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My WHEELER family is said to descend from John Wheeler, born ABT. 1637. He married Ruth B. (maiden name unknown). Their son John Wheeler was born ABT. 1692, died AFT. 06 NOV 1760. He married Mary J. (maiden name unknown). Their son John Wheeler was born ABT. 1725, died ABT. 1779. He married Keziah Manlove. Their son John Wheeler was born ABT. 1754, died 10 NOV 1833. He married Rachel MILLS. I descend from their daughter, Lydia Wheeler (born 19 DEC 1787, died BEF. 1860), who married William Swallow, thus terminating "my" Wheeler family line.
Here is an extract of Wheeler records from:
De Valinger, Leon. Calendar of Kent County, Delaware probate records, (1680-1800) Dover, Delaware. Public Archives Commission, State of Delaware, 1944.

Wheeler, Alice 344 355 Alice Wheeler
Wheeler, Anne 289 Anne Wheeler
Wheeler, Bednego 270 Bednego Wheeler
Wheeler, Elizabeth 45 107 123 253 292 432 Elizabeth Wheeler
Wheeler, Jesse 292 Jesse Wheeler
Wheeler, John 30 45 56 60 61 413 439 503 521 John Wheeler
Wheeler, Joseph 292 Joseph Wheeler
Wheeler, Joshua 45 107 123 223 Joshua Wheeler
Wheeler, Kesiah 104 137 Keziah Wheeler
Wheeler, Lemuel 440 449 Lemuel Wheeler
Wheeler, Mary 44 355 Mary Wheeler
Wheeler, Mary Ann 123 Mary Ann Wheeler
Wheeler, Miriam 123 Miriam Wheeler
Wheeler, Molleston 223 Molleston Wheeler
Wheeler, Owen 181 289 Owen Wheeler
Wheeler, Prudence 270 Prudence Wheeler
Wheeler, Ruth 299 440 Ruth Wheeler
Wheeler, Samuel 123 204 223 253 299 Samuel Wheeler
Wheeler, Sarah 123 204 223 253 355 Sarah Wheeler
Wheeler, William 44 95 158 203 230 292 344 355 William Wheeler
Wheeler, Winlock 123 253 Winlock Wheeler

Page. 30
Molleston, Henry. Will (copy). Made Oct. 17, 1708. Heirs: wife Anne; son Henry; daus. Grace, Sarah, Mary Fisher, wife of Adam Fisher. Exec'x, wife Anne. Wits., John Wheeler, Robert Betts, Ann Williams, Mark Manlove. Prob. Nov. 12, 1708. Arch. vol. A35, page 203. Reg. of Wills, Liber B, folio 67.
Page. 44
Wheeler, William. Planter. Admin. of, to Mary Wheeler. June 13, 1722. Reg. of Wills, Liber D, folio 62.
Page. 45
Wheeler, John. Yeoman. Admin. of, to Joshua Wheeler. Nov. 27, 1723. Reg. of Wills, Liber D, folio 64.
Page. 56
Skidmore, Thomas. Will. Made Feb. 10, 1728. Heirs: nephew Thomas Skidmore, son of bro. Samuel Skidmore of Long Island; wife unnamed. Exec'r, Thomas Skidmore. Wits., John Wheelor, Robert Merydith, Mary Baxter. [No. Prob.] Arch. vol. A46, page 202.
Page. 60
Wheeler, John. Planter. Admin. of, to Thomas Skidmore, Jr. April, 13, 1730. Reg. of Wills, Liber H, folio 5.
Page. 61
Garve, Owen. Will. Made Dec. 13, 1729. Heir: bro. John. Exec'r, bro. John. Wits., John Harmison, Nathaniel Tomlin, Henry Harmison, John Wheeler. Prob. March 17, 1730. Arch. vol. A18, page 230. Reg. of Wills, Liber H, folios 1-2.
Page. 95
Billiter, Sarah. Will. Made April 18, 1742. Heirs: sons John, Thomas, Daniel & Joab; dau. Johanna. Trustees, Evan Lewis, William Wheelar. Wits., Thos. Thomas, Hannah Thomas, Thomas Lewes. Prob. April 30, 1742. Arch. vol. A4, page 53. Reg. of Wills, Liber I, folio 44.
Page. 104
Brown, Pemborton. Will. Made Nov. 4, 1744. Mispillion Hd. Heirs: son Daniel; daus. Mary & Elizabeth; wife Elizabeth; bro. Daniel. Exec'rs, wife & bro. Daniel. Wits., George Brown, Kezia Wheeler, George Goforth. Prob. Dec. 4, 1744. Arch. vol. A6, pages 86-87. Reg. of Wills, Liber I, folio 97. Note:- will mentions bro. John Brown; estate later administered by Daniel Brown, Thomas Carlisle and Elizabeth, his wife.
