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Descendants of John Perry Kirkland of SC, GA & FL

Compiled by Gary Corbett Kirkland (gkirk1970@)

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JOHN1 PERRY KIRKLAND was born about 1784 in South Carolina, as he indicated to census takers in later years.  Based on the scant evidence available, the compiler believes JOHN1 originated in Beaufort County, St. Peters Parish, South Carolina.  Two men named JOHN KIRKLAND lived in that county in 1790, either of whom could have been his father, according to the 1790 Federal census.  In 1800, the only Beaufort ‘KIRKLAND’ census record is for DIANNA and indicates that she had one son under 10 and two sons 16-26 years of age, as well as two daughters age 10-16 and one 16-26.  She was over 45 years herself and was probably the widow of the younger JOHN-1790 and the mother of  JOHN1.  The older daughter was evidently named Mary, who appears in this interesting record from Chatham Co. Georgia… [KETTLES-STAFFORD Indenture - 1802]

By 1810, the Beaufort census shows the additional households of JOHN and WILLIAM, while Mrs. D. KIRKLAND had one young son 10-16 still at home.  JOHN-1810 is shown having one son under 10 and one daughter under 10, which fits approximately with the accepted family composition of our JOHN1 .  In 1820, the only two KIRKLAND households in Beaufort are those of  NANCY, who was possibly the widow of WILLIAM (b. abt. 1780-83), and of JOSHUA (b. abt 1793) who must have been the third brother, while JOHN and WILLIAM are not listed.  From this, we assume WILLIAM had died or moved away and JOHN had migrated to Georgia in the 1810-20 interval.   [JOSHUA_App for Bounty Land_1855]

The notes of Martin C. Kirkland Jr., a descendant of JOHN’s son Robert L. Kirkland, states that JOHN was born in Beaufort Co. SC and that his brothers were WILLIAM and JOSHUA.  While no proof is offered, this conclusion by an independent researcher lends a degree of comfort with our conclusions.  Perhaps Martin had access to oral family tradition or a bible, so did not rely on impartial evidence to make this determination.

The census evidence does not prove that our JOHN1 originated in Beaufort Co. SC, but seems to support that conclusion with a moderate degree of probability.  Sadly, the courthouse  records (deeds, wills, etc.) for Beaufort County were burned during Sherman’s march through South Carolina, so are not available to prove the origin of  JOHN1.  In addition, the loss of the 1810 census records for Georgia makes it impossible to rule out our JOHN1 being in Georgia in 1810.  A so-called  recreated census for Georgia has been compiled based upon tax records, etc., which places JOHN1 in Camden Co. Georgia by 1810, but the compiler has not viewed any original record which shows him there that early.  However, this remains a subject for further research; additional records are continually being indexed and made available for study. 

Recent Y-chromosome DNA testing has confirmed that the compiler shares a common male ancestor, within seven-ten generations or so, with contemporary men, some of  whom were born in the Savannah River region of South Carolina to well-documented Kirkland families.  This scientific evidence  provides an additional degree of comfort with assumptions about our family origins.

EDWARD KIRKLAND (c.1712-1770), one of the early migrants to the Savannah River region of South Carolina had a son named JOSHUA and a grandson named JOHN.  [King Branch-Pipe Creek]  These relationships are proven by the recorded will of EDWARD.  The recurrence of the name “Joshua” in 1820, while not proving a familial relationship, does offer a clue to the probable kinship between JOSHUA of Beaufort-1820 and the older man EDWARD.  Also, since JOHN1 named his first-born son “Reuben”, the compiler is led to  believe that JOHN1 was probably a relative, perhaps a great-nephew, of REUBEN KIRKLAND SR., Revolutionary Soldier of Barnwell County SC, which adjoins Beaufort to the northwest on the old maps of the period.  The kinship of REUBEN SR. and EDWARD has been established with acceptable certainty, based on land ownership records.   Refer to Dr. Jim Peacock’s book, Kirkland Family Roots for more on EDWARD and other Kirklands of SC and elsewhere in the southeastern US.

If one accepts the available indirect information regarding the kinship of JOHN1 to REUBEN and EDWARD, then his ancestry can be established with some certainty based on the research of others, and his pedigree would therefore be as follows:

                JOHN1 < JOHN < JOHN < JOSHUA < EDWARD < RICHARD(c.1670-1743, Maryland and VA)
Based on all available evidence at this time, this seems the most probable lineage for our JOHN1.


RICHARD KIRKLAND and his family, of Maryland and Virginia have been documented in many sources,   Richard was the father of Edward and is believed to be our earliest ancestor in America, based on all records the compiler has seen.


JOHN1 married JANE PENELOPE WEBB (b. abt. 1790, SC –d. abt 1857, FL).  Evidently they resided in SC for several years, bearing three children there.  Then between 1810-1812, they migrated to Camden County GA near the present town of Woodbine and lived there many years,  several of their children being born there.  A court record exists of a man named “J. B. Kirtland”, who had died when the case was heard in 1814 .  This may refer to the father of our JOHN, who apparently died or left Beaufort SC before 1800, but it is not clear.   JOHN1 was a timberman, farmer and cattleman and owned over 100 acres on the north bank of the ‘Great Satilla’ River, as shown on a survey plat dated July 16, 1821.  JOHN served in the Georgia militia, Camden Co. in June-July 1817.  He also served as Justice of the Peace for District 270, Camden Co. from 1820-1824.    In addition to his other work, JOHN provided estate appraisal services {APPR1} {APPR2} to the County Court in Camden.  Like any public-spirited citizen, JOHN also served on many juries when court was held.

  About 1825, JOHN and his family were among the earliest settlers of Florida during the Territorial Period, moving across the St. Marys River into what is now Nassau County and residing there until after 1840, even though he evidently maintained his residence in Camden as well.  JOHN continued his public service role as a Justice of the Peace in Nassau Co. during 1827.  Both JOHN and his son Reuben were among the signers of the Petition for Division of Territory, which led to the partition of Nassau Co. out of Duval.  JOHN served as a private in Thigpen’s Company, Florida Mounted Militia during the Indian Wars and was awarded bounty land for his service.  JOHN was evidently a caring family man; he once bought a herd of cattle from his son-in-law, Lewis Daniels, then essentially gave them back to his daughter Mary Ann a month later. [1830 Nassau FL census]    [1840 Nassau FL census]

In the 1850 census, JOHN, JANE and several members of their family were living in Putnam Co. FL, near present-day Hawthorne.  The specific location is not known, but JOHN owned two different parcels in western Putnam county during the 1850’s.  He also bought 40 acres of land for $20. in eastern Alachua Co. in 1858 at a Sheriff’s sale, which had been seized from a John S. Perry and Sarah Perry.  This is the sole record found by the compiler which shows JOHN’s middle initial, while none have been found which prove his middle name of ‘PERRY’, but the frequency of recurrence in various branches of the family offer sufficient proof, in the compiler’s opinion.  The surname ‘Perry’ in this land record causes one to wonder whether this John S. Perry was a relative and ‘Perry’ was perhaps the maiden surname of JOHN’s mother DIANA.  John S. Perry was living in Marion Co. by 1860, but with a wife other than Sarah.  One can imagine various scenarios which may have played out here – perhaps further research will clarify the situation.  JOHN’s son OHP Kirkland also bought land from the government in the same area.  See area map for the location of these parcels. 

