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Descendants of Elisha Sr. Greene of SC, GA, FL

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ELISHA SR..2 GREENE (JACOB1) was born 2 Oct 1790 in South Carolina near Georgetown, and died 17 Oct 1875 in Baker County, FL, buried South Prong Cem., Baker Co. FL, near the farm which he settled in 1830. His parents were JACOB GREEN (1764-1823) and FRANCES ACRE (1766-1795), who was JACOB’s first wife – the second was HANNAH WALDON (c.1772-1812), who bore him a son ISRAEL(b. ca. 1797). JACOB and FRANCES were also the parents of MARY "Polly" GREENE (b.1792), who married Reddie Cannon; JAMES (b. 1794); and JOHN (1795-1853) who married Margaret Turner. Other possible siblings include DANIEL and LEWIS, who are associated with ELISHA in Bulloch and Ware census records. His tombstone has his surname spelled as "GREENE", but all other records have it as "GREEN", including a land grant to JACOB GREEN dated 6 April 1795. However, some family members have preferred the appended "E", so both forms are used herein.

ELISHA2 married (1) ELIZABETH WILKINSON(1803-25 Nov 1841) before 20 Dec 1820, daughter of JAMES WILKINSON and ELIZABETH LEE. He married (2) 6 Jan 1846, ELIZABETH ANN DRIGGERS (b. 30 Jun 1825, Emanuel Co. GA– d. 04 Jan 1905, Baker Co. FL) in Columbia Co. (now Baker) FL. Elisha lived in Bulloch Co. GA [1820 census] for several years, then moved with his first wife’s parents to Appling Co., where he was living when Ware Co. was made out of Appling in Dec. 1824. He served as Justice of the Peace (1824-28) and Coroner (1828-30) for Ware County. [1830 Ware Census] About 1830, Elisha and his family moved to Columbia Co. FL (now Baker) and settled on the north bank of South Prong – St. Mary’s River, about three miles south of present-day Sanderson. Their homesite was located where Bethlehem Church is today, just off County Road 229. This portion of the stream is still known locally as Green’s Creek. The family resided there continually during the 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses.

Elisha served in the War of 1812, [Pension Application Page1 Page2] and the 2nd Florida Indian War-1837, 1st Fla. Reg Militia and was granted bounty land for his service. Elisha was a landowner and farmed extensively, in support of which he purchased many slaves to help with the work. To his credit he was very highly regarded by the slaves, one of whom, Samuel Spearing, returned to write Elisha’s obituary and help to bury him. This event so impressed the Jacksonville writer/publisher, Columbus Drew, that he wrote an epitaphic poem entitled "The Burial of The Master". Following his death, Elizabeth Ann applied for and drew a widow’s pension based on Elisha’s War of 1812 service.


i. JAMES3 GREEN, b. 20 Dec 1820, Bulloch Co. GA; d. 10 Nov 1894; Co. G-3rd Fla Inf-CSA; m. DIANA DRIGGERS 1831-1904, buried South Prong Cem., Baker Co. FL.

ii. JOHN3 GREEN; b. 1822, Appling Co. GA; d. 1863; m. DELILAH ENGLISH;

iii. ELIZA3 GREEN, b. 1824 Ware Co. GA; d. 1874;.m. ? CAWTHORNE;

iv. SARAH3 "Sally" GREEN; b. 1826, Ware Co. GA; d. 1876; m. WILLIS SMITH;

v. ELISHA (JR.)3 GREEN, b. abt 1827, Ware Co. GA; d. 1898, Sanderson, FL. Baker Co.; m. Bef. 1855, maybe Sanderson, FL. EMILY "MILLIE" DRIGGERS (22 Jun 1828-1898). Their children: Elisha III, Matilda, Mary & Martha (twins), Jane, Dianah, William, Nancy, Christina, James, Sidney & Rosa. In her book "Lastinger Family - p. 227", Mrs. Aurora Shaw says that this MILLIE DRIGGERS was the illeg. daughter of Mary Ann Driggers, sister of Elizabeth Ann, and Seaborn Lastinger, her brother-in-law, who was married to Mary Ann's sister Ellerbee. [1870 census]

vi. DANIEL E.3 GREENE, b. abt 1828, Ware Co GA; d. 1875, Baker Co FL; m. 1852, UDICIA "DICY" TYRE(b. abt 1828), daughter of JOHN TYRE. [1860 census] Their children:

1. ELISHA4 GREENE II, b. Abt. 1852 (twin with John Andrew).

2. JOHN ANDREW GREENE, b. Abt. 1852.

3. ELIZABETH4 GREENE, b. April 1855; d. Jan 1928; m. (1) unkn, (2) LEWIS FUTCH; [1900 census]

a. JAMES WESLEY5 "WJ" GREENE; b. 20 Dec 1874; d. 15 Oct 1949; m. ELIZA WILSON (01 May 1882-05 Feb 1946);

b. OLIVER RILEY5 GREENE; b. 20 Mar 1878, Baker Co FL; d. 21 Feb 1931, Jacksonville FL.

c. KATE5 GREENE; b. Mar 1882;

d. ROBERT D.5 GREENE; b. abt. 1884;


e. DANIEL E.5 GREENE; b. Aug 1889;

f. ARRIE5 "Orie" GREENE (dau); b. Apr 1892; d. ?, buried South Prong; m. OGLESBY

4. JAMES GREENE, b. Abt. 1856.

5. DANIEL ISAAC4 GREENE, b. 1861; d. 1917, bd. South Prong; m. (1) MATTIE RHODEN POWELL; m. (2) 05 February 1890, Baker Co. FL, ANNA A. CHALKER (1866-1906); m.(3) MARTHA POWERS.

a. DANIEL G.5 GREENE; b. abt 1899;

b. FRANK5 GREENE; b. abt 1901;

c. STEPHEN5 GREEN; b. abt 1903;

d. AUBREY5 GREENE; b. abt 1905;

e. BARRIE5 GREENE; b. abt 1907;

6. DIANNAH4 GREENE, b. 20 August 1862, Sanderson, Baker, FL; d. 06 December 1929, Jacksonville, Duval, FL; m. MATTHEW JOHNSON ROSIER.

Children of DIANNAH & MATTHEW:

a. WILLIAM HENRY5 ROSIER, b. 17 April 1884, Olustee, Baker, FL; d. 06 October 1918, Jacksonville, Duval, FL.

b. EMILY "EMMA" ROSIER, b. 07 December 1885, Olustee, Baker, FL; d. 09 October 1931, Jacksonville, Duval, FL.

c. ROSE ANN CARLA ROSIER, b. 11 February 1887, Olustee, Baker, FL; d. 18 February 1969, Jacksonville, Duval, FL.

d. SARAH CHRISTINE ROSIER, b. 22 July 1888, Olustee, Baker, FL; d. 04 March 1956, Jacksonville, Duval, FL.

e. NELLA COURTNEY ROSIER, b. 24 April 1891, Olustee, Baker, FL; d. 23 December 1928, Jacksonville, Duval, FL.

f. EDITH ROSIER, b. 12 September 1892, Olustee, Baker, FL; d. 21 June 1938, Jacksonville, Duval, FL; m. JESSE SPAULDING.

g. ELIZABETH ROSIER, b. 04 April 1893, Olustee, Baker, FL; d. 17 June 1958, Jacksonville, Duval, FL.

h. DANIEL ARDELL ROSIER, b. 10 December 1896, Olustee, Baker, FL; d. 15 December 1943, Jacksonville, Duval, FL.

i. GENEVA DIANNAH ROSIER, b. 06 January 1899, Olustee, Baker, FL; d. 18 November 1986, Jacksonville, Duval, FL.

j. INFANT ROSIER, b. 1902, Olustee, Baker, FL; d. 1902, Olustee, Baker, FL.

k. EDDIE JAMES ROSIER, b. 09 March 1903, Olustee, Baker, FL; d. 14 March 1966, Chattahoochee, Gadsden, FL.