Page. 107
Smith, John. Will. Made April 23, 1745. Heirs: son John Smith; daus. Mary, Sarah & Ester Smith; sister, Ann Manlove. Exec'r, Mark Manlove, bro.-in-law. Wits., Joshua Wheelor, Sarah Smith & Elizabeth Wheelor. [No prob.] Arch. vol. A47, page 71.
Page. 123
Wheeler, Joshua. Admin. of, to Elizabeth Wheeler, widow. May 11, 1748. Reg. of Wills, Liber I, folios 208-209. Note:-Arch. vol. A54, page 64 shows sons Samuel, Joshua, Whinlock; daus. Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Miriam Wheeler.
Page. 137
Manlove, Mark, Will. Made March 16, 1747. Heirs: sons Absolam, Ezenezer, William, Mark, & Gideon; grandsons Nathan (son of Mark Manlove), Matthew (son of Absolam Manlove), Mark, son of Ebenezer Manlove, William, son of William; granddaus. Eunice (dau. of Mark Manlove), Kesiah Wheler, Margaret Manlove, Mary, Hannah, Ruth, & Priscilla Hunn, daus. of Ruth Hunn, dec'd. Exec'rs, sons Absolam, Ebenezer & Mark. Wits., Samuel Bussee, Samuel Bussee, Jr., George Brown, Mary Bussee. Prob. Jan. 8, 1749. Arch. vol. A32, page 38. Reg. of Wills, Liber K, folios 18-19.
Page. 158
Smith, Henry. Will (copy). Made Nov. 12, 1754. Heirs: bro. James; rest of bros., sisters & mother unnamed. Exec'r, bro. James. Wits., William Wheeler, Mary Skinner. Prob. Dec. 3, 1754. Arch. vol. A47, page 45. Reg. of Wills, Liber K, folio 100.
Page. 181
Maugridge, Joseph. Planter. Admin. of, to Owen Wheeler, yeoman. May 24, 1759. Arch. vol. A34, page 72. Reg. of Wills, Liber K, folio 205.
Page. 203
Jones, Benjamin. Will. Made Oct. 25, 1762. Heirs: wife Barbara; sons James, Nicholas, Stanford, Benjamin; daus. Lydia Parvin, Jerusha Williams, Elizabeth Salley, Mary Vanderford, Ann Rash, Dorithy Willis, Sarah Thomas & Levice Jones. Ecec'r, son Benjamin. Wits., William Wheeler, Mary Hall. Prob. Nov. 13, 1762. Arch. vol. A27, pages 135-136. Reg. of Wills, Liber K, folios 295-296.
Page. 204
Wheeler, Samuel. Yeoman. Admin. of, to Sarah Wheeler, widow. Nov. 24, 1762. Reg. of Wills, Liber K, folio 298. Note:- Arch. vol. A54, page 67 shows Sarah, the widow, later married Andrew Gray.
Page. 223
Gray, Sarah. Widow. Will. Made Aug. 7, 1766. Heirs; sons Samuel, Molleston & Joshua Wheeler & William Gray; daus. Mary McSparron, Elizabeth Carry, Sarah Wheeler. Exec'r, bro.-in-law John Clark. Wits., William Cats, Joseph Chadwick, Elizabeth Miller. Prob. Sept. 1, 1766. Arch. vol. A20, page 34. Reg. of Wills, Liber L, folio 17.
Page. 230
Smith, Joseph. Will. Made March 9, 1761. Heirs: wife Mary; sons Henry & James; dau. Mary. Exec'x, wife Mary. Wits., William Wheeler, Solomon Hobbs. Prob. Sept. 30, 1767. Arch. vol. A47, pages 100-101. Reg. of Wills, Liber L, folios 36-37.
Page. 253
Wheelar, Elizabeth. Widow. Will. Made Aug. 11, 1770. Heirs: son Winlock Wheelar; daus. Mary Ann Long, Elizabeth Chadwick; granddaus. Penelope Catts & Sarah Wheelar; Samuel Wheelar, son of Samuel, dec'd. Exec'rs, son Winlock & Joseph Chadwick. Wits., Benjamin Benston, Elizabeth Benston, David Peterkin, Jr. Prob. Aug. 16, 1770. Arch. vol. A54, page 63. Reg. of Wills, Liber L, folio 82.
Page. 270
Catts, James. Admin. of, to Prudence Catts, widow. Nov. 16, 1772. Arch. vol. A8, pages 86-87. Reg. of Wills, Liber L, folio 121. Note:-Arch. vol. A8, page 86 shows that Prudence Catts married Bednego Wheelar.
Page. 289
Wheelor, Owen. Admin. of, to Anne Wheelor, widow. May 11, 1774. Arch. vol. A54, page 66. Reg. of Wills, Liber L, folio 153.
Page. 292
Wheeler, William. Shoemaker. Will. Made Oct. 28, 1774. Heirs: wife Elizabeth; sons William, Joseph, Jesse. Exec'r, friend Joseph Alford. Wits., Pierce Jones, Thomas Downham, Mary Cane. Prob. Nov. 9, 1774. Arch. vol. A54, pages 68, 71-72. Reg. of Wills, Liber L, folios 157-158.