JANE apparently died between 1856-58, as indicated by two factors: (1) the relocation of daughter Marianne and her family to Levy County from Putnam County during that interval; (2) JOHN sold his land in Putnam Co. by deed in 1859, with no release of dower by JANE.  Family lore is divided as to where JOHN resided afterward.   Martin C. Kirkland Jr. wrote that JOHN relocated to the Umatilla FL vicinity near his son Robert L. Kirkland and died there on 14 Feb 1860, with burial in Umatilla Cemetery.  This is given credence by the fact that JOHN’s daughter Jane and granddaughter Tereza, who lived with JOHN and mother JANE while in Putnam Co., were living next door to Robert L. in the Sumter Co. census of 1860.  Others believe that JOHN relocated to Levy Co. FL with his son OHP Kirkland and is buried in Kirkland Cemetery near Rocky Hammock with many of his children and grandchildren.


Children of JOHN KIRKLAND and JANE WEBB are:


1.  REUBEN (“Rheuben”, “Rubin”) W.2 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1805, SC;  m. MARTHA L. (LEE?), a native of Florida, about 1830.  For $250, Reuben and William Wilkee purchased 640 acres of land on the King’s Road in Nassau Co. FL on 3 Dec 1835.  Reuben later bought out Wilkee’s 320-acre share for $200 in Feb 1837.  Reuben was apparently a timber farmer and cattleman throughout his life.  He purchased a slave in 1841 to assist with the work on his extensive farmland.  He signed  (R.W. Kirkland) a Notice of Certification on the final page of the 1840 Nassau Co. Census.  He served in several units of the Florida Militia during the Indian Wars, achieving the rank of Sergeant in 1836.  [Piles Co_1837]  [Mason’s Co_1837]      Reuben died after 1880 and is believed to be buried in the old Kirkland Cemetery (now destroyed) on the banks of the St. Marys River near Mill Creek in western Nassau County, Florida.  Reuben and Martha apparently had two children, both sons:

A.  Unknown male child; b. abt. 1830-35; d. before 1850. (appears in 1840 census, age 5-10)

B.   STEPHEN D.3 KIRKLAND; b. Oct 1841, Nassau Co. FL; d. abt. 1909, buried Mill Creek Cem., Nassau Co. FL; m. 1st  MARTHA C. “Mattie” BRADDOCK (abt. 1845-1885, dau of Alexander Jackson and Isabella Braddock);  m. 2nd 13 Dec 1885, ELIZABETH J. STOKES (24 Feb 1848-28 Nov 1922).  Stephen served in the Civil War in Co. B, 2nd Batt. and Co. G, 10th Regt., Florida Infantry.  Children of Stephen and Mattie:

i.     MARTHA ISABELL4 KIRKLAND; b. 1863, Nassau Co. FL;

ii.    FLORENCE ALICE4 KIRKLAND; b. 1865, Nassau Co

iii.   ELLA ELIZABETH4 KIRKLAND; b. 1867, Nassau Co. d. 11Feb1930; m. 8 May 1886, CALVIN C. CREWS (b. abt 1864, d. abt 1935).  Their children:

a.     LEWIS S.5 CREWS, b. abt 1890

b.     MARY5  CREWS. b. abt 1893

c.  DAVID A. 5 CREWS, b. abt 1894

d.  LINTON C. 5 CREWS, b. abt 1897

e.  ROSE L. 5 CREWS, b. abt 1899

f.  OSCAR B. (Austin) 5CREWS, b. abt 1904

g.  PERRY LEE 5CREWS, b. abt 1909

iv.   JOHN “Jack” RUBEN4 KIRKLAND; b. 1870, Nassau Co.; d. 1927, buried with his wife  at Mill Creek Cem., Nassau Co. FL; m. ROSE ETTA ROWE (1879-1953).

 Their children:

a.  MATTIE5 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1897;

b.  HATTIE5 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1898;

c.  HUTTO5 KIRKLAND; b. 1899, d. 1918, buried Mill Creek Cem.;

d.  ROBERT FULTON5 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1901; m. 31 Mar 1927, LESSIE LEE GEIGER.

e.  ROSETTA5 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1904;

f.  JACK5 KIRKLAND Jr.; b. 1908; d. 1991;  m. MABEL EUGENIA WILE (01Mar1914-22Aug2010).  Jack and Mabel established Kirkland Sod Company west of New Smyrna Florida (Samsula) in 1956. 

I.  ELMER R. KIRKLAND, b. 31 Aug 1930, d. 22 Feb 2011; m. STELLA LEE NORTON (b.15Feb1931-d. ?)    [Longhorn riders]

v.    LILLY J.4 KIRKLAND; b. 1871

vi.   JAMES A.4 KIRKLAND; b. 1872

vii.   LEWIS (LOUIS) STEVEN4 KIRKLAND; b.  Mar 1874; d. 1932, buried Mill Creek Cem., Nassau Co. FL; m. MARY ELIZABETH WINGATE; b. 3 Sep 1879; d. 31 Jan 1968, buried Live Oak Cem, Nassau Co. FL.  Their children:

a.  ETHEL5 L. KIRKLAND; b. 17 Oct 1907; d. 16 Dec 1993; buried Live Oak Cem.

b.  THOMAS WILLIAM5 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1909;

c.  MARY5 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1913;

d.  VESTER5 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1917;

e.  LEWIS5 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1920;

viii. MARY4 E. KIRKLAND; b. 1874; m. ? GREEN.

ix.   ROBERT L.4 KIRKLAND; b. 1875

x.    JOSEPH “Dozier” A.4 (Alexander?) KIRKLAND; b. Jan 1878(08 May 1872? ); d.05 Jun 1936, buried Mill Creek Cem, Nassau Co FL; m. 12 Nov 1900, TEMPE ESTELLA “Dollie” CARROLL (23 Apr 1886-31 Mar 1966); divorced 1922.  She m. 2nd 09 May 1925, GEORGE EALIE JOHNSON SR.   {Reunion-1944} {Reunion-1948} {Reunion-1950_gchildren}  {Dollie’s children–c1955}   Children of Joe and Dollie:

a.   JAMES CORBETT5 KIRKLAND; b. 30 Apr 1902, Crawford, Nassau Co. FL; d. 29 Jul 1974, Glen St. Mary FL, buried Manntown Cem., Baker Co. FL; m. 1st 11 Feb 1924,OLA MAE JOHNSON (14 May 1903-06 Oct 1943); m. 2nd 13 May 1944, by Judge WM Brown, LECY MOLINDA RICHARDSON RHODEN(23 Jun 1909-09 Feb 1991).         [Corbett’s children-c1955]   [Corbett & some of the kids at Ola Mae’s funeral-1943]  [1930 Census record]  [Corbett’s smile-1970]  [Model T car title-1926]

b.   NOLA LEE5 KIRKLAND; b. 12 Apr 1904; d. 10 Dec 1965, buried Live Oak Cem. FL; m. 21 Sep 1924, LAVADER LEE DEESE(23 Dec 1901-09 Oct 1950).

c.   LEWIS MITCHELL5 (VANIS) KIRKLAND;  b. 24 Jun 1906; d. 10 Jun 1968; buried Oak Grove Cem., Baker Co. FL; m. 1st LONNIE BELLE DENTON; m. 2nd EMILY CONE.  [Mitch with his oldest son Vanis (d. 1957)]

d.   JOHN STEVENSON5 KIRKLAND; b. 9 Nov 1909; d. 28 Oct 1991; buried with Nova in Macedonia Cem, Baker Co. FL; m. NOVA IRENE GARRETT(01 Dec 1915 – 14 Feb 1990).

