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Descendants of William E. Richardson of GA & FL

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WILLIAM E. RICHARDSON1 was born 11 Feb 1817 in Bulloch County Georgia, son of Abraham Richardson and Rebecca Bulloch. He died 03 May 1903 and is buried in South Prong Cem., Baker Co. Florida. His tombstone is inscribed "WM Richardson" and date of birth is shown as 11 Feb 1835, which raises the question whether this tomb might be either that of WILLIAM1 or his eldest son, also named William. However, since the death date on the stone matches that written by Mrs. Sadie Green Richardson in 1926, and the date ‘1835’ does not match the census-indicated birth of his son, it seems most probable that this tomb is indeed that of WILLIAM1. Various middle initials have been found for him in different records; the compiler has favored the one recorded by Sadie Green Richardson.

WILLIAM1 was a great-grandson of BENJAMIN RICHARDSON (b. abt 1740, NC; d. 1799, Bulloch Co. GA). BENJAMIN was the progenitor of a large family of descendants, many of whom today live in Florida, Louisiana and Texas as well as Georgia.

WILLIAM1 married 27 Sep 1842, (1) MARY ELIZABETH WILSON (b. 1818, Bulloch Co. GA), daughter of SAMUEL WILSON. Elizabeth died about 1852 and he then married 04 Aug 1853, (2)JANE LEE (b. Bulloch Co. GA). [NOTE: Sadie Greene RichardsonS-2 lists her as JANE E. KEENE (b. 1815, GA; d. abt. 1888), the compiler assumes she first married a man named Keene.]. William and Elizabeth are shown, together with their first four children, in the 1850 Federal Census of Bulloch Co. Georgia. Father Abraham and his large family are listed next door to William’s family.

By 1860, William and family were living in Appling Co. Georgia, near present-day Blackshear. The Federal census for 1860, Appling Co., Holmesville Twnshp, p.36, shows William, his second wife Jane, his first four children and four additional children.

Family lore says that William and Jane moved to Baker Co. FL in 1866, and settled on the old Durrance place south of Sanderson. They were certainly in Baker no later than 1869, as evidenced by the death and burial of daughter Martha Sarah at age 11 years in South Prong Cemetery.

William is shown in the 1870 census of Baker Co. Florida – listed as ‘W. Richardson’ with no wife or children shown. Curiously, listed in the adjoining household are: Jane E. Stafford, with children: Eliot C., George A. and Stephen M. Perhaps William and Jane were divorced at that time, or else this was a typo by the census taker. In any case, the census of 1880 shows William, Jane and Stephen residing together. Also in 1880, Samuel, Rebecca and their children lived nest door to his parents.

The only direct artifact we have of William (thus far) is his witness signature on a pension application dated 1871, for his friend and neighbor Elisha Green . Several of these old forms are shown on the ELISHA GREEN page, but this the only one that William signed.

Children of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH:

1. WILLIAM JOSEPH2 RICHARDSON; b. July 1844, Bulloch Co. GA; m. (1)MARY ETTA WATERS, b. Aug 1848; (2)MARY FRANCES ROWE. Children of W.J. and Mary Etta:


B. MARY S.3 RICHARDSON; b. 1875, Bulloch Co. GA.

C. GEORGE P.3 RICHARDSON; b. Jan 1886, Bulloch Co. GA.


2. ANNA J.2 RICHARDSON; b. abt. 1845, Bulloch Co. GA;

3. SAMUEL W.2 RICHARDSON; b. abt. 1847, Bulloch Co. GA; d. 1883-1900; m. REBECCA ‘Becky’ DRIGGERS (b. abt 1845, GA). Children of Sam and Rebecca:

A. VENNIE3 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1867;

B. ARENNA3 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1872;

C. LEONARD3 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1873;

D. IRENE3 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1875;

E. JONAS3 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1878;

F. ANNA ELIZA3 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1879, Baker Co. FL; m. 01 Jan 1901, ANDREW J. STAFFORD, son of John R. & Clementine Cook Stafford.