Page. 299
Jackson, William. Admin. of, to Ruth Jackson, widow. Aug. 9, 1775. Arch. vol. A26, pages 59-60. Reg. of Wills, Liber L, folio 171. Note:- Arch. vol. A26, page 60 shows that Ruth Jackson married Samuel Wheelor; also mentions heirs, Thomas, Joseph, William, Ruth, Caleb, Jonathan, Mary, Susannah & James Jackson & Elizabeth Warran.
Page. 344
Wheeler, William. Admin. of, to Alice Wheeler. Aug. 28, 1782. Arch. vol. A54, pages 69-70. Reg. of Wills, Lier L, folio 266. Note:-Arch. vol. A54, pages 69-70 show that Alice Wheeler married John Gregg.
Page. 355
Wheelor, William. Admin. of, to James Craig & James Jones. Nov. 28, 1783. Arch. vol. A54, pages 69-71. Reg. of Wills, Liber M, folio 17. Note:-Arch. vol. A54, page 69 shows heirs, Alice Wheelor (widow), daus. Sarah Wheelor & Mary Wheelor, dec'd; also shows Alice, the widow, married John Gregg, and Sarah married Thomas Cavendar.
Page. 413
Sutton, Edward. Will. Made July 9, 1789. Murderkill Hd. Heirs: father Edward Sutton; bros. James & William Sutton; sisters Catherine & Ann Sutton; half-sister Mary Hurlick; sister-in-law Mary Middlebrooks; John Wheeler. Exec'r, John Wheeler. Wits., Patrick Connolly, George Hicks, Mary Hicks. Prob. July 13, 1789. Arch. vol. A49, pages 127-129. Reg. of Wills, Liber M, folio 198.
Page. 432
Truitt, Martha. Will. Made May 31, 1790. Heirs: son William Runnels; daus. Rebecca Bowman, Leah Jester, Catren Runnels. Exec'r, son-in-law Nathan Bowman. Wits., David Peterkin, Hester Milven, Elizth Wheelar. Codicil, Leady Thompson. Prob. June 27, 1790. Arch. vol. A51, pages 105-108. Reg. of Wills, Liber M, folio 245. Note:-Will mentions husband William Truett, dec'd.
Page. 439
Voshal, James. Will. Made Feb. 11, 1789. Heirs: dau. Mary Rash; son Obediah Voshel; granddau. Lutisey Rash, dau. of my dau. Mary Rash; grandchildren (heirs of Agnis Price) & (heirs of dau. Sarah Bennett). Exec'r, Moses Jackson. Wits., John Caton, Abraham Parnel, John Wheeler. Prob. Dec. 29, 1790. Arch. vol. A52, page 126. Reg. of Wills, Liber M, folio 213.
Page. 440
Wheeler, Lemuel. Murderkill Hd. Admin. of, to Ruth Wheeler. Feb. 4, 1791. Arch. vol. A54, page 65. Reg. of Wills, Liber M, folio 267.
Page. 449
Jackson, Thomas. Will. Made June 12, 1790. Murderkiln Hd. Heirs: wife Sisanah; sons Thomas & Alexander; daus. Eleanor Downham, Comfort Jarold & Polly Jackson; Kezia, the eldest child of son Alexander; eldest child of dau. Eleanor; eldest child of dau. Comfort. Exec'x, wife Susanah. Wits., Thomas Lockwood, Lemuel Wheeler, Sarah Bradley. Prob. Oct. 19, 1791. Arch. vol. A26, pages 39-41. Reg. of Wills, Liber N, folio 5. Note:- Arch. vol. A26, page 40 mentions other heirs, Thomas Jarold & Keziah Downham.
Page. 503
Lowber, Daniel. Will (nunc.). Made Feb. 4, 1796. Heirs: wife Mary; sons William & Peter. Exec'x, wife Mary. Wits., John Wheeler, Rebecca Skiner, Deborah Meridith. Prob. Feb. 18, 1796. Arch. vol. A31, pages 98-100. Reg. of Wills, Liber N, folio 142.
Page. 521
Morris, William. Will. Made Jan. 31, 1797. Murderkill Hd. Heirs: sons Thomas & Daniel; daus. Elizabeth Alford, Hannah Davis, Mary Lowber (widow) & Margaret Cole (widow of Edward); granddaus. Letticia Broadaway, Margaret & Susannah Morris; grandson William Morris, son of Wm. Morris; Nancy Burchnal, former wife of Wm. Morris, dec'd. Exec'rs, son-in-law William Alford, son Thomas Morris. Wits., John Wheeler, John Lockwood, Alexander Saxton. Prob. Feb. 16, 1797. Arch vol. A37, pages 41 & 44-49. Reg. of Wills, Liber N, folio 167.
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