e.   ROBERT  LACY5 “Bob” KIRKLAND; b. 10 Feb 1911; d. 16 Feb 1998; buried Oak Grove Cem., Baker Co. FL;  m. SADIE BURNSED (07 Feb 1910 – 14 Dec 2003).

f.   SHUBERT RICH5 KIRKLAND; b. 15 Apr 1913; d. 10 Dec 1978; buried Oak Grove Cem., Baker Co. FL; m. 1st  LAURA  YARBOROUGH; m. 2nd NELLIE S. SURRENCY(b. 06 Oct 1910 – 22 Sep 1987).   [Photo – Nellie, Shubert, Alton & Lizzie]

g.   CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH5Lizzie” KIRKLAND; b. 24 Nov 1914 ; d. 7 Oct 1998, Oak Grove Cem; m. ALTON B. CRAWFORD (25 Jun 1907- 14 Aug 1999).

h.   J. B.5 KIRKLAND; b. 6 Oct 1917; d. 25 Jul 1957; buried Oak Grove Cem, Baker Co. FL; m. RESSIE SMOTHERS.  [Photo of J.B and Corbett-tough guys!].

i.   JOSEPHINE5Jody” KIRKLAND; b. 2 Feb 1919, Sanderson FL; d. 24 Jul 1996, buried Oak Grove Cem; m. 1st FRANK CRAWFORD; m. 2nd GUY ARNOLD.

j.   EDGAR FRANK5 KIRKLAND; b. 30 Apr 1922; d. 11 Apr 1996, Oak Grove Cem; m. 1st  CAMILLA  ASHE; m. 2nd NONA DELILAH WHEELER HOLLOWAY (19Feb 1913-Dec 1998).   [SGT, US Army, 85th Infantry, WWII].  Awarded Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and other commendations.  Received multiple gunshot wounds during intense fighting in the Italian campaign; feigned death while German soldiers scavenged through the bodies of the dead and dying and took his watch.  Unable to move, he remained where injured overnight until rescued the next day by American forces.  Never discussed his wartime experiences until late in life.  Said his job during the war was “hunting Germans”.   [Ed & Corbett on their  common birthday, April 30th, early 1940’s].


xi.    WILLIAM FRANK4 KIRKLAND; b. Aug 1879; d. 1946, Duval Co. FL.

xii.   CHARLES EDWARD4 KIRKLAND; b. 14 Jul 1881; d 10 Feb 1949; buried Keen Cem, Nassau Co. FL; m. MARTHA ABIGALE KEEN (22 Nov 1877-21 Dec 1950).  Their children:

a.  BESSIE5 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1898;

b.  ROBERT CLYDE5 KIRKLAND; b: 5 DEC 1905 d: 21 MAR 1947; m. ADA P. COPELAND, b: 13 FEB 1904 d: 23 JAN 1978

c.  EARL CHARLES5 KIRKLAND; b. 1910; m. ADDIE LEE b: 1913 d: 24 NOV 1994


xiii.  OSCAR PERRY4 KIRKLAND; b. 19 Mar 1885; d. 15 May 1960, buried Dunn Creek Cem, Duval Co. FL.  Oscar was the youngest child of Stephen and Martha Kirkland.  His mother Martha is believed to have died during or shortly after his birth, since Stephen re-married later the same year.  In the 1920 census, Oscar is listed as a widower, residing with his stepmother and young daughter, Julia.  The following year, Julia married Mr. Foster Osteen, a man twice her age.  Oscar married again on two occasions, but apparently had no other children.  His 2nd wife was Charlotte Esther Bunch.  His 3rd was Eugenia Retta Harrison[Julia Kirkland photo

a.       JULIA5 CHRISTINE KIRKLAND, b.11 Aug 1904, d. 18 Dec 1985, m. on 10 Aug 1921 FOSTER STEPHEN O’STEEN (b. 25 Nov 1885, d. May 1965).


2.    EDWARD CALVIN2 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1806, SC;  d. bef 1840, Florida; the compiler believes this is the “EDWARD KIRKLAND” listed in the militia rolls in the same company as his brother R.W Kirkland.  Edward’s name does not appear in the Death List for the Indian Wars, so he must have died of natural causes.  [Warren’s Company, Florida Militia, 1835-36]


3.   ELIZABETH2 KIRKLAND;  b. abt. 1807, SC; m. 10 Mar 1832, Duval Co. FL, WILLIAM S. BLOUNT,  b. 1802, SC, son of Lewis Blount, b. 1780, SC.  Their children:

A.  JANE DORIS3 BLOUNT; b. 1833, FL; m. Julius Davis; b. 1830, SC.

B.  JOSHUA3 BLOUNT; b:1835 FL.

C.  MARY3 BLOUNT;  b. 1837, FL. (twin to Martha)

D.  MARTHA3 BLOUNT; b. 1837, FL. (twin to Mary)

E.  VIRGINIA3 BLOUNT; b. 1841, FL.

F.   SALOME3 BLOUNT; b. 1842, FL.

G.  REDDING3 (Redden) BLOUNT; b. 1843, FL.

H.  ESTHER3 (Hester) BLOUNT; b. 1844, FL.

I.   ZEBIAH3 BLOUNT; b. 1846, FL.

J.   THERESA3 BLOUNT; b. 1848, FL.

K.  RICHARD3 BLOUNT; b. 1849, FL.

L.  WILLIAM3 BLOUNT; b. abt 1854; d. 1915, Volusia Co. FL; m. SARAH WALDRON;


4.  JANE PENELOPE2 KIRKLAND; b. 1812, Camden Co. GA; d. after 1892.  Her natural daughter:

A.  TEREZA3 KIRKLAND; b. 1832, Nassau Co. FL; m. ___ BRANTLEY.   Their daughter:

i.  LULA4 AGNES BRANTLEY; b. 1876; d. 1945, buried with her husband in Umatilla Cem, Umatille FL; m. ANDREW JACKSON WAINWRIGHT (b. 1852; d. 1926), son of a Mr. Wainwright and  Mary Ann Connor (sister of Robert L.’s wife Martha).  Their children:

a.  LEILA5 WAINWRIGHT; b. 13 Nov 1900; d. 21 Oct 1901;



5.  EDWIN2 KIRKLAND; b. 1814, Camden Co. GA;  d. 1824, 10yrs. old


6.   ZEBORAH2 “Zebiah” KIRKLAND; b. 1818, Camden Co.Ga.; m. 14 Jul 1842, Camden Co. GA, JAMES H. CLAVILLE (d. May 1860, Orange Co. FL).   After her husband’s death, Zeborah and six of their children moved to Hillsborough Co. FL, where she was a charter member of Turkey Creek Baptist Church in 1875.   Her date of death and location are unknown.  Their children:

A.   JOHN3 CLAVILLE; b. 1844, FL;

B.   WILLIAM HENRY3 CLAVILLE; b. 6 Jan 1846, FL, d. 7 Nov 1920, Dover, Hillsborough Co. FL; m. MARY ENGLISH.  They are buried together in Matthews Family Cem., Seffner, FL.  Their children:

i.    JAMES HENRY4 CLAVILLE; b. 19 Mar 1875, Turkey Creek, Hillsborough Co. FL; d. 13 Jun 1901 in Wauchula FL.  Never married.