7. WILLIAM HENRY GREENE, b. 06 Feb 1866, Baker Co., FL; d. 28 Oct 1943, Baker Co., FL; m. DELILAH NORTON.


ELIZABETH WILKINSON GREENE died 25 Nov 1841 in Columbia (now Baker) Co. FL and was buried in South Prong Cem. On 6 Jan 1846, ELISHA SR. married ELIZABETH ANN DRIGGERS (30 Jun 1825-04 Jan 1905), a daughter of William and Millie Lastinger Parker Driggers.


vii. DIANNA3 GREEN, b. November 09, 1846, Sanderson, FL; m.July 05, 1865 GEORGE PAUL CANOVA (son of Paul Bartola and Celestina Crespo Canova); d. 29 Nov 1906; buried with her husband in Evergreen Cem., Jacksonville. Their children: Annie, Rosa Lee, Paul Elisha, Edward Emanuel, Joseph Francis, George Walter, William Robert, Thomas Raymond, Adaline, Catherine, Albert Crespo, stillborn, Alonzo Bartola & Oscar Nolan. [Frank Canova’s Family Website]


viii. MARY ANN3 GREEN, b. 15 Dec. 1847, Sanderson, FL., d. c 1848


ix. JANE3 GREEN, b. 24 Dec 1848, Sanderson, FL; m. BURTON LEMUEL MOTT (son of Richard S. and Margaret Wright Mott) 6 Apr 1868, Baker Co. FL. Their children: Mageter, Eugenia Irene, Wilbert Friscus, Allice, Bryant Garganus, Henry Davis, Isabella, Etna Ethel, Lacy, Robert Lee and Foster.


x. WILLIAM3 GREEN, b. 16 Mar 1850, Sanderson FL; d. 21 Jan 1917 in Lulu, Columbia Co., buried South Prong; m. (1) SELETHA "LETTIE" ALFORD; m. (2) ELIZABETH O'QUINN, bd. South Prong.


1. GEORGE WALTER GREEN; b. 17 Apr 1871; d. 23 Mar 1896;


2. JOSEPH LACY4 GREEN; b. 24 Oct 1872; d. 29 Jul 1905; m. MATTIE ? (b. Aug 1875).

Their children:

a. HARRY S.5 GREEN; b. Nov 1891; d. 1928; WWI;

b. WALTER G.5 GREEN; b. 08 Feb 1894; d. 04 Aug 1976; m. EVELYNE R.

c. ANNA MAY5 GREEN; b. 23 Apr 1896; d. 26 Jul 1908;

d. SHANNON R.5 GREEN; b. 31 Jul 1898; d. 4 Oct 1943; m. MAGGIE ? (11 Apr 1902-05 Sep 1985).

3. ISOBEL V.4 GREEN; b. abt 1874;

4. IOLA4 GREEN; b. abt 1876;

5. ANDREW J.4 GREEN; b. abt 1878.

xi. ELIZABETH3 GREEN, b. November 16, 1851, Baker County, FL.; m. PHELIX BRYAN, son of James M. and Sarah BRYAN, 1869; d. 16 Sep 1926 and is buried with her husband at Crosby Lake Cem, Starke FL. Their children: Maggie Ermma, Isabella, Annie Louvenia, Lawton Benjamin, Elizabeth Ann, Alice, Flora Effie, William Brady, Andrew Jackson and Irma Jane.

[Photos of Elizabeth, Emily & other Greens on Baker Co Genweb site]

xii. EMILY3 GREEN, b. April 17, 1854, Sanderson, FL; d. January 02, 1929, buried South Prong; m. ENOCH NATHANIEL ROBERTS (son of Jonathan Knight and Mary Alford Roberts). Their children: Seleatyan, Lula Jane, Jonathan Knight, Andrew Louis, Ada Rosena, Mary Adeline, Rosania Lenora, George Massa, William Henry, Allie, Dona and Thomas Preston.


xiii. MARGARET3 M. GREEN, b. March 02, 1856, Sanderson FL; ; m. THADDEUS A. HILL (son of Dr. James Hamilton and Martha Thomas Hill); d. September 19, 1940, buried with her husband in South Prong Cem., Baker Co. FL. Their children: Ella Gertrude, Ida, Alice, George Hamilton, James Henry, Foster Betha, Frank Calvin, Janie, Edna, Charles Gaston, Nellie and Hubert Leon.


xiv. JACOB3 GREEN, b. 1858; d. c 1859.

xv. JAMES3 GREEN, b. 1859; d. 1867; (note: is this a grandson? Oldest son is James.)

