.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seale this 28th day of Sept A* 1694.

William Ball (Seal)
Signed, sealed & Published in Presence of Abraham Taylor, George Hinch, Edwin Conway

Captain Richard Ball's Will (3rd Generation) (16??-1726)

In the name of god amen I Richard Ball of the Parish of St. Marys White Chappel in the County of Lancaster being sick and weak of body but in perfect mind and memory, thanks be to God for the same, & calling to mind the uncertainty of this life I do therefore make & ordain this my last will & testament in manner and form following. Imprimis I give & bequeath my soul to God that gave it me in full hope of pardon & remission for all my sins & through the merits of my blessed saviour Jesus Christ & my body to be decently buried at the disposition of my executors hereafter named.

Item I give to my daughter Sarah Selden my plantation whereon I now live and my water mill & all the land that lays below that road from Colonel William Balls Mill to Cundiffs. To her and the heirs male lawfully begotten of her body forever and for want of such heirs then to her & her heirs forever lawfully begotten and for want of such heirs then to my daughter Margaret Ball & the second heirs male of her and my son-in-law William Ball Juniors body lawfully begotten forever and for want of such then to the heirs male of their two bodys lawfully begotten & to the second son of that heir male & his heirs male forever lawfully begotten.

Item I give to my daughter Margaret Ball my plantation and land at the mouth of Corotomon River & to the heirs male of my son-in-law William Ball Junior and of my said daughter Margaret forever lawfully begotten and for want of heirs male of their two bodies lawfully begotten then I give the said land and plantation at the mouth of Corotomon to my said daughter Margaret Ball & her heirs forever. I likewise give to the second son of my son-in-law William Ball Junior and my said daughter Margaret to be begotten all the land on the upper side of the branch that runs along the north side of my old plantation so far as the road that leads to Cundiffs. But upon condition that my son-in-law William Ball gives his quarter plantation & land to the same son that then the aforesaid land to go to the said second son and his heirs forever but not to be made use of till he come of age to enjoy it himself but if it should so happen that there should be no such son or that my son-in-law should not give him his quarter plantation and land in like manner that then the said land shall go to my daughter Hannah in like manner as the land heretofore given her.

Item I give to my daughter Hannah Ball my old plantation and all the land above the road that leads from Colonel William Balls Mill to Cundiffs & all the land on the east side of the said road from the corner hickory that stands between the two mill paths and from thence running a straight course to Dennis Conerie's to her and her heirs lawfully begotten forever and for want of such issue then I give the said plantation & to my Esther Ball & her heirs lawfully begotten forever.

Item I give to my daughter Esther Ball one hundred fifty pounds sterling to be laid out in land and the land to go to her & her heirs lawfully begotten forever but in case my said daughter should die without issue and before the said money be laid out in land that then the said money be divided between the rest of my daughters.

At a court held in Lancaster County on the 3rd day of February 1726 Mrs. Sarah Ball, widow of Richard Ball deceases, making oath in open court that she found this writing among the papers of the said deceased and that she verily believed it to be his last will (there being no other to be found) and that the said Richard Ball wrote and acquainted her with it in May last. And it being the courts opinion that this is his own handwriting on the (oath) of the said Sarah the same was admitted to record and is recorded.

Test T Edwards Cl Cur
Copia Test. S. Edwards Cl Cur.
Sarah B. appears as Administrix August 5, 1727; was admitted Executrix of Captain R. B., Northumberland County, 1731.

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