G. WILLIAM JAMES3 ‘Buddy’ RICHARDSON; b. 26 Mar 1883, Starke FL; d. 26 May 1949, Sanderson FL; m. FRANCES E. MANN(28 Sep 1988-14 Jun 1930); both buried South Prong Cem, Baker Co. FL. Their children:

i. OWEN4 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1907;

ii. BEADIE4 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1909;

iii. RUBY4 RICHARDSON; b. 24 May 1914; d. 12 Feb 1999; m. ANDREW E. RICHARDSON, son of Ellis & Sadie Richardson

iv. ELZEY4 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1916;

4. ELIZABETH2 ‘Lizzie’ RICHARDSON; b. Sep 1848, Bulloch Co. GA; m. 20 Dec 1868, JOHN THORNTON (b. Dec 1848, d. 28 Feb 1913, Baker Co. FL). [CW Pension App- page3 page4]

Their children:

A. JULIE F.3 THORNTON; b. Dec 1872; Baker Co. FL;

B. GEORGE3 THORNTON; b. Dec 1874;

C. MARY3 THORNTON; b. Mar 1878;

D. RUBEN3 THORNTON; b. Sep 1882;

E. WILLIAM J.3 THORNTON; b. Apr 1880;

F. WALTER3 THORNTON; b. Oct 1887;

G. OLIVER3 THORNTON; b. Mar 1891;

5. MARY FRANCES2 "Fannie" RICHARDSON; b. 20 Mar 1851, Bulloch Co. GA; d. 17 Jan 1927; m. ALFRED J. McKINNEY, (11 Apr 1846 – 18 Jan 1927); both buried McKinney Cem., Bradford Co. FL; they resided near Graham in Bradford Co. FL. Their children:

A. COATSY R.3 McKINNEY; b. abt 1872; d. ?? ; buried McKinney Cem;

B. CALEY L.3 McKINNEY; b. abt 1874;



E. HENRY3 McKINNEY; b. 23 Jan 1885; d. 04 Oct 1886; buried McKinney Cem.

F. JOHN A.3 McKINNEY; b. abt 1891;

G. RAY3 McKINNEY; b. abt 1894;

H. ALVIN E.3 McKINNEY; b. abt 1895;

Children of WILLIAM and JANE:

6. ELLIOTT COLUMBUS2 (ELIOT, ELLIATT) RICHARDSON; b. 15 July 1855, Blackshear GA; d. 20 Dec 1925, buried South Prong Cem., Baker Co. FL; m. (1) 04 Dec 1880, SIDNEY DRIGGERS, (2) 07 Nov 1897, LILLIAN "Lillie" ALFORD (10 Dec 1877-23 Nov 1922). Various spellings of his name were found in different records; the compiler has favored the spelling used on his tombstone. Sadie Green Richardson in 1926 wrote his name with two different spellings on different pages. Children of ELLIOTT and SIDNEY:

A. WILLIAM SHEPARD3 RICHARDSON; b. 14 Nov 1881; d. 1954; m 16 Mar 1905, FANNIE BOYD; b. 1886; d. 1934; both buried South Prong Cem, Baker Co. FL.

B. LELA3 "LELIA" RICHARDSON; b. May1884; m. 19 May 1901, GEORGE LOADHOLTZ. [Photo-Leila & Vid, c1970]

C. VIRGIL AARON3 RICHARDSON; b. 03 Dec 1886; d. 12 Nov 1944, buried West Miami FL; m. 15 Aug 1909, MARTHA (Mattie) ALMA CREWS; b. 25 Aug 1893; d. 21 Dec 1993, buried Taylor Cem, Baker Co. FL. [Photo-Virgil & kids-1931] [Photo-Mattie & kids_1950]

Children of Virgil and Mattie:

i. EULLIE WALTER4 RICHARDSON; b. 25 Nov 1911, Baker Co. FL; d. 18 Sep 1993, buried Taylor FL; m. 14 Jun 1927, EDITH LOLA TAYLOR (b 19 Oct 1909). [Photo–Eullie (r), with brothers] [Photo–Virgil & Mattie with Eullie]

ii. JULIAN SHEPARD4 RICHARDSON; b. 11 Jan 1915; d. 04 Apr 1977, buried DeFuniak Springs FL; m. JOAN GRAHAM.

iii. WILLARD WOODROW4 RICHARDSON; b. 23 May 1917; d 02 Jul 1998, buried Taylor FL. [Photo-Vernon, Julian, unkn man & Williard]

iv. VERNON CECIL4 RICHARDSON; b. 22 Apr 1919;d. 06 Jan 2001, Pensacola FL;buried Milton FL; m. 01 Jan 1942, CLARA MARGARET SPURLIN.

v. living child

vi. LUCILLE4 RICHARDSON; b. 29 Jan 1923; d. 28 Apr 2003, buried Taylor FL; m.1st LOREN LAWRENCE GIBBS; m. 2nd TRAVIS CULLEN PRICE.

vii-ix. living children

x. JIMMY LAMAR4 RICHARDSON; b. 10 Nov 1934, Miami FL; d. 29 Jun 1996, Gillette Wyoming.