ii.   JOHN PERRY4 CLAVILLE; b. 11 May 1877, Turkey Creek, Hillsborough Co. FL; d. 22 Mar 1963; m. 1st 16 Sep 1900, Wauchula FL, ROXANNA ABIGAIL WARD; b. 28 Mar 1879; d. 12 Aug 1910; m. 2nd  15 Apr 1911, LYDIA DORRIS WARD (sister to Roxanna).  Children of John Perry and Roxanna:

a.  ABIGAIL BEULAH5 CLAVILLE; b. 12 Sep 1901, Wauchula FL; d. 6 Jun 1994.

b.  DAVID WILLIAM5 CLAVILLE; b. 10 Aug 1902; d. Sep 1980.

c.  JAMES PERRY5 CLAVILLE; b. 15 Oct 1905, Dover FL; d. 27 Aug 1976.

d.  JESSE LEE5 CLAVILLE; b. 10 Jan 1907; d. 21 Feb 1910.

e.  THOMAS LESLY5 CLAVILLE; b. 30 Nov 1908; d. 29 Aug 1930.

Children of John Perry and Lydia:

f.  IDA RUTH5 CLAVILLE; b. 17 Feb 1912; d. 08 Mar 1992.

g.  SIM GABE5 CLAVILLE; b. 28 Sep 1915; d. 09 Nov 1974; m. THELMA FUTCH.

h.  PAUL LINTON5 CLAVILLE; b. 25 Sep 1916; d. 14 Oct 1966.

i.  MARY CATHERINE5 CLAVILLE; b. 29 Apr 1917; d. 02 Mar 1999.

j.  EDNA5 CLAVILLE; b. 05 Sep 1919; living

k.  ALICE LYDIA5 CLAVILLE; b. 28 Jul 1921; d. Mar 2001.

l.   LILLIAN5 CLAVILLE; b. 16 Jul 1923; living

m.  GERTIE5 CLAVILLE; b. 11 Sep 1925; d. 07 Dec 1926.

[Another picture of the children]

C.   JAMES J.3 CLAVILLE; b. Apr 1848, FL; m. FANNY FUSSELL.   Their child:

i.   JESSE LEE4 CLAVILLE; b. 27 Nov 1885; d. 28 Apr 1951.

D.    MARTHA J.3 CLAVILLE; b. 1851, FL;

E.    MARY E.3 CLAVILLE; b. 1854; FL;

F.    RICHARD RADCLIFF3 CLAVILLE; b. 5 May 1856, d. 30 Jun 1915; buried in Woodlawn Cem. Tampa FL; m. ANNIE L. THORNTON , b.  Dec 1870, d. 1903, buried in Wauchula, Desoto Co. FL.  Their children:



iii.  DANIEL LEROY4 CLAVILLE; b. 01 Jun 1894; d. 14 Feb 1943.

iv.   BERTIE LEE4 CLAVILLE; b. 10 Nov 1900; d. 10 Apr 1962.


G.    JULIA E.3 CLAVILLE; b. 1859; m. 22 Jan 1880, Hillsborough Co. FL, BRYANT BASDEN WALDEN.


7.   MARY ANN2 “Marianna” KIRKLAND; b. 20 Aug 1822, Camden Co. GA; d. 29 Jan 1903, Ft. Odgen, FL, buried Ft. Ogden Cem.; m. 2 Sep 1840, St. Marys River, Nassau Co., LEWIS B. DANIELS, b. Dec 1816 FL, son of Robert H. Daniels and Rebecca Bailey; d. 11 Jun 1884, Pine Level, FL; buried Campground Cem.   Their children:

A.   REBECCA JANE3 C. DANIELS; b. 12 Aug 1843, Camden Co. Ga.; d. 26 Jan 1925, Miami, Dade Co.FL; buried Miami City Cem.FL; m.1st GEORGE LEAVITT, divorced 1866, Levy Co. FL; m.2nd 20 Oct 1868, ADOLPHUS P. SANTINI; b. Oct 1839, New Orleans, La., d. 15 Jun 1927, Miami, Dade Co. FL& buried Miami City Cem. FL.   [Their tombstone]               [Jane with Camella]    [Jane with  Lucille]

B.   JAMES WILEY3 DANIELS; b.22 Nov 1846 FL; d. 18 Sep 1895, Owens, FL; buried Mt. Ephraim Cem.FL; m. 4 Sep 1873, EUNICE DELILA GRAHAM; b. Apr 1831, Ala.; d. 23 Sep 1907, Owens, FL; buried Mt.Ephraim Cem.

C.   JEFFERSON3 DANIELS; b. 15 Jan 1848, Putnam Co. FL, d. 23 Aug 1926, buried Ft. Myers Cem. FL; m. 12 Mar 1876, DRUSCILLA DUFFIELD, dau. of Thomas Duffield(1820, TN – 1880, FL) and Nicey Daniels(1826, GA – 1859, FL); b. 22 Jun 1848, Levy Co. FL; d. 18 Feb 1916, buried Ft. Myers Cem. FL.  Their children:

i.  LEWIS BAILEY4 DANIELS; b 07 Sep 1876, Manatee Co. FL; d. 12 Jun 1926, Ft Myers FL; m. 20 Nov 1905, DELORES R. AQUILAR (17 Jun 1882 – 30 Apr 1981); both buried Charlotte Harbor Cem. FL.

ii.  ANNIE VIOLA4 DANIELS; b. 19 May 1881; d. 03 Nov 1886.

iii. JAMES ARTHUR4 “Sam” DANIELS, (twin to Artie Laura); b. 22 Jul 1884, Pineland, Lee Co. FL; d. 19 Oct 1934, Charlotte Harbor Cem. FL; m. 21 Nov 1910, MARY BELLE HOWARD, (12 Jan 1897, Ft. Ogden FL – 27 Jun 1967, Wildwood Cem., Bartow, Polk Co. FL) dau. of James Seth Howard and Martha E. Barton.

iv. ARTIE LAURA4 DANIELS, (twin to James A.); b. 22 Jul 1884, Pineland, Lee Co. FL; d. 29 Mar 1954, Ft. Myers Cem FL; m. 18 Feb 1903, SAMUEL JOE JOHNSON (01 Feb 1874, Arcadia, Desota Co. FL – 30 May 1963, Ft. Myers Cem. FL.)

D.   ELIZABETH FRANCES3 DANIELS; b.10 May 1852, Putnam Co. FL; d. 20 May 1920, Ft. Odgen FL; buried Ft. Odgen Cem.; m. 1st  9 Feb 1877, EMANUEL BLANCO; b.1843, d. 27 Jun 1886; m.2nd  30 Jul 1888, HENRY ANSTIE WARE; b. 14 Oct 1846 FL; d. 27 Jun 1928; buried Ft.Odgen Cem, FL.

E.   PENELOPE3 “Lovie” DANIELS; b. 31 May 1856, Bronson, Levy Co.FL; d. 11 Sep 1938,  buried with her husband in Lopez Cem., Chokoloskee,FL m. 10 Apr 1881, GREGORIA GRA GORDELL LOPEZ; b. 05 Jan 1848,  Baris, Spain; d. 04 Aug 1932, Chokoloskee,FL.