xvi. HENRY JONAS3 "Buddy" GREEN, b. 02 June 1860, Sanderson, FL; d. 31Oct 1891, buried South Prong Cem; m. 22 Aug 1879, SARAH J. JONES (26 Jun 1863-??), daughter of John and Mary Rebecca Dowling Jones. Following the death of her husband, Sarah m. Aaron Dennis Andrews. Child of HENRY and SARAH:

1. JOHN HENRY4 GREEN; b. 22 Nov 1880; d. 25 Oct 1945, buried Umatilla FL; m. 15 May 1900, ANNA DOBSON (30 Oct 1879 - ??). Their son:

a. THEODORE R.5 GREENE; b. 27 Feb 1903; d 26 May 1903.

xvii. ANDREW JACKSON3 "Andred" GREEN, b. 02 Mar, 1862, Sanderson, FL; d. 15 Nov 1928; buried with his wife in South Prong Cem.[Obituary -A. J. Green]; m. 20 Dec 1882, MARY LAVONIA JONES (17 Oct 1866-16 Nov 1939), daughter of John and Mary Rebecca Dowling Jones.

[Reunion-c1945] [Reunion-c1950] [Reunion-c1960] [Reunion-1960-2]

[Green sisters-c1955] [Mallie, Pearl & Escoe] [Maude, Mallie, Pearl, Escoe & Roe]

[Photo-Mary Green making bread] [Andrew on his horse] [Andrew and cousin John Green]

Their children:

1. Infant Boy4 GREEN; b. 1884; d. 1884.

2. HENRY JEROME4 "Romey" GREEN; b. 10 Mar 1885; d. 28 Aug 1924; buried South Prong – headstone reads "J.R. Green" (?) [Another photo of Romey]

3. PEARL4 GREEN, b. 18 Jan 1887; d. 26 Jan 1970; m. 01 Jan 1906, OZZIE J. DAVIS (b. 21 Sep 1881; d. 13 Nov 1949); both bd. South Prong.

4., 5. Infant girl twins GREEN, b. & d. 20 Aug 1888.

6. ROBERT L.4 GREEN, b.13 Jul 1889; d. 10 Jul 1890.

7. SADIE LAVONIA4 GREENE, b. 12 May 1891; m. 23 Jan 1907, ELLIS STEPHEN RICHARDSON, (30 Dec 1886-27 Apr 1962, son of George A. and Malinda Cook Richardson; d. 28 Mar 1977), both buried South Prong. Their children:

a. Robert Lacy5 Richardson; (31 Dec 1907-19 Dec 1987); m. Emma Laura MacDonald (18 Sep 1912 – 07 Dec 1987); both bd. Swift Creek Cem.

b. Lecy Molinda5 Richardson; (23 Jun 1909-9 Feb 1991); m. 1st Charney Rhoden, 2nd James Corbett Kirkland (1902-1974); Lecy & Corbett bd. Manntown Cem.

c. Mary Elsie5 Richardson; (21 Jun 1913-02 Aug 2001); m. Robert E. Lee Clark; both bd. South Prong.

d. Andrew Ellis5 Richardson; (19 Dec 1915-27 Jan 2002); m. Ruby Richardson; both bd. South Prong.

[Photo-Green & Richardson children, c1920] [Names of children]

[Photo-Ellis & Sadie’s 50th Anniv.]

8. JAMES MALGRUM4 "Mallie" GREEN, b. 17 Feb 1893, Sanderson, FL; d. 03 Feb 1963, Sanderson, FL; bd. South Prong Cem; m. 11 May 1913, DOLLY PAULINE FOURACRE. Their children:

a. Lucy5 ; b. 1/26/1914 Bryceville FL. Nassau Co.; m. 9/17/1932 Wauchula, FL. John D. Randall; d. 5/2/1997, buried in Pinecrest Cem. Sebring, FL.

b. James Malgrum Jr.5; b. 8/4/1915, Sanderson, FL.; m. 1st Evelyn Howell date unk, 2nd Patricia Johns of Brantley Co. GA, 3/3/1969; d. 4/7/1990 in GA.

c. Cora Mae5; b. 11/27/1916, Sanderson, FL.; m. 1st Roy Hagan, 2nd William Edward Scarborough, 3rd Ned Clinch Lunn Sr., 4th Kenneth Collier; d. 4/24/1964.