D. SYLVANIA LOVILLA3 (VIVIAN, VID ) RICHARDSON; b. Sep 1892; d. 1966, buried South Prong Cem; m. 20 Nov 1907, LOUIS ALBERT MARR. [Photo-Vid seated, her children, her cousin Siva Richardson (dau of George A.) standing]

Children of ELLIOTT and LILLIAN: [Photo – Lillian & Elliott’s family] [Photo names]

E. SUSAN ELIZABETH3 ‘Lizzie’ RICHARDSON; b. 03 Dec 1900; d. 07 Jun 1939, ; m. DAVID WILLIAM MIKELL (06 Sep 1896 – 15 Feb 1965), both buried South Prong.

F. GEORGE C.3 RICHARDSON; b. 13 Jan 1903; d. 10 Oct 1938, buried South Prong Cem; m. LOYE WILLIAMS.

G. SIDNEY V.3 RICHARDSON; b. 15 Aug 1906; d. 26 Oct 1932; m. ALLEN PETE ‘BUDDY’ PIPPINS (21 Jul 1903 – 23 Jul 1980), both buried South Prong Cem.

H. WILEY C.3 RICHARDSON; b. 11 Feb 1908; d. 16 Mar 1974; m. HELEN PRINCE.

I. ACIE3 RICHARDSON; b. 25 Apr 1910; d. 17 May 1978; m. REDITH BOYD(b. 15 Mar 1920-May 1996), both buried South Prong Cem. [Photo – Acie, Ona & Wiley]

J. LEONA3 ‘ONA’ EMILY RICHARDSON; b. 23 Nov 1911; d. 12 Sep 2000; m. MALLIE McKINLEY GRIFFIS(31 Dec 1901 – 05 Aug 1985); both buried Pine Grove Cem., Union Co. FL.

K. LANA LOUISE3 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1918; m. (1) ANTHONY MERCEREAU; (2) CHARLES MOYE. [L-R: Mr. Thurman (a neighbor) LOUISE & her father ELIOT]

7. GEORGE A.2 RICHARDSON; b. 08 Aug 1856, Blackshear GA; d. 29 Nov 1924, bd. South Prong Cem near Sanderson FL; m. (1) CREASIE DRIGGERS, (2) MALINDA COOK (01 Dec 1861 – 03 Sep 1927), daughter of Wilson Cook and Molisa Boyd Cook. There were apparently no children from the union of George and Creasie. [ Children of George and Malinda:] [Photo names] [Photo – MALINDA-LL, her mother Molisa Cook-LR, sisters Clementine Stafford & Sarah Johnson– upper]

A. ANNIE3 RICHARDSON; b. 21 Nov 1882; d. 1952, bd. South Prong ; m. H.L. WESTER.

B. ELLIS STEPHEN3 RICHARDSON; b. 30 Dec 1885; d. 27 Apr 1962; m. SADIE LAVONIA GREEN (12 May 1891 – 28 Mar 1977). Both bd. South Prong Cem, Baker Co. FL. [Their children:] [Photo – Elsie & Andrew on car, c1922]

i. ROBERT LACY4 RICHARDSON; b. 31 Dec 1907; d. 19 Dec 1987; m. EMMA LAURA MACDONALD(18 Sep 1912 - 07 Dec 1987); both bd. Swift Creek Cem., Union Co. FL.

ii. LECY MOLINDA4 RICHARDSON; b. 23 June 1909; d. 09 Feb 1991); m. 1st , 06 Feb 1928, CHARNEY RHODEN; 2nd , 13 May 1944 by Judge WM Brown, JAMES CORBETT KIRKLAND (1902-1974), buried with Corbett in Manntown Cem., Baker Co. FL. [Photo – Lecy on her wedding day, 1928]

iii. MARY ELSIE4 RICHARDSON; b. 21 June 1913; d. 02 Aug 2001; m. 21 Jun 1931, ROBERT E. LEE CLARK (07 Jul 1909-30 Mar 1986); both bd. South Prong Cem.

iv. ANDREW ELLIS4 RICHARDSON; b. 19 Dec 1915; d. 27 Jan 2002; m. RUBY RICHARDSON -3.G.iii-this report, (24 May 1914-12 Feb 1999), daughter of William J. and Frances E. Richardson; both buried South Prong Cem.

