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I would like to thank the following for providing me with photocopies of this Bible Family Record section:

Because many of the entries were overwritten with other entries, and some entries duplicated, it is not really practicable to here give a transcription which preserves the original format. So what I give here is my transcription presented so as to provide only the data of genealogical concern, and preserving little or none of the formatting. I will make commentary beside each pair of columns - Gregg Bonner
Children of William Harris
Nancy Harris, born 12 JUN 1779, died August 1857
William Harris, born 12 OCT 1781, died 14 APR 1857
John Harris, born 01 MAR 1784, died 13 MAR 1852
(see comments)
Anderson Harris, born 12 FEB 1785 (see comments)
Lucy Harris, born 14 NOV 1789
Richard Harris, born 20 JUL 1792, died 04 OCT 1840
(see comments)
Samuel W. Harris, born 07 NOV 1795

1. John Harris clearly did not die a year before he was born. Yet this is what the record seems to indicate. Perhaps the year 1783 is correct for both cases [Now reads "13 March 1852" for the death date of John based on the revision advice of "FH", who improves the accuracy of said transcription - GGB]. The next child is Anderson Harris. I transcribed his birth as 1785 because that is what it most looks like, but the last digit is hard to read. If 1785 holds up, then February 1785 would be pushing it after having had a child in March of 1784 (birth of John Harris). So I am inclined to believe the 1783 deceased date, even though the 1784 birth date is much more legible. I can not quite read the death date but March 1st was as close as I could get. Since the birth date is showing that clearly, I assume this to mean he died the day he was born, on 01 MAR 1783. This leaves plenty of time to then have a child born in February 1785 (Anderson Harris). The other reading of Anderson Harris' birthyear is 1789, but that would make Lucy Harris' birthdate impossible.
2. The death year's last digit for Richard is hard to read. It could be almost anything, except a 9. I am going with '1840', but I wouldn't bet too much on it.
3. The entry for Samuel W. Harris is done in a different hand than those above it in the column.
4. Below the entry for Samuel W. Harris is about a quarter of the column which seems to have more information, alas now lost to time.

James Apperson, born 19 JUL 1783
Sally N., born 28 JAN 1786
[i.e., Sarah "Sally" Noel (Guthrey) Apperson, wife of James Apperson]

Their Children:
William N. Apperson, born 09 OCT 1806
Nancy W. Apperson, born 06 JUN 1809
Sterling G. Apperson, born 18 FEB 1812
Rebecca J. Apperson, born 24 SEP 1815
Malinda L. Apperson, born 25 JUN 1817
James Apperson, born 18 DEC 1819
John G. Apperson, born 16 OCT 1824
Thomas Apperson, 09 JUL 1826
Emannewell H. Apperson, born 19 JUL 1829

1. There is an indication as to the date of death of one of the children. The typical insertion of "Disceased" (viz., deceased) was between the line containing the name and the line containing the person's birthday. But in cases where these entries were both carried on a single line, the association of the "disceased" insertion statement with a particular child cannot be unambiguously made. But the insertion was made between Malinda and James, so doubtless it was one of this pair. And the date associated was evidently 11 JUN 1852.
2. At the bottom of this column there stands out this possibly non-sequitorious entry - "Stonewall Jackson was born April 24 1869". Perhaps he was Stonewall Jackson Apperson; I don't know. But if the "1869" year is not mis-transcribed by me, then he could not have been siblings with the above bunch. Perhaps he was the firstborn grandson. I really have no idea.

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Jacob Apperson died 22 FEB 1836
Rebecca Guthrey died 05 JAN 1836
William Apperson, son of Jacob, died Sept 1842
of Jacob died 1843
Matilda Jamison died Sept 30 1852
Jack Harris died 13 MAR 1852
[unreadable] L. England died 20 JUL 1853
Lot Spencer died February 1864
Rebecca, his daughter, the same date
Lucy Thomas died 1863

1. I have what seems to be a type-written transcription of the same original. What I call unreadable, it transcribes as, "Ela Apperson? Wife of Jacob died 1843". The "?" is theirs.
2. The older transcription reads my second unreadable section to say, "David Thomas Died March - 19 - 1852.
3. Matilda Jamison will more often be found as Matilda Jimmerson, wife of Daniel Jimmerson.
4. I am not sure who the ENGLAND is, but they are likely closely related to Rebecca J. (Apperson) England.

