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Garry & Carol Cundiff Home Page

Welcome to the Home Page of Garry and Carol Cundiff. We live near St. Louis, Missouri, are retired, and our hobbies include travel, genealogy, history, and hiking. We have a motor home and this allows us to pursue the other hobbies. We have been in most states and have been working on genealogy for about 15 years.

We started doing genealogy by tracking the Cundiff line and have branched out to include the Grandparents of both Carol and myself. It's like solving a giant puzzle and when a piece is found it brings with it a certain satisfaction. We have had our share of successes and frustrations but if you are persistant enough, many of the frustrations turn to successes.

You can contact us by E-mail at   Garry & Carol Cundiff   (

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