C. ALLIE3 L. RICHARDSON; b. 09 Oct 1887; d. 25 Jan 1974; b. South Prong Cem.; m.26 Oct 1913, OVIE C. COLEMAN, son of Isiah Geo. Coleman. Child of Allie and Ovie:

i. GEORGE ANSEL4 COLEMAN; b. 27 Jul 1915; d. 05 Feb 1983, bd with his mother; unmarried.

D. ALICE3 RICHARDSON; b. 24 Apr 1889; d. 1974; m. 17 Jun 1908, GEORGE MASSA ROBERTS (b. 16 Jan 1889, Sanderson FL, d. 19 Dec 1945), son of Enoch N. Roberts and Emily Green Roberts. Their children:


ii. MYRTLE4 ROBERTS; b. ??; d. 04 Feb 2000; bd. Near Tampa FL; m. ?? SPRINGER.


E. IDA3 RICHARDSON; b. 28 Dec 1891; d. 29 July 1915, bd South Prong Cem; m. 31 May 1913, RUSSELL C. COLEMAN, son of Isiah G. Coleman.

F. MOLISSA3 ‘Lissie’ RICHARDSON; b. 10 Jan 1894; d. 25 Oct 1922, bd South Prong; unmarried.

G. WILLIAM H.3Bill’ RICHARDSON; b. 01 May 1896; d. 01 July 1973 ; bd. Orange Park FL; m. MAUDE CREWS.

H. SEVELLA3 ‘Sivy’ RICHARDSON; b. 05 Feb 1898; d. 30 Dec 1964; bd. Evergreen Cem, St. Augustine FL; m. 1st- 03 Oct 1917, GEORGE THOMAS ‘Tom’ GREEN; m 2nd GEORGE L. AVANT; m. 3rd- Mr. JOHNSON. [Photo-Annie R., Sivy & Bertie Mae Richardson]

i. JACK4 GREEN; b. 16 Jan 1918; d. 04 Jul 1945;

I. GEORGE WILSON3 ‘Wilce’ RICHARDSON; b. 26 July 1902; d. 07 Jul 1958; m. BERTIE MAE WILLIAMS(17 Jul 1907 – 15 Jun 1992); both bd. South Prong. [Photo – Wilce, center, with brother Bill, left and nephew George Coleman, right] Their children:

i. ARVEL ANSON4 RICHARDSON; b. 24 Jun 1924; d. 07 Mar 1979; buried South Prong.

8. MARTHA SARAH2 RICHARDSON; b. abt. 1858; d. abt 1869, aged 11 years, buried South Prong Cem., Baker Co. FL.

9. STEPHEN McGINTY2 RICHARDSON; b. 15 Mar 1861, Blackshear GA; d. abt 1939; m. (1) 17 Jan 1883, MATHILDA ‘TILLA’ OVERSTREET(b. ?, d. abt 1906); (2) 17 Jan 1907, JESSIE OLIVE GREEN (b. Sanderson FL); (3) 1918, ELIZABETH C. ‘BESSIE’ REGISTER. Children of Stephen and Mathilda:

A. OTIS3 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1885; d. 04 Mar 1927, bd. Philippi Cem, High Springs FL ; m. MARIE VINZANT;

Their children:

i. JAMES MINTON4 RICHARDSON; b. ??; d. May 1976;

ii. OTIS PERRY4 RICHARDSON; b. ??; d. abt 1952;

iii. DILLARD ORLANDO4 RICHARDSON; b. 04 Sep 1923; d. 04 Sep 1992, bd. Phillipi Cem, High Springs FL;


B. JOHN FRANKLIN3 RICHARDSON;b. 10 Nov 1892; d. 16 Dec 1989, Miami FL; m. 1915, ALMA M. ABBOTT;

Their children:

i. LUCILLE4 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1917;

ii. AUBRY4 RICHARDSON; b. abt 1919;

C. ORVILLE LEWIS3 RICHARDSON; b. 06 Mar 1895; d 17 Feb 1989, Ocala FL; m. ILLA B. ??;b. ??; d. 2000;

Their children:





Child of Stephen and Jessie Green:

E. MATHILDA3 ‘Tilla’ RICHARDSON; b. 17 Jan 1908, Alachua Co. FL; m. 24 Mar 1935, MORRIS McCORMICK;




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