d. Hubert Sydney5; b. 8/27/1918, Jacksonville, FL.; m. 1st Lucille ?, 2nd Muriel Fralish; d. 10/8/1988 near Moore Haven FL.

e. Mary Pauline5 (One of triplets - the other two died at birth); b. 2/20/1920 Sanderson, FL.; m. on 11/20/1937, William Cecil Farabee.

f. Julius5; b. 1/8/1923, Jacksonville, FL.; m. 1st Beulah Mae Phillips, 2nd Opal Raulerson.

g. Dorothy Beatrice5; b. 10/15/1924, Bryceville, FL.; m. 6/1/1940, Ervin Nobles

h. Edith Mildred5; b. 10/11/1926, Sanderson, FL.; d. 1/3/1928, buried South Prong Cem., Sanderson, FL.

i. Ralph Allen5; b. 8/26/1928, Wauchula, FL.; m. 1st Mary Emily Scott, 2nd Hazel Plummer.

9. NETTIE4 GREEN; b. 27 Aug 1894; d. 22 Jun 1977, bd. South Prong; m. 28 Jun 1923, (1) EDGAR CLARENCE ALFORD; (2) PRYZE T. HOFFMAN(b. 14 May 1884;d. 06 Dec 1962). Children of NETTIE and EDGAR:

a. William Raiford5 Alford; b. 1924; m. Mary Hutchinson.

b. Winthrop5 Alford; b. 1925; d. 1943 in an industrial accident at Jacksonville Shipyards during WWII). [Photo-Nettie & Winthrop]

10. EFFIE4 GREEN; b. 24 Jul 1896; d. 19 Jan 1979; m. CALVIN A. STAFFORD(b. 25 Dec 1891; d. 02 Dec 1945); both buried South Prong Cem, Baker Co. FL.

11. ANDREW ESCOE4 GREENE; b.16 Feb 1898; d. 1963; m. 12 Dec 1917, LILLIAN (LILLY) THOMPSON . [Branch & Ruth Cone,Julia Cone,Mazelle Green,Rose Thompson,Lilly and Escoe]

12. WILLIAM4 GREEN; b. 11 Aug 1900, Sanderson FL; d. 25 Jun 1964, buried South Prong; m. 20 Nov 1923, INA LEE BAXLEY(b. 01 Jun 1901, Lecanto, Citrus Co. FL; d. 01 Jul 1982, Inverness, FL; buried Magnolia Cem, Lecanto FL).

13. PAUL E.4 GREENE; b. 15 Dec 1902; d. 08 Aug 1953, bd. South Prong ; m. 8 Apr 1925, LOIS M. MEADS .

14. MAUDE ANNA4 GREEN; b. 25 Oct 1905, d. 09 Dec 1968; bd. South Prong Cem; m. 21 Apr 1926, DELIUS M. STAFFORD.

15. ROEAN G.4 "Roe" GREEN; b. 08 Dec 1908; d. 08 Apr 1968, bd. South Prong; m. BESSIE SWINDELL.

16. GRESSIE ERNESTINE4 GREEN; b. 16 Oct 1910, d. 1988; bd. South Prong Cem.; m. SHANNON WIGGINS.

[Photo of Green Children – labelled]

xviii. ROSANNA LENORA3 GREEN, b. 22 Feb 1865, Sanderson, Florida; m. CHARLES P. DARBY, 6 Oct 1880; d. 30 Aug 1898. Their children: Charles H., Minnie E., Harry F., Annie, Carrie, Mabel, James & Thomas.

xix. CALVIN JEROME3 (BENJAMIN WARICH) GREEN, b. January 31, 1867, Sanderson FL; d. January 08, 1946 and buried in South Prong; m. LETTIE C. DOBSON, 8 Jan 1889. Their children: Prentice, Godean (m. Rogers), Arthur Courtice, Rosie, Lizzie, Albert, Evelyn & perhaps others.

Following Elisha’s death, ELIZABETH ANN continued to reside in their home until she moved to live with her youngest son CALVIN near Lake Palestine in Bradford County. [1900 census]. At her death in 1905 (from obituary; headstone says 1906), she was buried beside ELISHA in South Prong Cemetery, within sight of their homeplace. [Elizabeth Ann’s obituary] [her tombstone]



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