William M. Harris died 15 NOV 1870
John, his father, died 04 AUG 1877
Sterling S. Harris married 04 DEC 1872

1. I can make essentially nothing out of unreadable section 1. The prior transcription effort could do not much better, providing this - "Elizabeth Apperson wife of died of our lord 1832". There is enough room in this section for at least two entries.
2. The previous transcriber makes no note at all of the ending section. But there appears to be writing there. I can make no useful attempt to transcribe it.

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Samuel W. Harris and Nancy W. Harris married 30 DEC 1824
William N. Apperson married 16 OCT 1830
Rebecca J. England married 21 DEC 1831
Sterling G. Apperson married 09 AUG 1834
Malinda L. Hill married 17 FEB 1836
James Apperson married [unreadable] 1842
[unreadable] A. Harris [married] 09 JAN 1852
Thomas J. Harris married 03 OCT 1858
Mary S. Harris married 20 DEC 1860

1. Samuel W. Harris married Nancy W. Apperson. That is the first entry of the column. At least the next 5 entries are for children of James and Sarah "Sally" Noel (Guthrey) Apperson. The daughters are given by their married names.
2. The last three entries appear to be the three of Samuel and Nancy W. (Apperson) Harris kids' marriages.

Louisa Ann Turner, born 22 SEP 1861
Willie J. Turner, born 19 NOV 1862
James W. Harris, born 15 SEP [unreadable]
Iverleigh born Nov 10 [unreadable]
[unreadable] Alton [unreadable] 1867
Saml L. born 1869
John born [unreadable]

1. The previous transcriber didn't do this page, I guess, and this column needs help. At the top, there is a lot of strikethroughs and overwrites. And there is one entry overwritten all. It starts perhaps mentioning "Alt" (perhaps Alton?), then Mary, and finally at the top, Louisa Ann. This section was so bad that the entries were re-entered lower down the page for Louisa and Willie. They were readable, but if you look at Willie's messy top entry, it appears to say 1863. This top entry is messy, but the "3" seems quite clear.
2. There is a large unreadable section in the middle of four undecipherable lines. I can make nothing intelligable out of it, except to say that I think it ends with "1865".
3. The lines with "Alton...1867" appear to start '1 March Alton', or rather than "March", it might be "Birch". Then it seems to say "wife".
4. I don't know who Samuel and John are (near the end), but John's birth year digits are under the page fold, and thus can not be determined. But the "18" part can be seen. You can almost make out the next digit, and I am guessing "7". So I would say that whomever they are, they are likely brothers, and consecutive deliveries of their mother.
There is a large (perhaps as many as 9 lines) section at the end, where I can make out writing, but not even letters, let alone words and numbers.

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Samuel W. Harris, born 07 NOV 1795, died 22 APR 1864
Nancy W. (Apperson) Harris, born 06 JUN 1809
Sarah Ann Harris, born 02 DEC 1827, died 24 FEB 1853
Rebecca [Katherine?] Harris, born 13 JUN 1830, died 24 NOV 1844
Martha Jane Harris, born 11 APR 1832
Thomas Jefferson Harris, born 23 MAR 1834
Malinda Luritta Harris, born 25 JUN 1836, died 13 AUG 1837
[unreadable] Dec [8th?] 1837, died 22 JUL 1839
Mary S. Harris, born 15 DEC 1839
John A. Harris, born 13 APR 1843

1. Rebecca Harris' middle name is not easily readable, but I ventured "Katherine", and I note that the previous transcriber called it "Catherine". Her birthday seems to have been written originally "Jan the 23rd 1830". It was then evidently overwritten, making it the "13th".
2. Mary S. Harris' birthdate looks like the "15th" to me, but the previous transcriber calls it the "18th". I think they may be right.
3. The entry for John A. Harris seems to be in a different hand

[continuing the list of children of Samuel W. Harris and Nancy W. (Apperson) Harris...]
Elizabeth F. Harris, born 21 JUL 1845
Samuel S. Harris, born 18 FEB 1848
Elizabeth F. Harris, the perfefect Religion Sept 3 1862
March 23rd 1855 Thonmas J. Harris
War of Age
Johnie A. Harris [unreadable?]
and Mary his [unreadable]
Feb 7 1874
I am 5 feet 8 inches high 2 feet 4 inches aroun my wast
Bettie Harris and Jeff Phelps married 22 MAY 1870

1. Elizabeth F. Harris' "religion" entry is hard to read last digit. It could be 1863, 1865, or almost any year.
2. The previous transcriber provides us with, "Johnie A. Harris and Mary his wife married Feb 7 1871?". I think it could be 1871, 1874, or 1877.

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