F.   FRANCIS MARION3 “Frank” DANIELS; b. 9 Dec 1858, Putnam Co. FL; d. 1 Dec 1928, Ft. Myers, Lee Co. FL, buried Ft. Myers Cem.; m. 25 Dec 1884, EMMA “Molly”  PEACOCK; b. Dec 1861 FL; d. bef 1909 FL.

G.   MARY ELIZABETH V.3 DANIELS; b. 27 May 1861, Levy Co. FL, d. 19 Oct 1939, buried Ft Myers Cemetery, Ft. Myers,Lee Co.FL; m. 24 Aug 1884, JAMES M. HOWELL, b. 30 Oct 1861, Valdosta, Lowndes Co, GA; d. 21Sep1950, b. Ft Myers, FL.


8.   MARTHA ANN2 KIRKLAND; b. 21 Oct 1825, Nassau Co. FL; d. 22 Oct 1867, Levy Co. FL; m. 16 Nov 1843, Camden Co. GA, JAMES B. HUDSON; b. 28 Jul 1824, Nassau Co. FL, d. 24 Nov 1895, Alachua Co. FL; buried Levyville Cem.  Their children:

A.   JOSEPH3 HUDSON;  b. 1843.

B.   SAMUEL WASHINGTON3 “Uncle Wash” HUDSON; b. 19 Aug 1845, Nassau Co. FL; d. 31 Jan 1929, Chiefland, Levy Co. FL; m. 24 Mar 1864, Otter Creek, Levy Co., NANCY E. FLEMING; b. 12 May 1845, South Carolina; d. 9 Nov 1913, Chiefland, Levy Co. FL.

Children of Samuel W. and Nancy:

i.    EUNICE LAVINIA4 HUDSON, b. 04 July 1865, Janney, Levy County, FL; d. 31 Mar  1901, Chiefland Cemetary, Levy county, FL.

ii.   WILLIE GARRETT4 HUDSON, b. 03 Mar 1867, Florida; d. 04 Dec 1938, Chiefland  Cemetary, Levy county, FL.

iii.   JAMES ROBERT4 "BOB" HUDSON, b. 08 Feb 1869; d. 1940, Chiefland Cemetary, Levy county, FL.

iv.   IRENE VIOLA4 "RENNY" HUDSON, b. 28 Feb 1871, Levy County, Fl; d. 05 Feb  1960, Levy County, Fl; m. WILLIAM DENNIS WYNN.

v.    JOHN PERRY4 "TUCK" HUDSON, b. 07 Dec 1872, Chiefland, Levy County, FL; d. 27  Jan 1946, Chiefland Cemetary, Levy county, FL.

vi.   GEORGIA ANN HUDSON, b. 17 Oct 1874, Janney, Levy County, FL; d. Mar 1956, Tampa, Hillsborough, Fl.

vii.  FLORIDA ANN4 HUDSON, b. 18 Feb 1875; d. 08 Feb 1963, Pine Grove Cemetery, Levy County, Florida.

viii. VIRGINIA ANN4 HUDSON, b. 19 Mar 1878; d. 19 Dec 1907, Gallilee Cemetery, Levy County, Florida; m. 06 Jul 1902, ELLSEY HARRIS WORTHINGTON, Levy County, Fl; b. September 1877.

ix.    MARGARET ESTELLE4 "MAGGIE" HUDSON, b. 22 Feb 1880, Florida; d. 04  Feb  1964, Mt. Enon, Plant City, Florida, near Turkey Creek.

x.    SAMUEL OSCAR HUDSON, b. 07 Jan 1882, Chiefland, Levy County, Florida; d. 03  Jul 1939, Ft. Myers, Florida.

xi.   BERTHA GERTRUDE4 HUDSON, b. 26 Jul 1884; d. 03 Jul 1974, Chiefland Cemetery, Levy County, Florida; m. 09 Jun 1909, WILLIE CLAUDE ARLINE, Levy County, Florida; b. 09 Nov 1881; d.  26 Sep 1946, Chiefland Cemetery, Levy County, Florida.

xii.  R. PERLE4  "CHIP" HUDSON, b.  14 Apr 1886; d. 06 Feb 1948, Chiefland Cemetary, Levy county, FL.

xiii. SHELTON PRESTON4 HUDSON, b. 02 Jun 1888; d.  25Jun 1982, Chiefland  Cemetary, Levy county, FL.


C.  JAMES MONROE3 “Roe” HUDSON; b. 9 Mar 1850, FL; d. 27 Jan 1935, buried Cedar Key Cem; m. 1st 6 Apr 1871, Levy Co., LUCRETIA WORTHINGTON; b. 1855; d 1875, Levy Co. FL; m. 2nd 2 Jun 1878, LILLIE MATHESON; m. 3rd 4 Jun 1883, VIOLA O’LINDA “Landa” DAVIS WORTHINGTON; b. 5 Jan 1859; Gulf Hammock, Levy Co. FL; d. 1942, buried with her husband in Cedar Key Cem.  Roe is 5th from left in picture.  Children of  James M. and Viola:

i.    GROVER CLEVELAND4 HUDSON; b. 16 Oct 1884; d. 4 May 1945, buried Cedar Key Cem; m. 16 Apr 1917, LEONA MARIE HOGAN.

ii.   JAMES HAGAN4 HUDSON; b. 13 Nov 1886, Levy Co. FL; d. Feb 1966, buried Trenton FL; m. MAUDE JONES.

iii.  RHETT BERRY4 HUDSON; b. 6 Dec 1889, Levy Co. FL; d. Jul 1967, Jacksonville FL, buried Cedar Key Cem.; m. 1st SALLIE MOORE TOOKE; m. 2nd CATHERINE “Clydie” MALLONE.

iv.  BERTIE  S. FRENCH4 HUDSON; b. 4 Dec 1891, Levy Co. FL; d. 21 Mar 1916, buried Atsena Otie Island Cem., Levy Co FL.; twin to Charlie.

v.   CHARLIE EDWARD FRENCH4 HUDSON; b. 4 Dec 1891, Levy Co. FL; d. 26 Oct 1911, Levy Co. FL, buried Atsena Otie Island Cem.; twin to Bertie.

vi.  THOMAS NUNON4 HUDSON; b. 18 Aug 1894, Levy Co FL; d. ??, buried Trenton FL; m. SUSIE HIGH.

vii. ADA REBECCA4 HUDSON; b 18 Jan 1897, Levy Co. FL; d. 21 Mar 1897, Levy Co. FL.

D.   WILLIAM JACKSON3 HUDSON; b. 18 Oct 1851, FL; d. 30 Jan 1903, Levy Co. FL; m. 1873, NANCY A. CARTER; b. 07 Aug 1852, FL; d. 30 Dec 1938, Levy Co. FL, buried Long Pond Cem, Levy Co. FL.  Children of William J. and Nancy:

i.     IDA BELLE4 HUDSON, b. 23 Jul 1873, Chiefland, Levy County, Florida; d. 16 Jan  1964, Long Pond Cemetery, Levy County, Florida.

ii.    SYBBIE4 HUDSON, b. 25 Mar 1876, Janney, Levy County, Florida; d. 04 Jan 1966, Kirkland Cemetery, Levy, Forida.

iii.   JAMES JACK4 HUDSON, b. 11 Apr 1877, Florida; d. 16 Mar 1941, Long Pond Cemetery, Levy County, Florida.

iv.   JOSEPHINE4 "PHENIE" HUDSON, b. 20 Jan 1880, Florida; d. 05 May 1970, Rosemary Cemetery, Bronson, Levy County, Florida.

v.    BRUN EDWARD4 HUDSON, b. 01 Feb 1885, Florida; d. 02 Nov 1929, Long Pong Cemetery, Levy County, Fl.

vi.   ROSA LEE4 HUDSON, b. 07 Feb 1886; d. 07 Nov 1967, Kirkland Cemetery, Levy County, Florida.

vii.  VERNON EASTON4 HUDSON, b. 08 Oct 1888; d. 20 Apr 1918, Levyville Cem., FL.


E.   JOSEPH LAFAYETTE3 HUDSON; b. 15 Aug 1852.


G.   JOHN PERRY3 HUDSON; b. 21 Sep 1858; d. 1895; m. LAURA I. BECK; b. 1862, FL.

H.   COLUMBUS BERRYMAN3 HUDSON; b. 14 Jan 1861, FL; d 1942, Levy Co. FL; m. 1st - 09May 1886, Levy Co., MARY VIRGINIA COBB; b. 1863; m. 2nd - 22 Oct 1890, Levy Co., KATE SMITH; b. ????, d. 1929, Levy Co. FL.

I.   MARGARET ARZULA3 HUDSON; b. 19 Mar 1863; d. 27 Nov 1938, Chiefland, Levy Co.; m. 22 Jan 1880, Levy Co. FL, GEORGE A. BECK; b. 17 Jun 1859, SC, d. 16 Feb 1934, Chiefland, Levy Co. FL.

J.   ALABAMA JANETTE3 HUDSON; b. 25 Jul 1865, Chiefland, Levy Co. FL; d. 27 May 1947, Chiefland, Levy Co. FL; m. 04 Oct 1883, Levy Co., JOHN N. STUDSTILL; b. 11 Jul 1859, Levyville, FL; d. 23 Nov 1949, Chiefland, Levy Co. FL.


9.  ROBERT L.2 KIRKLAND b. 17 Oct 1828, Nassau Co. FL; d. 11 Oct 1893, Paisley, Lake Co. FL; m.  6 Apr 1849, Camden Co. GA by Rev. Richardson, MARTHA B. CONNOR (b. 18 Mar 1831, Camden Co. GA, d. 11 Oct 1898).   Settled in Sumter Co. FL about 1858, in the area that is now Lake Co., about five miles east of Altoona. [Land Patent]  [Letter of 1892 to his nephew S.W. Hudson page1 page2; Transcription] .  Their children:

A.  JANE ELIZABETH3 KIRKLAND; b. 9 Aug 1850, Cooper Plantation, Nassau Co. FL; d. 1921; m. 6 Sep 1865, ELBERT DUNCAN DYKES (b. 25 Aug 1844, Alachua Co. FL, d. 1911, Lake Co. FL).  They are buried at Ponceannah Cem., near Paisley, Lake Co. FL[Tomb].  Their children:

i.    ROSANNAH4 “Anna” DYKES, b. 1873, Florida; m. __ SMITH.

ii.   GEORGE4 DYKES, b. 1876, Florida; m. LENA WALDEN.

iii.   MOLLY4 DYKES, b. 1874, Florida; m. MARION LUNGSTON; no issue.

iv.   DUNCAN JACKSON4 DYKES, b. 1877, Florida; m. 1st MARY ?; m. 2nd DORIS ?.

v.    IDA4 DYKES, b. 1887, Florida; m. ELISHA POPE.

vi.   LUCILLE4 DYKES, b. 1879, Florida; died young.

vii.   SARAH4 DYKES, b. 1880, Florida.

viii.  JESSE ELBERT4 DYKES, b. 1881, Florida; m. HATTIE V. BLACK.  Their children:







g.  HUGH ELBERT5 DYKES; m. 1st LOUISE ?? ; m. 2nd JUANITA ??.

h.  INEZ5 DYKES; m. JACK ??; no issue.

i.  BERNIA5 DYKES; m. WALTER BACH; no issue.


B.  MARTHA D.3 “Aunt Mat”  KIRKLAND;  b. 23 Jan 1852; m. 06Dec1872, HENRY L. MEEKS, d.09 Nov1928, bd. Myrtle Hill, Tampa FL.



C.  MARY E.3 KIRKLAND;  b. 28 Oct 1853; m.10Feb1886, ELIAS K. MEEKS, Orange Co. FL, d. 1924?,PinellasFL

D.   JOHN E. J.3 KIRKLAND;  b. 17 Dec 1854; m. MARGARET HOOKER.





E.   LAURA EMMA3 KIRKLAND; b. 22 Sep 1856; m. ? MOORE.


F.   FRANCIS MARION3 “Frank” KIRKLAND; b. 24 Nov 1858, Sumter Co. FL; d. 30 Mar 1934, Tampa FL; m. 1st 18 Feb 1880, Volusia Co. FL, ELMIRA ROBERTS; (b. 23 Feb 1861, Altoona FL; d. 14 Dec 1902, Tampa FL); m. 2nd 25 May 1903, NANCY CAROLINE WADSWORTH  (b. 02 Oct 1873, Manatee Co. FL; d. 25 Aug 1949, Tampa FL).  [Family photo – 1927]     [Photo Names]          Children of Frank and Elmira:

i.    CORA LEOLA4 KIRKLAND; b. 09 Jan 1881, Tampa FL; d. 17 Jul 1917, Tampa FL; m. LEE THOMPSON.

ii.   MAGGIE L.4 KIRKLAND; b. 05 Jan 1883, Tampa FL; d. 11 Mar 1971, Seville, Volusia Co. FL; m. ? STAHL.

iii.  JOHN LESTER4 KIRKLAND; b. 07 Nov 1884, Tampa FL; d. 14 Dec 1945, Tampa FL; m. 1909, LILLIAN “Lillie” MAHON, b.12 Sep 1888, Savannah GA; d. 26 Oct 1970, Titusville FL; buried together in Orange Hill Cem, Tampa FL.

iv.   CHARLIE T.4 KIRKLAND; b. 02 Jan 1886.

v.    ELIZA JANE4 KIRKLAND; b. 13 Oct 1888; m. JOHN RUTLEDGE.

vi.   MARY LOU4 KIRKLAND; b. 24 Oct 1889, Tampa FL; d. 17 Jun 1969; m. 1st HENRY HATFIELD; m. 2nd JOHN BENSON.

vii.  FRANCIS JAMES4 KIRKLAND; b. 16 Dec 1891, Tampa FL; d. 01 Jan 1956; m.06Dec1915, MARY MARGARET “Mamie” CASEY, EscambiaFL

a.       MARY5 KIRKLAND, b. 1926

b.       FRANK5 JR KIRKLAND, b.22May1928, d.29Mar2013, Pensacola FL, Barrancas Nat Cem


viii. MARTHA E.4 KIRKLAND; b. 09 Apr 1894; m. ALBERT ARNOLD.

ix.   SUSAN ELMIRA4 KIRKLAND; b. 18 Jan 1897, Tampa FL; d. 26 Oct 1969; m. ? GUTHRIE.

x.    FANNIE MIRA4 KIRKLAND; b. 16 Nov 1899, Tampa FL; d. 01 Jul 1900, Tampa FL.

xi.   HARVEY L.4 KIRKLAND; b. 14 Sep 1902; m. EDITH BYRD.

Children of Frank and  Nancy:

xii.   Infant boy; b. 01 Aug 1904; d. 01 Aug 1904, Tampa FL.

xiii.  THOMAS BARNETT4 KIRKLAND; b. 05 Jan 1906, Tampa FL; d. 04 July 1931, Tampa FL.

xiv.   ANNIE LOIS4 KIRKLAND; b. 05 Jan 1908, Tampa FL; d. 03 Jul 1992, Tampa FL.

xv.   WALTER DAVID4 KIRKLAND; b. 07 Mar 1917, Tampa FL; d. 01 Apr 1917, Tampa FL, buried Jackson Heights Cem.

xvi. Infant boy; b. 1919, Tampa FL; d. 1919, Tampa FL.



H.  ROBERT LEWIS3 KIRKLAND; b. 07 Apr 1862; d. 1948, Lake Co. FL.

I.   VIRGINIA A. (ELLEN)3 KIRKLAND; b. 05 Jul 1865; m. ? MENCHEW.

J.   STEPHEN PERRY3 KIRKLAND; b. 17 Nov 1867; d. 04 Oct 1938; buried Ponceannah Cem. Lake Co. FL; m. 1st 06 Mar 1892, JULIA ADDIE LEE JOHNSON in Tampa (b. 29 Jun 1872, Alfalfia FL; d. 08 Jul 1921, Bayview FL); m. 2nd 06 Sep 1931, EMILY BENNETT, b. 11 Jun 1895.  Stephen served in the Florida Legislature, first elected in 1905,  representing Lake County.  [Tomb]   [Marriage License]   [Bear hunting party – SPK-lowerleft]  [SPK with citrus trees]  Children of Stephen and Addie Lee:

i.    MACEO JOHNSON4 KIRKLAND; b. 03 Dec 1895; d. 28 Aug 1984; m. 14 Jun 1926,  RUTH MAXINE JOHNSON, dau. of Alfred & Alice Johnson, b. 02 Jul 1900, Colorado; d. 02 May 1977, Eustis FL; both buried Ponceannah Cem.

ii.   MOODY B.4 KIRKLAND; b. 28 Jun 1898; d. 04 Aug  1906; buried Ponceannah Cem.

iii.  PAUL SHELTON4 KIRKLAND; b. 04 Oct 1900, Altoona FL; d. 06 Feb 1934, Maytown FL; m. 12 Mar 1921, ELOUISE OLIVE STURDIVANT (18 Jun 1904, Birmingham AL-03 Apr 1981, Eustis FL);  buried together in Ponceannah Cem., Lake Co. FL.  [Tomb]

a.     FRANCIS PAUL5Buster’ KIRKLAND, b. 03 Oct 1923, d. 25 Aug 2008.

b.     Living child

c.     Living child

d.     RAYMOND5 KIRKLAND, b. 20 Apr 1931, d. 23 Sep 1966.

iv.  Un-named infant son; b. 24 Aug 1905, d. 28 Aug 1906;

v.   MARTIN CLYDE SR.4 KIRKLAND;  b. 11 Oct 1909, Bayview FL;  d. 22 Apr 1972, buried Greenwood Cem, Eustis FL; m.  MYRTLE EDWINA GETFORD (b. 29 Jul 1913, Eustis FL; d. 28 Jan 2008, buried Eustis FL), daughter of Jess Getford and Lilly Young.

a.  MARTIN CLYDE5 JR, b. 02 Jul 1930, d. 01 Jan 2000.

b.  PERRY ADOLPH5 KIRKLAND, b. 29 May 1933, d. 22 Dec 2014, m. 24 Jul 1953 Marlene Dale Brainard (b. 18 Nov 1933, d. 06 Sep 1990)

c.  Living child

d.  Living child

[Photo-Leslie & Martin-young]

vi.  LESLIE EUGENE4 KIRKLAND; b. 15 Jun 1915, Bayview FL; d. 20 May 1969, Lake Co. FL; m.24 Feb 1939, JESSIE ALBERTA GETFORD (b. 19 Jan 1916, d. 23 Mar 2010), sister of MYRTLE;

a.     Living child

b.     ELIZABETH ANN KIRKLAND, b. 11 Aug 1945,  d. 14 Jan 2011.


K.  RUFUS WILLIAM3 KIRKLAND; b. 29 Aug 1870; d. 20 Jun 1946, Hernando Co. FL; buried Ponceannah Cem. [Tomb]


10.  OLIVER HAZARD PERRY2 KIRKLAND; b. 7 Oct 1829, Nassau Co.FL; d. 20 Mar 1911, Levy Co.FL, buried Kirkland Cem., Levy Co. FL, [Tomb]; m. 1st ELIZABETH G. “Betsy”  HUDSON (b. ca 1838, Nassau Co. FL; d. bef 1880); m.2nd, 29 Nov 1883, FANNY E. MANN McGEEHE; m. 3rd , 27 Jun 1888, MARTHA SAMANTHA CUMMINGS.  Family listed as “Kirkham” in 1880 census. Children of Oliver and Elizabeth:

A.  JOHN PERRY3 (SAMUEL) KIRKLAND Sr.; b.26 Aug 1855,Levy Co.FL; d.5 Aug1938, Levy Co.FL, buried with his wife in Kirkland Cem. Levy Co. FL; 1880, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH “Lizzie” FOSTER, b. Jun 1853. Their children:

i.    JOHN PERRY4 Jr. KIRKLAND; b. 25 Jan 1881, Levy Co. FL., d. 10 Mar 1971; buried Kirkland Cem., Levy Co. FL; m. KATIE KIDD; b. abt. 1900.  Their children:

a.  MERSELL5 KIRKLAND; b. abt 1913;

b.  WILLARD5 KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1916; d. 1938, Tampa FL.

c.  JOHN PERRY5 III KIRKLAND; b. abt. 1917;

ii.   CORINA P.4 KIRKLAND; b. Jan 1884, Levy Co. FL; d. 1963.

iii.  CORILLA CAROLINE4 KIRKLAND; b. 1885, Levy Co. FL; m. 22 Sep 1923, Alachua Co. FL, ERNEST C. DOUGLAS (b. 1899).

iv.  CEBELLE LULA4 KIRKLAND; b. Nov 1888, Levy Co. FL.

v.   MACON MOORE4 KIRKLAND;  b. 18 Mar 1889, Otter Creek, Levy Co. FL; d. 17 Aug 1946; m. 31 Jan 1918; RETHA CREECH; b. 18 Feb 1897; d. 19 Sep 1952; both buried Kirkland Cem., Levy Co.

vi.  WARNER C.4 KIRKLAND; b. 14 Nov 1894, Levy Co. FL; d. 16 Sep 1958, buried Chiefland Cem.; m. 22 Sep 1923, GERTIE MAY HUTSON; b 1906.

vii. RUFUS4 KIRKLAND; b. 09 Aug 1900, Levy Co. FL.


B.  ZEBIAH F.3 KIRKLAND; b. 18 Jun 1856, Levy Co. FL; d. 29 Sep 1878, Levy Co. FL; m.16Aug 1877, WILLIAM CANNON JR.; b. 15 Mar 1851, Lafayette Co.FL; d.30 Jun 1928, Antioch Cem.  Child of Zebiah and William:

i.   FANNY4 CANNON; b. 12 Jun 1879, Levy Co. FL; d. 11 Oct 1909, buried Antioch Cem.; m. 27 Dec 1901, THOMAS A. HILL.


C.   JAMES ROBERT3 KIRKLAND; b. 27 Jun 1859, Levy Co. FL; d. 20 May 1882, Levy Co. FL; m. 15 Mar 1882, FANNIE SMITH; b. ca 1859.

D.   EDWARD LAWRENCE3 KIRKLAND; b. 18 Apr 1861, Levy Co. FL; d. 1900 FL; m. 6 Nov 1884, CALEDONIA D. PHELPS; b. Oct 1867 (she m. 2nd Charles C. Johnson, 15 Jan 1902).

Children of Edward and Caledonia:

i.    ETHEL4 KIRKLAND; b. 1887, Levy Co. FL.

ii.   OLIVER4 KIRKLAND; b. 1888, Levy Co. FL.

iii.  LESLIE “Lessie” EDWARD4 KIRKLAND; b. 14 Feb 1891, Levy Co. FL; m. EDITH MCDOWELL.

iv.  IVEY4 KIRKLAND; b. 1893, Levy Co. FL.

v.   IDELL4 “Idie” KIRKLAND; b. 1895, Levy Co. FL.

vi.  STEPHEN MALLORY4 KIRKLAND; b. 15 Mar 1897, Levy Co. FL; d. 1964, buried Cedars of Lebanon Cem, Levy Co. FL; m. 28 Apr 1917, MINNIE DESDA RUNNELS, b. 18 Sep 1902.

vii. GARY4 KIRKLAND; b. 1899, Levy Co. FL.


E.  ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE3 KIRKLAND; b. 10 Jan 1864; d. 2 Sep 1925; m. 12 Dec 1882, JAMES ALFRED “Alf”  KING; b. 5 Feb 1849, Hamilton Co. FL; d. 23 Nov 1921; buried with Elizabeth in Shiloh Cem., Sumner, Levy Co. FL.  Their children:

i.    BUELLAH4 KING; b. abt 1886, Levy Co. FL; m. ? FUSSELL.

ii.   ELLEN4 KING; b. ????; m. 1st MILLER; m. 2nd  ALLEN O. BAUGHMAN.

iii.  JAMES HAMPTON4 KING; b. 6 Jan 1887, Levy Co.


v.   LONNIE LANCELOT4 KING; b. 8 Jan 1891, Lukens, Levy Co.; d. 1976; m. VIDA ROSETTA TINDALE; b. 29 Feb 1912; d. 1981.

vi.  ALBERT4 KING; b. 26 Jan 1894, Levy Co.; d. 1967; m. CHARLOTTE “Lizzie” ISHIE (USHER?).

vii. AGNES4 KING; b. 23 Nov 1895, Levy Co.; m. GEORGE LOUIS WEIMER; b. 9 Jul 1860, Levy Co. FL.

viii. SEABELLE ELIZABETH4 KING; b. 9 Jan 1897, Levy Co. FL; d. 1981.

ix.   ESTELLE E.4 KING; b. 18 Apr 1899, Levy Co. FL; d. 1981.

x.    LOTTIE B.4 KING;  b. 1901, Levy Co. FL.

xi.   CLAYTON K.4 KING; b. 22 Jul  ????; m. MILDRED FORD; b. 17 Jan 1912, Levy Co. FL.



F.  CHARLES PERRY3 KIRKLAND; b. 11 Oct 1867, Levy Co. FL; d. 24 Jan 1919; m. 15 Jun 1902, MARY JEANETTE WALKER; b. ca 1885, FL; d. 24 Aug1968, buried in  New Rosemary Hill Cem, Levy County FL  Their children:

i.  GORDON4 CHARLES KIRKLAND; b. 10 Jan 1904, Waldo, FL; d. 5 Mar 1976, buried Laurel Hill Cem, Archer FL; m. CONNIE MAE ARNETT.  

[Gordon young]

[Children of Gordon and Connie Mae]

G.  ORREN BEAN3 “Orrie” KIRKLAND; b. 30 Dec 1870, Otter Creek, Levy Co. FL; d. 25 Nov 1934, buried with his wife in Kirkland Cem, Levy Co.  FL; m. 16 Jan 1895, ZEBIAH “Sibbie” HUDSON; b. 25 Mar 1874, Janney, Levy Co. FL; d. 4 Jan 1966, Levy Co. FL.  Their children:

i.    JENNINGS BRYAN4 KIRKLAND; b. 16 Jan 1897, Levy Co. FL (twin).

ii.   GARRY4 KIRKLAND; b. 16 Jan 1897, Levy Co. FL (twin).

iii.  WILLIAM GUY4 KIRKLAND;  b. 10 Sep 1898; d. 26 Nov 1939; m. MARGARET LOUISE BARROW; b. 26 Dec 1897; d. 25 Nov 1939; both buried Long Pond Cem., Chiefland, Levy Co. FL.

iv.   MARVIN4 KIRKLAND; b. 26 Jul 1901; d. 20 Jan 1904, buried Kirkland Cem.

v.    BEATRICE LEONA4 KIRKLAND; b. 1904, Levy Co. FL; d. 1928, buried Kirkland Cem., Levy Co. FL.

vi.   LEWIS4 KIRKLAND; b. 1905, Levy Co. FL.

vii.  FRED4 KIRKLAND; b. 14 Sep 1906, Levy Co. FL; d. 5 Jul 1995; buried Kirkland Cem., Levy Co.; m. 21 Nov 1936, ANNIE MILTON, b. 27 Feb 1906, d. 01 Jan 1989.

viii.  MACON DELL4 KIRKLAND; b. 10 Sep 1908, Levy Co. FL; d. 19 Dec 1985, buried Kirkland Cem., Levy Co.

ix.   CREEL PERRY4 KIRKLAND; b. 14 Mar 1913, Levy Co. FL.; d. 14 Dec 1973, buried with his wife in Kirkland Cem.; m. 28 Jul 1955, EVELYN FUSSELL; b. 5 Mar 1935.

x.    CRULA4 KIRKLAND; b. 1914, Levy Co. FL.

xi.   JEWELL D. 4 KIRKLAND; b. 4 Jul 1915, Levy Co.; d. 4 Nov 1992, buried with his wife in Kirkland Cem., Levy Co.; m. HELEN O. ??; b. 6 Apr 1921; d. 28 Mar 1989.

xii.  EUNICE4 KIRKLAND; b. 1918, Levy Co. FL.


H.  IRENE JANE3 KIRKLAND; b. 30 Dec 1871, FL; d. 3 Nov 1933, Williston, FL; m. 14 Aug 1898, GUY LANDRUM; b. 28 Jan 1874; d. 8 Feb 1932, Williston,FL.  Their children:

i.    WILLIAM PERRY4 LANDRUM, b. August 27, 1900; d. October 25, 1965, Orange Hill Cemetery.

ii.   HATTIE MAE4 LANDRUM, b. December 04, 1903.

iii.  FRED GUY4 LANDRUM, b. March 19, 1908; d. May 10, 1969.


I.   GARRETT VANZANT3 KIRKLAND; b. 11 Oct 1873, FL; d. 16 Mar 1952, Williston,FL.  [Tomb at Orange Hill Cem, Williston]

J.   MARION3 KIRKLAND; b. 11 Oct 1873, Levy Co. FL; d. bef 1875.

K.  PORTER3 KIRKLAND; b. 5 Oct 1875, Levy Co. FL; d. 1 Jun 1882, FL.







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